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3411 NW 9th Ave, Ste 703, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA

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About US Household Moving & Storage

3411 NW 9th Ave, Ste 703
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At US Household Moving and Storage, our moving specialists know how to get your treasured belongings safe and sound from point A to point B. With decades of combined relocation experience, we strive to provide excellent service to our customers. Whether it’s a long distance interstate move or a local move, we’ve got you covered. Our team proudly assists military families and veterans, along with corporations and businesses that are in need of a professional relocation.

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Jay Ross



BUYER BEWARE!!! You should absolutely stay away from these scammers. Do yourself a favor and find a real and legitimate moving company, they are not that. In fact they are not at all a moving company, just a middle man that tacks on 100% and subs out a moving company and walks away. They took advantage of my wife left to handle details in a shameful way.
I won't spend time with the whole story but, here are the attributes you can expect. Inaccurate at best, shady and most likely just crooked.

Amy Lee


STAY AWAY from US Household moving.

We contracted with this moving broker. They claimed that they had a truck in our neighborhood during the time of our move, therefore they can provide a lower cost estimation. They did not.
They delayed the pick up date 4 times, and very bad customer service.After a week of delay, the driver called us that the pick up time is at 9pm. We had to find a different mover last minute and threw away out $1100 deposit.
DON'T use them! all the customers like me losing our deposits should find a lawyer and get our money back!

Kailey Vargas



THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! Do not trust Chris P, John, Tyler or anyone there. They took our deposit LIED to us about being a broker until they had to tell us because they sent our contract to the carrier instead of us. The carrier they sent our contract to has an F RATING BY THE BBB! They spoke about 20+ years in moving and 5-star reviews, but when I asked about the ratings and the fact that they have only had their property broker license since July 2019 they got mean and condescending. Don't trust this company with your money or your belongings!!!

Stephanie M Burger



I called to have my stuffed moved from a 10x10 storage unit, delivered to another state. I was given a price of $2800 total, because they were able to consolidate it onto another truck. However once the driver and movers were there *2 days late btw* they are charging me an additional $1400!!! this is a total rip off, and go with another company



Recommend them

This company was very professional. They ensured all my furniture and appliances were securely transported and they helped to arrange them just to my liking. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is moving.



Great Job

We moved from California to Washington. US Household Moving & Storage did a great job helping us plan the move and followed up when things arrived in Washington. We are pleased with their service and would recommend them to others.

Allie Carlson


Fraud - Do NOT Use! (Florida Location)

My Fiancee and I contacted US household moving & Storage (the Florida location) to move our belongings from NYC to SF. They are a third party broker, and claimed they had a moving company set up that would move our items. We paid US Household multiple thousands of dollars, and then when it came time for the move, the actual moving company informed us that they could not move our belongings for the rate the broker gave us - and that it would be many thousands more. We were able to terminate our contract, because the terms were incorrect, and found a different moving company on our own all together. However, we have contacted US household moving & storage multiple times to try to get our money back, and they refuse to refund us our money. We are in the process of opening a court case, since they are committing fraud.



Fast, courteous, and professional.

I was very pleased with the service that I received from US Household Moving & Storage. The crew that showed up was punctual, friendly, and very accommodating. They had all of the packing materials that we needed and were very considerate about not wasting any time. The move couldn't have gone any more smoothly. They worked very efficiently and their prices were good as well. There were no hidden fees. I'd recommend them.

Krishnan Ramkumar


worst moving company

The worst movers I have ever seen. I believe these guys are brokers. They give us an initial estimate which is just some random amount. I am sure these guys do not know how much cubic foot each furniture takes (eg sofa, bed etc) . They give us some wrong estimate and make us believe it is very cheap. Also once u pay advance with them and cancel it you wont get any actual refund . They might refund as US Household credits not actual dollars and you need to use that credits within a year. So we were forced to use these movers. Also during the day when actual movers came the cost was twice as the quote price for the same set of furnitures. We were totally shocked as we could not cancel it too as we had already paid 900 dollars. They promised us that the movers will dismantle our furniture and again reassemble them which is a total lie.
Also they dont deliver your items to home. They just drop your items in a highway. You have to rent a uhaul or small truck and then collect your items . If not it is extra 500 dollars for them to drop your items. Seriously I was quoted 2000 dollars and I ended up paying 5000 dollars. I feel I could have got all new furnitures for less than 5000 dollars. Also they lost my bed frame, broke my computer table and shoe rack. I do not know what all trouble I have to undergo to get a claim. Seriously do not ever use these guys. They just suck all your money and give you a poor service.

David Ruppel


Filthy thieves

I'm a fool for not having conducted a through review of this scam artist bunch of thieves. Like others here, I gave them access to my bank account, I was told by the bank, I may need to change my account information. I signed a form that didn't include an actual moving contract, it was about the deposit from my bank. I'm out 866.35, and have reported it to the FTC. They're a brokerage for movers, indeed. "Thomas Thunder," that's not his real name, he told me his name isn't "Thomas T." when I asked him on May 5th when they called me for a quote. I didn't suspect he was a scammer then, just thought, "that seems kind of strange," but I also thought, well, I understand if he's protecting himself in this very "unstable" world we live in. Again, read the other reviews, the 1 star reviews, they're accurate, the other "reviews," are likely phony... we must read between the lines, always.
I kept calling after some man called me, who I clearly couldn't understand, and tried him back, but his number didn't go through, he was the driver, apparently. They told me to contact him directly, but I had, I told them, first it was "Matt," who I thought was Thomas T., who answered the phone, then I called Laurie again... she told me she'd call the driver and then call me back, she didn't the day before the day I was supposed to move, I kept calling over and over, they didn't answer. I'm not confident in fact, I'll get my money back... lets face it, the FTC who told me to call the AG in Florida knows full well, that they won't act directly... they accumulate this, and then decide to file a class action suit against the scammers... unfortunately, the AG in most states are politicians too... and politically motivated, not exactly a good thing is it? I get the run around at best from them, and calling the BBB? What if the "company" isn't a member of the BBB? It's a sad fact, that it's "consumer beware" out there, and forget any kind of recourse or compensation when you are cheated.

Barbara Elliott


DO. Not Use this company. Charlotte NC to Venice Fla

Scammers is right. Do not use this company. I have paid $4200.00 for them to make a phone call. They are brokers but DoNot represent themselves as such. I truly thought I was working with an agent I was quite surprised to find out that the movers don’t receive any of the 4200$ or any of the so called deposit money. I realized I was working with a broker when Empire Van Lines was moving my goods. They showed up two days late with a Budget Rental Truck because the drivers truck broke down in Atlanta. Of course I don’t know if that was true. I have never been lied to as much as by these people. My furniture is in a storage unit in Nc (don’t know where)and Empire cant give me a date for delivery because they don’t have any trucks headed south. So Us Household did not fulfill its contract. It did not set me up with a reputable company. Safe yourself a $4000 phone call. Once the mover gets to your home the contract is final with U S Household. Then another contract is required by the moving company This experience has been so stressful and so Totally unprofessional I may not receive my goods for 30 days. I can not express enough. Buyer Beware. This move is costing me close to $10,000 should have been less that I have two bedrooms of small furniture the rest was in. boxes. I could go on but I feel the above is enough to warn folks from being so taken advantage of.




I would never think to use anyone other than this company to move. I have used them 3 times and my mother has used them also. One time the owner was with them driving the truck. We sat and talked for hours. He's a very good man, and he treats his employees very fair. Most moving companies have high turn over with employees, but I had the same guy move me twice. Once into my place and once out into another place. Lol. Very professional, fast, courteous, and we'll mannered people. I will always use them as my movers!!!

Grace W


Positive Experience

We used US Household Moving & Storage for a move from Henderson, NV to Washington and had a positive experience. Everything went great, from the promised estimate to the actual delivery arriving at the window time we were given. The crew was hard working, experienced and fast.I definitely recommend them to others. We love the uniforms!

Keith Melvin


I would love to hire them again and again!

I had to hire US household moving & storage to help me move. They had such an amazing rapport with my entire family. We have a pet dog named Razer and they were really friendly with him. As per my instruction, the team brought a clean transportation cage for Razer. We just used it to safely keep him in our own SUV. Everything else was loaded into the truck and was delivered to us with utmost care. This is my second time with the company. I had the opportunity to experience their interstate moving package a couple of months earlier. I would hire them again and again.



Good job. The entire team rocked!

The service provided by US Household moving & storage was highly professional. The team was educated and knew how to keep goods safe. Packing was perfect. The only concern I had was they were a bit to slow to respond when I called them after the move. Five stars is an easy choice for the company. I reduced it little but I would highly recommend them. If my friends or someone else would ask for a moving company suggestions, this is the one that comes to my mind first. They are totally reliable and has a very huge service area making it easy for anyone to hire them.

Ct To Nc



They are only the BROKERS and will not be responsible for anything and will give your mover task to the worse moving company.

- Once they get your information, a company rep will be on call with you for 20-30 minutes, he/she will explain you details looking to be legitimate then will send you the quote while you were talking, all these gimmicks the rep. will play like this quote will hold true for next 10-15 mins only etc., he will be on call if you want to read estimate. He/she will make sure you are happy with the quote with multiple iterations over email/phone.
- Once you agree, rep. will ensure you pay deposit/binding amount which is ~33% of quote. Once you pay binding amount, that’s it you are done as you have already invested 33%.

- As I told, this shady company is not actual movers’, they are simply brokers/agent, they will reach local cheapest movers based on your address, then those cheap movers will come to load
- First Movers guy will show you the receipt of weight of empty truck.
- Mover’s guy will take bunch of signs on some forms, BEWARE he will not give you time to read those forms and one of the forms will be REVISED ESTIMATE of local mover company which will have some blank columns and that’s the TRAP. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN WITHOUT reading estimate/quote. That’s the mistake I did and now I regret as once you sign, you can’t do much after words.
- Mover’s Driver/men will refuse to talk to customer care agent, he will simply say I don't care who you got initial quote from. He will load you stuff then will go and again weigh the truck.
- One of the forms on which they will take your sign in rush, that you have given a consent that you do not want to accompany to weigh station after truck is loaded with stuff, one more trap, as they may increase either cubic sqft or weight whichever will earn them more money. In either case they will increase their quote by at least $1000-$1500. Either by saying cubic sqft is more or weight is more.

-You will receive a mail from local mover company with new estimate/quote which by now is increased by $1500. You read carefully through estimate, then your eyes become wide open and shocked.

- In new quote you will be shocked by seeing
Broker "US Household Moving & Storage" took ~$700
Estimation charges local broker taking is ~$600
Cubic Sqft/Weight increase ~$600

(In the new quote you will be surprised to see $600-700 deposit that you paid to this agent company just for talking 20 mins.)
You try to open the link of initial estimate, it’s no more accessible, so you don't have any proof, you have signed the documents with BLANK fields and you don't have your luggage also
- You call this fake company they will check the new estimate and just explain you the estimate nothing else. You argue and then they will simply say weight/cubic sqft has increased we will not help.
- Now you don't have any option than oblige as you want your stuff back.

- Needless to say, things were broken and neither crew wanted to take responsibility.
Oh, and they also would not unload my truck until I paid $rest of the amount. The anxiety this trip has caused my family it would have been better to rent a U-Haul and a few locals to load and unload.
- And I am being very honest here, I did my due diligence. Those positive reviews must be fake or paid reviews.
If I could give a -100 review I would!

Hope my review will help someone in better decision making.

Valerie M Vanarman


No comparison

we've moved in our lives before but nothing compares to the service we received with US Household Moving and Storage. They are punctual and accurate with their estimates, which was a big sticking point for us. we recommend these movers to all friends and family.

Christine C


They were efficient, friendly, and professional

I moved about a month ago, and hiring US Household Moving & Storage was the best move I made. They came on time and got me moved in the time quoted to me. Samuel and Jeffrey were amazing! They were efficient, friendly, and professional.



great experience

Great movers that really get the job done! I was worried because they seem to be a new company, but the logistics in place are top notch. I was in touch wit my point of contact Bob throughout the whole move. My paintings were handled with great care like I requested. Overall a great experience, and for a low price too!

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