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1617 Ridgewood Ave Suite F, Holy Hills, Florida 32117 USA

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About AAA Moving Group

1617 Ridgewood Ave Suite F
Holy Hills, Florida

At AAA Moving Group, we strive to provide the highest quality service in the moving industry. We have inherited a hard-working legacy from more than 12 years experience by providing all our customers with superior moving services which are delivered with a smile and work ethic.

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Ashley Rosa


Best moving service ever

The mover were extremely professional and helpful for a tough move. I definitely recommend them to others! Very fast and efficient!

William Stafford


Efficient, fast and professional mover

Just finished moving today. They were Really Professional, Friendly and prompt. They made moving fast and easy. I appreciate their hard work and effort- Super efficient- even with the rain. Definitely recommend AAA Moving Group. No hidden costs, what was quoted was charged. Thanks a lot.

Shaheen Parween



It is a total loss if you hire it.They are simply irresponsible about the customers.They just over charge you and will never make a call or pick up the call.On email they never reply.It is pathetic.

Lamont Hoard


Don’t do it

First my move was scheduled for Tuesday they didn’t show until Saturday. After having my belongings they sent an email stating I was over weight and added an extra $1350. I asked to see a copy of the weight of the truck when it got to them and was met with hostility. Then it was changed to I took up to much space then it was I had more boxes than agreed upon. After the contract was signed it was almost impossible to speak with anyone. I was hung up on more times than I can count or they just wouldn’t answer my phone call. I had to resort to calling from other numbers to get through. Finally when I got my belongings, all 3 big screens were broken wall pictures frames and glass broken. Couches with rips and my mattress appears to have been laying in dirt. There is nothing 5star about this company, if I could they would get a negative 5

Tania Philipose



If I could review without star, that's how I would rate them. STAY AWAY from this company. Ashley called me several times and every single thing she says is just for you to sign up with them and she is done. No more contact after the first payment. I spoke to a couple of movers and based on my dates, this was the only one available.I went with them and negotiated a price within my budget to move my furniture and everything from a typical 1 bed apartment.I listed out all my things and she said that doesn't need more than 2000 pounds in the truck.No mention of cubic sq ft or how it works at all. I clearly told her that I had a lot of stuff and nearly 30 boxes - she said (I quote) "YOU COULD FIT AN ELEPHANT IN THERE WITH 2000 POUNDS". Also, you will not understand anything she says as she talks so fast intentionally just so that you don't understand. After painful conversations and getting a quote (not having an option), I confirmed and she sent me an email that went to SPAM folder. She processed payment and told me they will be there on data asked and I had insurance that covers upto 10000$ worth. I offered to purchase additional insurance and she advised, pushed not to. So, I went ahead thinking there is insurance worth 10,000 in there and remember no WRITTEN NOTHING in email or mail. I confirmed after telling her that I have tickets for me, my friend and my pup in cargo for the next day(monday) and waiting is not an option. She said they will be there on Sunday as discussed and assured everything.
Next steps: Someone is supposed to call you and confirm pick up a day before (saturday). No calls. They were supposed to pick it up on Sunday, so I start calling them every 30 minutes on Saturday starting 10 am. Noone calls back until 8.30 pm to tell me that they always get a 2 day window and for them it is Monday as it is the second day. This lady who called me was yelling at me and hung up. I called her back several times and she didn't answer! I had to cancel my flight, my pup cargo shipment and my friends ticket - losing all that money. I waited whole day Sunday and nobody showed up or called me. Monday I get a call saying the movers will be there at 11 am. Waited for whole day and nobody showed up until 9.40 pm at night.

This driver was walking inside my house like he was assessing my things to figure out how to rip me off more and constantly told me that I had 286 cubic ft and it will only fit half of my things. I called these ladies and they kept telling me to listen to what he says. WTF. At this point I just wanted all my stuff and get gone. He charged me extra 500$ to take an area rug and a large dresser. After all this bullshit, he asks me shamelessly to tip him and the other guys. When I ignored what he said, he said better tip if you want your stuff in good condition or guarantee that it will arrive." I ended up just paying as I just wanted my things taken care of. I did tell them to be very careful with the TV as my TV was worth 1000$+ for a 65 inch P series VIZIO smart tv. The only thing they packed was TV and they said they will. Packaging looked good to me.
SILENCE 5 days. I calld and this lady told me not to call as they have 14 days to delvr.I stil cald and on 13 day, she told me its on way and driver will cal a day bfr arrivl. He cald me 5 hrs bfr arrival, told me he wil arrive at 12 on 14 day. He arrived at 6.45 pm! Also, calls me and tells me that they will need 300$ from me as they cannot come inside apt gate with their truck. I had to convince them to try and got in easy. This is a RIPOFF and Do NOT fall for it! They will ask you to pay for anything. They unloaded and last came the TV - by this time, my dresser drawer was broken, coffee table drawer was broken. They unwrapped it and said "Why would they do that?" and looked at each other and said everything is here, pls call claims and ran as if they were afraid of something. I had already paid and tipped.
I know that they broke my TV intentionally

Khailia Scarbrough


AAA Moving Group

I arranged for AAA Moving Group to handle my move from CA to WA state. They handle moving all furniture in your home. I made it convenient and had everything put into a storage unit for pickup. Please make sure to have your contract in hand when it's time for pickup and delivery. I guess AAA hired Streamline to move my things. THEIR CONTRACTS ARE NOT THE SAME. So at time of pickup, they are telling me my furniture should have been wrapped. I was not told this when quoted. As a matter of fact it says on AAA contract that it is included. I was charged extra for that. Because i was in a rush i didn't have time to negotiate the different contracts. They charged me for furniture that AAA did not include in the quote, that i mentioned ahead of time and they charged for my boxes being larger than what was advised also. I was never asked what size the boxes were. I was quoted $1800 for the move. Ended up paying $2500. Also, on AAA contract it says they charge an additional $75 after 21 steps of stairs. I had one flight of stairs with 17 steps so i was good (so i thought). Then when the delivery guy gets here(ONE GUY) He says they charge an additional $75 after 10steps. He even showed me his contract. I then showed him mine and he had to call his boss. His boss okayed it. If i would have taken the little time to compare contracts at the time of pickup, i may have saved myself several hundred dollars. On a side note, Streamline Moving and Storage company was great. Even though they sent one guy to do the job(which was rediculous) he still got it done with a little of my a female only weighing 125 lbs so i didn't help

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