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10800 Biscayne Blvd Ste 540, Miami, Florida 33161 USA

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About Blue Horizon Shipping

10800 Biscayne Blvd Ste 540
Miami, Florida

We provide top quality international moving, relocation & shipping services & support. Our international movers & relocation specialists will work with you to delivers exceptional service at a competitive price.

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Elnaz Allen


Excellent service

I usually don't write reviews, but I hope I can help someone with their decisions, the way other reviews helped me:
I was very nervous about shipping our things overseas, because our items also had an emotional value, which I knew if they break, I couldn't replace them. My biggest thing was finding a company were I get the best deal (not the cheapest) for the quality I was looking for. After doing lots of research and being contacted by numerous companies which of course were trying to win me as a client, I went with Blue Horizon, and these are the reasons why:
Michelle Gold was very professional and informative on the phone. Didn't seem pushy but very authentic. The price they offered was the best, the offer matched our needs and I read many positive reviews. I was always able to contact them if I had questions and they were always available and quick to reply. A packing crew came on the day we scheduled. They were professional, knew what they were doing, patient because I asked a million questions, and quick. Considering that a lot of parties are involved in this process, things can go wrong, but they didn't. We. received a tracking number, a week before the arrival we were contacted by the German company who handled our shipment here in Germany. I was still very nervous, but once we received our things, I was really impressed.
I have to add that our container was x-rated after it arrived. I was told by the German company that this is a normal procedure (apparently every second or third gets checked) and would cost around 250 Euros. Due to this our container had to stay at the port an additional 3 days. Every day "parking fee" costs 50 Euros. This additional cost of around 400 Euros was not in the cost estimate. During my research I did read upon it and therefore wasn't surprised. Another thing the German authority needed here was some paperwork 1) proof that we lived outside the EU the past 12 months 2) a current proof of residency in Germany from the city hall 3) copy of passport. We also turned in our tax report as well statement that we sold our house. All in all I can say I wasn't expecting such a perfect delivery, but everybody involved was very nice and helpful. Our things were delivered in excellent condition. We went with a full container and it took a total of 5 weeks from door to door. I recommend this company highly.

Nabih Sabeh


Be aware

You need to hear this and be aware.
They gave me a quote of 3000 dollars.
Movers came to my house at 9 PM when they promised 12Noon. And wrap everything as it is without packing on unbuilding saying that it’s late once they take the stuff to the warehouse they will pack it the way it should be .
After receiving everything, the final bill i got was 8000 dollars. Saying that the stuff volume they took is much higher than what i put in the estimation.
They did not want to listen to my complaint and they put me in a position where i can’t do anything about it.
I requested keeping my stuff in the US and bring it back to brooklyn and they offered to do so for 4000 dollars. Knowing that the original quote was from New york to Dubai.
Do not trust what quote they give you or always calculate double.
Rude employees, no skills of communication or respect.
Contact me, i will share with you proofs of contracts, emails, pictures.
Be careful.



Excellent service

Blue Horizon Shipping has Good communication and efficient service. They showed up on time, were prepared with rope, handcarts, dollies. They had a great attitude and worked hard. No scratches, dings, or anything broken. They completed the project on budget and one day ahead of schedule. Everything was quick and smooth.



Smooth move

The Blue Horizon Shipping team was outstanding!!! They were on time, courteous, helpful and worked tirelessly to make our move as smooth and easy as possible. I would highly recommend them and rehire them for my next move!

Gordon Ramsay


Dont Hesitate To Hire Them

Could not be more impressed with Blue Horizon Shipping Inc! We are complete slackers who chose to move the most popular moving weekend in Miami. Thankfully Blue Horizon Shipping Inc could accommodate and were a treat to work with. The staff was super helpful on the phone. Highly Recommended.

James Blunt


Fantastic Movers

Highly recommend this moving company. The team was very informative, attentive and walked me through the process. His team moved us and we never had a problem once. Movers were professional, extremely careful with the Art pieces/ paintings. Their price was reasonable and fair Overall the customer service was top notch! I Highly recommend Blue Horizon Shipping Inc!!!

Alan Martin


Fantastic Movers

Another great move courtesy of Blue Horizon Shipping Inc. The crew were extremely conscientious, extra careful with breakables and antiques, and were thorough upon move-in to ensure our items were in the right spot. Out of all of the movers we have had, this group was by far the best. No complaints when we had to still pack while they were moving, were friendly and so easy to work with even after hours dealing with us. Thanks again Blue Horizon Shipping Inc



Amazing Service, Reliable and Accurate

Thanks guys for an amazing thought out end to end.From the moment I reached out to Blue Horizon Shipping, I felt that these guys know what they're doing and provided an excellent service for my move from the USA to Germany.

The packaging was so thorough it could have been dropped from a C-130 and survived intact - and I am talking about Waterford Crystal, framed pictures, and an Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

Thanks a million!



Very Disappointed with this company

I am very disappointed with the whole relocation process, first the extra cost about U$1.500 (which I understand now why) but it will be better to know before signed the contract, in that case my company will pay it and not me from my own pocket. Now about ten days after the delivery my disappointment and frustration is even bigger, on top of the damage of the cushion of two chairs of the dinning set, several of our labelled "delicate or fragile" objects were not only broken, they were completely crushed, including all our ceramic and porcelain, many kitchen small appliances and some of our portraits, even my daughter's bike from wheel and breaks were damage. Unfortunately in our rush receiving all the boxes, we did not count them to be sure to receive all and we have missing two boxes one with kitchen supplies and other with shoes. I do not know who is responsible for the damage and losses if Blue Horizon in USA or Conroy here in New Zealand.
I signed a contract with Blue Horizon, I already sent a complaint to Blue Horizon and it was complete ignored.
Base in my experience I can't recommend any of these two companies, very disappointed!

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