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4699 N. Federal Hwy Suite 207, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064 USA

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About High Priority Movers

4699 N. Federal Hwy Suite 207
Pompano Beach, Florida

Our uncompromised standards for quality service and customer satisfaction is why High Priority Movers stands out from the rest. We utilize cutting edge technology combined with a highly trained and skilled staff that is dedicated to making your move as smooth as possible.

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Natalie Taylor


I wish there were negative stars.

I had contacted High Priority Movers about a cross country move, and we talked through the initial information--inventory and dates etc--I thought things would be fine. Within the 72 hr window that the contract allows one to back out with a 15% penalty, I got news that my move had to be three weeks sooner than I expected. In this time I had also read the reviews here, and contacted another service that had the availability I needed (High Priority couldn't get anyone out here in time) and much better reviews. I called High Priority Movers back to cancel as was my right as it was still under the 72 hr timeframe. I spoke to Howard Zimmerman, who was all charm and sweetness when we first spoke and hammered out the details, but as soon as I got a hold of him to cancel it was like a switch was flipped.
I never expected the vitriol that Howard threw at me. This man screamed, belittled, and hung up on me as I simply tried to cancel my reservation. I had to call him back 4 different times to try and have him send me the cancelation paperwork detailed in the contract--something he straight up told me didn't exist, despite it written in the contract as being necessary. He demanded I tell him why I was cancelling--and I was honest, I said your reviews are terrible and I'm going with another company. He yelled at me over the phone telling me I was stupid for believing the reviews (oh believe the reviews), that another company would "rape me with fees" and that he wanted to see what "logical calculations went on in my tiny mind". At this point, I'm sobbing openly on the phone with a stranger screaming at me as I try and cancel a service that I had every right to cancel. At the end of all this--with him hanging up on me mid sentence, and me calling back asking to verify that my reservation was canceled--I was finally sent the cancellation paperwork, and told that someone from billing would call me. I did my best to convey just what had gone down on the phone with the kind lady from billing when she called me, but who knows how far that went. So yes, i lost out on 15% of my deposit, but after this experience I'm very glad that I didn't go through with my planned reservation with High Priority Movers. I've yet to find a place to actually let the company know that this happened, as all the posted numbers and emails were ones that Howard Zimmerman had used to contact me.

Howard Zimmerman at High Priority Movers made an already stressful and rushed move even more traumatic. This interaction spun me into a panic attack that lasted 2 days, and I wish there was a manager that I could contact and give my feedback to. This wasn't just bad customer service, this wasn't something anyone should have to experience.

The moving service I went with ended up being more than half the cost that HPM quoted--and I'll forgive the dented boxes because of the basic human kindness they showed me.

Ghassan Jamous


Residential move

Service is lousy. The customer service rep smooths you over. Then once the packers arrive they immediately ask for more money! It was a bad experience

Sandra Moses



1star is to many for this company. I was quoted 2600 and by the time it got loaded in Alanta and delivered in Lakeland I ended up paying $4300 when I told them up front my move would require a 17-20ft box truck. To complicate things even more they wont take a company card just cash,cashiers check or money order. This company is horrible and they even had the nerve to ask for a tip and set outside my new place honking the horn waiting for it after my husband and son had to help unload. Do not waste uou time or money.

Micheal Thomas


Hard working

Jon and his crew moved us into a 5 story walk up yesterday and could not have been better. They were accommodating and extremely hard working. One of the man carried an entire 7 foot tall bookcase up the 10 flights of stairs on his back!
Highly recommended.

Kevin L


You guys are amazing

High priority movers here in Florida were definitely off the chain!! They provided the executive services and I was hoping for. And they did it all while maintaining professionalism second to none. I was very motivated by seeing them work. I had a lot of belongings that I needed to have stored. So they had the proper equipment, the muscle, and the wrapping paper. Actually the wrapping plastic. Great work guys it was a pleasure watching you work. You guys are amazing. I will call back again.

Lazar Angelov


Scam Scam Scam

This company has no trucks. They're just a telemarketing company. The owners got shut down for doing a student loan scam and now they're doing this until they get shut down again. They just want your deposit. They make up an estimate that's low so you'll pay them a deposit and I can guarantee that the price will go up at least double once the real movers arrive. Just ask if the truck they send will have their company name on it. It wont because they aren't a moving company. They are telemarketers. They hire a reputation company to put good reviews about them online. No one has a good experience with these people. Hire a real mover.

Tara Gibbons


Thanks for the great job done

Lots of my friends complain a lot about how movers they hired often sat down and wasted a lot of time just to ask for more money for the additional time spent in the end of the day. I was ready to work a large portion of the job in my own move but it was not the case. The movers I hired were really effective and handled everything in such a way that I there was nothing for me to lay hands on. I appreciate your dedication to work. Thanks for the great job done High priority movers. The entire move was different from what I got previously, thanks to the movers from High priority movers. They demonstrated rare professionalism in the entire move and that is why I give them two thumbs up.

D. Bently


Grateful Service

High Priority Movers were very helpful. My friend decided to move, and I was despondent about though he was determined to move. At the time I had an injury, and so I was of little help. So we took it online and at first I was very perplexed at the cost and the services offered, and at the moment we knew this was the deal. The service was conducted with much professionalism, and we are very grateful for the services provided.

Joseph Moses


Professional Service!

High Priority Movers delivered literally and figuratively. The company has very different and affordable moving cost. The company values time too and will always show up on time. They handled the on loading and offloading quite professionally and do not remember of any breakages during the move. They did place all the materials at the spot I did need them in the house, thus, sparing me of the agony of moving the cabinets in place. I do highly recommend their professional services to those looking for outstanding residential movers.

Louis Morris


Efficient move

It was my first time using High priority movers and I am more than satisfied with them. They came to my apartment on time and packed everything very fast. They brought all the necessary equipment and wrapped my furniture very carefully. They also arrived to my apartment right on time with all the right tools and started moving all my stuff. They did not even take any breaks. They worked really hard and moved my stuff in a few hours. I am really more than satisfied with their service and the assistance from their sales guy Shane. They are a very professional team. Also, the price they offered was the best price in the country for sure. There were no hidden fees. I will say that if you are looking for a moving company, choose this company! You will definitely like them.



Quick help

I used this moving company to help my grandfather move out of his 1 bedroom home after a recent heart attack. Moving is stressful enough, but this situation had me at a loss of sleep and worried sick. Thankfully, high priority movers were wonderful though! My grandpa was also quite happy with the way these guys handled his valuables- and he’s a hard man to please so the credit goes to the movers. I was thrilled with their services and would highly recommend to anyone in need of a safe, careful moving company. Last but not the least a big thanks to their rep Morgan.

Sally Stephens


I see I'm one of many who have been scammed by this company

Beware this company. I booked with them a month ago and canceled the same day as I started learning about how brokers scam you by asking for a deposit upfront and hold your inventory hostage requesting more money. I also checked with the BBB and found that they are C+ Rated, not accredited and have had seven claims in that happened between July and August 2018. I have yet to receive my deposit back. The person I was dealing with magically disappeared. I doubt he was even real as I couldn't find him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Today they contacted me as if nothing happened indicating that they didn't know it was canceled. Fortunately, I kept the trail which I was able to forward. I then learned that there is a 15% fee if you cancel in less than 72 hours. I'll admit it was in the terms, so my bad, but I canceled within hours. 15% for what? Restocking? I know they will say that they did work, etc., but all companies provide free estimates which is all they did. The person I spoke with Tiffany said they already booked my mover which I find hard to believe since I have had no notification of this.

You can see by the rest of the reviews here that every single one of them experienced the scam I was referring to. There are plenty of other ethical companies out there to go with. Don't waste your time here. You will experience heartache and heartburn. I can only imagine what else I would have endured had I gone with this company.



Superb moving company

I didn’t have the best of impressions on moving companies. My friends always keep complaining about them. Moving companies are notorious for being late and lazy. But high priority movers truly were exceptional during my last move. They arrived on time, finished the job very quickly and delivered right on schedule. That’s more than I can ever say about the other companies I had hired in the past. The final bill came under the estimate and I just couldn’t help feeling elated.

Donovan L


Always professional

I have always hired High priority movers whenever I had to move. I keep hiring the same company because they never disappoint me. They always quote very reasonably for the current market. All their movers are highly experienced and efficient. Even for my last move, the men did the job exceptionally well. They packed up everything so carefully and skillfully. I received the delivery on time and all my stuffs were in perfect state. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.



great move fair price

Great customer service is something many customers looks for because they know if a certain company doesn't have great customer service then they won't be treated fairly. If you need moving services they will respond fast, smoothly, and fairly; If you are looking for all of these qualities then you need to start calling now because you never know if they get booked up

Markus Mclain


Perfect combination

It was a great experience indeed. Last month we decided to move to our new apartment. The main problem was to move everything there. My wife told me about a company named high priority movers. So I hired them. They took great care of my things. They wrapped and packed all the furniture nicely. Relocating everything was done within two days. They had a nice combination among the movers which made the move so effortless. Well done!!



A bunch of fraudsters...DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Where so I begin with this company. They promise so much just like the negative comments below. I agree with all the one star rates on this page. Alex, Sal, Dan, and some rude arrogent lady names Tiffany. They blame each other and a different person calls you each time. I was quoted for weight and I have proof. At the time of purchase up the hired a 3rd party vendor who has even horrible rating and they took all our stuff on to the truck and then told us we will be paying by cubic square feet and if we give them cash they will knock off a few thousand dollars. These people try not to pay taxes on thier income by only collecting cash. They said the DOT requires 21 business for a move. We are at 23 business days, which is way over a month and no delivery. Bunch if crooks. Please do your famt a favor and never call them. You will save your a big headache, stress, and tons of money. They quoted us $3500. We got rid of half of the stuff in the estimate and we ended up paying close to $6500! They basically cornered us. I was terrified of the person they sent into my pick up the furniture. When I called back to speak to the person that gave me the quote and follow up...sal and Alex... They said they don't work thier anymore. But other review I see online people are dealing with the same two guys. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!



Stay away!

Please do yourself a huge favor and stay away from these people! I have moved many times in my life: from Asia to Europe to North America and have never experienced anything close to this absolute nightmare! We ended up paying almost $500 more than we were told it would be. We also had to leave a lot behind, because they charged a much higher rate for any additional item than the rate we were given originally. It was heartbreaking. We were told we would get our stuff within 3-5 days, but we ended up 10 days without furniture. They suddenly decided to call us on the 11th day, saying they will be there in 20 minutes! They showed up hours late, because their truck was too big for the road (at the original sale they assured us they could service our address) and when they finally showed up, they refused to take the money order they had wanted us to have for them. I was on the phone with their manager having a nervous breakdown (no joke) before they finally accepted it. The worst is yet to come:

A LOT OF OUR STUFF WAS DAMAGED!!! priceless personal stuff we entrusted them with... I saw how carelessly they handled it. Many of the boxes were wet for some reason and some had disintegrated. When I expressed concern the workers called me a ***** ,thinking I don't understand their language. They refused to take our couch, because they said it's TOO HEAVY!!! and wanted to leave it on the grass. I cried my eyes out. Thank god my husband arrived before they left and carried the couch up himself with one of the workers. PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!

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