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200 Knuth Rd Suite 200, Boynton Beach, Florida 33436 USA

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About United Relocation LLC

200 Knuth Rd Suite 200
Boynton Beach, Florida

Moving is a difficult process and it is something that needs to be done in an organize manner. When your moving process is not done in a right way, it will lead long-lasting problem and impression to the whole family. So, it is important that you have the right people to work with. Professional movers who can provide and assist you in the entire moving process. The United Relocation company is one of the great provider for your moving process. With us, you will have professional movers that can give you full service, assistance and help more than of what you expect.

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Chris Butler


Worst Move Ever!

These people will tell you anything to get your deposit then make you sign that there is no refund possible, even when they default on the agreement.

After I signed, they failed to meet the contractual pick-up date then rescheduled it over 3 weeks later, told me I did not have to be present for the movers to pick up my things out of storage but that turned out to be completely false. They agreed to compensate me for the extra storage charges because they were late, then refused to pay. They lied repeatedly, and the pick up ended up being over 6 weeks after the original date they agreed to - all their fault.
Worst moving company I have ever worked with and would never refer then to anyone.



Don’t trust

They receive $2079 my deposit for move and they wasn't able to provide the service and They don't refund my deposit back.
I receive a phone call from this company to move my stuff from Cleveland Ohio to Virginia at August 4, 2018 .They agreed to move my stuff on August 11. I Pay deposit for $2079. After two days I contact him to get their information for moving company like a DOT number to buy insurance for my moving I receive the information for the local mover after I contact the local mover I find out there is no schedule set up for moving my stuff immediately contact them back they hang up the phone on me for five times finally next day in manager Andrea Contact me and they offered me a different date with a different company which is not acceptable for my moving date since I sold my house and I should be out of that house .I request to cancel since there was an able to give me service at that day .Up to this moment I did not receive my refund back I contact him back and spoke with them they aren't willing to give my money back.I already contact my bank And United state department of transportation to get my money back.I'm continue put effort and anything need to get this money back even if I spend more money to get my deposit back .I feel someone stole my money after I read the review for other customer had same situation.




My husband and I decided to use United because we thought their services would make moving with a 6 week old baby easier. Boy, were we wrong. United hires subcontractors who then hire more subcontractors. You have no control over who is actually hired to take your belongings. In our case, we were also charged at least 30% more than the original estimate.
United asked us to give them two options for pick-up days. We did. They informed us the day before the first day that they had scheduled our pick-up on a day that was not either of the two days we had given them. When we finally got a hold of the person in charge of picking up our stuff, he told us one day and then didn't arrive until the middle of the next day. Jake from United promised us that we'd receive a discount for the hassle caused by the mischeduling of our pick-up, but when we tried to get a hold of him again (to get that in writing), he could never be reached and never called or texted us back. We were charged the full amount. The guy that arrived to load our belongings then brought a truck that was too small so we had to wait for several hours during our pick-up window for him to bring one load of our belongings to a warehouse and come back for the rest (we were making a cross-country move and waiting to get on the road... ). We moved at the end of July and have just now received our belongings (it did arrive at the end of the 21 day window after our requested delivery date). The company delivering our things did not begin trying to find transportation for our belongings until 5 days prior to our requested delivery date (after having two months to plan for it). We have broken dishes, dented/scratched/dirty furniture, MISSING parts of SEVERAL pieces of our furniture, and bent dresser knobs. Boxes that were marked "FRAGILE" or "STACK ON TOP" appeared at our new house crushed. I could not be more brokenhearted and upset with how our move was handled. Several precious things we received as gifts for our infant son now have missing pieces and dents. We have an antique bar cart that is now missing a wheel, our crib is missing all of its legs, we have a big hole in our metal lamp.. I could go on.




The movers they contracted REFUSED my business because I asked to be at the before and after weigh of the truck!!!!
They LEFT ME AND MY CHILD stranded for a cross country move!!!!!!!!
We asked for the refund of the ridiculous security deposit($850) they gave me $150 back.
THEY STOLE $700.00 from me!!!!!
I have never seen a dime of the $450 they claimed to have offered as a refund

Becca Herbert


Moving scam

What a joke. Lots of lies promising false timelines and prices so you’ll make a huge deposit, then some joker and his thugs show up late and demand more money. Save your time and money and stay away!!

S Moin


The Worst Moving Company & Experience

We had to make an inter state move and unfortunately approached this moving company. Right from giving an incorrect estimate to providing wrong information the moving associate was wrong in every way. The carrier they allocated to us was pathetic. They demand and corner you into paying them more than what was estimated. My washer/dryer was damaged and they don't even own the responsibility but give a website to lodge a complaint for claim. I am following up with them and not sure if they will compensate. My experiences were so bad that I could not even detail those. Never ever choose this company for the move. If I could I would not even give them a single star.



worst nightmare : move with united relocation at your own risk.

The reason we are giving one is as we cant give it in a negative or minus star.Let me tell you that this was the most frustrating move I had so far as I keep moving almost every 6 months or a year.
1. At the time of booking, they told that they can hold luggage for 30 days whereas Jeremy from Metro relocation threatened me that If i don't take delivery by 7/7, they will not deliver anything in future and he was shouting that storage is not free and he charged me $300 extra and he said that he will not deliver if i don't pay this additional amount. So this entire move costed me 2246 whereas quote was 1946.

2. The pick up guys didn't pack anything and they used the same boxes which we prepared with intention of helping them to make it faster. They just packed as it's without proper fulling the box and whey they are about to move 20 boxes, they said they can't accommodate anything more which is really surprising. As you remember, we discussed during the booking that they can adjust 5-10 more boxes as we can't give exact estimate during placing the order. As a result, I had a lot of stuff which I had to dispose off. They told me they wont even take lamps as they were not mentioned in the list. Do i need to inform you about 2000 plus items i own ? Is not that common sense?

3. It was subcontracted to some Metro relocation and they are so arrogant, stubborn and impolite to talk to the customer. As per this quote, i was given two days as move-date out of which second day was for buffer for move however I was not informed until Saturday 06/30 that they will move on 2nd day (2nd July). When the lady contacted me on that fateful Saturday, she told that they wont be coming before afternoon on Monday. When I expressed my concern that its late she said that is when they are coming , do you want me to cancel your order ( the tone was of a threat)? That was the start of the constant harassment of us as customers.And on 2nd July, They told that they can come after only late evening so its better let them come on Tuesday. We told that we can not delay the move after two days delay so they turned up at 8:30 pm which is quite late.

4. They did not wrapped the glass items and just dumped the stuff like a novice. So that they could charge more money by adding boxes but as they came late at night and were in a hurry to leave they just were not even ready to pick the entire stuff although we told them we will pay extra. This whole move was a harassment we were charged, overcharged, threatened, rudely dealt with at every step.They kept our stuff as a ransom and threatened if we do not get the delivery the time and day of their choice(although the contract had 30 days free storage) and threatened we might have to pick the stuff from Atlanta if we do not take it on Saturday. When we finally arranged they did not even bothered to call us( although was trying to reach them and told them just give us a call when you are 30 min away. Is that asking too much? As they wanted to put waiting charged as well. Looks like robbers and thugs are running this business. They charged us $300 for keeping the stuff for three days although they had in the contract that we can store for 30 days.

5. They came to deliver the stuff also at night and when we told that one entire box is missing they said we need to talk to metro relocation which again have subcontracted to some random guys and the truck on which they came didn't belonged to metro. So my stuff changed hands thrice.

Berelyn Gillespie


They will low ball your estimate

The only reason this company is receiving one star is because we couldn’t give them zero or negative stars.

The day after we scheduled, we received a call from a “Quality Assurance” employee. When we discovered that quality was not assured, we requested to cancel. Cameron (QA guy) said he would send it to the cancellation department and recommend we receive a full refund.

To be clear, they estimated a certain amount. Cameron disclosed they would probably have to charge us another two grand. We explained we really didn’t have another two grand to put toward this move, we requested a refund and cancellation. He was persistant about us not cancelling and after standing our ground, Cameron still told us to “sleep on it” and we would y’all the next day. That next day came and e spoke to Cameron. We explained to him that we really didn’t feel comfortable putting ourselves in a position of POSSIBLY owing them another two grand, while they hold our stuff hostage. He became a bit hostile & condescending, trying to bully or manipulate us into staying. We made it clear we still needed to cancel.

The next day, after an entire day of waiting, we had to call to be told (by Andrew) we would only be receiving less than half of the deposit back as a refund and we should consider it a “gift.”

After being screamed at, berated, and told I should be glad he didn’t tell us to “f-off”, we offered to allow them to keep more than 15% of the refund but not 50%.

Andrew was suppose to call us back the following morning at ten but we weren’t called until mid afternoon after we called them. No worries, except when Doug lied & said Andrew hadn’t been in all morning, he proceeded to be condescending and nasty to us; telling us this was “non negotiable” and we could take what we’re being given and be happy with it or we can leave it.


Friday scheduled move.
Saturday & Sunday spoke to QA and tried cancelling (twice!)
Monday after COB, were rejected in a refund of almost $1100.

Problem Employees:
Cameron (QA)
Andrew (Cancellation DepT AKA OWNER)
Doug/Dirk (Cancellation Dept AKA OWNER)

All tried to be done within 24 hours of scheduling. They were aware of our possible cancellation Saturday morning (less than 12 hours after scheduling) and somehow managed to (as Andrew-OWNER put it) “disperse all of the funds” in that timeframe.

These guys may have departments called “Quality Assurance” but they have ZERO customer service and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t receive a class or two in condescension or if they even knew the definitions of INTEGRITY OR ETHICAL if it slapped them in their face. No wonder they aren’t part of the BBB!


Saeed Tabrizi


Scam broker no BBB registration

I wish I could put no star.
This company completely a scam they are broker and as soon as They receive your deposit they are going to find a cheap local company to move your stuff don’t waste your money and time either contact local company directly or contact The big company.
I signed a contract with them and pay the deposit.
After that for three days I received three different Information about moving company finally I request to cancel I contact the customer service couple time and they hang up the phone on me.As soon as they received the deposit nobody respond your call nobody answer The phone.
All this company does take the commission and find a cheap company at your local and leave you alone.
I had to dispute my bank account transaction To get my money back.
Be careful



Better of Working with the Actual Moving Companies

Your experience can vary dramatically. They don't actually move anything, they find movers for you. Sometimes movers with terrible reviews that deliver terrible service. In my case they sent these guys:

Who proceeded to double the cost of the move, hold my belongings hostage until I signed new agreements, delay the delivery by weeks, and then break a significant amount of my belongings.

As far as moving vehicles, United Relocation called me on the day of the pick up to inform me the vehicle they quoted to move for $1,100 would now cost $1,600. And then took three times longer to deliver than promised. By the way - if you call their customer service line for auto transportation, no one answers and the voice mail is full so you can't even pretend to complain.

Donna Kosiek



Our move was over a year ago, July 2017. My mom and aunt moved to our house in Mesa Az from Fresno CA. My mom had contacted United Relocation LLC thinking to was a moving company. She was mistaken, they are a broker. Which means they find movers for you. The movers that they found were so rude, unprofessional it is hard to believe that they are in business. The driver threatened my 70+ year old mom, Tod her that he would leave her items in the street if she called the cops on him (she was afraid, and was there with my 70 year old aunt). The issue is the integrity of United Relocation and the companies that they contract with, the ones who actually do the physical moving. I could go on and on (see the BBB complaint for more detail). We paid United Relocation $982.00 on 6/27/17 (have the receipt)
I was contacted in May 2018 from a person from United Relocation. The old company was sold and there is new ownership. The issue is that the new company bought the name "United Relocation" and all the past issues. The rep wanted to help- her words cut from the BBB claim.
"In moving forward, we understand that we could let this go completely, but instead, we'd like to operate professionally & help anyone that handled poorly so that no one feels forgotten about or left behind.What I am proposing, is any information, quotes, emails, policies, contact info & carrier information you may have as well from Best Moving, to be sent over to my email so I can review it & work with you on getting to the bottom of it so this is not a complete loss for you."
It has been 2 months now of back and forth. We told her we had limited paper work, but was able to find everything but the original quote (except in an email which was $) We do have the link from the original quote, but since that is the old company the link no longer works. So now after all of the back and forth, digging through paper work, and emails we get this-
"Again, if you look back to the BBB replies, I have stated. The person who originally responded to you no longer works here. They were with the old United. We bought the name. We have different owners, different company, different system, different DOT & MC numbers, different merchant. I said I would look into it as I want to try to help, but as I have been speaking with management, we would not even be able to refund you as this is a whole other company & we DO NOT have these files. You need to file a complaint with the people who did your move & get the claims information to get paid on the broken items. I can look up the information, but it is that company that you should be seeking a resolution from. Not people who are unable to help you & just causing you further delay. I am trying to help you Mr. Francis, not deter you."
So again, nothing, no help whats so ever. Why even bother reaching out to past customers knowing that there is nothing that you can do. We did file a complaint with the Best Moving company and never heard back. We told the rep this and that this is a lesson learned for us. SO for those of you reading this, if you can - use a moving company that you talk to - Do Not use a broker!!! Pay the extra money- believe me it is worth it in the end!!!!



scare tactics, horrible service.

Allison scared my grandmother and has her in tears over her disgusting scare tactics and threats. This is the most unprofessional company ever. Also... They act like they are United Van Lines. This should be illegal. Do not use this company they are scammers and will take your deposit and never answer the phone again after you reserve a move.

Sherry Mer


People with Hearts

Never have I encountered such caring compassionate professionals. I was so comforted by my agent Alison who was so informative and genuine. We did a full inventory of the items they would be moving in and my price was based on pounds not the typical ripoff cubic feet. The price was much lower than the quotes from other companies. The movers arrived right on schedule and everything went smooth. I even took advantage of the storage they offer. The items also arrived on time and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.



Happy Customer!

Used this company to transport my vehicle from West Palm Beach, FL to Goshen, NY. From the beginning the staff was courteous and transparent. I was quoted a fee and there were no hidden costs. The car arrived in great condition and the driver was kind enough to point out a nail in my tire upon pickup so it could be repaired when it was dropped off. The staff followed up with me and kept me up to speed on everything. I would recommend them and would definitely use them again.



Reliable and quick

This company was very quick reliable and very reasonably priced. They handled all my personal fragile items with care I couldn’t be more happy with a company. I am so happy I chose them and will recommend to many more people to come!

Jordan Timmons


Can’t say enough great things

I recently moved from New Jersey to South Florida after receiving a job offer. I received many calls but from my first phone call with Alison I was very impressed. There are no surprises or hidden fees. She went over every detail with me, she spent over 30 mind talking to me which shows how much they really care about helping with your move. My move went smoothly with no issues, all of my furniture was carefully moved and taken care of. These guys are the best in the business if you ask me. I’ve moved often and never come across such excellent customer service.

Jordan Timmons


Can’t say enough great things

I recently moved from New Jersey to South Florida after receiving a job offer. I received many calls but from my first phone call with Alison I was very impressed. There are no surprises or hidden fees. She went over every detail with me, she spent over 30 mind talking to me which shows how much they really care about helping with your move. My move went smoothly with no issues, all of my furniture was carefully moved and taken care of. These guys are the best in the business if you ask me. I’ve moved often and never come across such excellent customer service.

Updated Review


For disclosure, I am currently in communication with Untied Relocation LLC to resolve a sales complaint from a move that United brokered in March 2018 from Utah to Washington. I would advise that you thoroughly read through and hang on to all quote details and contracts before you put any money down to secure United Relocation LLC as the broker for your move.

Jay A


Bad business. Avoid.

Can't tell if it's incompetence or scummy business practices, but in either case, do yourself a favor and avoid United Relocation. I've made a sustained effort to resolve my issues with United through their customer service and after ~20 failed attempts, I feel it well within my rights to publicly share my negative experience.

Issue at the sales stage:
I contacted United Relocation for a move last month from Utah to Washington. Was quoted a higher price than four other competitors. When asked about this, I was told that the higher price would go toward no surprises and a more favorable delivery window for our move situation. We decide to pay the extra in hopes that it would go toward better service; most importantly, we needed the agreed upon delivery window to start a new job at our destination. At no point during the sales call was I informed that the job would be subcontracted to another moving company. Paid United Relocation $600+ to lock-in the move and didn't learn until the day that the subcontractor arrived that my move had been brokered and my delivery window pushed out by a week.

Issues during the move:
Despite repeated calls and discussions with both the subcontractor and United Relocation, we were unable to get the subcontractor to honor the delivery window which was the basis of the sale. To make matters worse, the delivery window would get pushed again by another two weeks. There were vital documents among our items moved that were needed for starting a new job, which on its own was a major inconvenience. It was around this time that I started requesting to United that we be financially compensated for the failure of the delivery window to be honored. The amount I asked for was a mere $200, the difference between United Relocation's price and the price of the next competitor who would have done the job w/o lying about a delivery window. I call every few days to check on the status of my partial refund and am constantly told that my case was being processed.

Issues during delivery of items:
Subcontractor decided to charge an extra charge of $75 for an elevator fee. We get on the phone with United Relocation who tells us that they will include the $75 in our refund once it is processed. The subcontractor refuses to unload the truck until we pay so we do it thinking it will come out of United's pocket since they are the party that failed to disclose the fee during the initial sale.

Issues with follow-up:
I've continued to call United Relocation every few days. Am constantly being told that our case is being processed and I should get a call by end of day. This happens every time and I'm sitting here writing this review a full month after my initial request and there seems to be zero interest on United's part to come to a resolution. Date of first contact with complaint was 3/26 and it is now 4/23. If anyone at United actually cares to process my case, they have my contact information.

Misleading business practices at every stage of the process. Major issues with move and I feel that my request for partial recompensation of $200 + $75 is reasonable. However, after being strung along, I get no sense that this business cares about customer satisfaction.

Joel Hedlund


Best moving experience

I am a single father with 4 kids. I took a promotion which required a quick unexpected relocation. We were moving from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale. After going on-line and filling out an inquiry I was more stressed out with the number of responses from different moving companys than I was with the initial pre-moving jitters. After narrowing it down to 3 companys, I decided to go with United Relocation, in particular my moving coordinator James Ware who took a frazzled father of four and took this otherwise despised experience and made it not only tolerable, but rather pleasant. I made the terrible mistake of reading all the nightmare reviews that others wrote in regards their moves and am so happy to be able to report not one of them even came close to happening to me. Every promise that was given by United and James was delivered on. As im sure you can imagine, 4 kids come with enough stress, I didn't need any unfulfilled promises. My kids and I would reccomend United Relocation to Everyone! Thank you again James.

Jessica Marshal


Professional, honest moving experience

I found myself in a situation where my husband and I needed to relocate from our home in Las Vegas to South Florida for a promotion that he received. After filling out a moving inquiry on line, I was overwhelmed with the responses I received from various moving companies, all promising to get us to Florida for the best price and quality move. James Ware from United Relocation was one of them. We decided to go with them and did they deliver! After reading all the reviews about other peoples moving nightmares, I have to tell you we were scared. Our experience with United was the exact opposite, quite frankly a true pleasure, just as James assured it would be. I wanted to take the time to write this and let the entire team at United know just how appreciative my husband and I are of them. Their professionalism and attention to detail was bar none. I would recommend this company to my family, friends and anyone else that finds themselves in need of a moving company.

Madeline O


Really good service

I hired this company to move from Virginia down to the Miami area for work and as much as I was dreading it, I did what I had to do. A friend had used them and recommended I give them a shot so I did. They were around the same price point as a few other places I got quotes from but since a friend had used them and had a good experience I chose them. I wasn't disappointed and it took like 6 days for the whole thing which is apparently unheard of so I'm a satisfied customer.

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