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With a Phoenix Hub and 5 Locations across the USA, we are the #1 Long distance mover in Phoenix! We are a professional moving service specialized in residential and commercial relocations. We provide packing and storage services for both commercial and residential purposes.

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Scammers! Crooks! Don’t use!!

SCAM ARTISTS BEWARE DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! It was the most stressful and worst 3 months ever! When I 1st scheduled them, they had me go through all my rooms and say all the furniture and the size of the home with beds and baths. They quoted me $4300.00 which included 1 month storage in climate control and transporting our stuff from AZ to CO. This price was supposed to include professional disassembly and assembly of our pool table. They are the experts so I assume they know their business and around how much furniture and boxes that would be because of course I was not fully packed yet and didn’t know how many boxes I would have. On the day of moving, they showed up on time, and started to walk the entire home with me 1st. I use trash bags to move cloths and shoes and was told that they needed to be boxed and actually everything but furniture must be in a box which was never told to me as there are some items that just don’t really make sense to go in a box. So, they were going to have to charge me packing materials and packing fees. But that was not all, before they even started, they told me that my price more than doubled for the move! I was shocked and of course a rock in a hard spot had to move that day of course. I was livid and even started saying I asked for a walk-through even to be sure on price but of course they said they don’t do that. So now my price was up to $11,575.00 for the move and having nowhere else to turn to since I had to move that day…I agreed to it but asking like 3 times that it was the final amount and they said yes (when will I learn to record conversations like this!!!!). My new home has a long driveway so I immediately pulled up pictures to show them to be sure that was all I was going to be charged and they said yes…but of course I should have been recording that conversation. They give you a 30-day window to schedule the delivery and we chose the last weekend of that time because we were not able to get into our new house right away and utilized their storage option. So, of course in the fine print it says that our delivery can be 45 days past the requested delivery date and yes it took the full time of 45 days past our delivery date. We were lucky that we were staying with family the whole time but can’t imagine if we had to stay in a hotel that whole time. The delivery date finally arrived and the counterpart moving company in town called and said they looked up our address and were concerned about the driveway because they have an 18-wheeler and of course that would not go up our driveway. So, I said I would go ahead and rent a U-Haul to move our stuff up and down the driveway which we did. They also said it was going to be an additional $650 which I was stumped at because I was renting the U-Haul for that reason. I told him about our experience at the beginning and how we were already charged more than double but he said that was the best he could do. So, we reluctantly agreed because they have our stuff. When they arrived the price again changed to $800 now and they would not start until we paid! Then another blow was that they would not put together our pool table but of course the price didn’t change from that either! The only good thing I can say is that they at least came with 6 movers and so our move was done in 3 hours, but that did come with heavy handling of our boxes and items got broke including one of our 3-piece slate for the pool table! Back to the climate-controlled storage…all my candles are warped and melted, and other items were ruined because of it. This company are CROOKS and will keep increasing the price on you over and over. All I can say is please don’t use them! You’ll regret it the entire time! 500Move is the worst moving company ever! Stay away and save your money and sanity!!!!!!


December 2, 2021 11:23 pm

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