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Rocky Hoover


I would recommend this company.

Awesome service. Friendly guys. They arrived early and the move took less time than estimated even though we added some stuff from the estimate. Ended up costing less than the estimate because it went so fast.

Richard McMullin


Great Customer Service

I've used these guys to unload my stuff for my move to NC and definitely had a great experience. They were on time, professional and friendly. Also, they finished early and the price quoted was fair (they didn't charge fees for travel time to destination et al., which definitely cut down on the overall cost). I would use them again if I needed to!

Donald Courtois


Reasonable priced!

I used their services earlier this month to move from NC to MD. They did a fantastic job. They were professional and accommodating, and I recommend them to all of my friends an family. First Class Moving & Storage was definitely very reasonable, especially for the quality of service you can expect.



Forged moving inventory forms

Let’s begin with the takeaway: My moving inventory contract was forged with an additional 8 boxes after I had signed the form, with the intent to void our items-based estimate and result in a price increase of $3500, or close to 60% of the total. Only because we had been prudent enough to take a photo of the moving inventory from the day of the pick-up did American Van Lines (subcontractor and letterhead of forms – Boost Express) agree to revert to our original estimate and not charge us thousands of additional dollars.

Issues at Pick-Up, Attempted Price Increase & Forgery: The subcontractor, Boost Express, started protesting our agreed-upon items-based binding estimate, pushing a separate contract on my husband – saying that our weight estimate was “way too low.” The fact that the mover thought our weight was 4,500 pounds vs. the 3,000 estimated (with the exact same number of items) seemed odd. When I questioned our moving coordinator on what her item list showed versus the one I had, that is when I knew something was seriously wrong beyond simply poor customer service or confusion with a subcontractor. The form had been forged—adding a few vague “boxes” to the item inventory list—with the aim of us breaking our binding estimate and therefore increasing by 50% the amount we owed. Clearly, someone had added items after the fact, once it was clarified that our contract was item-based, not weight-based.

Two-week delivery delays: It took 5 weeks for our possession to move across the country. The shipment was delivered 2 weeks late (after delivery window) with no explanation or reason as to why – they simply did not have enough trucks or had not planned well. Additionally, on the day-of, the drive provided a delivery window from 7-9am and then did not arrive until 12:30pm. When we took time to inspect the items for damage, the driver became impatient and the Boost Express office called us to ask why we were “holding the driver hostage,” given he had another delivery. This was rude behavior given (1) the driver was late and (2) Boost Express had been holding our life possessions hostage for over 6 weeks…

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