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About 24/7 Logistic Services

1722 Sheridan St 381
Hollywood, Florida

We are one of the leading USA moving companies, working on both local and long-distance transportation markets. Our main objective is to provide speedy delivery and efficient support even in long-distance moving. Therefore we offer first-class and well-maintained trucks and tractor-trailers. Moreover, all our vehicles get 24/7 roadside assistance. And to become even more reliable partner to our customers we have GPS-devices installed in each of our trucks, which enables us to track your belongings’ whereabouts in 24/7 mode.

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Marilyn Ehrhart


Long distance move

Really awful move. The estimate they gave me was waaay off. So extra $$$$, beware their odd last minute fees like the greater than 75 steps fee, elevator fee if you're going to a storage PLUS a waiting fee because I had to get more money to cover the fees. So it took 2 weeks for them to bring my stuff from NC to FL- over $1300 over the estimate and $300 in miscellaneous fees - they held my stuff hostage while accruing more fees. Communication was terrible- I tried for DAYS to reach them by phone. Their manager and driver left rude messages and emails because I could not obtain a money order to meet them at 9 pm.... just rude, awful service.

Susan Maley


cross country move


I had contacted 24/7 because it was BBB accredited w/ an “A” rating WHAT A JOKE!!!

On 9/15/20 @ 5:19 PM, Andrew (“A”) emailed promising a “CUSTOM NOT TO EXCEED ESTIMATE.” After I provided a detailed list of items & packed boxes, A emailed a “Binding Estimate”. I told A I wanted to read it over before signing. At this point, A put me on hold & got his manager Charles ("C") on the phone for a 3-way convo.

C started by saying our convo was being RECORDED, which made me believe I could rely on his statements since they would be documented if any issues came up.

During the convo lasting 2 hours, I repeatedly requested an estimate “AS CLOSE TO THE FINAL TOTAL as possible” so I could budget for it. A & C googled my addresses to check out the particulars like the street situation. When I requested an in-person or video estimate, C declined as unnecessary. So I measured & provided the exact dimensions for each item.

C later emailed a Revised Binding Estimate (RBE). When I asked to esign it the next day, C insisted that I esign it then to reserve the moving date. After 2 hours of continuous convo discussing all details, & their repeated assurances that the estimate would not change more than “a few hundred dollars” up or down depending on actual cubic feet (CF), I went ahead and esigned.


On 9/25/20 the movers came. After walking around & speaking w/ each other in a foreign language, they declared I needed to pay $1136.09 more. When asked why, they said most of my stuff were “antique.” I told them most of my stuff were just cheap, used furniture.

They told me they were Ukrainian. One did not speak English at all; the other did but was difficult to understand w/ a limited vocab. & heavy accent. So I called C, who rambled, apologized, then explained the men needed to be paid for their work before they could load my stuff. B/c I had home renovators coming the next day to prepare for listing my house, I had no choice but to pay the additional $1136.09.

(a) EXTRA CF–$614.12. Despite the estimate of 730 CF by C, who is a “manager,” the movers, who looked young and inexperienced, magically came up with 850 CF by simply looking at my items before loading anything onto the truck. This is ridiculous.

(b) PACKING MATERIALS–$222. C’s RBE was supposed to include all materials including $60 for picture boxes.

(c) STAIRS–$300. I had told C I had a 3-storey Townhouse (TH) w/ two sets of stairs, & his RBE was supposed to account for the steps. The movers parked on the main floor level. I can agree to an extra $75 for the 4-5 steps outside the front door but not the remaining $225.

(d) LONG CARRY–$150. Per the RBE, each 75 ft. beyond the first 75 ft. is $75.00. The truck was parked right next to my TH building & only 2 attached THs away from mine. There is no way the distance was 225 ft away from my front door. At most, I can agree to an extra $75 based on 150 ft.


24/7 called on 10/15/20 to say they would deliver on 10/16/20, but insisted I pay $800 more in “shuttle fees” first.

I had asked C specifically about “shuttle fees” mentioned in their “binding estimate” because a semi-truck would likely be unable to navigate the roadways around my Md townhouse and my LA apartment. C repeatedly assured me NO SHUTTLE FEES would be added because 24/7 was a “nationwide carrier” w/ many hubs including in MD & CA, & that a “REGULAR,” “26’ truck” would be coming to pick up and drop off my household goods. As C had said, I was not charged shuttle fees on move-out, even though a small Ryder truck was used (altho I was overcharged for other things as noted above). So 24/7 is absolutely wrong to maliciously withhold my household goods while insisting on additional “shuttle fees.”

Carlos Galavis


Pretty good solid movers

Movers did a great job! What can I say I dislike reviews. I never write them. But his company did alright. Price was fair. They did the job. All was delivered. What more could you ask. I would recommend them.

Ayanna harris


NY to FL

We moved from Westchester New York to Florida. The movers were very friendly and kind and neat. They were on time and worked very hard. They were very patient with all our questions and concerns. This company was wonderful and everything with well. I would definitely recommend 24/7 logistic services, LLC

David Perry


David Perry

Service was very helpful and professional. The movers were polite and took care of everything. When it was all delivered there was no damage to our items. I would recommend 24/7 logistics to anyone who is moving long distances.

Stephanie Sagala


24/7 for our move and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for movers!!

“I would definitely use 24/7 for our move and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for movers!! Thank you 24/7 logistics for making our move from FL to MI quick and painless! I am forever grateful! You guys are THE BEST! Definitely worth every penny!!”

Drew Hall


by far the best experience

We did a full pack move from WA to IL. The service from initial quote through unloading in IL was top notch! This was our 3rd move as a family and this was by far the best experience. Worth every penny.

Gary Ginsberg


Excellent service

Our dream move is completed and all thanks to 24/7 Logistic Services there were no mishaps! Moving out of state is super stressful and 24/7 logistic services made us feel at ease with our stuff being in transit. We were informed every step of the way, easy process to follow and more affordable than I expected. They even went one by one through all of my items to make sure the quote was accurate and it was just what we needed. Much appreciated team 24!

David Ottenstein


Miserable move experience

This is an astoundingly horrible company! Quite willing to tell us whatever we needed to hear - until they got our deposit - then created a move for us that was a total nightmare.

From the first call, I explained to our sales agent, Jason, that we needed to move from our origin to the destination in the same day (a 5+ hour drive). I explained that we were moving my elderly parents and that it was imperative that we get them from where they were living to the facility where they were going in the same day. There was no safe option for housing them otherwise. He said, no problem. 24/7 Logistic Services was happy to charge us an additional $1500 for “Expedited Straight Delivery” and that the move was no problem for same day service. He also cautioned that for circumstances beyond their control such as a major snowstorm, next day delivery would happen, but that he foresaw no reason why that would be necessary. Over several subsequent phone calls Jason continued to assure me that same day delivery would happen.

Several days prior to our move, Elizabeth, who apparently is sometimes the Logistics Dept. and sometimes Customer Service began suggesting that pick up would be one day and delivery would be the next. I explained to her what Jason told me and how crucial it was for my parents’ safety and she lectured me that the contract states that “Expedited Straight Delivery” is defined as same or next day delivery. At this point Jason disappeared - he would not take my calls and did not respond to the many messages I left for him. Elizabeth, in her rude and condescending tone said she listened to the recordings of my earlier conversations with Jason and denied that he told me the move would happen in the same day. It became clear to me that 24/7 never had any intention of handling our move as they had promised. 2 days before the move Elizabeth told me that it was officially on for next day delivery, but that she couldn’t give me a pick up time until noon the day before pick up. The difficulty of making this move with my parents facing various medical challenges was enough by itself. Adding to that the lack of communication from 24/7 and their decision to move us over 2 days despite the promises made to me on multiple conversations turned this into a nightmare. Also important to note that 24/7 lists on its website “Moving Seniors” as a specialty.

This company makes promises they don’t plan to keep and preys on consumers who are not experienced with the “fine print” of the moving industry. It is amazing that they are still in business.

One positive, however, is the driver and his assistant who physically handled our move was as pleasant, capable and professional as everyone else at 24/7 was not. Nothing was broken or lost and they went out of their way to attempt to make up for the nightmare that their company caused us. Unfortunately, there was not much they could do - the pain and trauma was already inflicted.

A final note about how poorly we were treated. Our move was based on the volume of space we occupied on their truck. We had a very small move so we had a minimum we had to pay. Fair enough. Jason managed to get our binding estimate modestly higher than the minimum volume, but our actual amount (based on a visual estimate by the moving crew and confirmed once the truck was loaded) was significantly less than the minimum amount. So after the move I called 24/7 and, of course, had to speak with Elizabeth, once again wearing her Customer Service hat. I requested a refund of the small difference between the minimum we should have paid and the actual they charged us based on Jason’s overestimate. I also voiced my displeasure about being promised a same day move for which we paid an extra $1500 and requested a “meaningful refund” of part of that charge. After rudely and almost incoherently lecturing me she said she’d get back to me “by tomorrow.” It’s been nearly 2 weeks and, no surprise, I haven’t heard from her.

Aleksandra Appleton


Nightmare movers, stay away

It's like the Murphy's Law of moving companies -- everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

To start, I did exhaustive research for our interstate move and felt that 24/7 had the best combination of reviews, price and offers. (I noticed too late that many of 24/7's glowing reviews were from years ago.)

Turns out it was all just a sales pitch. I expressed to their agent that timeline was my top priority for a move and he assured me that they could complete my move in 2-3 days. He even faked sympathy for how hard it would be to be without our toddler's things for an extended period of time. He told me that they could pick us up on Thursday or Friday of the week we wanted to move and have our things delivered by Sunday or Monday.

So moving week comes around and on Monday they tell me they are still on track. On Thursday, we get a call asking if we could push our move date to Saturday, and we say no because we had already given notice, and they say okay. On Friday, they tell us we have no choice and they will come Saturday, and when I express how outrageous that is, their extremely rude rep. tells me they can just drop us instead.

So what choice do I have on our scheduled moving day? I can't move my flight with the toddler. Who else can I hire last minute? Where are we going to sleep?

So we begrudgingly accept Saturday hoping they could be still there by Monday or Tuesday as agreed upon originally. Adding insult to injury, they charge us $1,000 more than quoted when they arrive to pack us up -- which had they been on time, I wouldn't have even minded because I just wanted our things delivered quickly.

It ultimately took them 7 days to deliver our stuff. I wouldn't wish the airbed life for that long on anyone, let alone the parents of a young child. By my estimate, we paid extra to stay in our apartment another night, paid almost $800 at IKEA so we could have plates and somewhere to sit, then paid the ridiculous upcharge, and then paid more to replace the items (lamp, cabinet, play set) that they delivered damaged.

Make no mistake, this company will lure you in with a good pitch but then leave you with your back against the wall. Stay away from these nightmare movers.

Chris Kruse


Destroyed my goods, lost eight items, and offered $300 to compensate

Warning! Do not use these people. They have only been in business a year, and destroyed most of my things and lost EIGHT items. I have moved five times, and of course there are always little problems, but this company is by far the worst I have had. They left my stuff in a warehouse, where it was left in water and damaged, or perhaps it was soaked when they off loaded a move that took priority. All my electronics are ruined, hundreds of dollars in books, furniture has water damange... my 4000 dollar tempurpedic mattress has mold damage. It was bad from the start, they showed up two days late, and did not have enough protective blankets for my furniture because a previous move took priority (a bigger house/more money). They explained this like it's normal, and not their fault. Despite starting five hours late, they came back the next morning and still didn't bring more blankets! They had plenty of time to do what they contractually agreed to. Needless to say, everything they didn't protect, was ruined. They lost hardware to what furniture they did deliver. When it was delivered, it wasn't even a 24/7 crew, despite me asking five or six times if they would have full custody of my goods. Liars and frauds. Customer service would not response in writing to any of my emails, though nice on the phone, who cares if they are nice when they destroy your stuff. Their photos are fake too, they showed up in a rental truck.

Meghan Vismara


Terrible Customer Service, absolute liars about prices

We are EXTREMELY dissatisfied with our experience with 24/7 moving services. We did so much research before picking our moving company and thought we had picked a great service. Needless to say, it has been awful. When we first called them, they gave us an estimate. Great. We told them exactly how large our items were and the estimate was very affordable. Great. When the movers actually came, the costs were over 1,000$ more than what we had expected. The movers did NOT speak English (and I say this as an ESOL teacher who speaks 6 languages, my husband is from an immigrant family, we are usually SO UNDERSTANDING of foreign languages and want to help others). The language barrier was really frustrating. They then tried to charge us over 2,000$ over the original estimate. We waited on hold with 24/7 moving services and tried talking to them, but they were irate, loudly telling us that we owed them so much more money than we had agreed upon. They then explained to us that our stuff would arrive in the new location one week later. Great. It is now 2 weeks later and we STILL DO NOT HAVE OUR THINGS. We have called 24/7 moving services and they keep telling us things like "it's in the fine print" and "didn't you read the contract?" Yes. We read the contract, but we also trusted what people told us multiple times on the phone and didn't take a microscope to every last line of fine print.

Now, they are charging us 650$ more dollars (on top of the already higher prices) to get our stuff into our apartment, essentially holding all of our things ransom so that they can transfer it to a smaller truck. We are a recently graduated medical student and a teacher. We are just doing the best that we can, and had to move for work. We are so tired of being lied to time and time again by this business. We have to, unfortunately, move again in a year (relocating for residency program part 2) and we will NOT be using this service. I am also warning everyone I know about how awful this was and what liars they are.

Jean Trotter


Movers Beware

LOTS of damage! What wasn't not delivered (tools, linens, etc) was either broken (mirrors they packed), scratched (all of our furniture) or damaged (busted a king size bed headboard that ended up in the dumpster). L A Z Y delivery guys. Scratched hard wood floors. Told to get a marker and it will be like new. Elizabeth is the worst customer service person we have ever encountered in our entire life (and we're old folks). Power washer mysterically reappeared after suggesting sticky fingers, obviously was wrongly used/abused, and then didn't work. Guys Good on the front end (although they started loading at 1130 pm), but, bottom line, LOTS of LOSS! Loaded into 1 truck, paid for committed truck and direct delivery. BUT, then said we needed 2 trucks. The ONE truck was off loaded into a warehouse in MD, then a week or so later, they loaded our stuff into 2 trucks to move to FL. LOTS happened in that manuver. Just BEWARE! Stay clear. We moved from Wilmington DE to Ormond Beach FL (9/1/2018). Everything was A OK from contact until packed truck left our place. After that, they REALLY dropped the ball.



Simple move

This is the third time we've used 24/7 Logistic services, they are great. The move was not simple: it involved furniture and boxes moving from our rental condo into our newly purchased one in Miami, items in and out of storage, and some big furniture pieces moved to our son's home in Tampa. The crew, Bryson, Marco and Wesley, was fast, efficient and careful. Great job.

Alice Dejesus


worse moving experience

Stay away from 24/7 Logistic movers!!! If you value your possessions stay away. It been six weeks since I got here and still finding things that were stolen and broken. I am truly heart broken. My worse nightmare come true. When I complained I was referred to their insurance dept with no sympathy and compassion. A job that should have taken 3-7 days took 3 weeks. Apparently one driver takes your things half way and another continues the load. They couldn't find a second driver to finish the load. I had broken items and stolen items. Heart broken to say the least. I will never refer or use this company again. No amount of money can compensated orreplace what I lost..

Leon Fuettere


Our move

It took these 'people 11 days to get our property from Asheville, NC to Land O'Lakes, FL A total of two (2) trucks. The first showed up a day later than 'promised' and was 7 hours late in getting to our NC address. (A Penske Rental unit) with two non-American as a crew. One, spoke little if any English. The other...hard to understand. He spoke of 'Cubic Feet' of truck space...his office said there is no such's the number of boxes. Never found clarification of that point. Initial quote was about $2,700.00. $800.00 as a non-refundable deposit, another $1,200.00 via debit card. $3,500.00 Cash at our home address, then another $492.50 when Penske truck #2 showed up eleven days after loading in NC. Truck #1 was to arrive at our Florida address in a more timely manner while truck #2 arrived eleven days after loading in NC. A 'promise' was made that it would arrive on didn' was Tuesday, mid afternoon. We have moved about 8 times in 56 years and we have NEVER been subjected to such a disgusting bunch of **! If I could, I give them a minus one!

Tim Daniels


Do not trust these reviews below

This move was a nightmare from start to finish. They will call you with a great attitude and tell you everything you want to hear and promise you the world. They will offer discounts to make their price competitive with other companies. They will even send a representative of the company to your house to estimate the amount of space you will take up. After that, every word out of their mouth will be a lie. They will show up to your house with a bad attitude and not communicate with you. They will load half of your things and then tell you that your “binding agreement” is worthless and they will EXTORT you out of $3000 more than you agreed upon. The visual estimate is B.S. and a ploy to get you to sign with them. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!!! They will lie through their teeth. They will also hold your things for a week longer than promised because you were reluctant to pay your new extorted price. We are currently in the process of taking them to court and have filled out police reports at origin and destination. Run far, far away from these crooks and spend the extra money for a nationally recognized company. I repeat do not use this “company”

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