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We understand how difficult to find a moving company can be. At Admiral Van Lines, we make it easy to find all the transportation and storage services, where you need them, all under one roof. Don’t take our word for it; take a look at the facts!

32 Reviews for Admiral Van Lines

Hired this company first time and was gladly surprised with such a great service. All my furniture was packed and wraped as from manufacturer, therefore, there were none damages. Since I had a lot of stuff, my biggest concern was if everything fits in one trip. That has been done as well. If I need to move again in the future, will definately call this company again. Good luck!!!


July 8, 2017 12:00 am


I’ve shopped around for movers for quite some time and decide to go with Admiral Van Lines after reading all the positive reviews.Tony Daniel Nik and Ivan did amazing job moving our apartment ! The movers arrived right on time 8:00 am sharp.They packed all the furniture really quickly.Every single piece was covered with pads and wrapped.Nothing was damadge,which is remarkable considering that we had a lot of particle-board furniture.Some big items were quicly disassembled and then reassembled at our new place.The entire move 40 miles away took just slightly over 6 hours. Completly stress free expirience.Very friendly , professional,and hard-working people.Something to note is that these guys don’t have any negative comments here, which was my experience as.


March 29, 2018 12:00 am

1 star because there’s no half or zero star

I’m giving this company 1 star because there’s no half or zero star! they moved my stuff about two weeks ago and despite the fact that i don’t usually have the time to do reviews, i was compelled to carve out time to do this review because it was the absolute worst nightmare and experience of my entire life! Let’s start by saying that the movers were male chauvinists, absolutely rude and speak in derogatory manner to women. Second, they don’t care about your furniture, they broke and trashed one side of my expensive bedframe and disappeared before i found out. third, they would try to squeeze you to get way more money than your estimate from the getgo. the mover was screaming, yelling and tried to intimidate me, saying it would take 10 hours than the scheduled 4hour slot. he tried to get me to give me all the money upfront and i refused. if you really don’t want to experience what i did please do yourself a favor and don’t call this guys. they should be out of business. customer service is not in their dictionary. extremely rude, impatient and racist folks


July 29, 2019 12:00 am

Astonishing moving services

If you need quality movers with great attitude go with Admiral van lines. My husband was planning for a move and he hired them. They gave the accurate estimate. They were responsive and informative and the inventory list checked out. They packed everything perfectly and delivered safely. Our move went so smoothly. I am going to use them again.


February 20, 2018 12:00 am

Comprehensive service and support

In my experience, there are very few businesses who actually deliver what they promise. Our experience with Admiral Van Lines was exceptional and the best part was that they didn’t try to rip us off. A fantastic job done by everyone involved with our move, but for me the packers would be the stand out.They delivered everything without damage as they promised . Highly recommended moving service.


June 7, 2018 12:00 am

Couldn’t have found better movers

Moving with Admiral Van Lines was probably the best idea so far. Their service proved them as one of the best in business. They were good in pricing. The team who actually carried it through up to the new place was tremendous. They did every possible thing in order to make sure nothing goes wrong. On top of that the final bill was identical with the initial quote. It went exactly how I wanted. Hope to meet them again if ever need to.


March 7, 2018 12:00 am


This is the worst company Ive ever used. DO NOT USE THEM. They left us high and dry on the day of the move. They really screwed us good!
They obviously took a higher paying job and just told us the truck broke down. Their truck never broke down. We were stuck until DUMBO Moving Co. bailed us out at the very last minute.

The owner also yelled and screamed at me. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.
Think twice before using them.


May 2, 2019 12:00 am


Under NO circumstances hire Admiral Van Lines! I WISH I would have read these reviews before booking them. I have a very similar story to many of the 1-star reviews. They have the scam down cold.

Get there, (4 hours late in my circumstance) try to up-charge from $297 to $1,000. Then they tried to runaway when I didn’t comply. It was August 30th and they knew I would be stuck with Labor Day weekend but thankfully some friends came to the rescue. I was up that day till 11:30am the next morning but it was worth it to not let these guys touch my stuff.

No saving grace for this despicable company. Don’t be fooled here, go look at their Yelp reviews!


October 3, 2019 12:00 am

Dont sign these guys ever

One of the worst movers in my life, the company managers use so much foul language once they load your stuff… they never told that they want money to be handed in full before loading… infact when i booked them i had asked, when do you want me to pay you, do you need any advance? They said, no pay us when the job is done.. then they loaded the stuff and said this move will take 2 trips… i was like fine… but they didnt even load full stuff and truck was half empty and then they said lets drop this off… once they reached the second place they were like we wont unload unless you pay in full… and i had to pay in full to get things unloaded…. so un professional … they used foul language over phone, threatening to not unload etc.. i was like lets pay and lets these people offf my property asap because the people loomed threatning and i was scared about my family… so worst folks and movers … dont sign these guys ever…


June 30, 2019 12:00 am

Excellent Move

I used Admiral Van Lines to move from New York to Massachusetts and I highly recommend using this company! They were very professional from the moment I called to discuss a quote, the details, etc. to the moment they left after having completed the move. The quote and the final price matched up and they took care of everything. The movers were on time, very professional and helpful, and made sure to take care of my furniture; it was all carefully handled and unloaded in the same condition as everything was loaded in. They really made this rather exhausting move much, much easier on my part and made sure I wouldn’t have anything to take care of or worry about. If I have to move again, I will most definitely use them again. 5/5


February 4, 2018 12:00 am

Guys, you are just awesome!

My condo was literally filled with stuff when the movers arrived. I was really in a hurry and being the solo resident, I never had the time to put them in boxes. They were really patient, organized and took their own time to pack them all. The packing quality was simple impressive. And, most of all, they didn’t charge anything more than what was originally proposed. Some of the delicate items were wrapped in multiple layers and meticulously loaded into the trucks. Not one of them got damaged and I was pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail.


April 24, 2019 12:00 am

Highest care

Admiral van lines moved me with the highest care ever. They valued every single thing I have and moved it very nicely and sincerely. They were very kind and supportive too! They did my long distance move very smoothly and easily. I loved how they gave attention to every detail and how they moved the furniture. It was a really smooth move overall. Thanks for all the help! I will use you again for sure and I will tell everyone how good you are! Oh yes, I would like to thank their moving team for helping me so much!


June 26, 2018 12:00 am

How this company is still in business

Not sure how this company is still in business or how there are any positive reviews on Google. I wish I would checked Yelp before hiring these clowns. Someone there, owner or dispatcher, never even identified himself, cussed my wife out over the phone because of a payment misunderstanding between their “sales guy”, Andy and the owner/dispatcher. The actual workers were very friendly and ready to work but were ordered to remove the boxes they had already loaded onto their truck and put them back into our house.. ON OUR MOVING DAY! Leaving us with no other option but to rent a truck and move everything last minute on our own.

And to the dude who disrespected my wife, please go ahead and respond to this review. I would absolutely LOVE to settle things with you personally.


July 29, 2019 12:00 am

I am grateful to them

Putting my move in order and handling my wife and children that were not ready to move was a very difficult thing for me to do. But, I am thankful enough for they experience of the guys from Admiral van lines as they were able to work excellent without my order. Everything in my house was packed perfectly without any damage at all. That was due to their professionalism and expertise in service that made my move smooth and great. In fact, that are just the best moving company anyone can hire in the whole country. I anticipated bad move when I hired these guys. But, I was wrongs as they guys sent to me from this company changed the entire thing to suit me. There was not trouble in my move making me to enjoy the entire service. Thank you for the amazing and trouble free service.


March 9, 2018 12:00 am

I won’t hire anyone else

I had hired a different company to save money who just went cold turkey on the moving day. After calling them for 3 hours, I decided to ring up Admiral van lines and plead for a crew. Amazingly, they could fit me in and sent over a crew immediately. The crew arrived within a short time and packed up all my belongings quickly. The loading process went smoothly and they delivered right on schedule as well. I should have just hired them from the beginning. But I know now that there is an amazing moving company who wouldn’t disappoint me.


February 25, 2018 12:00 am

Just fantastic

Admiral van lines was awesome! I wanted to do the packing by myself and appointed them solely for the moving. 12 noon was the start time and they called to say they would be an hour early! I told them I wouldn’t be ready as I hadn’t packed up the kitchen yet. They said, no problem, they’d help me pack it up for no extra charge. The leader guy was incredibly fast, efficient and careful. I’ve never seen anything like it and just got out of his way. He guided the move wisely and was clever enough to handle any difficult situation. They didn’t break a thing and reassembled my bed frame at the new house. I would definitely use them again.


February 22, 2018 12:00 am

Lucky me

I feel that I am very lucky because I got know about this amazing moving company. They have truly changed the way how I think about moving companies. They have moved me in such a stunning way! They completely took all the pressure away and completely made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They moved me without any damages, without any extra fees and without any complications. I was very much stressed free because they took care of it all! Admiral van lines is really worth hiring. I very highly recommend them to all.


June 3, 2018 12:00 am

Movers arrived on time and did an excellent job

The salesman Tom was knowledgeable and professional. the crew at both ends were timely and careful with the house and my belongings The company moved my parents from Hoboken NJ to ASTORIA QUEENS NY. Really affordable and really good service, The young lady that answer the phone was so polite and professional. She answered all my questions and provided me with accurate information. Movers arrived on time and did an excellent job and finished a earlier than estimated. Their hard work and dedication made me so happy, I can honestly say that they truly care about their clients, They work carefully and fast and have really affordable prices. Thank you.


November 23, 2018 12:00 am


This company gave one price by phone, said they charge $85/ hour for whatever time they will work and it was completely different price when they showed up next day.
Never mentioned that they charge for 4 hours minimum and refused to charge less despite the fact that they only worked for 2 hours. Charged extra $50 for packing tape and plastic wrap on couch. When arrived they refused to unload until we pay full price in cash. The owner or whoever it was named Sasha was extremely rude. Will never use them again


March 28, 2018 12:00 am

Not recommended at all

The nightmare started when the movers arrived at the pickup location. Instead of the flat fee that was quoted and agreed upon by Frank, we had to pay an additional $100 for the COI. After calling the company and speaking to Gregory, he said that he would lower it to $50. After my father also called Gregory, he said he would lower it to $25.

When the movers showed up to my apartment, Eric knocked on my door and said that unfortunately the couches which I had measured would not fit in my elevator. The agreement was that they would bring it up 5 flights of stairs in the case the couches did not fit in the elevator. I had explained this to him, and it quickly escalated into an argument, which I’m sure woke up all the residents in my building. He proceeded to tell me that it wouldn’t fit in the stairwell, in my hallway, and in my doorframe either, one excuse after another. This shocked me since I had measured the couch and dimension of my apartment doorway beforehand. After about 2 hours of arguing, getting out my tape measure to measure the hallways myself, and Eric repeatedly telling me “no fit” and not even attempting to bring it up the stairs, he demanded that I pay him in full at hat moment. I’m not sure if it was laziness or lack of experience (although he said he had 15 years of experience).

We suggested merely trying to bring the couch up the stairs and into my apartment, and to the very moment we got to my door, he kept yelling that it won’t fit and this is a waste of time. I do not have 15 years experience in moving and should not be personally lifting furniture, but I asked them to step aside while I started to take this into my own hands. I showed them how to take in the couch from the bottom instead of the top…and it fit. Isn’t that what movers are for?

We went back for couch number 2, and they couldn’t get the leg of the couch off. Thankfully, the Couch Doctor had arrived already as I was told by Eric an hour prior that the only way to get the couch in was to cut it. I paid extra for an emergency couch doctor to help screw and unscrew the legs of the couch as the movers were incapable of this. Isn’t that what movers are for?

I do have to say that the two men working with Eric (don’t know their names) were the only ones helping, but unfortunately they took Eric’s leadership cue of not doing anything unless he instructed it…which wasn’t much. At one point they asked me to take the couch pillows up to my apartment. Isn’t that what I paid movers for?

They left all the doors open and unlocked on their way out of the building. I spent 4+ hours of my weekend morning arguing that we had a flat fee, debating that the couch fit, measuring the walls myself, getting laziness from Eric, and showing the movers how to do their job. I am extremely disappointed in the service and would definitely not recommend if you want to get any job done.


May 6, 2019 12:00 am

Not sure how this company is still in business

Not sure how this company is still in business or how there are any positive reviews on Google. I wish I would checked reviews before hiring these clowns. Someone there, owner or dispatcher, never even identified himself, cussed my wife out over the phone because of a payment misunderstanding between their “sales guy”, Andy and the owner/dispatcher. The actual workers were very friendly and ready to work but were ordered to remove the boxes they had already loaded onto their truck and put them back into our house.. ON OUR MOVING DAY! Leaving us with no other option but to rent a truck and move everything last minute on our own.

And to the dude who disrespected my wife, please go ahead and respond to this review. I would absolutely LOVE to settle things with you personally.


July 29, 2019 12:00 am

Price was very reasonable

I have used this company last week. They were very good i had no problems with them and the price was very reasonable compare to the other prices i have received.They sent someone to my home to give me a price the gentleman was very professional and the estimate was very close with the price he gave me when he came to my home. I also referred a friend and they were very happy with them i would use them again great job guys thank you


April 1, 2019 12:00 am

Recent Nightmare Moving

Booked what I thought was a professional moving company which was anything but… called a few days in advance to try and change date even though we booked weeks ahead should have been first clue. Called morning of will be an hour late. Showed up in Avis rental truck tried to increase cost by packing pictures “or they might get broken”. After loading informed me there was extra cost of tolls and gas which wasn’t in contract. Got to house and needed COD. Ok after putting boxes where they wanted to DEMANDED! repeatedly that they DESERVED a generous tip since they did a great job. They didn’t take all of my belongings since they ran out of room and because they only had a few blankets to cover my furniture caused numerous scratches and damage. Had to threaten to call police to force them to leave since they continued to demand a tip. DO NOT USE THIS RIP OFF UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY!!!


September 27, 2019 12:00 am

Scamming and intimidation tactics

I was quoted 149/hour 3 hour minimum, with free storage for one week. then a 10% discount on the move in.

$447 for move out
$407 move in.

I have texts agreeing that that is everything.

The guy shows up to move me out. It’s now over $50 added for toils. and now its four hours minimum and some other fees. they want $700 for what ends up being 30 minutes of moving. I am not moving furniture. Its 10 boxes. After going back and forth we get it back down to $550

I have no choice as it’s the last day of my lease and I am a woman moving out with no help. ( i did tip because I believe the workers should still get tipped even if their boss is terrible)

I arrange to have my things delivered on Friday at noon. At noon I get a call for 3. I am not home at three, and my building does not allow weekend move ins. We agree to Monday at 8.

Mo day at 9:30 I get a call. Instead of my things a guy waltzes into my apartment and demands $550. He tells me cash now or I can’t have my things.

Imagine you’re a single woman waiting for your movers and someone comes in and says hand me the money or no things. No where in sight are my things.
I ask about my discount and ask why the price keeps going up. He say fine with discount $500. ( by the way this was after i showed him text messages from dispatch and going back and forth )

During this time, I am told he doesn’t care and I can complain all I want because ” I own this city”

Every time I call dispatch I get hung up on and told give him the money.
I am sitting in my apartment now waiting to see my things.


August 5, 2019 12:00 am

Shady company

I hired these movers and i was incredibly unhappy with their services. They completely overcharged me from my original quote. I also found missing items after the move was complete. I do not recommend this shady company. They were awful to work with.


August 2, 2019 12:00 am

Sincere and strong movers

The movers from Admiral van lines deserve all the good recommendations I can give them. These boys made a complicated move look too easy. I had one house and two storage units full of things, heavy things if I might add, they needed to move halfway across the country. They managed to do so without causing a single scratch on any of the items. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! They almost gave me a heart attack when they handed me the final bill and it was exactly the amount they quoted. Whatever I’ve done in my life to deserve this kind of efficiency! I am the biggest fan of these guys from now on.


March 21, 2018 12:00 am

Stay away from these movers

Total ripoff, dishonest about hidden fees. DO NOT USE THEM.

My $400 original quote came out to $720 in the end after packing supplies (ex: $15 to wrap my sofa in cling wrap, assorted fees for other cardboard boxes, and rolls of tape).

Then they tell you when they arrive at your apartment that it costs $75 per COI, which I needed two for a total of $150. They NEVER told me on the phone during booking that there was a fee for each COI.

Stay away from these movers.


March 28, 2019 12:00 am

Super quick

Can’t speak highly enough of the service that Drew, Jeff and Erick gave us with our move. They were on time, worked hard, super quick, careful and communicative. If you are shortlisting moving companies for your move in NJ, save yourself some time and go with these guys. You won’t be disappointed. Will use them again for our next move.


April 18, 2019 12:00 am

They are the movers for me

I have wanted to move for a long time but never got the right scope to do it. Finally when the time came, I hired Admiral van lines because my sister recommended them to me. Appointing them was very easy because they were eager to help. On the moving day, a foreman and his two helpers arrived first thing in the morning. They moved all the household items with care and made sure nothing was damaged. They really did care a lot because I saw them unload my belongings and they did it very gently and carefully. Their rates are also very attractive! It was a very good experience and that is why I shall always use them for my long distance moves.


May 31, 2018 12:00 am

They were too good

We were moving two weeks ago. Admiral van lines was referred to me by my girlfriend. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. I have read reviews where people said how easy their move was. I never thought I would experience one of those. Thanks lot boys!


March 12, 2018 12:00 am

thoroughly recommend these guys

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for a job well done by these guys. The fee was reasonable. Peter & Starwin did were on time, polite, efficient, had a clean van and their packing was tidy and secure both in the van and at the destination. They helped me move larger items out of my storage unit . I can thoroughly recommend these guys.


November 27, 2018 12:00 am

Wonderful move

I moved within New Jersey this past week and couldn’t be happier with my move. The company is very professional. From the men who helped book the job and gave me a quote to the movers themselves, all of the employees took their jobs very seriously and made sure to address all of my questions and concerns. The move itself was quick and easy. The movers arrived early to help with anything else I need, did everything to make sure I had nothing to worry about, and were extremely careful when handling my things. Great job done, would use again and highly recommend for a good moving experience


February 5, 2018 12:00 am

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