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20815 NE 16th Ave, Miami, Florida 33179 USA

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About Unique Van Lines

20815 NE 16th Ave
Miami, Florida

Are you on your way to a new beginning? Let our professional team at Unique Van lines be part of your move to a new start. Moving can be a simple and quick process - if you get it right - Our representatives will assist you with all your needs during the whole process and we will do our best to make it smooth and easy. - Our expert sales team will give you all the right tips and will provide you with honest and accurate quote with no hidden charges and no tricks. Our teams are specialized in a full service move: packing, unpacking, any kind of piano moves, we can also transport your vehicle.

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Shumaila Ashraf


This company is rated D- on BBB

I want to share my most horrible experience to date to ensure no other person goes through this trauma. After approximately 2.5 months of delays, excuses, lies, regular follow up calls, we finally received our stuff to find out most of the fragile items were broken and our living room TV was MISSING in addition to few other items. When I confronted the movers, they said you have standard insurance and you packed the boxes, so I am not responsible (does that mean you are obliged to mishandle customer stuff in front of them?). The driver named Steve called my husband over the weekend saying that he can’t get the truck outside my apartment even though I have seen many 53 ft trailers, but they wanted to make the money they lost due to the delayed claim of going over 21 business days of delivery. My husband and I being emotionally drained, we agreed to pay for the shuttle (quoting me 950). When the guys came, I could hear them dropping a box while unloading and saying, “I am dropping bombs and laughing about it”. They promised to assemble everything back as you would expect, but they left most of the items disassembled. They were missing screws, wooden straps for both beds and told us we can’t do anything, and you must file a claim. When I asked the driver to document the missing and damaged items on the inventory, he started yelling and saying I am not going to change my paperwork and I don’t care that you are missing a TV or any other items, you have to file a claim. Filing a claim should come after the carrier has not been able to locate an item- in this case, they were not even willing to look up for the missing items or document and just brushed the claim as it’s standard insurance so the customer will get peanuts in return. As per the contract, they are supposed to document any items which are missing or damaged, but he was happily violating the contract after making us sign all the paperwork with sweet talk. They were cursing F words in front of my family and ran away leaving the stuff in chaos with no respect.

When I called their dispatch manager Elfie and asked about the TV, he said, if you stay on the call “I am going to hang the TV on my damn wall” and was rude to me. We are still waiting for a call back which we were promised. Is that how you deal with customers?
I am surprised that a company like this exists which is rude, full of lies and on top of all exercises false business practices (no wonder why this company is rated D- on BBB). I request everyone to make sure that your brokers (Trinity Relocation Group in my case) do not pick UNIQUE VAN LINES as there is nothing unique about them and you will only get headaches. I am still following up on my items with no success as we really want our TV at least to be found and shipped to us. For the screws, support straps for the dresser mirror, we ended up doing multiple trips to home depot to find the missing parts. For other missing parts, we don't know what we will do. I am attaching some pictures (yet to unpack all boxes and unfold surprises) for your reference. PLEASE STAY AWAY if you value your stuff.

Todd Rogers


Do NOT use this company

Do NOT use this company and if they are contracted by another company, make sure you ask who is actually moving the stuff. Wow is the only way I can describe this. They were completely dishonest and have thousands of my hard earned money because I was in a place where I couldn't dispute. Very sly asking for USPS money orders because they know you can cancel payment based on pitiful performance.

Christina Ochs



ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! IT IS A TOTAL SCAM! I paid over $2,000 to move across the country. When my furniture arrived, EVERYTHING was damaged. There wasn't a single piece of furniture that showed up in good shape. It was nearly impossible to get ahold of them. They don't accept phone calls, only emails. FINALLY, after months went by, they "graciously" offered me $100 for the damages. It was a slap in the face. When I tried to ask how they arrived at a $100 settlement, I could never get ahold of them again. I've sent them multiple emails and have not heard back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I advise you to pay a little more money and use a reputable company that will take care of your belongings.

safaa mantrach


Worst company ever!

OMG words cannot describe these people and how bad they are. This is by far the worst experience of my life ever. They are unprofessional, rude, terrible, rude, horrible, absolutely horrible people. First they come to pick up the furniture, and want to charge you a lot of extra money, we spent 3 hours negotiating back and forth between them and the disaster of the broker company we booked this initially with(Perennial Van Lines) to finally agree on a price with a dude on the phone who plays boss and turns out at the end he wasn't. Then when they leave with our furniture, we find out about the 21 days that it may take that it's supposedly written in the contract that we signed. Every day we talk to them we hear a different story, they couldn't even tell us where the truck was all the time, this a moving company that doesn't have trackers in their trucks? yeah right! really? Every day for two weeks it was an argument with them over the phone and they hang up on you. They don't give two cents about the delivery dates they gave you, they don't respect you or respect your business. Two weeks after they picked up our stuff, we found that they were still in the original city they picked up our stuff from when our stuff was supposed to be delivered already. Then Peter, the driver, the most unprofessional, rude, disrespectful, horrible person there is, who also lied about all of it, when he finally decides to show up with our stuff, he decides he wants to charge us an extra $300 because he has to walk more than 75 feet to our apartment in the first floor( which he literaly counted by steps) or else he won't do it. So we refused to pay, he put our furniture exactly 75 feet from the truck and we had to bring it all in ourselves, needless to say that it was there in the heat of that day, by the residence pool where everyone was looking at it and it took us 3 hours to bring it all in. They were also supposed to reassemble everything they took apart and of course they never did that, they just knew to charge us extra to cover it up when it was supposed to be included in the price we paid initially. They only cared about their money and nothing else and of course a lot of stuff was broken. Bottom line save yourself the trouble, do not book them under any circumstances, you will regret it dearly. They don't even deserve one star. Worst company ever!




Never go through a broker (Gateway Express Moving) because they will set you up with the worst company (AllState USA or Unique Van Lines) and not care. We were told our stuff would arrive in 3-5 days so we brought nothing except our dogs and a small suitcase with clothes on our cross-country move from Indiana to Colorado. Our stuff arrived yesterday... exactly ONE MONTH later. If we were told that our stuff would arrive in a month then I would have no complaints, however, these people lied to us, contradicted themselves in every phone call, took our stuff to a warehouse in Ohio, were extremely rude, unprofessional, incompetent and refused to send us the contract since we weren't there for pick up (they arrived 2 days after they were supposed to and we had to leave to go to Colorado already). Ariel and the owner of whichever company this actually is were by far the worst people I've had to work with.
Words cannot describe how absolutely awful these people were to work with and how shady they were. AllState was supposed to move us but Unique Vanlines picked up. Every time we called they just said Moving Company and kept contradicting who they were. This is a huge scam, they have one company doing the dirty work and probably the other to hide their money. They charged us $700 more than in the contract when we did not end up taking our couches, side tables, coffee table, lawn mower and vacuum. They showed up to our house yesterday with a U-Haul instead of an actual marked truck and of course glasses were broken, boxes look like they were hit by a truck, dents and chips in furniture. Stay away from these awful people and save yourself some stress. I wish we would have rented a truck and did the move by ourselves.

Meghan Olis


Worst move ever

This was my first cross-state move and I hired All-Pro Moving who brokered Unique to haul, store and then deliver my belongings. I won't even go into the scheduling of the delivery, which was mismanaged (they tried to come before the delivery date/before I had access to my new home) and delayed, but my things arrived damaged. Boxes were totally crushed, and upside down. Plastic bins were also crushed, which takes a lot of pressure! A good deal of my breakables were in fact broken, although I had packed them well. It was as if all the fragile boxes were put on the bottom of all the heavy items, and just crushed. A wardrobe box was crushed down to medium box size. Also, even though they wrapped my grandmother's handpainted desk, so knew what they were dealing with, they broke a leg off.

They rush you through all the paperwork and then, when it ends up costing 2K more than estimated, they say "well you signed this!" so have to pay. It's totally horrible customer service. Plus, they only insure $.60 per lb, which again, I was rushed through the paperwork so did not know to read the fine print. So if you have $1000 vase that weights 2 lbs and they crush it, they only give you $1.20. It's total insanity. If I could go back and do this over, I would rent some sort of pod, fill it myself, so that I know how it will be handled and stored. They do not care one single but about your belongings, only making money. This was already such a stressful move, total life change, and they made it 100 times more stressful and horrible. All-pro was no help. Once my delivery date came, they never called or texted me back again. They stepped out and never came to help. I hate them all.

Anusha Alla


Worst customer service and worst Moving company

I would give 0 star for this company. Worst customer service and worst Moving company.. I booked through another company (Alliance Van lines) and they gave contract to this company at pick up and when My goods were delivered, some other company delivered my goods. The boxes were totally damaged. Initially I said I can pay by card only and they were okay with that but when they are delivering the goods they said they can accept cash only or else they aren’t going to deliver the goods. And at my delivery location the driver said he would charge 75$ extra for elevator which is not included in the agreement. And overall they want to charge me 300$ extra at my delivery location, with the extra HIDDEN costs. They left my goods at the entrance door and I have to carry everything on my own after paying 1800$ for the move.

Don’t go with this company, when you are booking through a company ask them whom they are going to deliver with and If they say Unique van lines just forget it. They won’t deliver your goods on a promised date. You will loose your peace of mind and Money.



Don’t hire Unique Van Lines!

If I could give no stars, I would. Originally my contract was with American Roadway Van Lines who then subcontracted the move out to Unique Van Lines. It started off fine. American promised me a 3-5 business day move and so 5 business days later I called dispatch. They had no idea where my stuff was or when it would be delivered but they said they had 20 days to deliver. Called again the next day - my things were in a warehouse DESPITE being told at pick up that it was going on the truck and coming straight down.

20+ days later. I get a call from my driver telling me that my stuff will be here the next day and that he will call when he’s an hour out. He says only cash despite Unique Van Lines telling me that a postal money order is acceptable. He says that he is yet another sub contractor and that he only takes cash and that there will be additional fees day of depending on the move. I have a binding estimate with Unique for an amount on a postal money order. So I hang up and call dispatch who says that he will accept my money order.

Moving day comes around. He never calls. I call him and am put on hold for 10 minutes so I hang up and call the Unique office. The lady there can’t get in touch with him either but says he’s “nearby” and “got held up at his last job but will be on the way shortly”. I look up where she said he was and it’s 112 miles away. I still don’t have my stuff.

Don’t hire Unique Van Lines! If you originally contract with someone else and they show up just accept your lost deposit and hire someone else!



A great mover!

The moving team arrived first thing in the morning and got straight to work. They explained to me the service, I showed them what was needed to be taken, and they started to work. They double/triple checked that they got everything packed and loaded. Then they drove off to my new place and got everything unloaded so quickly! The price was quite reasonable when they quoted it to me. They don't have hidden charges or any extra fees. They only charge you for the time. These guys were quite friendly. Good job Unique Van Lines!

Eric Gray


I’m never moving on my own!

I will always use unique van lines because they are the best and also very cheap! If only I knew about them earlier! Anyway, this moving company moved me cross country last month and they did a great job! They moved every item with care and they made sure all the glassware and breakables were all moved without any damages. The furniture was dent free and scratches free too! I really think they are the best. I will hire them for all my long distance moves from now on.

Cynthia Anderson


Don't Ever Use this Company!!!!

I used a broker - and will write that nasty review next - and they subbed my move out to Unique. When they arrived at my home in Ohio they said I had more items than would fit in my 288 sq ft and the cost would increase by $300. When I checked with my broker on this they never got back to me. Then when I called to check the delivery date they said they didn't have to tell me...and they showed up one night at 9 pm asking for the money before they would unload. I called their customer service manager and she threatened to leave the stuff by the side of the road if I didn't pay up! Then one poor man who didn't speak English took two hours to move my items with one two wheeled dolly. He broke the legs on my sofa, splintered my TV stand and dropped the box full on dishes off the truck. If I had only read your post before I would have asked for another mover. Be warned, these are NOT NICE people and they don't deserve your business.

Kimberly J Chase


If the other poor reviews didn't convince you to run....Read further.

I live in FLA. Moving my family things from Ohio after death of mother. This company, Unique Van Lines, may be provided as a 3RD PARTY in a move (you won't know until several days before). Awful from beginning to end. And, it's not over yet from my position. THESE FOLKS HAVE ALL KINDS OF COMPLAINTS THROUGH THE BBB. LEAVE YOUR DEPOSIT AND RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO A DIFFERENT PROVIDER.

When they didn't arrive during the first or 2nd window of time (total: 9 hours without showing or calling) day one of scheduled move, I could have found another company to move me that day, and wish I had. 1. Be sure you have a BINDING estimate with the original organizer of the move or the charges may go up several times for all kinds of reasons, which I thought ludicrous. I had everything ready to go and packed BUT furniture and things I could not box. They arrived and immediately wanted to charge more for everything from packing supplies to cubic feet to weight.

2.Know that you can't be assured of the Pick up date. They ignored the 2 dates originally scheduled~condo lease ending~ I waited 7 hours day one in a vacant home for their arrival. NO call (I called them when they didn't show), and they didn't show until 3pm the next day. Weren't reachable by phone during the 2nd 7am-10am window of pick-up. They were more than 1 full date later arriving to move. LIED AND SAID TRUCK BROKE. Seriously? That's as good as dog eating homework...

3. They are non-responsive via phone and so is their 3rd party arranger (before and after 9-5) who I contracted the move through originally.

4.Valuable antiques and family heirlooms are destroyed. Save yours and hire someone else.

5. Regardless of their lies and untrue statements, the furniture and boxes ALL go to storage IMMEDIATELY (mine were to come straight south without storing but were clearly exiting a DIFFERENT TRUCK 1 week later). After seeing lampshades that broke (in boxes marked "fragile"everywhere), the LACK of care packing and moving was astonishing. They placed furniture in boxes WITH breakable items?! As one reviewer mentions~looks like they played soccer with blanketed furniture.

6. They make you pay cash when they arrive with belongings, BEFORE seeing all the damage (IE: stuff isn't unloaded until they are paid). Thousands of dollars worth of damage here seen AFTER unloaded.

7. One item missing. And besides negligence, there has been no follow up to find it.

If this review and others here didn't convince you~go look at BBB's reports.This company also changed locations a year ago (different miami address) and claim to be a different company. They are the same.

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