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2625 Park Lane Suite A, Hallandale, Florida 33009 USA

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About Brightline Van Lines

2625 Park Lane Suite A
Hallandale, Florida

We are a full-service moving and storage company that specializes in residential, commercial, intrastate and long distance relocation's. Our team of professional packers and movers are state certified with decades of experience.

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Brightline Van Lines

They were able to tightly pack the items in the truck and load as much as possible. They were helpful and listened to our directions. There was a little detail when I asked for status one of their reps promised to call me back but she didn’t, so I called them back to complain. 2 mins after the rep called me back apologizing for her mistake and from that point on I did not have to call for status again. This rep called me every day with status and that was great for me.



Brightline Van Lines

They did the impossible to accommodate me on the date I needed. Also they treated us patiently and respectfully. They showed up 15 mins after promised hour, but I consider this a small detail compared to their great commitment. I was pleased that they took great care of all our stuff, they were so careful when loading and unloaded each piece exactly where we wanted, I barely lift a finger. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with this company.



Thankyou brightline team

When they picked up my stuff it turned out that volume was 100 cubic feet less than previously estimated. My sales representative was so professional and honest that he recalculated the price based on the actual volume. I appreciate their honesty and transparency.



Brightline Van Lines

I’m glad that I found such a dependable and effective moving company. The customer service makes you feel like the most important client and response times were immediate.



Brightline Van Lines

I’m glad that I found such a dependable and effective moving company. The customer service makes you feel like the most important client and response times were immediate.

Jay east


great price and team!

Brightline helped me out when I was moving into my condo. The space in the apartment was very limited. The guys were very patient and pleasant while we tried different arrangements of the furniture. They did exactly what I wanted. I was impressed seeing how adaptive they were, overall great price and great people

tessa dougles


great movers

i just wanted to quickly say thank you for sending me such a great group of movers. All promises were kept, all items still intact, and every penny i spent was worth it since i didnt have to do anything lol thanks again guys



great team of people

The Brightline team came on time, were hardworking and efficient! I didn't have to babysit them at all. I just pointed at what needed to be wrapped and moved, and they did exactly that. All of my furniture was properly wrapped by the staff to save from any kind of scratching. I had a lovely talk with their sales rep who was very kind and understanding and honest about everything i needed to know

Craig Hill


Thankyou brightline team

I have used brightline many times. Easy to get a quote & set moving date. They do, what they say they will, very professional, great customer service and they do everything without worries. I will use them again without hesitation.

Buddy Parks


Great move

Our experience with Brightline van lines was wonderful! My mother moved from her home this past Wednesday. The guys were on time and very courteous. They really hustled but were very careful with the furniture and we didn't even have a scratch on anything! The guys were friendly and courteous. I'm very thankful to the guys for their hard work! I would use them again and recommend them to others.

Maria Barry


5 stars

They were so polite and courteous the entire duration of the move. They were so quick and really could maneuver my extremely heavy, large pieces upstairs, around bends, and where they needed to go. When we got to our new house location they helped us rearrange our rooms for hours without any complaints. I would highly recommend Brightline and will use them again. Much appreciated!!

Nellie Hardy


Thank you everyone!

I was very pleased with the service of Brightline Van lines. They were Super-efficient workers and excellent team overall. Their sales rep responded quickly to all my concerns and queries. They delivered some boxes for me to start packing and the moving team was very nice and efficient. Everything about them was professional- from the quick quote to efficient packing to the spot-on delivery. I will recommend them to all of my friends and family.

missy odem


Thank you everyone!

Nothing but good things to say about Brightline van lines, The movers we had were great, they were very helpful in getting everything where I wanted it in my new house. I appreciated their help and professionalism moving my things during a very stressful time for me. These guys and our experience was worth every penny of our move. I appreciate everyone who was there throughout this whole process and I would recommend them to anyone.

Joan Regan


Grateful for brightline

This is our second move with Brightline van lines and each time we have been very pleased with the service provided. From the first phone call til delivery day everyone kept me up to date on everything. The men arrived on time and were very professional and courteous in their duties. I know we could probably save a few bucks with a discount moving company but I would rather have peace of mind knowing my belongings were in great hands.



Kept me informed

Arrived within the pickup window. Very fast but still took great care of everything. Talked me through what was done and let me know what the next steps would be. THanks!

Carrie Fancher


Fraudulent company

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! We spoke with multiple moving companies yet felt most confident moving forward with this company because of our customer/sales representative, AMANDA BATES. (Now we are seeing her name pop up on different sites to alert consumers of similar fraudulent acts!)
At the time of shopping for a trustworthy moving company, Amanda was patient, relaxed and confident in the stellar service we would receive from Brightline Van Lines. Her patience and lack of urgency to close the sale is her “smoking gun”. (Anyone shopping this moving company, BE AWARE!) While other companies breathe down your neck, she establishes rapport then requests for you to check their DOT info and to take your time. Knowing it was our first big move out of state, she reassured us that she would be available every step of the way for any questions or concerns because she stands by her quote and promises! She assured us we would receive delivery the day after pickup and we went over all items in the house for another (second) checklist with her to ensure an accurate estimate. After this last estimate she quoted around $4,900 and gave us a discount to get our total to $4,000 even. This estimate included extra boxes to be on the safe / high side of the estimate because that same week we had a large well known company actually send over a representative to our home to give us an additional ACCURATE estimate. After the large well known company’s representative “laid eyes” on all of our belongings in our home, he quoted $4,500 on the high side. Therefore, Amanda stood by her quote of $4,000 for our three bedroom home to be moved.
After speaking with a few other companies, we decided to trust Amanda and her representation of Brightline Van Lines. Once she secured our deposit, she was no longer easy to reach. When we called she stated she would call back then never did. She finally texted me but couldn’t answer all of my questions. A day before the scheduled move we were told it could take 7 to 10 days for delivery!?!? We expressed our frustration due to Amanda assuring it would be delivered next day. Thankfully, her conversation with us along with her empty promises were on their recorded line... we suddenly received a call now saying it would be delivered the next day.
The movers were very nice but I had so much damage to my belongings!!! They also admitted that the sales reps will say whatever is necessary to secure the booking! It is heartbreaking! Along with the damage to my things and the additional stress this rep Amanda caused... our total jumped from $4,000 to $8,000!!! We have spoken with management, John, and submitted detailed emails along with additional claim paperwork as he suggested. The only response received was a blanket email stating “we are looking into this”. Now months later, after doing everything they requested on our end to document the massive damage and overcharging they sent us a document stating they would reimburse $250 for all of our damage which is a fraction of the actual damage caused by the movers. When my fiancé spoke with the manager, John, regarding a reimbursement for the over charging and damaged property, he stated that it appears they aren’t going to do anything aside from the $250. DO NOT TRUST this company for your move! So many precious belongings were damaged and the ongoing time we are spending to recoup these undisclosed charges is exhausting... obviously they count on their customers to tire out and give up! Not happening on our end!
***All consumers dealing with similar fraudulent activity, contact the Better Business Bureau!
Move size: 3 Bedroom Home

Charlotte Joy


Great Job, Thank you!

On time, polite, wonderful service worked hard and quick. A pleasure to work with would recommend and use again. Great Job, Thank you!

Linda Bathgate


Would certainly call again !

I am grateful for Brightline Van Lines on my move. They took care of everything big and small and were able to accommodate my extra boxes when my estimate was too low. I would certainly call again for my next move!

Shannon Jeffcoat


Where are my belongings

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. This is the first time I’ve ever written a negative review for a company, but Brightline Van Lines is dishonest with their pricing, refuse to communicate the basics about your move and have the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever encountered. After a long distance move from Houston to Seattle, I have been in an empty apartment for over two weeks because they were not honest about when my belongings would be shipped out; they have repeatedly given me false information. Regardless of the owner’s assertions otherwise, please believe the negative reviews of this company; the bad reviews are entirely accurate. For anyone interested, there is another negative review on the Florida website for the Better Business Bureau, as well.
A basic timeline: I had a very short four week turnaround between accepting a job in Seattle, moving from Houston to Seattle and then beginning work on September 9th. Even though I was in the process of booking with UHaul and paying more for professional movers to pack and unpack (with guaranteed delivery 9/2), Tanya at Brightline said that they could do it for a discounted “piggy back” move, essentially moving more than one household at once. Since I didn’t yet have an address, she said they would store my belongings in a storage facility in Dallas until I called with a new address, and then they would immediately dispatch out my things. This was also confirmed by their sales rep on the day they picked up my stuff to transport to Dallas when I explained that I was about to sign a lease. He said they needed five days notice before transport.
One day after Brightline picked up my belongings on 8/22, I emailed Tanya with my new address and a delivery date of 9/2. After no reply to my email, I called and gave my address to the operations department and again told them I was moving in on 9/2. After leaving messages and not getting a call back, I finally reached someone on 8/31 and confirmed again the move in date of 9/2. At no point in any of the conversations did anyone say they would hold my belonging HOSTAGE until they have enough households to fill a truck. And they refuse to even give me a rough timeframe and will only give me less than 24 hours notice when they actually bother to show up --- a big problem for someone who just started a new job and can’t take time off of work.
In addition to all of the problems above, they charged me an additional $800 --- a charge he did not tell me about until AFTER they loaded the truck. Because of this, they left me no choice but to pay it --- a point I mentioned to him at the time. Part of the additional charge was based on the distance from my front door to the truck. The man who measured the distance did not have the proper equipment to measure it, so he walked out the steps and then tried to tell me it was 150 feet. When I told him that was not true because I counted his steps and he took 30 steps, he reduced it to 90 feet.
John Chavez, the “customer service” manager, apparently believes that the best way to handle customer service issues is to be rude and repeatedly recite boiler plate language on the agreement, even though his sales representatives sold the moving package with false promises and inaccurate information. This company should Google search the term “bait and switch.” Finally, he said that I could send an email to Brightlines and cc Tanya to “call her out” (his words) and get a discount or compensation.
It took nine days to get a reply to my email, and then I was again slapped with boiler plate language, no offer of a discount and no apology. It’s September 15th, and I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress in an empty apartment with no belongings for two weeks. I had to buy clothes for work, but I’m without even the basics. And I still have no answer on when my things will be delivered.

Kelly J Johnson


Missing Items

Pick up was 2 days late,delivery time was changed 4 times.they charged me twice as much as the original amount on delivery.
Finally received inventory list 1 week after delivery and we are missing 6 boxes and two complete sets of golf clubs with golf bags.i have filled out claim forms and mailed them to Brightline Vanlines, but have not heard back from them.




Been almost a month and they have completely stopped responding to me. Not only that but if you Google the address you will find the owner, Charlie Ohana, has scammed many people over the years with many different "moving companies." Not sure I'll ever see my stuff again. STAY AWAY.

Phyllis Kent



My initial estimate to move my belongings from NC to AZ was 12K. After they loaded my belongings on a truck, the driver said that my new estimate would be 20K. They held my possessions hostage in a warehouse for 2 weeks till I paid an additional 4k with the remaining due before unloading the truck in AZ. rate this company a minus 5 stars. This company should be put out of business. Their incompetence and lack of professionalism is beyond anything I have ever encountered. It's been over two weeks since Marcus said he was going to send someone out to put my Baby Grand Piano back together. It is still sitting on my living room floor. Did they find the bolts and peddles to reassemble it??? I have reached out to Marcus at least 5 times since August 2, 2019, via phone conversations when he said he was working on it. He said he would get back to me however he has NEVER called to give me an update. Every time I call and request information on when it will be put together he says that he is working on it and will call me back but never does. I have paid this company $20,000.00 to move my belongings from NC to AZ and an additional $250 for special handling of this piano.....I think they fell short on their end!! I am also waiting to hear back when my lost belongings will be found and when they will be delivered to AZ.
Please let me know also if you would like the pictures of all the other items that arrived busted up. It's a shame that these people think they can get away with such disregard for other peoples property.
It's been over two weeks since you said you were going to send someone out to put my Baby Grand Piano back together. It is still sitting on my living room floor. Did you find the bolts and peddles to reassemble it??? I have reached out to you at least 5 times since August 2, 2019, via phone conversations when you said you were working on it. You said you would get back to me however you have NEVER called to give me an update. Every time I call and request information on when it will be put together you say that you are working on it and will call me back but never do. I have paid your company $20,000.00 to move my belongings from NC to AZ and an additional $250 for special handling of this piano.....I think you fell short on your end!! I am also waiting to hear back when my lost belongings will be found and when they will be delivered to AZ.
Please let me know also if you would like the pictures of all the other items that arrived busted up.

Andrew Gunning


Excellent! Would Recommend!

Customer ANDREW GUNNING wrote a 5 star review on his sales rep and his foreman Chanel when they were at his pickup in Key West FL on 7/31. "Excellent Service! Would Recommend Again!"

TL Zak


Avoid Brightline Van Lines at all cost

This was, by far, the worst moving company I have ever interacted with. In writing, they promised to move my professional supplies between July 1-3rd, 2019. The supplies and boxes literally arrived today, July 23, 2019. The level of incompetence is like nothing I have ever seen before - between telling me lies, emailing me false information (Your boxes have arrived - when they had not), and being extremely rude (I was "ignoring" phone calls when I was actually in the operating room and obviously couldn't answer phone calls), the manager 'Sean' and customer service representative John Chavez of Brightline Van Lines are clearly exceptionally bad at their jobs. I never leave reviews but I felt compelled to protect the average consumer from this inept company. Spend your money elsewhere and avoid this company at all costs, is my recommendation.



Great communication with the owner

The owner showed a good communication to a customer with the fast reply and reasonable explain. Actually, I got back the moving deposit.

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