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Long Distance Movers is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation . With our colossal database of hand picked moving companies, we can arrange specialized pricing for the benefit of our clients by utilizing economies of scale, and get you the deal you’re searching for. We deal with a high volume of clients and the Moving Companies that we partner with will offer you additional rebates when you arrange your move through us. Whether you book a move specifically through us as a transporter utilizing our own trucks, or contract our services as a broker, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

49 Reviews for Long Distance Movers Inc

Absolute Nightmare

I can’t even begin to describe the ways in which my experience with this company turned into a disaster. First of all, they are a broker not the actual company doing the move, which they contract out. There was little communication between then and the moving company and myself, and most of what they did relay to me was unreliable. They more than doubled the originally-agreed-upon price. They changed the delivery date (with little to no notice). They gave inaccurate information about forms of payment accepted. I had difficulty getting in touch with anyone when I had questions or issues. Just stay away. Here is a helpful site about what to look out for (I wish I had found this before I booked through this company!) – https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/red-flags


June 7, 2018 12:00 am

Actually amazed

I have no idea about other moving industries and as such a comparison wouldn’t be sincere. I have only had relocation experience with Long Distance Movers and it was a perfect one; for lack of better words. How everything rolled out greatly impressed me. I was amazed by their high level of organisation and coordination that I hadn’t expected from them. They executed the duty as if it wasn’t something tedious. I was surprised. Nevertheless, they made me happy with the quality of service delivery. I will surely look for them in the future. If they aren’t the best relocation company in the moving industry then I don’t have an idea who is. I have assigned relocation duties to quite a number of movers and I know their capabilities. Long Distance Movers is the most promising to be sincere. Their services are above par. Their foremen and drivers are some of the best the moving industry has ever heard. I keep wondering where they managed to secure and keep such a team all under one roof. All I have to them is an appreciation. They relocated me from Florida to New Hampshire in style.


March 24, 2018 12:00 am

An endless source of inspiration

Long Distance Movers crew is a source of inspiration. I have observed them work on two separate occasions and drawn my conclusions – they are the best. Imagine they were two different crews on two separate missions yet they acted in a similar way of professionalism, diligence, dedication a hard work and uttermost care. Whichever kind of training they go through, other service providers should emulate. I am so full of praises for them because that is the least I can do. I have hired out a couple of relocation services in the past. Each time, I always find myself using a different company when I am in need of relocation services. Recently, I sought out the services of Long Distance Movers. I hadn’t heard of them before. Just as usual, I expected the same routine, being offered average services and moving on to the next company. There was a difference in the last relocation service I was accorded. The services were so amazing and not a single one my property got spoilt in the process. I will forever remain grateful.


April 12, 2018 12:00 am

Another Happy Customer Here

I read a lot, studied and did my research. I hired Long distance movers inc like a year ago. Now, I had the opportunity to hire them again. The crew led by John is still amazing, co-operative and most of all doesn’t shove things into the truck. They took time to place them properly allowing me to be at peace. Most companies tend to get the job done asap and leave. While it is important to maintain time, our goods are priceless. Claiming insurance is a hard job and I am glad these people didn’t put me into that situation. Great work…


April 24, 2019 12:00 am

Asking for $300 more deposit money [over the $2880 I already gave them

I need to be out of my current location, but have had issues finding a new place to move to. When I first contacted this company [I thought they were an actual moving company – they did not make it clear they were only a brokerage firm] I informed the person I was working with that I didn’t know when I needed to move, as I hadn’t found a home yet. They would call and tell me to just “out down a deposit with a date” and I’d be able to change the date out with no problem, but at least by putting down a deposit, I’d be able to secure their services. I gave them [what I later found out to be a significantly high] deposit of $2880 & at the time selected a date in April. The deal on the home I was looking at closing on in April fell through and I called to reschedule. I told them I didn’t have a new location and didn’t know when I needed to move but had to give them SOME date to reschedule the move for. I pushed the move out a month to sometime in mid-may.
After finding a new home and getting a closing date of June 11th, I called LTD today [May 11th] to reschedule my move for after my new closing date.
I was then quoted a new price [on a closer location] for $900 more than the original estimate. I then removed some items from the inventory list in an attempt to bring down the cost of the move & got it down such that the new ‘estimate’ was $500 more than I was originally quoted. I finally said fine and was told that I’d have to pay any additional $300 NOW as an additional “deposit” [ontop of the $2880 I’d already given them] or they wouldn’t reschedule the move and were going to come here next week to pick up my stuff [despite my not having a house to move to until next month].
I don’t understand why I need to pay more money to change the date but – whatever. My issue is their DEMAND that I pay an additional $300 NOW as some sort of additional ‘deposit’ after having given them over 30% of the ‘estimated’ price already. What difference does another $300 make if it is paid NOW or when I pay for the balance of the move?

I don’t have the money right now and as of right now, the company is refusing to reschedule my move [intending to do my move next week – when I will be in Florida attending the walk-through & inspection of my new home] unless I pay them $300 immediately [prior to them even picking up my items] not to mention the total [nearly $1000] charge they’ve tacked onto my bill for moving the date – Something they said wouldn’t be an issue – when they were trying to get me to shell out over 30% of a deposit for the move.


May 11, 2018 12:00 am

Commendable customer services

The least I could do after such amazing services was giving them a tip. They deserved every penny I paid to them. The services were beyond my expectations. They made the move from Maryland to Alabama one worth remembering. Maybe I was just lucky to have a team of dedicated experts sent down to facilitate my relocation. I have all the reasons to recommend everyone to them if what I was offered is guaranteed to all clients. I have never worked with such an amazing relocation company like Long Distance Movers. Their services were at part with my ideal choice of standards. Everything they did was amazing. All that I wanted carried out was done perfectly and with uttermost diligence. I could not believe my eyes when everything was over. The least I can do is appreciating them and saying a big Thank You. If only I knew about them earlier!


February 8, 2018 12:00 am

Do not use this company!

Honestly— the worst experience with a company. They are a scam so I really hope you read reviews prior to doing business with them. They guaranteed delivery by a certain date then called a few days prior to let us know it would be anywhere from 3-8 days late which I told them was unacceptable. They wouldn’t refund our 1600 we put for a down payment and also I spoke to several people who promised to called me back and never did. I spoke to a “manager” who was very unprofessional and said he would handle this for me and call me back in a few minutes—never ever called me. It was honestly laughable. I sent 3-4 emails to different people and their general email and never once did I get a response. I’m shocked they are still in business.

Please do not waste your time or money—find a local company that has good reviews—this company should be shut down.


February 12, 2018 12:00 am

Do Not Use!

Absolute disaster! They assured us that there would be no additional charges since we had a Mayflower rep inventory everything and gave us a contracted price. We also included pictures and their quote. When the movers showed up 7 hours late they wanted additional money. Not only was there a severe language barrier but they wanted cash or cashiers check upon deliver in UT. We could not get anyone to respond from Long Distance Movers after numerous calls. To this day we never heard back from the rep who guaranteed us that it was a contracted rate.We cancelled them and hired Mayflower. Long Distance movers then tried to take our deposit based on their “contract”. This company uses subs and you have no idea who or what your getting. These guys will tell you anything to get your business and are total scam artist. Don’t trust anything they say! Pay the extra money and use a reputable company.


February 23, 2018 12:00 am

Don’t ever do business with this company

They promised my packages would not go into storage, but it did.
It arrived 4 days late and my family didn’t even have our beds. No apologies, of course.
Furnitures were broken on the move, which was expected. And the worst come with the claim. They use movingclaims.net to handle their claims and those people are the worst I’ve seen in years. First you need to submit all documents and pictures and fill in detailed information about the broken furnitures. Weeks later they’ll have you sign a paper (no email confirmation allowed) that you’re ok with your claims. More weeks later they will give a number so low that you’ll feel embarrassed by them. It would be lower than the by pound compensation for your loss, and no details about how they calculated the number. I emailed with them at least 6 times requesting a breakdown of the settlement and each time they seem to say they don’t know what I was talking about. They “offered” me to submit a “one time only” dispute if I was not satisfied! Even if you are so tired of arguing with these illiterates and just wanted to claim the dime they offered, they actually asked you to sign and “NOTERIZE” the acceptance of that dime!
Don’t ever do business with this company, or anyone who try to throw you off with the movingclaims.net


February 13, 2018 12:00 am

Exceptional team

I was impressed by the services I was accorded by Long Distance Movers in my recent move from Alabama to Utah. I was accorded exactly what I paid for. The team arrived early enough and loaded everything into the vehicle within a very short time. It did not take long as I had imagined. They also took the shortest time possible to the destination. Every single property was offloaded and arranged in my new home in one piece; without a single damage. Much appreciation is all I have for them. A week ago my major headache is how I would move my family and all our belongings in one piece from Alabama to Utah. Well, that was then right now what’s in my mind is how much praise I can heap on Long Distance Movers. This company single handedly moved me without dropping a pin from my old home to my new home as I watched and did nothing else. Really it has to be the most efficient and cost effective method of moving, makes me feel as if I would like to move again


February 15, 2018 12:00 am

Five star rating

In the past ten years I have relocated three times using different companies. My last relocation was facilitated by Long Distance Movers and I must admit I liked what I was offered. Not a single flaw was evident in the relocation from Pennsylvania to Missouri. All was carried out as planned. The crew arrived early enough; creating an ample time for the tedious work. They carried it out in a manner that left me wondering how possible it was. Five star rating for this company; they are the best. Nothing stresses me up like relocation. I wasn’t lucky the first two times I had sought the services of other companies. It’s either they got late to work or had something damaged in the process. The Long Distance Movers was suggested by my eldest sister who happened to know everything about them. She enlightened me on all that I needed to know. I am so glad; thanks to their prompt response and unwavering sense of dedication. You delivered the best and I have no doubts on that.


February 12, 2018 12:00 am

Good deals, favorable rates

Once in a while, you get some good deals at favorably fair prices. Everyone loves this for sure and they’ll always have that feeling that it’s their lucky day. What will happen if this were to take place every day? That is the question you should ask yourself when considering Long Distance Movers over other possible movers. They always offer good deals when it comes to relocation services. They will not fail to impress you regardless of the number of properties you have to be relocated. I have had a couple of experiences with relocation companies, working for me or one of my friends. Almost one of them has this thing in common – creating a positive impression. They would always want to appear the very best even they have very little to offer. It is true but with a few exceptions like Long Distance Movers. These movers do not try to be the best, they are the best. They do not try to impress, they are impressive in nature. I am so glad they came my way.


April 23, 2018 12:00 am

Grand exit

Long Distance Movers were great. During my relocation from South Carolina to Texas I was advised by a friend to try out these movers. I expected average services so I was so shocked but overwhelmed by the way I was treated. The loads were smoothly packed and well placed, they took good care of my electric equipment for sure. Your services are mind boggling! It was the best experience. I suspected they would do a good job relocating me from South Carolina to Texas but I did not expect them to be that fine. From the numerous favorable I had seen, I estimated their capability to be slightly above average. I was wrong because their performance was more than fabulous. I liked every bit of it. The professionalism with which it was carried out left a lot to be admired. Long Distance Movers will always remain my ideal choice of moving companies as long as they exist.


February 9, 2018 12:00 am

Great and Seamless Service

I wanted to start making my move alone without any moving company as the ones I have hired in the past normally leave greater part of the work for me. However, I was lucky having found Long Distance Movers. They guys sent by this company rendered seamless and unbeatable service to me. That is why am rating them with A+++++. For the past few times I have relocated, it hasn’t been easy. It is always associated with lots of stress and panic. The last one was however different; thanks to Long Distance Movers team. The crew that was sent down to help me out ensured that it was flawless. The whole process turned out to be less hectic than it had always been before. Considering the relatively long distance between South Carolina and Louisiana, I expected the relocation to take lots of time. I was wrong; not with this company. They were so fast yet so diligent and careful. Everything turned out pleasant and I am so grateful to have hired them out.


February 24, 2018 12:00 am

Great team

I have always heard of their great services but didn’t have an idea they were such amazing. This company are up to the task and will do everything to ensure the movement of your properties is smoother than ever. As we agreed on my call, I made to them prior, they were at my New York residence in good time and the entire process started off early enough. Within a few hours, everything had been loaded and the vehicle was on its way to Florida. On arrival, they quickly offloaded all the properties and had them arranged the way I wanted. I am so grateful Long Distance Movers team were there for me when I needed them most. I suspected they were pros from the moment I saw the reviews about them but I needed confirmation. With that in mind, I hired out Long Distance Movers to help relocate me and my family from New York to Florida. They did it within a record time and the services were so efficient. The whole work took them a considerably short time yet it was done to perfection. The crew handled everything with a sense of professionalism that left me in amazement. To me, they are the best!


February 16, 2018 12:00 am

Greatest working experience ever

Working with Long Distance Movers was indeed a great experience. I hired them out when I was relocating from New York to Iowa. I did not have an idea of which relocation company to go for, so I resorted to asking my elder brother. He referred me here and I am so grateful he did so. My goods were safely relocated to Iowa and there was no problem evident during the proceeding. I really enjoyed their services. I did not believe in their capability and prowess when I first heard of them. I had just learned about Long Distance Movers from a popular review website. Previous clients were pouring showers of praises on them. I decided to try them out, now that I needed to relocate from New York to Iowa. I called their customer service and a welcoming service answered me on the other end. Within minutes, we agreed on the job details. The following week, they were at my doorstep. They facilitated the relocation professionally and with uttermost diligence. What else could I want?


April 8, 2018 12:00 am

High relocation standards

Keep it up Long Distance Movers. Maintain the same standards with which you relocated me a few days ago. Your intervention was necessary. I cannot tell what would have become of me were it not for your crew. Maybe it could have been awful or worse even, it could have been intolerable. With your help, however, I was able to relocate safely. I truly appreciate your effort. If need be, I will also refer my friends. I derived total satisfaction from the excellent services of Long Distance Movers. They came early in the morning and set out to do the work without being pushed. Their expertise guaranteed that the entire process was flawless from the beginning to the very end. I couldn’t have packed my electronics as good as my guys from Long Distance Movers did. If you’re in Florida and looking to move houses, use Long Distance Movers.


May 16, 2018 12:00 am

Horrible movers

If you would like to get scammed for a higher quote and unethical movers please call Long distance movers! Originally my fiance and I already booked a separate mover and when Greg from Long Distance called us back we informed him that his quote was too high and we decided to go with another mover. So Greg decided to use scare tactics to inform us that the movers we were initially using was actually in named something different in the past and they just rename themselves whenever their reviews become subpar. So in essence Greg was defaming another company. Ignorant to the industry, we believed him. We also mentioned to him the other movers we were using can do a large item deposal. in which he claimed our movers can as well. Forfeited our deposit and went with long distance movers. My advice to anyone and everyone moving is to lookup the company on the department of transportation website. If your movers are not registered in your state they outsource your job to another company. So all of these good reviews here is actually a facade. It is russian roulette about who you end up with. In my experience I ended up with Cobra Van Lines. He claimed in the morning of our move that he received a call the day before canceling our order. Um. No. Long distance movers called us to confirm and we said “No we did not say so”. The mover comes in aggravated and mad because “he just flew in.” Well, it is not my problem that his company was disorganized. I offered him coffee just so that he can pump up for our order. In the beginning of the order, I showed him where all the items were (parked on two sides of the kitchen wall and mentioned to him about the bed deposal). He acknowledged everything and asked us to sign the paperwork. Also, we paid him extra tip to dispose the bed. In the middle of the move, without notifying he was leaving – he left. He left behind half of our inventory. HALF. It was not that hard. Everything was parked by the wall. When we called back Long Distance, I was told by management that they cannot do anything about it. Great, he literally left and I immediately called. I was told by management my voice recording would be replayed to see if Greg ever promised about the bed deposal within 48hrs. It has been a month. She also went back and forth with me regarding items on the list that was not delivered. In the end i had to say we can go on all day about he said she said but on the list my vacuum cleaner, my boxes, my lamp, and a large picture frame was not loaded and that is the reality of the situation. They delivered the items today and my glassware is all damaged and i am missing a box that had my coffee maker, water boiler, toaster oven, and other misc kitchenware. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE SCARED INTO PAYING FOR A HIGHER FEE WITH AN UNETHICAL COMPANY PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GO WITH LONG DISTANCE! IF YOU WOULD LIKE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEASE GO TO LONG DISTANCE! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WITH SALES WHO LIES ABOUT OTHER COMPANIES GO TO LONG DISTANCE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE HALF OF YOUR INVENTORY FORGOTTEN AND MYSTERIOUSLY MISSING GO TO LONG DISTANCE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR SNAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AHEM NANCY PARELLA GO TO LONG DISTANCE. If you do decide to go to long distance do not book with GREG.

If anyone wants to file a claim the website to do so is:


EDIT: I was just contacted by Annie regarding taking my post down for $400. If you see any bad reviews that just gets taken down it is either they tried to file with Google review or Yelp to have it removed or they paid off the client. She even emailed me saying I have tried everything to rectify the situation so you should remove your review. This is after I denied her $400 offer to remove my review


October 4, 2018 12:00 am

I believe in them

I believed in them before I even hired them out. The favorable reviews I saw about Long Distance Movers gave me all the reasons to trust in them. I did not hesitate getting into contact with them. They were there for me and ready to answer all the questions I had regarding their company. Within a few minutes I was given the quotation which was quite cost effective. When they arrived at my place, they came with all the necessary tools – ready to deliver. They made the process look a bit easier than it really was. It was one of the best moves I have had. I am known to be a perfectionist and it’s no secret. I don’t always leave rooms for carelessness in handling of my valuables but Long Distance Movers beat in my own game the last time I relocated. The way they handled my property from New York to Colorado left me wondering. They were so diligent in their dealings yet so fast. The relocation process took quite a considerable time and everything was in perfect condition at the end of t


February 10, 2018 12:00 am

I know where to head

I now know where to head when it comes to relocation companies. All the doubts are gone and it is now clear that Long Distance Movers is the best relocation company around. Why should I doubt that after what they did to me last week? How can I possibly doubt their diligence after seeing it all with my eyes? They single headedly helped me relocate to Georgia without any major flaws. The whole process seemed to have rolled out in accordance with the plans. They are responsible for my smile even now. I am grateful. That is the least I can say to Long Distance Movers. Beyond that, I might be short of words because I cannot really express how I feel about them. They came to my aid when I needed them most. Amidst despair, they made me smile. I did not know they could make the relocation appear so easy. It did not turn out to be as hectic as I had imagined. It was all perfect.


April 30, 2018 12:00 am

I will forever remain grateful

I had previously heard of Long Distance Movers when I was going through online reviews over the internet. I did not take interest in it that much. The idea came to strike me months later when I set up a new business in Connecticut, and my presence was needed there. I went to their site and filled an online inventory. After a couple of minutes, I got a reply. I followed the necessary details and within a few minutes, the formalities were done. They later came and executed the job to perfection. Thank you, Long Distance Movers. It took me time to get to the realisation that the ‘hectic’ relocation was finally over. I had expected it to take a minimum of four days given the immense valuable I had. Most of them were the glassware and so I oversaw difficulty in transporting them. It turned out that it was the slightest of their worries because they were prepared to handle any task. All the necessary tools and equipment that they might have needed were in place. The whole relocation took two days less than I had presumed. What more could I do but be full of abundant appreciations?


April 17, 2018 12:00 am

If I could give a minus 10 I would

In case you do not want to read my story, I warn you now DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THERE ARE TOO MANY OTHER MOVING COMPANIES. Now I will tell you my story: Moving from KC Missouri to Sarasota FL and Erik with Long Distance Movers was so very nice and followed up with me all the time and the day they picked up my items it went downhill from there. A company called Empire picked up my items (had no idea Empire was involved) Was told they were headed to FL and asked my boyfriend when they could deliver, he told them a date and they said no problem and it may be sooner and was that OK, he said yes. That day came and went, and my items did not show up, so I emailed Erik and got no response, several emails later and calls later I asked for manager. I got Annie (aka as manager) and she advised me that Erik was on vacation and that is why he did not respond, of course my response to that was “why would you not have someone looking at his emails or v/m and handling his accounts because moving is


February 6, 2018 12:00 am

It was done again!

Once more they did it. They strengthened my belief in them. They made me trust them with my valuables even more. The relocation experience from Alabama to Maryland was better than the one they had accorded me a couple of years ago. This time round, they ensure that there was no any form of inconvenience. In addition, they saw to it that they arrive in good time so as to complete the process early enough. That really worked because the relocation took such a short time. A big thank you to all of them. Taking a look at my entire house that evening, I could not believe it was all over. I had expected the whole process to be messy and take lots of time. My opinion was based on what my friends and other close associates had gone through when they were relocating. In fact, one of them is the one who came up with the idea of hiring out Long Distance Movers. She made me believe that the crew made her relocation lot more bearable than the previous ones. They got to prove this when they came to help me out. They were as good as she was saying. Lots of appreciations.


April 27, 2018 12:00 am


Giving this lying, low-life company a one star is a better rating then they deserve.
If they do answer your calls, they will lie to you about pickup and delivery. They hold your belongings hostage.

Worse than that, you will sign a contract with them agreeing to a price, then when the movers come, they will up-charge you. Personally, this up-charge was over 1,000 dollars.

They are cowards and liars, and should be out of business.


October 1, 2018 12:00 am

Lots of Appreciation

The way the moving guys worked in my last move surprised me pleasantly. In fact, you can hardly find out the stuff they are made of until you see them in action as they just look and appear like other movers. Truly, I give my profound gratitude to Long Distance Movers as the guys they sent to me rendered perfect and amazing service in packing and moving my stuff. I had been told they were great so I expected something closer to that when I called them to help me relocate to California from Alabama. My first surprise came after the quotation was sent to me. Looking at it, it was relatively lower than I expected considering the awesome reputation and good name that they enjoyed. I waited for the services, doubting if they would deliver to my standards. I was wrong in judging them prior to work because what followed was a series of dedication, passion and hard work. I was left wondering what they were really out for; making money or satisfying clients because they seemed to major on the latter. It was all success.


February 20, 2018 12:00 am

Move from Washington to North Carolina

Sales portion of the move was seamless. Anthony and quality control did a great job sales and pre-move. Execution of move another story. I want to say that the execution portion of the move was NOT Long Distance Movers. The responsiveness of Anthony and Brittany saved my disaster from being a complete disaster. They were available and responsive throughout the move. Thanks for small miracles. I would give 5 stars but due to the execution portion of my move I can’t even though they were not the ones physically responsible. I think this will be my last of 14 moves and the most important lesson I’ve learned is read the contract thoroughly so you may ask the appropriate questions. Thanks again to Anthony and Brittany who, in my previous 30+ Experience working in 5star hotels as an executive chef , displayed great “hospitality” given the situations. The customer service part was stellar on their part.


February 20, 2018 12:00 am

move from San Francisco to Seattle

I wa shipping around in order to get a nice quote for my move from San Francisco to Seattle.

I assume the process means lots of e-mails with questions.

Hamilton Johnson from the sales department gave me a quote and I told him that I would consider his quote and get back to him I just needed to see around first as I was shipping around.

The answer he gave me?:

What is it that you want?
If your looking for the lowest price you’re going to get burned.
My time here is very valuable and I do have a truck I can service out to you by the morning but I don’t have time to ring around the rosy. I need to know if you are interested or not.
Please do NOT shop around with my quote

What? Does that mean either you agree on the quote without the liberty to shop around or BEAT IT??? So Rude and I can only imagine how the service and follow up with me would have been if I did consider them for my move.


February 2, 2018 12:00 am

Moving experts

I love the professionalism with which the crew handled my property. Not at one time did I witness recklessness among them. I came to realise one thing – they have respect not only to their clients but also the customers’ properties. They ensured everything was in order all through the way. I rarely reminded them what to do. The movement from New York to Louisiana was executed by experts and I am so grateful to Long Distance Movers for availing them to me. Everything turned out to be more impressive than I had figured out. I am so happy to have hired them out. It was a grand exit. That’s the best way I can put it. My former neighbours later came to tell me how marvellous the relocation services were. They did not believe a single word from me when I shared with them the price I was charged for those exclusive services. They expected it to cost me a fortune; which never happened. The crew that came to help me out handled everything with diligence and professionalism that left everyone who witnessed the relocation in amazement. I went for the best and I have no doubts about it.


March 20, 2018 12:00 am

Negligent, Disrespectful Liars.

I wish I could give 0 stars.

Recently, I used the broker company Long Distance Movers to move my belongings from Louisville, KY to Berkeley, CA. For at least part of the shipping, they used Encore Moving and Storage. I have been in contact with them to let them know what a horrible mistake it is to ever do business with Encore, and to file claims for damages to my property. Not only did they charge me excessive fees that were not part of the original moving estimate, ($350 to shuttle my belongings to my apartment, another $100 because of a “walking fee”) and not only did they deliver my stuff well after 9:00 PM on a weekday WELL after the 7-10 days they estimated, but they did so before even showing me the terrible condition of my belongings.

This is not the “normal” or “reasonable” damage one may encounter in a cross-country move. The damage to these boxes was, at the very least, totally negligent, and at most, intentionally criminal. I say this, because the deliverer who dropped these unacceptably damaged boxes off at my apartment actually attempted to buy one of my books from me; this, to me, is a clear indication that the deliverers were rummaging through my belongings. Obviously, this is a total invasion of my privacy and my property. At least one large item, a piano bench, is totally missing. I am absolutely disgusted. I am contemplating contacting a lawyer, and/or the police.

Long Distance Movers should never have associated with this moving company; I had no say in which companies they decided to use. Anyone with an internet connection can see the abysmal reviews on Yelp, on MyMovingReviews, and the Better Business Bureau.

Of the things damaged in my move:

1. Priceless family heirlooms, dishes that belonged to my grandmother’s grandmother.
2. Art work and picture frames
3. over a hundred books
4. collectible comic books
5. kitchen appliances, including a food processor
6. a printer
7. a piano bench is totally missing
8. Business suits and dress clothes

The only response so far is a complete diversion of responsibility, other than saying I can file claims for damages ($0.60 per pound per dollar). Do not EVER use this moving company, unless you want your property completely destroyed and disrespected. Clearly, this moving company has no business handling anyone’s property. They are negligent criminals, or at least do business with them.


September 23, 2018 12:00 am

No doubt – it will be Long Distance Movers

Being someone who moves a lot, I have been able to work closely with several relocation companies. I am in a good position of telling what most of them are capable of offering. There is one particular relocation company that thrilled. They went beyond my expectations to deliver to me exclusive relocation services. So reliable and awesome they were. If I am to relocate any time soon, I will go for them. There are some things that one wouldn’t want to forget that easily. In fact, you find it hard being able to forgive yourself when you actually get to forget. Experiences like Long Distance Movers relocations are things that you wouldn’t forget that much easily. When I hired them out to help me, they ensured it remained forever printed in my mind. With due diligence and professionalism, they ensured that all worked out as expected.


May 31, 2018 12:00 am

Over promised and under delivered

My purpose in posting this is to prevent others from being over promised and under delivered. Our move from Los Angeles to Seattle was beyond atrocious.

Between the blood, comments about race & complete unprofessionalism I would expect a full refund even if our stuff arrived flawlessly, which I assure you it did not.

Issues with service:
-We paid for our $12,000 tv to put put in a protected tv box. In reality, it was put in a wardrobe box that was taped together.
-We paid for our computer monitors to be put in a protected box and in reality they unscrewed, and wrapped in a blanket.
-We paid for our mattress to be put in a mattress case. In reality it was shrink wrapped and wrapped in a blanket. The mover promised me that he would put it in a sealed bag once they got to the warehouse. In reality he did not. In reality the plastic ripped and who knows what kind of dust or debris infiltrated.
-We paid for all of our lamps to be “expertly” packed. In reality they were all broken.


February 7, 2018 12:00 am

Perfect services

While we were moving from our 4 bedroom apartment loaded with accessories, to a bigger apartment, we wanted to move with everything. For that we thought of going by a big company so as to enjoy experienced service until someone recommended Long Distance Movers to us, we just hired them without argument. The quote they gave to us was really cheap and they did wonderful and great job for us. So, we are truly happy for the service. My moves in the past are filled with stress and hassle as I normally supervise the moving guys under the heat of sun to ensure that not go awry despite the fact that I paid them. However, my last move with Long Distance Movers was different as I never have to suffer the same fate. They simple asked me to relax and handled the entire job from packing to moving of the entire stuff in my house. Thanks for the great move.


March 5, 2018 12:00 am

pleased with their dedication

During my relocation in January this year, Long Distance Movers gave an exceptional service. I was moving properties from my old office building to a new facility. My old office had a lot of fragile items like the scientific equipment which required careful handling. The mover crew was well organized and very polite. They were great with the items that were being moved and they handled them with care. The overall move experience was awesome as they even left the place neat and clean when they finished. My latest moving decision was kind of made in a hurry following my wife work place transfer. We were very nervous as we were on a tight schedule to get everything moved in one day. We had no time to make selections on the very most reliable moving company but we were lucky enough to get referred to Long Distance Movers. The company quickly booked us and deployed young crew who worked selflessly and stayed late working until the job was safely completed. My wife and I were both pleased wi


January 31, 2018 12:00 am

Real value for your cash

Long Distance Movers is the one company that assisted me in my movement from Virginia to Illinois seamlessly. Well apart from adapting to your new surroundings, it does feel like waking up in your own same old house but at a different geographical location. The initial stress that one would initially experience of misplacing their tiniest bits of property is cast to the wing once you see the guys at their work. Once they get the job done, you feel and see the value for money that you entrusted unto them for moving you. It was definitely the best relocation I have had in a long time. Prior to seeking the services of Long Distance Movers team, I had worked with other movers. Most of them offered average services that weren’t bad. This company was however different in every aspect. Not only were they dedicated in their work but also careful and full of professionalism. They carried out the relocation from Virginia to Illinois with uttermost diligence. I am so glad they came my way. For sure, I will hire them out next time when I am in need of relocation services.


February 19, 2018 12:00 am

Reliable and efficient

I knew they were good when it came to offering reliable relocation services. From what I heard from friends, I could tell that customer’s satisfaction was among their top priority. Nevertheless, I wasn’t sure because it was my first time hiring them out. They showed me why all my friends had praises for them. The professionalism with which they handled my property left a lot to be admired. In future, I will hire them out too. I had lots scores of bills to settle after selling my house and want to pack out for the new occupant. For that reason, I was searching for moving company that will render the service to me at reduce price so I can settle my bills and pack out as soon as possible. I was happy when I hired Long Distance Movers as the guys rendered perfect service at reduced and cheap cost. My move was indeed top notch and exciting.


March 11, 2018 12:00 am

Reliable relocation services

Getting access to reliable services is never guaranteed anywhere. Not every company will give you value for your money so I am always full of thanks when I come across one. Long Distance Movers is one of them. When I was referred to them, I knew they were good but still I had my doubts. The relocation from Virginia to Maryland was a huge confirmation that they are not only efficient but also super excellent when it comes to delivery of services. To me, you are the best – no doubts about it. Severally, I have used moving companies but they seem not to offer the services I expected. When I was moving from Virginia to Maryland I decided to try something new. Having been referred to Long Distance Movers by a relative, I tried it out. Unlike my expectations, the moving company really conducted an above par service. The company has well trained workers, humble and polite when handling people’s property. They arrived in time despite of the long distance. I expected expensive prices after the services they offered but they were so affordable.


February 14, 2018 12:00 am

Settling was easy

I hate disappointments and I wasn’t ready for one when I was relocating to Pennsylvania from Maryland. As such, I consulted on the best moving company to go for and a greater percentage of people suggested Long Distance Movers. I only got to realize why this was their preferred choice of moving company after the crew did an amazing job for me. The relocation was flawless and I will forever remain thankful to them. I am so grateful to Long Distance Movers for facilitating an efficient relocation to Pennsylvania from Maryland. They came at the agreed time and had everything sorted out within a few hours. Every single property got to my new residence in perfect condition without even a scratch. I wish I could have known them earlier. Surely, they are the best.


February 7, 2018 12:00 am

Still no stuff a month later


They will say absolutely anything to get your business and then turn around and ignore you. My stuff was picked up from New Orleans and has still not been delivered to my house in California despite many MANY attempts to call and email them. Customer service is rude and inattentive. The customer service manager, Brittanie Neves is incapable of doing her job and does not answer phone calls or emails. Anytime you manage to get a hold of anyone, you’re either hung up on or told “we’ll call you.” It’s been a month. That answer is no longer acceptable and I want my furniture or a refund.


August 13, 2018 12:00 am

The Response was truly encouraging

The way this mover handled our move really surprised us pleasantly. Also, we realized that the entire workers in this company are respectful and humble. We first noticed the humility when we contacted the manager who attended to us and ensure that we are being taking care of. When the guys from this company came to our house they displayed the same humility in their service. Therefore, we recommend them to anyone that wants to enjoy perfect experience in his or her move. My company usually transfers me every fortnight making me to always make a move. While they only cater for the moving cost, I am always left to suffer from any damage on my stuff during the move. For that reason, I am always careful to avoid damages on my stuff each time I move. The service rendered to me by Long Distance Movers was really without compare as nothing at all was ruined in my stuff. Definitely I will hire them again as I do not have any complain about their service.


March 8, 2018 12:00 am

Their professionalism was remarkable

Nobody likes to waste his time, I included. I needed a very fast moving company to help relocate my belongings from New York to California. With the weather perfectly hot in California, I knew I had to be ready to handle anything that comes up. However with Long Distance Movers, things were against my expectations as the crew was just better than other movers. They made me relax as they safely packed everything together and delivered to my new place perfectly. I highly praise them for the good job they did. I have had an awful lot of bad experiences with movers in the past and this time round, I couldn’t take chance with the mover I was to contract. It is for this reason that I was not wholly convinced even when I got referred to Long Distance Movers by colleagues. I took time to make my booking with their manager himself. I got a little bit changed when I saw the humility in their manager but this was not until I met with their workers during the move. That’s when I realized it wa


February 6, 2018 12:00 am

There Are Still Good Movers

Due to my experience with some bunch of lazy folks that call themselves movers, I thought that reliable and good moving guys are no more available. Nevertheless, I realized the there are still reliable and reputable movers online when I hired Long Distance Movers through the internet. Thank you so much for the service. I was even contemplating on how these moving guys will locate my new house due to the fact that it is located in a small and remote village. Surprisingly to me, they were able locate the place and reach there even before us. The guys rendered perfect and amazing service to me that made me to know that they are trained and experienced movers. Thank you Long Distance Movers.


March 2, 2018 12:00 am

Thrilling moving services

I was honestly thrilled by their quality of service pick up and delivery. I did not expect such perfection from them. In fact, I had doubted their capability when my childhood friend first referred them to me. The truth is I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it my way. Prior to that, I had hired out another company to help me out in the relocation and their services weren’t that fascinating. They are came rather late name their staffs were clumsy so I thought a repeat of that would happen. I was wrong because none of that transpired. If I have to relocate next time, Long Distance Movers will do it for me. You did it! You are amazing. I am full of praises for this company for having made my relocation from North Carolina to Nevada one worth remembering. It was one of those extraordinary relocations I have witnessed. The dedication, commitment and hard work they displayed during the process left me with lots to wonder about. How could they be so well organised and co-ordinated? One thing was undeniable for sure; they were experienced. I am so thankful to Long Distance Movers team.


March 14, 2018 12:00 am

Tom is a liar.

I firmly blame my poor experience on Tom. He is either a complete liar trying to make a sale or so utterly clueless as to what it is his company can actually offer and he tarnished my entire view of this company.

I went with Long Distance because Tom promised everything would get in on a certain date and everything would be simple and easy but my experience was the opposite. Mind you, this is a BROKER and not a mover. Something that was never mentioned to me on the initial call. I landed in California only to realize my stuff still hadn’t left Chicago. Long Distance was impossible to get a hold of (except Brittanie, but that comes later). Eventually, I ended up talking to the movers and got far better service from them instead (I highly recommend you go straight to Encore Movers). My stuff arrived three weeks late and Brittanie offered a measly $75 for the trouble. I already had to go an buy new clothes and start my job without any of my things and eat out of a mug, but sure. $75 is great.

Except I accepted the $75 and was then told in order to get it I would have to sign a non-disparagement agreement (something that is illegal in California). By signing that, I wouldn’t be allowed to write this review to warn you all off from them and their deceptive practices. Brittanie told me she forgot to add it when she offered the money (this email also had someone else’s credit card information in it, just to further show me the extent of this company’s ineptitude). I suspect there would be more negative reviews if this company didn’t have that policy.

Some lies:
– Estimate was more than $500 off
– No one allowed me to see any measurement of the truck so I couldn’t decide if the estimate was fair.
– I was never told this was a broker and not the actual mover. Tom made it sound like they were the movers themselves.
– I was told I could pay with credit card on the drop off and this was written into my contract. This was not the case and they refused to let my stuff off the truck until I had a postal check.
– Was told it would arrive February 9th in California. Didn’t leave Illinois until the 11th.
– Was told they are always available for 24 hour service. Nope. No one answers. I had no idea where my stuff was for a few days.

Overall, I would avoid this company like the plague. I disliked them enough to refuse money back so I could write this review so I beg you to take heed of it. Don’t make the mistake I did.


March 30, 2018 12:00 am

Unique movers

Honestly speaking, they are the best movers I have ever come across in recent times. It wasn’t my first relocation when Long Distance Movers company helped me to move from Georgia to Virginia. Prior to this, I had hired out other moving companies who were equally good. The experience with this last company was however different; very different. The services were more efficient than I had imagined. Thanks to them, my movement was flawless. The team that came over at my old residence ensured that everything was in order without a single mistake. Truly a memorable experience it was. From the beginning to the end, my move with the guys from Long Distance Movers was excellent. Their manner towards their work is commendable. Therefore, I will hire them again for my next moves as I enjoyed exciting move experience with them. Thank you


February 21, 2018 12:00 am

Unorganized Scam

This was the worst experience I’ve ever encountered with a company. After using Long Distance Movers, I will never used a broker company again to help me with my move. First off they were unorganized and very unprofessional when speaking to them on the phone. They would cut me off in the middle of sentences and randomly begin speaking to other people. They were very bad at hiding their obvious frustrations and stress. I hired LDM because the offer was good and my move was quick and last minute so my options were limited (they were not my first option). LDM, which is a broker, was pointless to hire. I not only had to give them ALL required information for my move and pay them, but I also received multiple calls from the moving company (a separate company that LDM hired to get my stuff) asking me the same information and had to pay them separately. What’s the point of LDM as the broker if I had to do the exact same steps with the actual moving company, who picked up and delivered my items. Big waste of time and money to hire LDM. They were the over paid, undeserving middle man in my case. Due to the pointlessness and terrible quality of service I received from the LDM, my move in date was incorrect. This was due to poor communication between LDM and Rolls Trans (the shipping company). The company had to restore my stuff and deliver 3 weeks late. And of course, now I am missing large items. But I cannot talk to LDM about my missing items since they did not ship or deliver them. So whats the point of Long Distance Movers Inc.? Warning: Do NOT hire this company!!!
P.S. If you do make the mistake like I did by using Long Distance Movers, then make sure you copy and print everything they send you as soon as you get it, because it will eventually disappear. Also ask and send follow up emails and save them all to save your butt from this rip off!!


February 13, 2018 12:00 am

Well Cultured and Respectful Movers

Indeed, fining well cultured and respectful movers is very difficult in the industry. For that reason, you need not to allow them to skip from your hand when you happen to find them. Long Distance Movers is such a wonderful team of well cultured and respectful moving company that you need not to allow them to go when you find them. They guys are ready to make you happy while they pack and move your stuffs. That is why I must hire and rehire them again for my next move. A++! I thought this moving company will be like others when I saw two young guys sent to my house. However, I later realized that the guys are full of energy and expertise, they moved all my things in a perfect order and nothing was ever damaged. Thank you so much for the wonderful move Long Distance Movers.


February 27, 2018 12:00 am

What a thrilling experience!

What can be more thrilling than having access to the finest of the very finest? What can be better than having the most sought after service provider by your side? You feel like you are on top of the world and that is the feeling I have right now. I feel like giving the entire crew a hug each. I was peacefully relocated by Long Distance Movers crew last week. They ensured that I settled in Indianapolis without any stress or worries. The journey was awesome and the actual act of loading and offloading was handled professionally. I wonder if any other mover would have done it so.


May 28, 2018 12:00 am

Wonderful team

Prior to seeking the services of this company, I had only relocated once and the experience isn’t worth talking about. Not that the services were poor or anything of that sort, their services were too plain and there was nothing extraordinary about them. In short, Long Distance Movers was everything they were not. The liveliness, sense of dedication and humor evident in the latter crew, was just amazing. It was nothing short of inspiration and that made me so happy. Last week, a friend of mine was relocating. She called me out to help her with a selection of ideal relocation services. I had heard about Long Distance Movers some months prior so I suggested to it to her. She did not know anything about them so she left all that was to be done on my hands. Through the help of this company, all the necessary properties were relocated to the new home and everyone was happy.


April 26, 2018 12:00 am

These positve reviews though…

I actually just cancelled with this company after doing some research. So I don’t have much experience to speak of.
Can I just point out to everyone how freakin weird (cough*fake*cough) all of the 5-star positive reviews are?
Same length. Poetic words. Such passion for a moving experience.
Seems pretty questionable to me.
I’m not going to come out and say that Long Distance Movers is paying someone to write passionate 5 star reviews, but it certainly would appear that way. Not cool.


May 17, 2018 12:00 am

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