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1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 300, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

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About Quality Express Van Lines

1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Ste 300
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When you choose Quality Express Van Lines as your moving company, you don’t have to worry about damages to your possessions, overpricing, or late delivery. We know what you want from your relocation, and have set out to offer a reputable moving service with your best interest at heart. With an experienced team of moving professionals at our side, we offer long distance relocation as well as local moves. Our interstate moving company caters to families, individuals, as well as businesses and corporations. We encourage you to give us a call and our friendly representatives will get the moving process started.

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Taryn Wittig



I can not even give them 1 star! I wish there were negatives! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! My parents were moving from Missouri to Kansas. URM was subcontracted through a company called Quality Express Van Lines. My parents had to give Quality money, then had to give money the day they were loading their belongings, and then when they reached Kansas.URM did not even get all of their belongings and had initially told my parents that it would all fit and they would be sending two trucks to get all the belongings. When discussing with the URM drive when they arrived he said they would be returning to Missouri to get the belongings and coming back and that my parents would have a $3000 check in the mail on Tuesday and they would come back with the rest of their belongings on Thursday of the following week (this was on Friday prior). The movers (URM) wanted us to give them $6600 in CASH! Which caused another huge red flag and I told them no. They refused to unload my parents belongings and were going to leave with them if we did not give them the cashiers check. Fast forward to the next week and my mother called on Wednesday to see when they would be arriving the next day and ask where the check was. In return they told us that they never signed anything, they would not be returning without more money, and there was no check coming to them. My parents were told that the gentleman that signed the paper work was not even his name. So he forged signatures. After doing further research, the mover that came is the son of the man that owns the business and he forged a fake signature and forged his fathers signature on the bill of lading. We have contacted the police, attorney general, lawyers, and the bank and are taking legal action against these companies. They took full advantage of my father who has recently had a stroke and suffering from stage 4 cancer. I hope that justice is done to this company and no other individual has to be scammed, taken advantage of, or stolen from. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! They have done nothing to help in getting the rest of my parents things or make it right nor the refund of any money!

Nia Gordon


Worst experience of my life

My move with Quality Express Van Lines has been the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I have gone two months without the delivery of my household goods and still have no delivery date scheduled. Quality Express Van Lines has lied throughout the entire process and is allowing my goods to be held hostage by the moving company they contracted. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the reasons you should ABSOLUTELY NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY for your move, under any circumstance:

1. They lie about the contract terms to get you to work with them. Prior to pickup of my goods, I was told my things would be delivered within 3 days of my first available date of delivery. However, the day my items were picked up and payment was received, their story completely changed and I was told that my things would be delivered in 30 business days (?!). Please note we are now far beyond 30 business days and I still do not have my items nor do I have any information on where they are or when they’ll be arriving.

2. Quality Express Van Lines will not answer your phone calls. They will put you on hold for as long as you’ll wait because Quality Express Van Lines is a group of scammers that cannot answer even the most basic questions about your move (i.e., the date your items will be delivered). This is an incredibly shady business practice and makes me wonder if my things were stolen by their moving company and they are covering up the crime.

3. They breech their contracts and allow their contracted movers to do so as well. As a broker, Quality Express Van Lines’ job is to ensure their contracted movers meet the terms of their contracts with their customers. Quality Express Van Lines has done nothing to work with the movers to get them to deliver my things. I am weeks past the delivery date guaranteed in my contract with both the movers they hired and with Quality Express Van Lines and again, my things have not been delivered and I have no information about if they will ever arrive.

4. Customer service does not exist. I have been without any of my things for two months. I’ve had to purchase new household and personal items just to survive. This company knows exactly what they’re doing to people when they allow their contracted movers to hold their customers’ goods hostage for months on end. Based on the extremely hostile conversations I’ve had with Quality Express Van Lines staff (in the off chance I am able to reach them), I can assure you they do not care about their clients whatsoever.

I repeat, do not, under any circumstance, work with Quality Express Van Lines. They are a crooked, shady, and truly awful company that should no longer be in operation.

Trena Holloway



Crooks, Crooks, Crooks! No Move, NO deposit returned, Nasty Management, Angela, John you should be ashamed to screw people out of hard earned money and not deliver! Angela laughed and said good luck getting your money back...Oh I will even if I have to spend every dime I have getting these guys out of business....same thing to a lot of people..if you did not get scammed thank your lucky stars...they are so dishonest! Look on BBB look on all the review...this is not a lie!



Bad Bad

If there is no star definitely they deserve 0. Bad experience ever and they scammed me of my deposit and tried to almost double the price at the time of pickup!
They are a broker, not movers so you pay them, then you pay the movers!

Michael Zimmerman



PLEASE DON"T USE They will do everything they can to get you to pay their estimate which they consider is a contract without guaranteeing service. Once you try to get a hold of them you get passed around from person to person with horrible service with no resolution. They will not reimburse you the money and you will not receive the moving service. We are filing formal complaints.

Kathryn D Montoya



Worst experience ever and they scammed me of my deposit and tried to almost double the price at the time of pickup!
They are a broker, not movers so you pay them, then you pay the movers!

Landon Rudd


Big thanks!

I'm shocked with the bad reviews because these guys were seriously Efficient, reliable and friendly from the first phone call to the last box. I have several pieces of breakable art and glass, and they handled everything with kid gloves. They never complained in the blistering heat. These guys showed an effort and level of sensitivity that I would expect if they were moving their own family! even with everything going on in the world they were the most reliable people! thank you chris and everyone who was apart of my entire move! Im sure not every move they have will go as smooth as mine but they definitely deserve some love from me for everything that they did for my family and I.

Teri Chester


Great company

I couldn't help my wife move, because I was on a business I booked a mover for her. The guys showed up on time and did a great job. They worked hard and never complained, they were prompt, tireless and very professional. I appreciate the courteous and professional men who took care of her. We would definitely use this company again.

shawn kurrn


Great move!

Efficient, reliable and friendly from the first phone call to the last box. I have several pieces of breakable art and glass, and they handled everything with kid gloves. They never complained in the blistering heat. These guys showed an effort and level of sensitivity that I would expect if they were moving their own family! Not everyone had the same experiences as me but im sure that happens in this business Thanks again guys

David Hamp


Great move!

One of my coworkers suggested that I hire Quality express to handle my move. Their quote was very low and I hired them immediately. The movers arrived on time and were properly equipped. I couldnt believe how easily they carried my furniture. It was a 3rd floor walkup and the stairs didn't seem to bother them at all. They drove all my things without anything going missing to my new house on due time. Nothing was broken or damaged. I have to thank those guys for making this perfect move possible.

Boyd Wicks


thanks again guys

My main concern with Quality express was that the company had some bad reviews online. But they really were efficient. The movers just meant business. Nothing was overlooked by the 4 movers who came to work. I was very impressed to see how all my beloved pieces of furniture were wrapped perfectly and loaded in the vans. They delivered on time as well. I don't think those bad reviews are authentic at all.

Boyd Wicks


Great service

My main concern with Quality express was that the company had some bad reviews online. But they really were efficient. The movers just meant business. Nothing was overlooked by the 4 movers who came to work. I was very impressed to see how all my beloved pieces of furniture were wrapped perfectly and loaded in the vans. They delivered on time as well. I dont think those bad reviews are authentic at all.

jancy morales


great service

My experience was excellent from start to finish. We had never even used a moving company before and I was a nervous wreck about our furniture being damaged, once I saw how well they wrapped our furniture and how careful they were being, I knew i could relax and let them take over. They were very nice personable and there was no bad or nasty words used while they were at my home. They were flexible about time and materials. Even finished the job earlier than what was projected which saved us money. So don't go based off those bad reviews. One bad apple out of a dozen does't mean there all rotten.

Krystal Lee



They were very focused and dedicated. They did not take a single break. I never found them wasting time. They were very helpful and patient and they helped me get all my stuff packed up, they took apart my table etc. On the other side of the move, they unloaded all my belongings and helped me move the furniture around as I saw fit. They are also kind, patient and friendly. Everything went so well.

Peter Regan


Thankful for you

They were speedy and supportive and well mannered and amicable! They conveyed and unloaded the greater part of my things. They were proficient however willing to answer my inquiries and were extremely quiet with me. They got the job done fast and efficient. And the bonus is that they are great guys :)

Brandi Hardy


Smooth move happy customer

They were highly efficient and very sincere with their work. They moved everything to my new location within a very short period of time. What impressed me most is that each and every crew of their team was extremely polite. They completed the job within the budget and timeline and they were able to move all my belongings without any sort of damage. They were well mannered and very careful about moving my belongings. I loved their service to the extent that I have already recommended them to my friends who are also planning to move next month.

Ankia Brewer


Excellent Movers

My movers were excellent: fast, careful, and courteous. The team treated our furniture as their own and more importantly treated us respectfully. I have to say three important things about them. First, the price was reasonable not outrageous like most moving companies. Second, they are very flexible change my move date a few times due closing date changes. And third, they were extremely professional no broken furniture or walls! Good job!! They really know how to please their clients

Clarie Horde


Thanks everyone

We had to do a long distance move and I was in charge of this situation. I called Quality Express Van Lines because my uncle used them in the past and was very satisfied. The crew was great. They were efficient, friendly and hardworking. They delivered all our belongings safe and sound. Not even a scratch. Greatful for the men that handled everything with care, Cheers!

Darius lynn


Darius lynn

I was a little hesitant hearing all of the horror stories, and decided to go with Quality Express Van Lines due to the overwhelming quantity of positive reviews. They made the move fun!! They were on time, worked very fast but careful to load my stuff, and were very pleasant. I do not think I could have done such a flawless job if I had moved it all myself.

harlen gilbert


great company

Quality express van lines is a very good moving company! When I used them A month ago, I didn't include unpacking in my reservation, so I sort of expected that they would drop all the boxes in the first room and be done, but instead they asked where each box should go and put it in the proper room. All-in-all, hiring them was a great decision and I'd highly recommend them.

Peter Mattson



I was extremely specific about my move parameters to Jason Carlucci, "Owner"/ sales rep over the course of several conversations. I was given an "unbeatable" quote of $2900. From then on I was extremely pressured to sign a binding agreement and WIRE them 50%. Something didn't feel right, and I should have listened to my instincts. My total ended up being $7900 and most of my stuff was broken. $5000 off from my estimate that Jason Carlucci "Owner" so carelessly gave me.

Quality Express Van lines is an extremely shady and probably criminal company.

Do not trust Quality Express Van Lines. The sales reps will lie to get you to sign with them. They lie to you about how and what they do with your payments. You have to wire them money for false reasons.

Quality Express Van Lines should not be allowed to get away with this. I am going to file complaints with BBB, FTC, and the Florida Attorney General's office.


Sabina Hines


Glass items DIDINT break BIG THUMBS UP

I have to admit, I have a lot of stuff. Most of my items are fiddly glassware and antic collectibles. So I knew that the movers would have to spend more hours at my place to carefully transfer everything. I talked to many moving companies and Quality express van lines quoted me the least. As I said, because the movers charge hourly, I had to hire the company with the lowest quote. Luckily, their crew was extremely efficient. They carefully packed away all my favorite things and loaded them to their vans. I was quite worried about how they are going to travel. When they delivered my things, I was so happy to see all my precious things were intact. I really have to give these guys big thumbs up.

Karen Krush


worth every penny

My move worked out great. I had a storage unit with some personal things that I wanted moved to my new home in a new york. Once again thank you and we will recommend your company at any time. Competitively priced and worth every damn penny.

Michael Dixon


Just hang up if you hear from them.

If you get a phone call from a salesman named Robert Kraft, hang up your phone. This man will tell you nothing but lies to get your deposit. They are not a moving company they are brokers. They will tell you your estimate is by the lb. only to have the company they hire Boost Express, show up and tell you they charge by the square foot. This will increase your estimate by about 500 dollars in my case. More lies come on promised delivery date. My scheduled drop off was Nov. 8th, today is the the 25th and I still don't have any of my belongings. My fish have all died because these two companies are unethical liars who cannot live up to their promises. They made their buck off me, too bad for them about 20 other people from my company are moving and all have had fair warning to avoid this company. I hope this review reaches as many as possible, so no one has to go through what I am during a stressful enough time.

Jillian Sandy


Incorrect estimate cost me money; terrible customer service

This company is not upfront about being a moving broker, not a moving company. The movers they contracted were 4 hours outside of the original time frame given. Their arrival at 6:15pm to my storage unit meant it was dark and cold as they worked; it also meant I was frequently checking the time as the unit closes at 10:00pm. Matters were made worse when the movers locked themselves out of their truck, spending at least 45 minutes trying to open it. I asked repeatedly what their plan was and how long before they would be ready to load the truck, but just received the response that they would try for several more minutes. Though the movers were able to open the truck, I don't trust my belongings are safe in a truck they were able to break into.

Additionally, I believe the company intentionally gave me a much lower estimate than was realistic, as the estimate was just over $1,000 less than what the movers charged. Though there were extra boxes, this represents a 50% increase from the original estimate--and I do not have 50% more things than represented in the estimate. I chose this company because they offered the most competitive price, but the cost is now significantly higher than any other quote I received. Payment is typically cash or money order, which causes me to question the legitimacy of this business. On top of this, I was given no estimate for when my belongings would be delivered.

When I talked to customer service, their representative dismissed rather than addressed my concerns, would not connect me to a manager, and would not give me an assurance that anyone would follow up with me, period.

I don't trust this company at all.



Crooked Mover

A Pensky Rental Truck showed up with workers off Craig's List. The driver demanded more money..... a lot more money or he would not pick up. I refused and showed him my contract. He threatened me. We are in the middle of a dispute and I do not know what to do! I am 70 years old and he is asking for $15,000.00 MORE MONEY. I wish I could give them NO STARS!

Leslie McCree


Don't believe the paid reviews

I've filed complaints against Quality Express Van Lines with the FMCSA and BBB. They are not a moving company but a broker who will quote you a low price, take your deposit in the form of an ACH cause you can't dispute it like a credit card and you'll never hear from your loving and kind representative again.

In my case John Williams, Deb Fox and Gina were the employees who lied and took our money and didn't deliver. How can you have so many positive reviews and only 3 FaceBook likes. Why is there a picture with your logo on a truck when you don't have trucks? Check the FMCSA website to get their information. They are brokers and have zero trucks. They also have moving companies that the subcontract to who are also doing shady business such as Best In Town Moving and Energy Moving. Be on the lookout for a call the day prior to your move with the usual "the movers truck broke down." When the moving companies get to your house (if they get to that point) they will walk in and say you have a lot of stuff and proceed to write a much higher estimate than originally quoted.

Quality Express will not answer your phone calls and yes, they have caller ID so get ready for it. If you get a response it'll be via text. I am collecting statements from others who've been duped by Quality Express Van Lines and have contacted an attorney and several media story outlets to begin a class action lawsuit. Please feel free to contact me and provide your story so your monies can be recuperated and they can be outed for the crooks they are.




Amazing experience with my move. They packed everything fast and move was easy. I've had stressful moves before but this time was perfect. Very highly recommended.



stress-free move

I went with Quality Express Van Lines for my move from Florida to Nevada because of their price. They had to meet me at a storage facility and they were punctual. Also, they had to disassemble some of the furniture and when they brought the furniture into my house, they assembled all my furniture for me. They went beyond what they were paid to do. My experience with them was pleasant and stress-free.



Thanks for the great job

Quality express van lines came saw and conquered. I used the biggest names in moving in the past and spent thousands more then I ever had to. Not only did they spend time on the phone with me but they even sent a professional to my house to see the items for themselves. This way when the moving men came I wasn’t charged a dollar extra. I wanted to know what the updates were as my furniture traveled so I had the drivers phone number. The move was so smooth and I watched football and relaxed. Thanks guys.



Excellent Service; Hardworking Movers

Working with Quality express van lines was good. The work was done on time. They worked fast and worked hard. It was my first time ever using a moving service.



Great service

These guys are amazing! Every time I move I will always use them. Great service! Hard working guys! Highly efficient and quick!



They work really hard!!

You will not go wrong with this moving company! They are amazing! I called their company to get a quote and the price was very low and reasonable. On the day of the move I thought I would have problems with them because I had more stuff onto the inventory which will cause my problems. But they provided detailed estimate onsite and did not make it a big deal. They were very helpful to be honest! The moving part was great! They moved me in time and there were no damages in the end. I have no complaints at all. I strongly recommend Quality express van lines to all.

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