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5455 N Federal Hwy, Suite P, Boca Raton, Florida 33487 USA

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About Patriot Moving Group

5455 N Federal Hwy, Suite P
Boca Raton, Florida

The Patriot Moving Group is a team of moving industry professionals that guarantees the easiest and most affordable relocation possible. We take care of all the research and pre-screening processes to ensure your move is risk-free, efficient, and satisfactory.

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Emma Gallagher



I wish there was a lower rating than one star. I hired them on June 5th for a July 22 and move. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP! gave us every excuse in the book and this breach of contract screwed up everything, like a domino effect. I will be taking legal action.

Beverly Sommer



STAY FAR,FAR AWAY!!!!!!! June 10, 2019, Robbie quoted me a total price of 1900.00 USD to move 1 sofa, 1 recliner, 1 queen bedroomset, bicycle, 30 boxes, rocking chair, 1 book case, cedar chest from WI to Fl. I paid 919.00 USD debit card, 535.00 cash, July 10 when they loaded my things. They did a 30 day hold which I thought was good, then I did not have to rush down to Fl. That brings us to 8/9/19, I called once per week and was told by Ashley, next week, then next week, oh, maybe next week!!! Finally when I called 9/28 she said Thursday or maybe Friday. I had an appointment Wed, 9/28 and could not answer my phone, when I returned to my vehicle, Ashley called and stated, "When I call U next time, U better answer." During this whole time she has been condescending, rude , threatening and very disrespectful on the phone. They come with trumped up charges, lie to U and I have NEVER been treated with such HATE ever!! My friend, Martha and I watched today as one driver unloaded my things very roughly and shoved them in my storage unit. Robbie said June 10, no charge for steps, I WAS CHARGED FOR STEPS. I was charged xtra for carry being greater than 75 feet, when in truth distance was 30 feet! I do not understand how these crooks get away with this!! The police do not help much, the BBB does not want to get involved, it just keeps happening. My book case is ruined, my cedar chest now has 3 legs instead of 4, and I am positive I will find more as I put my things away. SCREAM!!!!! wE DID CALL 911 TODAY IN cLEARWATER BECAUSE THE DRIVER FROM pATRIOT moving WAS SWEARING A BLUE STREAK BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY MEASURED THE DISTANCE FROM HIS TRUCK TO MY STORAGE UNIT AND IT WAS 50 FEET, NOT 75 LIKE HE SAID!! hE DID NOT LIKE THAT!! They R all in on the game!! They will pay for their BAD, AWFUL Behavior! This is beyond my comprehension of why?

Jeffery L Akins


Unfair pricing

I hired a company called PATRIOT MOVING GROUP,LLC located in the state of Florida they are a broker in a moving company operation. They basically broker moving deals with national companies nationwide to move people from State to State. Here is my story as follows I contacted this company on July 3rd,2019 and hired this moving company to set up a move for me under the understanding that it would only cost me $790.56 down payment for the moving services from MN to AZ I was told this would cost me $2324.52 total for the move from MN to AZ. Which later I was re-informed that this would now cost me an additional $212.00 in which I paid on July 13th, 2019. The breakdown of the charges ended up being $5,161.51 I paid $1,002.56 down payment originally was told $2324.52 we ended up having to pay an additional $1,900.00 down ,and $2,258.95 once our things were finally delivered to the address in Surprise, Az bear in mind that our things were picked up on July 16th, 2019 we didn't get our things delivered to us until July 28th, 2019 I was hung up on by the delivery driver of the trucking company that was hired out by Patriot Moving Group, LLC the contact person at this company is named Nick he is the owner at 515-996-6676 the company is located in the State of Iowa. I understand that this is a 3rd party to the broker I hired , but I feel we we're totally mislead by this broker in the fee's we we're charged after reviewing the reviews I feel this is something that the Attorney general really needs to dig deep into. To realize how many millions of Americans are being defrauded out of thousands of dollars needs to be investigated ,and I feel truly looked into. This company Patriot Moving Group, LLC ,and the company they hired to move us ( Moving Services DSM Llc out of Johnston,Iowa ) DOT# 2874251 VIN# FN913052 mislead us in abusive negligence practices. This is a practice that is going on with this company on a very very wide scale ,and needs to be looked into.

Vikas Kumar


Horrible Experience - Deserving Negative Star

It's a long story and a horrible experience. There is no negative star option, hence 1 star. PLEASE DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH PATRIOT. THEY CHARGE THEIR FEE AND THEN YOU WILL END UP PAYING 2X OF THEIR ESTIMATE.
I had a in house estimate of 3500 for my move. I had moved last year also with the same stuff and same distance and had paid 3200, so I was ok with 3500 estimate. Unfortunately the move got delayed and that moving company didn't have options during the changed timeframe. So I searched for other options and ended up talking with Alex from Patriot. I provided the inventory list from in house visit, pictures from every corner of the house and he gave me an estimate of 2300. I called back and told him to look at the inventory list again and revise it because the estimate doesn't look ok to me. He came back with a revised estimate of 2700. I was fine with it going 300-500 up because it was still within the 3500 ballpark. They charged me 1100 up front and told me to pay remaining amount to the packing company. When the packing company arrived they told me that they didn't care what the broker charged. As per them, brokers play this game always and charge customer upfront and later on you can't do anything about it. The moving company ultimately charged me more than double of Alex's estimate. So I paid 1100 for 0 cost saving, endless hassles and mail/call with Patriots customer service who kept justifying their estimate instead of accepting their misleading work and refunding the fee that they shouldn't have charged. They flatly refused any refund. I am searching for options to file a formal complain so that they are fined for their negligence/ deliberate misleading work.




DO NOT USE THIS SHADY COMPANY TO MOVE!!! If I could give zero stars I would. When you talk to Patriot initially, they sound nice and normal. We did a VERY thorough review of each piece we were moving, measurements of each box, sizes, etc upfront, both with their sales team and their quality assurance. We had numbered the boxes, taken photos and videos of our stuff. On move day, the movers were supposed to arrive between 9-12pm. They showed up at 6pm, reeked of alcohol and were obviously drunk, their truck was already 95% full. They realized they couldn't fit basically any of my furniture in the truck and proceeded to leave with half of my furniture, saying it was too large to take, didn't even take either of the two beds in the estimate.. They had each item listed prior to pickup and showed up with a small truck already full. Now, the apparent manager, Danielle, is saying it is our fault, our stuff was too heavy to take, which is a total lie. They want us to pay them more to come pickup the rest of the stuff and refuse to work with us. I have submitted a review to the BBB, this company is a complete fraud and should be shut down. DO NOT USE!!! This move was from Delray beach to Pennsylvania.



These people are complete scum bags

Patriot moving group is a company here in Florida that loves to make a contract with you and then sub it out to low life's and immigrants that only take cash so that they don't leave a paper trail and can't be held responsible. I have put a police report against this company for theft and property damage. These people are complete scum bags and if I ever saw them in person I would have a hard time not killing them.

Megan Parikka


Brokered My Shipment

I initially selected Patriot because of their great reviews, great customer service, and competitive price. My shipment was brokered out to a horrendous company called Executive Moving & Storage, based in Las Vegas. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have selected another company. Here is my experience with the company they contracted for my move.

I confirmed my pick-up for Thursday, May 9th or Friday, May 10th and got to packing up our apartment. As planned, I received a confirmation call the day before the pick-up window confirming their pick-up for Friday, the 10th. Less than 3 hours later, I received another call saying they would be picking up our shipment on Thursday the 9th. When I sounded surprised and asked the customer service rep if that was the true pick-up window, she was extremely rude and said “Well, the truck is leaving Phoenix tomorrow night so you better have your stuff ready if you want it shipped.” Hmm…

I wrapped up packing our apartment for the pick-up Thursday morning. Our pick-up window was from 9am – 11am. At 10:30 am, our driver knocked on our door. He said he called and left me a message that he was on his way but as it turns out, he called someone else. He wasn’t given my correct phone number. He then asked if I “knew anyone” that he could pay to help load up the truck because he came alone. I was tempted to help simply to save some money. He ended up finding a helper from a local staffing agency who he had to go pick up which took an extra hour.

My fiancé and I left the next day and drove our cars from Phoenix to Chicago. On Sunday, 5/12, I received a call from one of their reps saying our stuff would be delivered in 3-7 days. That would be perfect – we would have our stuff nearly right after move in. The confirmation email I received had our address listed incorrectly so I had to email them back to make sure they knew where they were supposed to deliver to.

We arrived in Chicago on 5/15. By the time Sunday, 5/17 rolled around (7 days after the phone call where they stated our goods would be delivered within that 3-7 day window) we had not received any call or notice of where our shipment was or when it would be delivered. I emailed our service rep and she looked into it. I then received a follow up email from another person saying our shipment left wherever it was on “Wednesday the 17th”; Wednesday was the 15th. Absolutely clueless.

When our shipment was finally confirmed for delivery, we were informed they had to shuttle our shipment in on a smaller truck because we were within city of Chicago limits. In my opinion, this is something that should have been included in the original estimate when our job was quoted. If you know a delivery is being made to an urban location, you should be checking what the transportation restrictions are!

Our stuff was finally delivered 15 days after it was picked up. Furniture was broken. Every single plastic tote/tub we used was destroyed. Boxes had busted and been taped to hold them together. When the crew arrived to deliver our items, the lead audibly complained about the distance they had to carry our items from the truck to the apartment elevator.

In the end, we paid nearly double what we were quoted. $4,000 vs. $2,300. We did have some additional inventory that was added to the list but we were charged on top of those items upon pick-up, the driver saying they estimated cubic feet incorrectly on the quote. They also charged for the shuttle fee as well as the long carry. Now, this was all part of the terms so we knew it could happen. However, I would have certainly chosen another company that would have estimated our job more accurately.



I recommend this company

Patriot moving group is godsend for people who want to move to another house! It was exciting for us to transport valuables in trucks,but nothing was beaten! We paid an acceptable price. Contact this company with no doubt!



Great care

I am extremely grateful for Patriot moving group services. Niven was very kind and accommodated my needs even though my move was last minute. They showed up on time to my Apt and they finished the move on time as well. Niven, the mover, took great care of my items and was very respectful and attentive. I highly recommend their services!

Crystal Campbell


Worst moving experience

This has been the worst experience! Movers showed up over 4 hours late, the customer service sucked! They tried to charge me more money then quote and my furniture had been damaged in the process and as I'm writing this my furniture has not even been completely placed on the truck. Please use another company.



Best move i ever had

Thank you patriot moving group for a great last minute move. Booking was very pretty easy and the flat rate really makes a difference. Movers arrived on time and were supper friendly. Total move took as estimated 10 hours and we are very happy with the results Thank you.

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