Maya Van Lines

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The name MAYA comes from Maia, the youngest goddess daughter of the God Atlas. If you associate Maya’s father’s name with a large, franchised moving company, then think of the daughter as building an Atlanta moving company that emphasizes hard work to build a solid hometown reputation. It’s in our name.

In Greek mythology, the name Maya derives from the Goddess “Maia” who rules over “increase.” According to Hindu belief, Maya also means “illusion,” “enchantment” or “God’s creative power.” This refers to the illusory nature of this world. Maya has roots in Sanskrit, with “ma” meaning “not” and “ya” meaning “this,” and the name is also associated with “water.”

Finally, Maya is also used as a pet form of “Amalia” meaning “industrious” or “hardworking.” We think this characterizes Maya Van Lines.

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