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As a fully integrated transport and logistics provider, our goal is to develop customized,high-quality, large-scale logistical projects for our customers in order to provide a definitive competitive advantage.

As a full service moving brokerage, Purple Heart Moving Group is one of the best ways to find an ideal moving company for your moving needs. We have maintained strong relationships with many Class A licensed movers that offer unprecedented and reliable services.

58 Reviews for Purple Heart Moving Group

5 stars

My cousin passed away last month and my brother and I needed to get all of his items out of his house. A lot of them are family heirlooms and are irreplaceable. We spent hours trying to find a reputable company to pick up them up that did fall under the ‘scam’ companies. We put our move online and started monitoring calls from each company we came across. Some were terrible scams and we knew from the get go that it was going to be bad. We received a call from Henry at Purple Heart Moving Group and before even moving onto the price. He let me know that they do military discounts and adhere to people who served for their country. Since my brother was in the army for 8 years, we applied to the military discount. He walked us through how to pack things up to standard and what we could and could not bring. My cousin had quite the green thumb, but apparently, anything living cannot be moved. He told us how to get these items moved, since any company could not do it, regardless of what company we moved with. He told us specifically what the movers would do on site, how much to tip them if we wanted to, what materials were used for free and what costed extra. We spent a total of 3 hours on the phone with him. He was more than thorough. Experience shows in situations like this, we could tell we were not being tossed around. We were pleased to finally make a deposit with a professional company. We got everything figured out two weeks before we had to get the things out. We needed one specific day for the movers to come, as neither my brother nor I actually resided a the place where they would move the furniture out of. Purple Heart Moving group was able to adhere to this and arrive at a reasonable time and manor. Since there was so much stuff, and we had little time to prep it, the movers did all, and I mean ALL, of the packing. We kept a watchful eye, just to make sure they nick-knacks would be secure and not break. They labeled the boxes as we had asked, by room and color coated them as well to differentiate ours from other people’s belongings. It took all of about six hours before they were done loading it on the truck. They took it to their own storage, as we had not set any up. It stayed there for just over a month. This is where it got a little complicated. The furniture had to be dispersed between my house, my brothers house and our own storage place. Unfortunately, this information would have been more valuable before they came to pick it up, but we were unsure how to split it all up. The manager that we got a hold of gave us a drivers number and we were able to facetime video him. He sat on the phone for two hours with us, relabeling the boxes depending on where they were going. We were already aware that this would cost more, as it had to go to three different locations, but it was well worth it. They put a lot of effort into making sure that this would go smoothly, we verbalized the importance of the task. It took about three more days for the things to go into trucks again initiate the driving process. My brother got his furniture first. It was hard for him to understand the men that were there, but everything went smooth. He also met them at the storage place two days later and watched over that. It seemed to be that everything so far had made it in one piece. Lastly, I received my portion. The only issue I had was one important piece of antique was not in my home. We later found out that it had been in the storage place of ours. I was relieved, but not upset by any means. They had already given us a claims form to fill out. We had initiated that, but I finally found out that it was in the facility and therefore cancelled the claim.
Overall, I am pleased with the service that Purple Heart Moving Group gave us. We will not be moving in any realm, but if anything was to come up, we would be using them.


February 23, 2018 12:00 am


This “broker” was hired to facilitate a move for one of our employees cross country. They are absolutely terrible, their customer service is wretched (they will literally just hang up on you if they don’t want to answer you and then make threats if you call them out on this practice). The people they contracted to do the actual move (Pac N Go) – which, by the way, was NEVER made clear they were not the movers until later – were weeks late, lost and damaged many valuables, were completely unprofessional in every way, and Purple Heart has, after months of dealing with them, refused any responsibility for this. They said we could file a claim but continually send us links to the claim form that don’t work. It’s been a nightmare. This is hands-down the worst moving company I have ever met or worked with, and I have worked with many. Buyer beware.


July 11, 2018 12:00 am

Do NOT use this company! They are a scammers

I will start this review by saying DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

My initial inquiry call was taken by Nate. I gave him a rundown of what I expected to move which was about 75 to 100 boxes with two sets of patio tables and chairs along with some assorted end tables and shelves. I had sold most of my furniture so it would not have to be moved. Nate told me that because I had no major furniture, I had a “mini move” and he quoted me a price of $1992.00. I thought that was a good price since the other companies had quoted at least double that. When I said that I would hire them, he started the recording and we went through the process of identifying my needs with Nate stating this would be a mini move and the price would be $1992.00. He did NOT repeat the number of boxes or the other items I mentioned prior to the beginning of the recording. I paid the required deposit and agreed to pay half of the balance at pick up and half at delivery. He said that they cater to veterans and since I am 100% permanent and totally disabled, I was sure that they would take care of me. What a HUGE mistake that was.

I was given a three day window for pick up and was told that I would receive a call from the moving company the day before they were to be at my home. I was also told that they would give me a call the day of the move with a two hour window. When the second day of the window came, I called Purple Heart to see when they were planning to have the movers there and was told that they were 30 minutes away!! That did not work and I had to reschedule. That was my first surprise. The next was when the movers did show up the next day, they looked at the items I was moving and said that it was a much larger move than they were told and it would have to be recalculated. The end result was that the cost of the move would not be $1992, but over $4500!!! Quite a shock. I have attempted to get resolution for the past two months to no avail. For the first month, I could not get a return call. I began to call on a daily basis and became such a pain that someone finally called me. It did no good, because the bottom line answer after two months of calls, emails and more calls, was “the recording confirms that you agreed to a mini move and this was much larger”. You are liable for the additional charges. OF COURSE I AGREED. THAT IS WHAT I WAS TOLD! During one of the conversations, a “customer service” rep literally screamed at me and told me I was wrong.

So much for taking care of veterans. If you are a veteran or even if you are not, and you are looking for a company to arrange your move, do NOT use Purple Heart Moving Group. Do yourself a favor and use another company. I truly cannot believe that this company, while professing to care of and cater to veterans, could be so callous and uncaring. If I could give a rating lower than one star, I would do it.

I have continued to attempt to negotiate with this company and the best they said that they can do is to refund me a pittance compared to the amount that they misquoted me from the very start.

This company, in my opinion, has NO ethics. They are scammers of the highest form and use classic tricks like bait and switch tactics. If you are looking for a reputable company to perform your move, forget Purple Heart Moving Group. They are NOT the company you want to entrust with your move. Avoid this company like the plague.

I reiterate my statement above, if I could give a rating lower than one star, I would do so.


September 13, 2018 12:00 am

Do not use!

Do your research. Start with BBB. There are a number of recent complaints all stating the same issue. We used them and the experience was a nightmare. We were quoted one price and by the time the sub-contractor was done, it doubled. Our “dedicated” point of contact disappeared. Multiple items did not make the trip and now we have to deal with the movers they sub’d the job out to.


August 15, 2018 12:00 am

Did not show up and no refund

I have never been so dissapointed with a company, not only did they not show up to move my belongings but they also changed my contract to extend the moving window and did not refund any of my money- even though they canceled on me. I was moving across the country and got completely screwed over. Once they did not show up in the window after many phone calls I got ahold of someone who said they would at least refund my money. They then changed my contract to extend the window- without my approval and the next day told me they would not refund me because they finally found someone to move my things- at this point I was already across the country and had gotten other movers.

Not only did I have to find new movers to move my belongings across the country in one day I also lost all my money from Purple Heart.
Funny because I picked this company due to reading positive reviews but my recommendation is absolutely do not use.


November 18, 2018 12:00 am

Good company

I would just like to say that Purple Heart Moving Group has exceeded my expectations with my recent house move! As far as I’m concerned, they are one of the best moving companies out there! Working with their crew was a total pleasure. They were hard working professionals, and complete gentleman throughout the whole process. I really can’t say enough positive things about my personal experience with them except that I am absolutely convinced that I made the right choice choosing them. They arrived at my house early morning to boot, and they actually beat the price estimate that I receive. What more needs to be said, except I would not even consider calling another moving company for any future moving needs!


March 22, 2018 12:00 am


Great and prompt service. Made moving a no fuss process which is awesome. Thanks so much! Ricardo and Andres were my movers


April 18, 2019 12:00 am


Purple Heart Moving Group took our four bedroom home from Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, West Virginia. I could tell we had professionals for our job and it really made a huge difference. The professionalism and the follow up made all of the difference. I called these guys last minute. Sure enough Purple Heart Moving Group came out with two men eager to work. They were courteous helpful and careful. All went over very well and far better than initially anticipated. I truly enjoyed working with Purple Heart Moving Group, I was glad to experience a reliable company for a change.


February 8, 2018 12:00 am

Great company

I used this company recently for my move to Florida and I am very pleased with the outcome. Their customer service was top notch. They were always willing to answer and explain any questions I had. The pick and delivery went better than expected and I did not have any issues with the condition in which my items arrived. I would use them again if need be and I will be sending their info to any family and friends I know looking to move


March 3, 2018 12:00 am

Great experience with Purple Heart Moving Group

We had a great experience with Purple Heart Moving Group.

Led by George, our 3-man team also included Xavier and Alonso.

These guys faced a difficult job due to the 50-step round trip involved in carrying everything out of our 1-bedroom apartment. As the apartment disgorged more and more possessions accumulated over three years, they did a great job relaying the items up the steps and carefully loading their truck.

They were very skilled in wrapping large items to protect them and also in loading the truck to maximize space and structure the load to prevent shifting.

They worked steadily for over 8 hours, never stopping for breaks.

Having George around really took the stress out of moving, and I would definitely recommend any team he leads.

You cannot go wrong using Purple Heart Moving Group.


November 27, 2018 12:00 am

Horrible experience

Run away. Purple Heart has no heart. Once they get their deposit, they could care less what happens. They hired a company that increased my estimate from 10k to 20k, by using a shuttle 3 times, that wasn’t full, doubling my cubic feet. Almost every piece of furniture was gouged, scratched, or broken. Boxes were crushed, items broken Queen bed was soaked with water and oil. They take no responsibility for what happens and their contract protects them from any liability. They do not have your back. I trusted the name Purple Heart. It was the most horrific experience of our adult lives. After my constant complaints, some cost adjustments were made by the mover, not Purple Heart. They offered me 400. with disclaimer not to write a bad review. I said no. People beware.


September 7, 2018 12:00 am


Shame on me for not checking these reviews 1st.

When the moving company 1st came to move my furniture out of my house in CO, one mover showed with a guy who was from a day-hire company. He’d never moved before. He had to be instructed on each and every detail. He was not self regulating at all. There was so much to do, I ended up taking apart and wrapping my own stuff, and trying to get this new guy to help me. Finally I asked the main guy (Jessie) who was great, but didn’t have appropriate help, if he couldn’t call someone else in? He did this, and it took the guy 1.5 hours of bus rides to get there. Between the 4 of us, it still took 7 hours to do the job. Also, the price is over double what I was originally quoted. My stuff is supposed to show up in CA on Sat. I have been calling the “customer service” dept for 4 days, and no one returns my calls. I reached out to my main sales person, Josh, who said he would look into it, but silence there too. I’ve tried to ask for Michael Robinson, the QA manager, and apparently he’s not involved after you sign the contract. Huh. QA they call it. They are telling me that the billing dept will reach out to me, but they can’t give me a number or email address for them. They’ve lied throughout the process, and the “customer service” women are rude and defensive, although you’ve been put through all this crap. They don’t understand or care. “You’re not the only customer, ma’am” is the response I got after explaining being ignored and all the work I put into the move. And she rudely told me that for the amount of stuff I had, 2 movers should have been plenty,and I shouldn’t have needed to help. We finished everything at 6 pm WITH my help, and I worked my butt off. Now they can’t give me a delivery date, although I was told a date when Jessie 1st came. I have a job, and maybe can’t take off on whatever date they choose to come.

This has been a very frustrating experience, and the staff at this company DO NOT CARE about you, your experience, or your things. I’m seriously feeling like I’m going to need a lawyer, because I have not trust for what’s going to happen next.


June 26, 2019 12:00 am

Amazing Service!

Purple heart moving group helped me with my move and were very professional, quick, and efficient. I had a few fragile items which they carefully wrapped in blankets, some furniture, and a lot of heavy boxes. They also provided a couple of wardrobe boxes which helped with some miscellaneous items. They were gracious and helpful throughout the entire process!


May 12, 2019 12:00 am

Assigned to a moving company with questionable reviews online and furniture was damaged beyond repair.

DO NOT USE PURPLE MOVING STORAGE. I contacted this company based on several positive reviews. Needless to say, it became apparent after speaking with Josh the initial agent who secured my order that they were only interested in collecting the broker fee and passing me along to a mover that had horrible reviews on Yelp. After they informed me that I was assigned to American Knights Moving and Storage company I called them back to share that there were numerous negative reviews shared on social media about this company and that most of the complaints were about furniture being delivered damaged. They assured me that this is a company they use all the time and there has never been an issue such as damaged furniture. Unfortunately, I can attest to the fact that my furniture arrived damaged beyond repair and when I contacted Purple Heart they forwarded my email to American Knights and I never heard from them again. Do yourself a favor and conduct research and go directly through the moving company. What I learned is that because they take the broker’s fee off the top of the moving company’s cut the only companies that will work for such a small amount of money are the ones that are poorly rated.

Now let me share my furniture delivery story. On June 13, 2018, American Knights Moving Company picked up my furniture in Beachwood, OH to transport it to Charlotte, NC. When they arrived at my home the movers documented the condition and pieces that were being moved. My furniture was in excellent conditions. The triple dresser was brand new still wrapped in the original delivery packing wrap. When my furniture arrived in Charlotte, NC the first thing we noticed was that the moving truck was packed beyond capacity. They stated that we paid for a certain amount of space on the moving truck and when we saw the conditions of not just our furniture on this truck but the fact that the movers had to take other customers furniture off of the truck and put it on the street to get our furniture that was jammed on top of other furniture. We noticed right away that the dresser had a large scrape because the natural color wood on a Cherrywood dresser was exposed. Then we noticed the (4) nightstands were in the same condition, the Cherrywood base was scratched and nicked along with our television stand. The driver apologized and stated that he was sorry but that the company put too much furniture on the truck and this is why it was damaged beyond repair. That they had to jammed more furniture than is allowed on the truck. Basically, they shouldn’t have accepted our move because they were already overcommitted. Needless to say, I shared that this is unacceptable and he said that I should contact the company because the furniture that was damaged is new and nice but that it was nothing he could do for me. We noticed when we opened our boxes that all of our plates, bowls and several perishables were broken ito pieces so we had to throw them out. We paid a total of $2,976.00 for this move. The total amount of damages to our furniture is $2,200.00. To date, we never heard anything from Purple Heart Moving company.
Service cost: $941.20.


September 14, 2018 12:00 am

Awesome Service

My dad kept saying he wanted Purple Heart movers to remove our household belongings to our new home in San Francisco, CA where we had been relocated. I carefully watched these men myself doing their job with all gravity and care. They organized everything in a way nothing was missing or damaged. The most impressive thing they did was that they cleaned many of our items before packing them, even though we’ve done the cleaning earlier before they arrived, yet they repeated to make sure everything was absolutely clean. Thanks and we appreciate everything you guys did!


August 23, 2018 12:00 am

Check In

This was my very first time I have moved to a different State after staying several years in San Antonio. Relocating for the first time is never an easy task since one has to go through several and stressful processes to get it properly done. In my situation, I kept searching on the web and also asking my close friends who have moved before. I also looked at reviews on many movers’ websites and other business directories. However, I came to know Purple Heart based on the reviews and good reputations they have.
I moved just last month,
June 24, with the help of Purple Heart. To start my story, the crew showed up on time and begun to disassemble all my pieces of furniture including my large double bed. The men were very careful with every single thing they did to make sure my things were well secured and also in a better condition as they met them. Knowing quite well that some movers can be neglectful with their customer’s belongings. But on the side of these men, they carefully did everything they did.

The movers were very sympathetic and pros. At a stage, I wanted to help but they told me not to worry about anything. They arranged all my things in one place in less than 2 hours before they started packing them in the van. They came with sufficient boxes and wraps so everything went so smooth and quick. They packed all my things in the truck in an hour and that looked fantastic because they saved me more time than expected.

In three days’ time, my things arrived. It was late evening so the packing workers rested until the morning before started unloading the stuff. They helped me positioned every item where it should be. By 10 am, they finished up their assignment and left.
I had a wonderful experience with this team and how I wish would get them on my next move, no matter how long that could be. They are really an amazing group!


August 24, 2018 12:00 am

Cross Country FAIL

We booked our move from Oregon to Georgia 3 months in advance. As the date for moving came and passed, we began learning more about this company. They were 4 day’s late, 2 weeks have passed and we still are without furniture. We were told on day 2 of waiting for our driver that they had 30 business days, by law, to deliver our items. We had initially asked how long it would take to get our items and we were told “the drivers can only drive 500 miles a day.” We weren’t told they it wouldn’t be worth their time to cross the country if they didn’t have other loads to pick up and deliver in the same area or that if wanted it a guaranteed delivery date that it’d cost closer to $10,000-$12,000. We started out with a $3,000 quote and were told it was such a good deal because we booked so far in advance. Before even loading all of our stuff, that cost jumped to over $5,000. Extra charges for stairs. We had more boxes than initially estimated, initially 20 small, 20 medium. We used 34 medium boxes and 4 large boxes, this doubled the price and required an extra deposit. They used a small team that arrived at 4pm and worked until 1:30am to load a small truck to take to a larger truck that would be packed with additional loads as well as our own. Who knows what kind of things our stuff may be exposed to. Or how damaged it will be after being handled so many times by people who obviously care less. It would’ve been less expensive to refurnish our new place, and much more comfortable than sitting on lawn chairs, sleeping on air mattresses and eating off paper plates as we wait, still, for our belongings. And the best part, they insure $.60 on the pound, not the actual worth of the contents. This has been an awful, stressful experience and it still is not over. I’m expecting the worst, because that’s how they’ve treated us.


September 5, 2018 12:00 am

if there was a ZERO star, i would have rated them zero

I just got my stuff moved by Purple Heart and I am vey dissatisfied and angry about the way they handle their business. Original total Estimated price was ~ $ 7300 but last invoice was over $10300.
There was no on-site estimate of moving expenses, just over the phone and online list you submit. the sales person very pushy about signing the contract with you and once that is done it si so hard to get a hold of him.
He promissed that he is over estimating and i will even get some money back but that was a big LIE. I ended up paying over $3000 extra and once my stuff delivered there were so many broken and damged items that you will not imagine. if there was a ZERO star, i would have rated them zero.


April 10, 2019 12:00 am


Efficient, helpful, thorough, and communication was amazing. From the initial contact til delivery, everyone polite and professional, Thank you!!


February 9, 2018 12:00 am


It’s really true – these guys are AMAZING. They’re fast, efficient, smart, friendly, take care with your belongings, don’t over charge you. I’ve moved about 30 times in my life – thanks to Purple heart moving group this was the least painful it’s ever been.


April 3, 2019 12:00 am

It’s a scam don’t do it!

Purple Heart Movers in conjunction with HQ Movers are a scam.
I’m not sure where to even start with all my issues. The original move was scheduled with Purple Heart Moving Brokers after checking around for best possible prices. I had a long-distance move from Ashland, Wisconsin to Dothan, Alabama. Initial quote was for 286 cf (2002) lbs. I had a King Size Bed, A couch, two end tables and a large vinyl shelving unit, couple light shelves with 20-30 boxes. I was assured I would receive a call from the mover to inform me when my items would be picked up. I was already in Alabama. So, I also gave them the number of my friend since he would be at the pickup location for a backup contact. Apparently, they contacted him but did not contact me. I got a call from my friend stating the company would be there in several hours. They assured him pick up no later than 5pm. At 6pm he contacted me. I had to reach out to Purple Heart to find out why the movers were not at my apartment yet. They finally decided to show up after 8pm. It was close to 11am when they left the Ashland, Wisconsin location. Before they picked up all my boxes, they informed me the rate would increase. I could see that as a possibility. With a small increase. After all my count guess could have been wrong. That brought the original estimate from $1848.19 to $2751.21. Still seemed like a large increase for so little items. The guys were going to send me the inventory and copies of the files. What I received was by teach. The pictures were taken in the dark. I was supposed to also get pictures of the items placed in the truck. Didn’t happen. I was paying by credit card. They required me to take a picture of the card and my drivers license and send it by text. I was uneasy about doing this. I’ve never known a reputable company to request this information by delivery of text. The next day I received a credit card release from HQ. I went ahead and paid the balance off and had to send the information once again. After about a week, I called to get the status of my move. I called numerous times. The pick-up driver wrote down earliest delivery a month out. I was already in Alabama. I had to start my new job as the Morning Show on Air Personality at the radio station immediately. The calls went back and forth. At one point I was told my items were in Minnesota. Next time they were in storage in Kansas. Finally, several weeks later, they told me I would get my belonging the following week. Once again, I was told the driver would contact me. The information being transmitted was always after normal business hours. I go to sleep right after 6 to get up at 3am. The week of delivery, I called several times. I had not received a call from their delivery driver. He finally contacted me and told me he would be at my new apartment the following day. Once again, I went over my work schedule. On the delivery day he called and gave me a time of 6pm. After 8pm, he comes strolling up to my apartment telling me that he couldn’t get the 18-wheeler into the apartment complex. I told him I was expecting a call right as he arrived in Dothan. He proceeded to show me his phone where he started calling me. The first number was the radio station office line and the second number wasn’t even my number. Then he proceeded to tell me my phone was disconnected. No, my phone works fine, I was on it when you walked up. You dialed the wrong number and tried to blame it on me. He called me earlier on the correct number. Total bs. A call indicating, they were going to be late should have been made. I would have informed him which entrance to use. He told me he still wouldn’t be able to get the truck in. My apartment complex manager was standing outside and reaffirmed the instructions I gave him. (My whole family drives 18 wheelers so I’m very schooled). Be aware, do not fall for this. That’s just more money they want to charge you. We go upstairs and then the driver informs me the stairs will cost me another $75.00 in cash and my balance of $1963.31 My contract shows the first flight of stairs includes up to 21 stairs. I only have 14 steps on one flight. So now my total is $2826.21. I previously paid the balance and his paperwork did not reflect that. Here’s more time wasted calling back to their dispatch office. It was after 9 by the time they started unloading my belongings. At least 8 boxes had lost numbers. I opened those first to confirm those belonged to me. The boxes were beat up. Looked like they had been thrown and run over by a train. Once everything was delivered, I signed the paperwork. The guy left, and I realized My large vinyl shelf wasn’t in the house. I went to the door to stop him to find out where it was. He basically told me that it wasn’t on the truck. I informed him it would have been on the truck. It was wrapped in shrink wrap and noted on the inventory. So now, one of my largest and longest pieces of furniture is missing and I’ve been told it wasn’t on the truck when I can surely see it was on the inventory list and indicated it was shrink wrapped. If it’s not on the truck, the rate shouldn’t have been increased. It was large and long. Also, my antique record storage cabinet is also split down the side. Looks like someone dropped it. Now the wood is split down the middle of one side. I tried to contact the office on Friday to report the damage and missing piece. It went to voicemail. No returned call from them. Finally, Sunday during a funeral I get a message from Purple Heart. At this time, I’m done with dealing with this company. I thought that I would be helping Veterans by using this company. This experience has taught me a lesson about moving. I work in the media. This will not go unnoticed. I’m sure I’m not the only person they have ripped off. The customer service is horrible. No reputable moving company delivers after normal business hours and they certainly don’t contact you in the middle of the night.


May 15, 2018 12:00 am

Love Purple Heart

I spent maybe over an hour on the phone with the coordinator and the movers were loading up my things two days later. It was pretty cheap, though I wasn’t moving too far, and efficient as well.
Literally easy as could be. I appreciate the professionalism, as that is hard to find. Plus, I got a veteran discount which was pretty sweet.


August 23, 2018 12:00 am


Generally speaking I was very satisfied with my move. I really appreciated how clear and communicative the team was. Their pricing was 75% less than other companies. All of the movers were very professional and efficient. I will definitely use them again for my next move.


January 31, 2018 12:00 am


My job called me for a relocation to start another branch in California and requested I got 3 moving quotes to compare and decide upon. I figured the easiest way to do this was to fill out a form online and wait for the phone calls. After doing so I sat in front of my computer and did research on anyone who called me. A lot of the quotes were too good to be true, and after reading some reviews I found out they were a bait and switch company. After a few of these bunk companies called I dug around online and found purple heart moving group. I gave them a call and got a quote from Nate Diaz, whom I must say, was very accurate and punctual with every piece of my inventory. What I will point out is that they were more expensive, and this is why. Nate went over all of the additional charges that can occur during pick up and delivery (which none of the other companies I spoke with mentioned) including stairs, long carry, shuttles, packing, etc. After going over all of the details I brought everything to my supervisor and we both figured purple heart was the best route to go. I booked my move, and everything was smooth sailing from there. Gary from quality assurance called me 3 days before my move to double check my inventory and make any changes I need, they were very accommodating to me as I booked so far in advance it was almost impossible to know every little thing I was going to bring.

Fast forward to moving day. 4 guys show up in uniform and layout moving rugs throughout my home to prevent any damages to my floors which was pretty awesome of them to do. The foreman nickoli carefully inventoried every piece of furniture and every box I was bringing. He has color coded numbered tabs that he put on each piece to ensure it doesn’t get lost or mixed up in transit. 2 other guys were in different rooms wrapping my furniture and running it to the truck while the 4th guy strategically stacked everything in a compact way to save space, time, and prevent damages. About 5 hours later they were done. They walked through my home and picked up any type of debris from the move. I signed off on all my paperwork, tipped them generously, and they headed to my new home in California.

Initially I expected my delivery to be at least a week for 2 since I was moving from coast to coast but to my surprise the guys got there in 4 days to delivery my goods. Nickoli arrived with a different crew and they got straight to it. As each piece was coming off of the truck I pointed where I wanted everything to go and they began to set up my house again. I had BRAND NEW hard wood floors installed so not only did they lay out rugs again, but they wore little paper booties over their shoes so they didn’t dirty my floor. By the end of it I was shocked to see that not even a glass was broken. I am just so impressed.

If you took the time to read this, please beware of the low baller companies and go with someone reputable. After a lot of research moving companies can scam customers and I’m so thankful that I booked my move with someone who cares about their customers, not just the money. If I could I would leave them a 1000 star review and hopefully my company contracts them permanently.


March 8, 2018 12:00 am


Thank you team at Purple Heart moving group. Everything was a walk in the park from the initial quote to the day of delivery. Eric was just fantastic and walked me though each step of the process. Highly recommended.


March 13, 2018 12:00 am


I got my delivery last night and I am very pleased with the services received. I got a quote from mike about 3 months ago and he gave me such a great rate for booking early. All of the customer service representatives were helpful and knowledgeable and answered the phone anytime of night. I had bad nerves about moving across country but Purple Heart went above and beyond for my family.


March 14, 2018 12:00 am


I recently used Purple Heart Moving for my move from NYC to Florida.
They arrived on time for the pickup of my furniture and other household goods.. They wrapped and packed everything for me in a very professional manner. The gentlemen were very courteous and knowledgeable about the moving industry and answered all my questions.
My delivery was perfect! There were no damages to my belongings!
I’ve used many moving companies, as I was a military wife for many years. They are by far the best experience I’ve had with any moving company.
Kudos to every one at the company from the agent who assisted me to the Customer Service staff! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT EXPERIENCE!


March 15, 2018 12:00 am

Moving company

My sister and I used this moving company for our recent move from KY to PA and we are happy to share we had a great experience from start to finish. We were able to call in and get a quote the same day over the phone. The gentleman I spoke with was very nice and professional. He explained the way their company works and everything that would be included in our move. We previously received a few quotes from other companies but felt safe going with these guys after speaking with a few of their moving coordinators.

We were provided their 24 hours customer care number and we were updated regularly on when to expect pickup and delivery. We were able to call in at any time with any questions and/or concerns we had, which was a great relief. The team that showed up to complete both the pickup and delivery were also professional and polite. They assisted us in finishing up some packing and our items arrived in the same exact condition in which they were put onto the truck.

My sister and I are very pleased with the outcome of this move and will be sharing their information with anyone we know who will be relocating in the near future.


March 12, 2018 12:00 am

My moving experience was a nightmare

THEY ARE BROKERS. Not once was this mentioned to me. The sales guy played me and said they ensure everything is wrapped, he quoted me extra space, and said there wouldn’t be an issue for an after 5pm delivery. This would be difficult to do considering the movers that showed up to my family’s home in CA was U.S. Movers. Not Purple Heart.

Delivery took weeks longer than expected. No one returned my calls or could tell me when my stuff would be loaded onto a truck to come over here. And no, delivery did not take place after 5pm. All in all, THREE companies were involved to get my stuff to CO from CA. Purple Heart did nothing, I could’ve hired US Movers or a different company directly. I ended up getting charged an extra couple hundred dollars when they showed up to load the truck, plus, there was a clear lack of communication between Purple Heart and U.S. Movers considering I had paid for an extra flight of stairs but the movers wouldn’t unload into my apartment since they didn’t have a record of this.

A handful of glasses/frames/items broke but luckily nothing valuable. Which is a MIRACLE considering the poor quality care from this company. Funny how once I signed the contract, I couldn’t get a hold of the salesperson…even funnier how I spoke with Josh on the phone, but all emails were sent by a different guy Nick…Plus, the movers that went to my family’s home for pick up were rude to my mom: unacceptable.

I decided to hire Purple Heart despite the added expense in the belief that I would be getting quality care. I can say that the cross-state moving experience was a nightmare and I 100% will not use and will not recommend Purple Heart.


June 16, 2019 12:00 am

Not even real Movers, Brokers who take no responsibility!

My husband and I used Purple Heart Moving Group (PHMG) for our move from NYC to Austin, TX this past May and it was hands down one of the worst, most unreliable and unprofessional experiences of our lives (and as someone who has moved cross country 10 times in her life, I can attest their service is one of the worst).

We reached out to the team at PHMG to say how disappointed and how unhappy my husband & I were with their services, the lack of involvement, communication and just overall unprofessionalism throughout this entire process from the beginning. It’s literally as if we signed & booked for our move, and their entire team disappeared.

No one on their entire team that we had been in contact with stuck to the deadlines that were assured to us. We repeatedly had to reach out to them directly to confirm various deadlines that their team should have been on top of, including our inventory & inventory revisal, confirming our moving date, etc. – always chasing them constantly for answers and literally the same response each time of “Oh, we were just about to call you.”

We were assured that PHMG themselves would be handling our move – moving day comes, our movers show up and it’s a 3rd party mover who immediately knew that our quote was wrong, the cubic feet estimate was way off, and they did not have the most updated inventory from their contact at PHMG. We ended up paying $5,500 for our move after we were quoted for an initial $2,800 move from Purple Heart. We tried calling them that same morning 5+ times while the 3rd party movers were still there. Over the course of 4 HOURS, while the movers worked, we left voicemails and no one responded, answered the phone or even returned our calls. Even after 48 hours after our movers left with our belongings and we had to sign the revised contract with them directly, no one from their team had reached out. It wasn’t until I emailed EVERY team member we had been in contact with with a formal complaint, that a team member responded and said “they were working on our claim and looking into the details on their end”… that was now almost 3 weeks ago now and we haven’t heard back from anyone.

This entire process has been so ridiculous. They misinformed us about the way payment would be handled with the movers, how much was expected a pick-up and drop-off once we got to Texas, how Nate (our initial contact) assured us he would be the point person for the move and then wouldn’t even take my husband’s calls once we signed, he would simply forward them along. They also lied about their services saying that it was THEIR physical team that would be handling our move, not a third party, and their lack of desire to provide us with an honest quote. We called numerous times to revise our inventory and flag issues that may arise, and their response was always “it won’t be a problem… it won’t be a problem” and it all ended up costing us more almost double our quote!


June 7, 2018 12:00 am

Phenomenal Job

I did a lot of research before stumbling upon Purple Heart Moving. I put in a list of my things online along with some other information online and started receiving a lot of phone calls. I probably got 30 within the first 12 hours. This was quite overwhelming at my age.
However, I received a call from a family friend who found out I was moving and recommended this company. I got in touch with a lovely young gentleman who stayed on the phone with me and walked me through how to research some other companies, as well as Purple Heart. I was able to receive a discount since my deceased husband was in the military for over 20 years.
I was very flexible on the time frame of the move, this made it easy for myself and the company to set it up. I decided to pack myself, and though this was a tough decision, I needed to save money where I could. I set the move up for two months out which gave my ample time to pack properly.
What really solidified the fact that I made the correct decision was, the gentleman I was speaking to helped me order all different kinds of boxes off online before we got off the phone. They were delivered right to my door a few days later. I didn’t have to stress about going to the store and making sure I was purchasing enough. It was such a blessing.
When the movers arrived I had everything packed and labeled. They moved the big items, like the beds and couches for me. They also supplied blankets to protect all of my china cabinets and antique dressers.
They were in and out faster than I expected. The whole three bedroom house took them less than 4 hours to wrap and pack up everything in the truck. I was completely in awe.
The whole move took about two weeks, which I knew ahead of time. The customer service department was able to give me updates when I relentlessly called. I had arrangements to stay with my sister while the move was taking place.
The delivery went just as smoothly as the pick up. I had no errors and I am pleased to say that I went with Purple Heart Moving Group. They did an amazing job and I am cordially writing this to recommend them to others.


September 14, 2018 12:00 am


I put my move online and probably got over 50 calls from different people. I spoke to a gentleman at Purple Heart moving and he was very helpful. I am glad i followed my gut feeling. I have moved a few other times and it was a tragic experience. The move went very calm and I stayed informed. The truck drivers and loaders were nice and did not speak a lot. They let my son watch them load and went out of their way to make us comfortable. Everyone I spoke to went above and beyond.
Next time I move, I’ll be doing the same thing. It was easier than expected.


February 1, 2018 12:00 am

Poor customer service, failure to do service.

Booked the move a month in advance. After taking the initial deposit, I never heard back from them until a week before my move. They called and asked if they could come Friday, 3 days earlier than quoted, I was almost done packing so I agreed. Friday came and nobody showed up, I called and they said that they would be there Saturday…. Still nobody showed up. I kept calling and they kept saying they would get with dispatch and get me a time. They NEVER called back. On Monday they still couldn’t give me a time, but they kept offering me a full refund, which only hurt me more because I would have to book another moving company thousands of dollars more because of it being last minute. They said that they MIGHT be able to get someone out here this week or it might be a few more weeks.

They gave me no answers and took Zero responsibility for their failure to deliver the services required. Made no effort to fix the problem, they only wanted me to receive the refund and go away.


April 16, 2018 12:00 am

Pricing was fair and affordable

Purple heart moving group were professional and efficient throughout my moving experience. I was introduced to this company through a mutual friend who said that their service was exceptional for their affordable price. I decided to try their services out and was pleasantly surprised. The move was done in a timely manner and the movers were very nice and handled all the boxes and furniture well. I had quite a few boxes which were heavy and others which contained fragile materials. The movers were positive and calm throughout the process despite the weather conditions and my stress levels. They moved all materials efficiently without any damage or loss to them. Everything ran smoothly and successfully. Pricing was fair and affordable for the service that had provided. I would definitely recommend them to others who are moving as they were able to deliver quality service tailored to different movers’ needs.


March 4, 2019 12:00 am

Purple Heart

I have used quite many moving agencies over the years since I have to relocate a lot because of the nature of my profession. But at this point, Purple Heart and storage is the foremost. These guys offered me a fantastic price and they also were being punctual which was one of the unique factors I really appreciated them. Additionally, they did the packing and loading with care and for that reason, none of my stuff was ruined. One particular factor I would like to include is that their charges or fees did not alter or change in the long run, which means there are absolutely no hidden fees. And this is the reason why I seriously appreciated them and likewise will recommend them to many.


August 23, 2018 12:00 am

Purple heart

I called and spoke with Henry at Purple Heart Moving Group and he was great from start to finish. I explained to him I needed to relocate for work purposes and needed to move as quickly as possible. He was able to get all of my items picked up just a few days later with no extra charges. We went over all of the items I would be bringing and he gave me a fair price compared to the other companies I had been speaking with. He explained everything, and what to expect perfectly. I was given the customer service phone number, which is 24 hours and that was so relieving to know someone would always be there to answer my questions.

I was contacted the day before my pickup date with information as to when I could expect the drivers to show up, they arrived on time and were very professional and they worked quickly. I am so glad I paid for packing as well, it was a great way to save myself time and not have to worry about packing everything incorrectly. I was informed on the day of pickup how long delivery would take and I was also given copies of all of my paperwork right then and there.

I called in about a week after pickup to inquire about delivery, the customer service department called me back in a timely manner with a update and they also provided me with the driver’s phone number. The driver called me and informed me when he was on his way and showed up within the window he provided me. All of my items were delivered and I had no issues. I am so thankful for this company and how easy they made my move. I would recommended them to anyone that needs to move, especially if you are pressed for time.


February 20, 2018 12:00 am

Purple Heart

I contacted Purple Heart after doing some research online about the moving industry and the process to get it all done. I noticed Purple Heart has raving customers so I contacted them for a quote. I had the pleasure of working with Eric throughout my entire move. Everything from pick up to delivery went as smooth as i could imagine. 5 stars across the board.


March 1, 2018 12:00 am

Purple Heart moving is a scam .

Purple Heart moving company – This company is a scam. Never ever use this company for moving your stuff. They are just a call center and will be very polite until they have your money and moving stuff. They gave me a moving estimate of $2400 for 1 bedroom move based on the item list i provided. On the day of move a different company truck came and they increased the estimate just by looking . Once they take the stuff they will weight it on their own and provide you a weight which will be grossly more than what you have and the price will increase per pound and you cant do any thing. If you try calling purple heart they will keep repeating the same thing that the weight is final and you have to pay accordingly. It is no where near the estimate they will provide you initially. I infact had 2 less items to be loaded still my cost got to $3400 . $1000 more than the initial estimate. On top of that the delivery window is 3 to 10 business days . My stuffs were picked up on 12th april and they have already rescheduled it twice and today when I checkec they said it wont be arriving until 30th of the month. There is no accountability or shame that this company has. For eveyything they will ask you to call the carrier. Please stay away from this scam.


April 24, 2018 12:00 am

Purple Heart!

I had a wonderful experience using this moving company. They were very educated and professional on the phone and in person. I called and received a quote and did some price shopping and realized they had the best deal after speaking with multiple other companies. I called back to book my move and they even had a special going on for a packing discount. I went over all of the items I needed to move with Melissa and then I was called back a few days before the move to go over all of the items again and I ended up adding on a lot more than I originally had after packing up my whole apartment.

I had to call back and change my dates for the move, and they were so accommodating! I was informed every step of the way as far as what to expect and what was required for payments. I was notified when to expect the drivers for the pickup day and they came on time. The movers were polite, professional and worked diligently to get my items loaded onto the truck.

Throughout the move, I was able to call in anytime and request updates and get a better idea of when to expect my items. I ended up getting all of my items delivered a lot quicker than I expected and I had no damages, or missing goods. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who needs to move. I am extremely happy I decided to use this company for my move. Thank you again!


February 21, 2018 12:00 am

Purple Hearts Moving Group

The hardship we suffered from Purple Hearts has been intense and extreme. The financial loss resulting from them handing us off to Fragile Movers’ of Hackensack, NJ resulted in careless and cavalier treatment of our personal belongings. Damages exceeded $2600.

We experienced insult and indignity as a result of disrespectful treatment and unfulfilled commitments by both Purple Hearts Moving Group and Fragile Movers.

We experienced the receipt of misleading information from Purple Hearts Moving Group’s Salesperson regarding insurance and what we would be able to expect regarding our delivery timeline. We feel Purple Hearts Moving Group took advantage of our need for a Mover and our inherent desire to trust a company that would bear such a name. Our experience has shown this trust to have been costly, misplaced and undeserving.

We experienced additional egregious and personal affront from having to absorb damages to valuable, personal belongings.

The injurious treatment persisted as Purple Hearts Moving Group washed their hands of the damages to our personal belongings, and we had to wait over 4 month to see if we would receive any compensation from Fragile Movers for our losses.

In the end, we were offered $48.00 to cover the losses of over $2600.

Although Purple Hearts Moving Group is the company that exposed us to the damages we incurred, it is likely the “small print” of our contract justifies such inaction on their part.

Along the way, there was no commitment to promises made to us regarding the placement of our belongings onto the moving truck, the departure time of the truck for the cross-country journey, and the ability to personally contact the driver of the truck so we would have some semblance of an idea of the timeframe for delivery. At times for us, the lack of communication seemed incredulous.

We lived in an unfurnished home for weeks, without any knowledge of when or if we would ever see our belongings again.

It is disgraceful and sad that “Purple Hearts Moving Group” uses such a name to represent their service.


January 10, 2019 12:00 am

Re: Buyer Beware: Broker Selects Carriers that are NOT Reputable-Your Furniture Will Be Damaged Beyond Repair!

Purple Heart Movers is a broker and their role is to select reputable carriers to transport furniture safely from one destination to the next. We contacted this company to act the broker agent to select a reputable carrier to transport our furniture from Ohio to NC. What we have since learned through this experience is that the broker agent takes a third of the amount that a reputable carrier would charge to conduct a long distance move. As a result, Purple Heart Movers are using carriers that are not reputable they are the lowest bidders which means that you will be subjected to the nightmare that we have experienced using them.

The carrier was on time to pick up our furniture, of course Purple Heart didn’t provide and accurate estimate so we had to incur additional expenses because the furniture weight was more than what they quoted. In addition, the carrier because Purple Heart Movers just for finding a carrier takes a third of what a reputable mover would charge you pay for all packing materials. This should have been the first red flag for us. Purple Heart Movers stated that our furniture would be delivered within 3 days this was not the case.

As you can see from the pictures below, when we received our furniture it was damaged beyond repair. We have since learned that Purple Heart Movers acting in the capacity of a broker is only interested in collecting your money and then you are assigned to whoever is willing to take the lowest amount bidder which are carriers that are not reputable. When I called the USDOT they shared that there are so many complaints and experiences similar to the one we experienced and that consumers should beware of using brokers. The best option for consumers is to conduct our own due diligence by researching online, checking the BBB, consumer affairs, various social media platforms to secure a reputable carrier and DON’T use brokers. I would caution you to read this review carefully prior to using Purple Heart Movers they knowingly assigned us to a carrier that was not reputable. In addition, when we were assigned this carrier we called them to notify them that there were negative reviews online about this carrier and Purple Heart customer service representative stated, “We use this carrier all the time and never have any issues.” Well, the same issues that we informed them about that was online turned out to be true because our furniture was damaged too.

In closing, the purpose of using a broker is for them to do their due diligence to secure a reputable carrier to transport your furniture and goods without them being damaged in the process. When I think about this role, it’s not necessary why would a reputable company take a job for less money. This means that this company can only secure the services of carriers who are in need of business and willing to accept less money because their services are not up to code.

We have requested a refund from Purple Heart Movers, they offered us $300.00 after we lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is not acceptable because we paid them $945.00 as a result of their negligent practices we incurred unnecessary damage that was avoidable. The services rendered didn’t yield the results promised, thus, we are requesting a full refund. As a matter of fact, the only thing they did was answer the telephone take down our information and then sent out the quote to carriers who would accept the bid for this job. They do not vet any of the carriers so you are putting your furniture and goods at risk by using this company.

Save your money and time go directly to the moving company that has reputable reviews. You will be able to select a reputable carrier who will provide high quality services. In life you pay for what you get, no one wants to work for less money. Why would a reputable company split their profits with a company that preys on consumers who are unaware that a broker is not necessary.


October 26, 2018 12:00 am

Really Good, Suprisingly

Our business associates introduced Purple Heart for us as we were thinking about relocating out of Kentucky to North Carolina this summer. Eventually, I phoned the Customer Service to confirm the way they operate, fortunately for me, they reacted to my phone call the second I called them.

I asked them a few issues relating to our move and they also explained exactly what I needed to know. On the other hand, I became satisfied with all the replies they gave me, so my wife and I made a decision to consider them for our transfer.

While I seemed to be thinking about the way I could very well visit the business office to summarize everything concerning my move with them, such as the financial transaction, they called back and said they were definitely going to send out one of their division workers to my place to have an estimate and idea, which was really good by me by doing so.

The representative came up the following day and gave us a proposal right after he walked around our condo. The actual offer they presented us seemed to be pretty acceptable by us and that was initially the exact amount we imagined from them considering that our co-workers previously had informed us of how much they paid for to the same location, and so we currently have the exact amount on our head.
The very next day these people showed up along with a substantial articulated vehicle that could contain all of our property at the same time and that made me really feel good for the reason that I don’t have to go back or abandon a few of our things behind.

The moment the movers arrived, they began packaging and taping many of the items prior to sending them inside the truck. The guys sent to our move were quite welcoming and also brilliant plus they grabbed plenty of knowledge. They took care of all our breakable products in a great way.
It took a little time for the movers, just 3 hours to be able to finish off and load everything into the vehicle. Absolutely nothing was left out and all our stuff were completely handled by this crew. In the beginning, these guys guaranteed to take care of our things such as never before when I went along with other movers during the past, though, they held on their promises. They really provided a top quality delivery. In addition to that, their price appeared to be rational.

We will recommend this business to as many friends as we can.


August 24, 2018 12:00 am


I spoke with mike at Purple Heart moving group and he stood out from everyone else I was talking to. Mike took the time to go over each and every additional charge that may occur and to my surprise, no other company warned me about these charges but I found them in the fine print. That’s when I decided to book with Purple Heart. I had a simple move from Florida to New York and the crew that arrived was just phenomenal. They took the time to introduce themselves, allowed to me to express my concerns and they answered any questions that I had. They were working really hard so I got them some pizza and they were just so grateful it was nice to see. So a few days later another crew arrives at delivery and again, they were just so professional I was thrilled with every step of my move. Hire Purple Heart if your looking for a quality moving company


March 5, 2018 12:00 am

Rip off!!!!!

I called the Purple Heart Moving Group and spoke with one of their senior moving coordinators. I told him we needed a mover to pick-up our belongs from WA and ship them to IN. He asked for a list of the stuff that we wanted to move. I provided him with a list, but told him I was driving and wasn’t at home so the list was an approximation.

He estimated it out to 500 cubic square feet and gave me a price for the total move. I was told to put $1,354.55 down, pay $900.00 when the movers arrived, and pay the rest upon delivery. When I got home, I called and told him it was closer to 800 cubic square feet. He said don’t worry about.

The representative also said that our belongings would be delivered on the 8th, but if we needed storage that would be provided for 30 days at no cost. He said the movers would arrive on either 28th or the 29th of April.

I was called several days later and told the movers could deliver our belongs up to 21 days after the requested delivery date of May 8, 2019. I tried to cancel and asked for a refund, but a Purple Heart Moving Group’s customer service repetitive assured me she would fix it. She switched movers and said our stuff would be delivered no later than 14 days after the requested delivery date. I still wasn’t happy, but I agreed.

I was called several days later and was told that the movers would be at our home on April 29th between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. I was also told that they would call a half hour before they arrived. At 11:45 a.m. I still have not received a phone call so I called the Purple Heart Moving Group. A customer service repetitive, said that she would look into it and call me right back. A hour later, I called again and spoke with a different customer service manager. She too said she would look into it. I was finally told the pick-up would take place between 4 and 6 p.m. Again, I was not happy.

Finally after many phone calls, the movers showed up at 8 p.m. and wanted over $7,000.00 to complete the move. By this time it was too late to hire anyone else, or move the stuff myself. I had to hand over the keys the next morning at closing.

Finally, they dropped the price to $5000.00 flat rate (and wanted to $2,000 at pick-up) which is approximately $1200.00 more than the original quote. The movers didn’t finish loading our belongings into the truck until almost 2 a.m. We ended up having complains logged against us by several neighbors for the noise.

What’s ironic is the movers were able to pack all of our belongings in a 800 cubic square feet 16′ long Budget rental truck. Which means that the 1,200 cubic square feet price of $5,100.00 was completely incorrect. I have copy of the Interstate Bill of Lading Contract and Order for Service which clearly states the total cubic square feet is 1,000 total cubic square feet. Therefore 1,000 cubic square feet times $4.25 (pleased see the original contract signed on April 23, 2019 which locked in a rate of $4.25) would only equal $4,250.00

The bottom-line is we were quoted $4.25 a cubic square feet. So even if our belongings totaled 820 cubic square feet. The total price should have been $3,485.00.

My advice is to stay away from this company.


July 4, 2019 12:00 am

Run away from Purple Heart Moving Group

I feel disgust dealing with Purple Heart Moving Group, their business is based on deceit.
Collin Williamson a Senior Moving Coordinator was extremely courteous, sounded very professional just to allure you to sign up for business with them.
Unfortunately, I took a bait.
He gave a very reasonable estimate of $2600 to move mostly my boxes from Pennsylvania to Seattle and assured me that this will be the final price for the inventory.
He made me pay $1200 deposit.
I diligently packed everything but when the movers came they charged me for exact same inventory $1700 more, which 65% over the biding agreement price.
I called back Purple Heart, however it was absolutely of no use.
Purple Heart Moving Group is broker company, a deposit goes to them, after that it’s a wild west, movers ignored the deposit and charged you even more than the deposit with understanding that you are trapped, cannot change anything at the day of a move, exhausted from selling your house, etc.
If you want to feel being taken advantage off, lied to, humiliated – then go ahead and deal with Purple Heart.
Otherwise, go with the reputable company who would not lie to you with the estimate.
Do your research ahead of time, otherwise you will feel furious for days.


July 26, 2019 12:00 am

Run away from this dishonest company!!!!!

This company is not a moving company, they broker your move to the cheapest most inept movers they can find. Then when you have problems with the move, and you will, no one with Purple Heart will help you. They didn’t even tell my husband that they were brokers, thus we thought they were a moving company. We had so many problems with the movers that we actually had $10,000. worth of damage as appraised by a company who does repair on moving damaged furniture. Purple heart was absolutely no help. THEY WASHED THEIR HAND OF US THE MINUTE THEY GOT OUR MONEY! We had packing issues, charges issues, delivery issues and damage household goods. Purple Heart wouldn’t help! The rotten moving company that they sent to us offered us $76.00 which didn’t even cover the cost of filing the claim. I jumped through hoops for 5 months with the claims process and they offer $76.00!!! Think about it and run away from this dishonest company!!!!!


March 25, 2019 12:00 am

Scam Alert: this is a moving “broker” not a moving company.

Scam Alert: this is a moving “broker” not a moving company. Basically, they charge you money to do a google search. Like $1000+ to do a google search, and they don’t get you the best, they find the actual movers who bid the lowest so they make the most profit.

COMMUNICATION: you know when you call the cable company and they keep sending you to different departments? It’s like this, but inside a fever dream. They will say they will call you back and never do. The nice ones like Makena will promise you things with no follow up, “we’ll send you the form by end of business today,” 5 days later still no form. The rude ones like Mercedes will just get snippy and essentially hang up on you. I was even offered a refund of $250 to not write bad reviews like this one, but I want people to know about how unethical this company is.

RELIABILITY: this comes any takes NO responsibility. Any problem is not the responsibility of the person you are talking to. Want to know the pick up date? That’s the actual moving companies job, or someone else’s department. “We will get that information and call you back.” They NEVER call back. You will be left in the dark and frustrated the entire move.

VALUE: they charge you over $1300 for a move of 2100 Miles. This is their cut. The actual move cost $8000. They took 15% to set up the worst movers ever and were nothing but a headache the entire time.

OVERALL: this company is irresponsible, ineffective, and trading on its military affiliation in the most dishonorable way. Avoid at ALL costs.


August 20, 2018 12:00 am


These scam movers pretend to be veterans and they are not. They are only a bunch of junkies that take a deposit from you and contract your job out to whoever will buy your move. Which means you pay more for substandard service comprising of amateur movers showing up in a Uhual destroying all Your belongings. Dont be another victim !


April 22, 2019 12:00 am

Smooth Move

I am more than satisfied with the service I received from Purple Heart Moving Group. The staff was thorough and professional. From patiently guiding me to their location over the phone to the staff assisting with loading my belongings and securing it safely: the movers are just too perfect and understand my wants. I am a happy customer after using this company and highly recommend for any of your moving needs.

August 23, 2018 12:00 am

Staff at this company DO NOT CARE about your things

Shame on me for not checking these reviews 1st.

When the moving company 1st came to move my furniture out of my house in CO, one mover showed with a guy who was from a day-hire company. He’d never moved before. He had to be instructed on each and every detail. He was not self regulating at all. There was so much to do, I ended up taking apart and wrapping my own stuff, and trying to get this new guy to help me. Finally I asked the main guy (Jessie) who was great, but didn’t have appropriate help, if he couldn’t call someone else in? He did this, and it took the guy 1.5 hours of bus rides to get there. Between the 4 of us, it still took 7 hours to do the job. Also, the price is over double what I was originally quoted. My stuff is supposed to show up in CA on Sat. I have been calling the “customer service” dept for 4 days, and no one returns my calls. I reached out to my main sales person, Josh, who said he would look into it, but silence there too. I’ve tried to ask for Michael Robinson, the QA manager, and apparently he’s not involved after you sign the contract. Huh. QA they call it. They are telling me that the billing dept will reach out to me, but they can’t give me a number or email address for them. They’ve lied throughout the process, and the “customer service” women are rude and defensive, although you’ve been put through all this crap. They don’t understand or care. “You’re not the only customer, ma’am” is the response I got after explaining being ignored and all the work I put into the move. And she rudely told me that for the amount of stuff I had, 2 movers should have been plenty,and I shouldn’t have needed to help. We finished everything at 6 pm WITH my help, and I worked my butt off. Now they can’t give me a delivery date, although I was told a date when Jessie 1st came. I have a job, and maybe can’t take off on whatever date they choose to come.

This has been a very frustrating experience, and the staff at this company DO NOT CARE about you, your experience, or your things. I’m seriously feeling like I’m going to need a lawyer, because I have not trust for what’s going to happen next.


June 26, 2019 12:00 am

STAY AWAY! A bunch of scammers & extortionists

RUN AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! PURPLE HEART MOVING GROUP IS A SCAMMING AND SHAMELESS COMPANY! Do yourself a favor and don’t believe the stars that you see because this company & its employees have no heart. My nightmare started 9/21/18 when I was unfortunate enough to come across this company on the net. Their common tactic is BAIT-AND-SWITCH. I called Purple Heart 9/21/18 & spoke to Nick Didio, customer rep, and for once he never mentioned that they are a broker company. I requested for a quote for a planned move scheduled for 9/29/18. I informed him that I am moving my stuff from a 10×25 storage space from California to another storage facility of the same size in Texas. He initially quoted me for $9979.51. Right there & then I told him that I can’t afford that amount & decided to back out. Nick insisted on trying to work it out & talk to his boss. Not long after placing me on hold, he comes back to me with a BINDING QUOTE $5551.34. Ignorant & naive as I am, I thought I was getting a better deal when he said that if I issued an e-check that I would get $100 knocked off the quote. I immediately signed up & paid them $1551.34. After I issued the e-check guided by Nick himself, that’s when I got bagged in the con. I received a call from their Kristin from customer service & was told that they sent me an email about additional information & that I am to deal w/ customer service from this point on. I was busy working that night till Sunday night that I didn’t get to review the emails till Monday. When I did Monday that’s when the horror set in because they sent me a totally different BINDING QUOTE than what I signed up for. The quote was now $6959.07. I immediately called them to cancel the move & I DESPERATELY BEGGED, CRIED, PLEADED that they return my money since I was within their 3 business days to cancel & a day outside of the 5 days window from the desired pick-up date. But they claimed that I don’t qualify to be refunded because they claimed that I’m within the supposed window 9/28-9/29 that they say I agreed to. The condition I gave them about the 9/28 was if they don’t have availability on 9/29 but I expressed to them that my desired date is 9/29. I’ve went back & forth w/ Purple Heart the next few days. Micheal & Nick promised that they’ll call back but they never do. It was only during these series of phone calls that I found out that they are a BROKER & NOT A TRANSPORT COMPANY. When I decided to push through because it’s now clear that I won’t get my money back, I then asked them the name of the company that they planned to contract for my move. Makena, Supervisor, told me it’s w/ Transunion Van Lines. Looked up the review & it was disgusting. I tried calling Transunion & NOBODY ANSWERS. Left a voicemail & waited half the day & NOBODY returned my call. That terrified me. I can’t even get to anybody in that company now, how much more when they have my stuff. This time, I made a decision to finally demand a refund from Purple Heart for which I was told (their favorite scapegoat department to excuse for delay), THE BILLING DEPARTMENT, would only agree to refund me $450. Then, Makena via email tells me that the only way for me to get that money is if I sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. That’s when I finally confirmed that they’re a SCAM company. A company that gives customer a quote despite no actual booking confirmations in writing sent to a customer DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO BE PAID $1551.34. Only companies, who are scared of getting exposed for what they really are, extort people of their money in exchange for their silence. I hope this review will stir victims in this forum to file a class lawsuit (hopefully aided by consumer advocate groups) against this unscrupulous company & prevent them from preying against innocent hardworking people. I hope people in the BBB, DOT, SEC conduct an investigation on PURPLE HEART & companies like them and hopefully shut them down because nobody deserves to be scammed out of their hard earned money. THEY ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY & their practices should not be overlooked & tolerated.


September 28, 2018 12:00 am

Updating original review from April 5, 2017

Since I posted my poor review, Jessica the CEO of Purple Heart contacted me and has already refunded my original deposit and the $150 extra the driver made my daughter pay at delivery.

She has apologized to me and said that she would attempt to give me a full refund once she received my final payment from the carrier, and would follow through on our damage and loss claim. Jessica also told me that Purple Heart has discontinued their contract with their carrier Swift.

I believe that PH will follow through on their commitment to make things right and when that happens I will remove the earlier review.


April 8, 2018 12:00 am

Very Good

Purple Heart Moving Group just helped me move from Florida up to Maryland. I have a friend who just recently moved with them as well and she highly recommended them to me. I assumed that it would not be the greatest experience since all of the moving companies are being tagged as scams nowadays. My expectations were extremely low.
However, to my disbelief, everything arrived in one piece, unscathed.
That is the gist of what happened, the short version. If you would like to know what happened step by step, keep reading this review.

I called the same coordinator that my friend spoke to a few months ago to set up her move. We skyped so I could have some certainty while going through my home. I had a four bedroom house in Florida and did not trust myself to accurately go through everything. I had to complete my box count to ensure that the list was accurate (in my case, I cared less about broken/lost items and more about a large price increase). The quote was a little bit more than expected. However, I did some research with other companies and realized that what I was expecting was a little bit unrealistic in the summer time.
About a week before my move, when the emotions were heightened, I received a call from a gentleman who wanted to go through everything with me again to make sure nothing was forgotten. To his dismay, the items were so thoroughly checked off the first time, there was nothing left to discuss.
The day before pick up, I was given a time frame that occurred in the morning time (they asked if I had a preference-I did not). The movers showed up the following day around noon. They were gentle giants and remained professional throughout the move.They broke down all my Ikea furniture (not all the way down, just to the point where it made sense to load it on a truck). I had an extra large box that I packed that was extremely heavy. The movers told me on the day of pick up that if that was loaded on the truck, it would most likely not make it on the other end due to the weight of the box. They unpacked it and packed it into two separate large boxes for me. It might not sound like a lot, but it’s little gestures like these that make my day. Especially in stressful situations.

They finished loading around dinner time that evening. I was determined to get up to my destination as soon as possible. I left right after they did.

Now, to back track a little bit, the coordinator had told me it would probably take about a week for my stuff to get up to Maryland. The movers loaded on Monday and my belongings arrived the following Saturday. My new, downsized place is on the fourth floor of a building. To access the closest point, you have to drive up a parking garage. Most trucks cannot fit through this parking garage. The movers had to park on the edge, dolly everything to the closet elevator, and lug it down a hall to my place.

I was able to tell them what room I wanted things to go into, and they reassembled the Ikea furniture for me as well. I was beyond satisfied with how the whole process went. It was very easy for me. I did minimal amount of work – pretty much just supplied an inventory and even with that I had assistance.

Overall, stressful but satisfied customer. Won’t be moving anytime soon, would use again.


August 23, 2018 12:00 am


We spoke to Nate on June 12th to set up our dates for movers to pick up in NC & when to be delivered in CO. Nate told us we would receive our furniture w/in 3-7 days of desired date & that they had another office in Colorado where our furniture could be stored for 30 days free of charge if our house was not available. Now they have had our furniture for over a month & we have been living like squatters in our home. When we call, no one will give us a straight answer if someone actually answers. We have tried contacting Nate through phone & email. He just sends our messages to the customer service department who won’t provide us with any answers if they do contact us. When you do call you are sent thru sent this cycle of holds & transfers to only be told they do not know anything. This has all been incredibly frustrating & challenging living in our new house now for over 3 weeks with zero furniture & none of our belongings. This companies reviews need to be checked for authenticity!!!


July 20, 2018 12:00 am

Worst move ever

I have moved many, many times. I have moved internationally and I have moved from one state to another. I have used major moving companies and I have used local moving companies. But never have I had as bad experience as I had recently with Purple Heart moving group. When I called Purple Heart, they told me that they support veterans and that veterans were often involved in the moving process and I was very pleased to think that I would be supporting a company that helps veterans in the U.S. when it came time for my things to be packed up however I was greeted by two men originally from Bosnia who works for a company out of St. Louis Missouri called five star movers and they informed me that they were going to pack me on Sunday and then load There rented a Penske’s truck on Monday, Memorial day, and then meet me in my destination city two days later. This was far more rush than I had originally planned and it was very upsetting to have to organize everything at my end so quickly. Their justification was that they had another job immediately after dropping off my things and they were in a hurry. They went to Home Depot and bought boxes which they use to pack me. They charge me not by weight as I have usually been charged in the past, but by volume. So, they made sure there was plenty of open space and large boxes by not filling them all the way so that the volume of the move would be increased. They kept the weight lighter by not using much packing paper. Miraculously, they were careful to load the boxes onto the truck and nothing was damaged inside the boxes except for one glass. As for the furniture, I can’t say the same. They didn’t know how to wrap furniture properly nor did they know how to pack the truck to keep the furniture safe. As a result, two legs on a hall table were broken off. My dining room table has nicks on the corners on one end. When attempting to carry a wardrobe down the stairs of my originating house, they damage the wall and scrapes the front of the wardrobe with sheet rock. The lead mover’s attitude was “no big deal” And he even commented that the whole table was old and made of cheap wood. It happened to be about 20 years old and from Baker, a very fine American furniture manufacturer and he even commented that the whole table was old and made of cheap wood. It happened to be about 20 years old and from Baker, a very fine American furniture manufacture. A Sony flat panel TV that was working before I left is no longer working in my destination home. The error message I’m getting indicates a problem with the internal board. The movers complained when reassembling a set of oak bunkbeds and then handed me some of the screws, informing me that it was sufficiently sturdy as they have done it. All attempts that I have made to try to unscrew what they’ve done in order to properly assembled the bunkbeds have completely failed. I don’t know what they did to put those screws in, but I cannot get them to move. This is a set of bunkbeds I have taken apart and reassembled multiple times. When the movers left in a big hurry so they can get to their next job that they were in such a big rush to get to, they handed me paperwork and said “call the company and they’ll give you a form to fill out to get reimbursed for the damage.“ When I called five star moving group today, I was told that I could be paid no more than $.60 per pound per item that had been damaged. At the time of the move, I thought that the $.60 per pound was if everything was lost in the move that would be the coverage. I had no idea he referred to specific damage done to the furniture. That was because the movers paid no attention to really going over the details of the move because they were always in such a big rush. And a customer, at that point, can’t slow things down because it’s time to get on the road and get moving. The customer is essentially stuck in this case these were very unprofessional individuals handling my move. Purple Heart moving group is rated number three among best moving companies in the United States. But if they pass on their jobs to these other very unprofessional and poorly managed moving companies, their reputation cannot stand. I am severely disappointed that I chose to use them and I would never recommend them to anyone else.


June 20, 2018 12:00 am

ZERO star

I just got my stuff moved by Purple Heart and I am vey dissatisfied and angry about the way they handle their business. Original total Estimated price was ~ $ 7300 but last invoice was over $10300.
There was no on-site estimate of moving expenses, just over the phone and online list you submit. the sales person very pushy about signing the contract with you and once that is done it si so hard to get a hold of him.
He promissed that he is over estimating and i will even get some money back but that was a big LIE. I ended up paying over $3000 extra and once my stuff delivered there were so many broken and damged items that you will not imagine. if there was a ZERO star, i would have rated them zero.


March 31, 2019 12:00 am

Quick and Easy

They work quickly and ask questions when needed. I appreciate their professionalism and good pricing. I enjoy working with them and would recommend them to any busy professional or home owner who needs moving assistance.

August 23, 2018 12:00 am

recommend them

In my own experience, Purple Heart seems to be one of the top moving companies. Their quotes are very welcoming and they have good working skills. I hadn’t got any issue or complaint against them since I’ve been hiring them for my various transferring businesses. The team knows how to handle every kind of property. I recommend them!


January 29, 2018 12:00 am

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