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Cobra Vanlines is one of the leading moving companies in the United States of America, catering to all your relocation needs by providing unrivaled residential moving, commercial moving, local moving, long distance moving, and international moving solutions – you can count on us to make your every move simple and stress-free.

We are proud to be AMSA-certified – our services were carefully examined by American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), following which they included our name among a variety of other authentic movers across the country. This is a testament to the fact that we are a trustworthy moving company which deals with its customers in the most professional, honest, and reliable manner possible by providing them with safe and smooth moving and storage services.

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Worst Nightmare!!!

Between South Carolina and Illinois our possessions were pilfered by Cobra Van Lines brokered Drivers and their Temporary loaders and unloaders to a tune of over $10,000. Because it was an Interstate move South Carolina or North Carolina (wihere our possessions were stored for 8 days) law enforcement says it is not their jurisdiction. This is a Perfect Crime. The unloading crew or their accomplices did their Black Friday shopping on our moving truck.


December 5, 2021 3:05 am

They need to be put OUT OF BUSINESS!

On Oct 17, I contracted Cobra Van Lines (CVL) to facilitate my move from Miami to LA. With the exact destination being undefined, we agreed that they would store my belongings until I had my new address. Plans changed as I received an offer for a position requiring me to stay in Miami. On Oct 27, I called CVL (Christina) to ask if I was going to get refunded or was what I had already deposited $3273 (+ additional future storage payment of $230) sufficient. She never called me back but I did a few days later to follow up with the same question. Her response was “No, that’s it!”. To my understanding, I had nothing more to pay. On Nov 29, I called CVL (Briana) and gave her an updated move-in date (Dec 6), followed by a requested email confirmation which also said “Cobra would schedule the transportation of my items, based on this date.” Dec 4, Briana called me to confirm. Dec 6, I still wasn’t given a time slot but rudely met by Christina’s explanation that the move-in date given was my first “available move-in date” and that they had up to 21 business days for delivery, which is veiled in the contract. As with many other BBB complaints, this could have been brought to my attention sooner and I would have made alternative plans. However, I was forced to work around this misguided information. Christina’s dismissive attitude forced me to find and call the owner for answers. Yamit Baroz responded with a delivery date (Dec 13). The delivery truck arrived but to my total shock, nothing would be moved in until I paid the remaining balance of $2300 from the original LA-bound contract. So I called Yamit again but this time, I was received by a greedy, hostile and entirely different person who did not adhere to what Christina had confirmed. My things were not reassembled, some missing and others damaged. Moreover, they not only left my sofa outside the front door because it “wouldn’t fit” but my e-bike has yet to be delivered. For a total of $5803 delivered four blocks away, I, the customer, a non-professional mover was able to get my couch through the door, reassembled the rest of the furniture and completed the unfinished job. I am completely appalled by this unethical company who pegs themselves as a Professional Quality Moving Company. I highly recommend anyone looking for an actual professional moving company to NOT work with Cobra Van Lines and to look elsewhere unless you want your things to be damaged and you are looking to be as disappointed and traumatized by my experience with them. Please do your due diligence and READ THE FOLLOWING REVIEWS and other BBB entries for your own sake. They have nothing but negative reviews if you google them. 1. 2. 3.


December 28, 2021 8:09 pm

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