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100 s. Bedford rd., Ste 340, Mount Kisco, New York 10549 USA

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About Always Moving Inc

100 s. Bedford rd., Ste 340
Mount Kisco, New York

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Amanda Weidler


Absolute Worst Moving Company

Do not use this company! I have been in the military for over 22 years and by far this is the WORST move experience. They are a complete scam and do not care! The company does NOT logistically run efficiently and overcharge for the service they provide. They do not answer your phone calls or call you back. We had 1 full and a 1/4 full 26’ box trucks of household goods and are being charged $14,243.00 for a 963 mile move (we also packed all of our own boxes-we only had them pack approximately 10). Small breakable items they packed also broke. They cannot tell you where your goods are at and they do not deliver on the date you provide. The company claims they have 21-30 days after the preferred drop off date to deliver - this is not discussed up front. They delivered 1 truck full of goods and the driver did not bring anyone to download - he asked us if we had friends that could assist. We also put in the notes we needed empty and full weight slips - the driver did not provide, driver drove to a weigh station to get full weight but would not give us empty weight ticket. After waiting 4 hours for him to return - the two gentlemen they hired at the last minute waited 3 hours (thankfully) and downloaded the truck. BOTTOM LINE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY OVERCHARGE AND CONTINUE TO TACK ON CHARGES. THEY WERE SUBCONTRACTED OUT BY AMERICAN NATIONAL MOVING.

Amanda Weidler



Do not use this company! We have been in the military for over 22 years and this by far is the WORST move experience. They are a complete scam and do not care! The company does NOT logistically run efficiently and overcharge for the service they provide. They do not answer your phone calls or call you back. We had 1 full and a 1/4 full 26’ box trucks of household goods and are being charged $14,243.00 for a 963 mile move (we also packed all of our own boxes-we only had them pack approximately 10 boxes). Small breakable items they packed also broke. They cannot tell you where your goods are at and they do not deliver on the date you provide. The company claims they have 21-30 days after the preferred drop off date to deliver - this is not discussed up front. They delivered 1 truck full of goods and the driver did not bring anyone to download - he asked us if we had friends that could assist. We also put in the notes we needed empty and full weight slips - the driver did not provide, he had to drive to a weigh station to get full weight but would not give us empty weight ticket. After waiting 4 hours for him to return - the two gentlemen they hired at the last minute waited 3 hours (thankfully) and downloaded the truck. BOTTOM LINE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY OVERCHARGE AND CONTINUE TO TACK ON CHARGES. THEY WERE SUBCONTRACTED OUT BY AMERICAN NATIONAL MOVING.

Robert Liberman


Absolute Worst Moving Experience Ever!

I could write a book about our nightmare experience with this outfit (I can't call them a moving company because I believe they are a complete scam). We've moved five times, and this was the absolute worst experience. They had zero respect for us or our belongings - we had major damage to our furniture, and there were many missing items. They could not have cared less.

Bottom line: If you value your belongings DO NOT USE THEM!!!

Robert Liberman


Worst Moving Experience Ever!!!

I could write a book about our nightmare experience with this outfit (I can't call them a moving company because I believe they are a complete scam). We've moved five times, and this was the absolute worst experience. They had zero respect for us or our belongings - we had major damage to our furniture, and there were many missing items. They could not have cared less.

Bottom line: If you value your belongings DO NOT USE THEM!!!

Bill Neidhardt


Poor wrapping and damage to furniture and art work

If you are going to use them make sure you take out the maximum insurance. We did not and had considerable damage to furniture and art they were supposed to wrap. The tractor and trailer was routed to Asheville where everything was reloaded into two 26' trucks. The 1st packing was reasonably careful but the transfer looked like everything was just thrown in, even the unloaders were not happy with the way everything was reloaded. We have moved a number of times and this was by far the worst experience. They will not respond to email or calls. We went with them because of the "Veterans" claim. They were not the cheapest. I requested they at least return the wrapping fee but have not received a response. NOT RECOMENDING THEM

Charles Mills


Damaged and lost property

When they moved me two large pieces of furniture were damaged and cannot be repaired. They lost some of my property but since they did not provide me with the documents at the end as they were going to, I do not know the numbers of the boxes. They have lost at least some small kitchen appliances and equipment for my prosthetic leg such as adjustment socks and 2 sealing sleeves. The original pick up guys were nice but the men who dropped the items off were not very nice. They damaged the doorframe of the apartment that I was moving into. I filed a claim in February and they have not contacted me regarding this claim other than to state that they did not receive a claim and I resubmitted the claim and resent the dated emails that were sent to them and received from them. The person, Eric Scott and his wife Patty, have not been helpful at all and I would urge anyone that reaches them at whatever company they are now at, to hangup and reach out to another company.
I would not use this company in the future or suggest to anyone that they use them

Jeannine Beaumont



Please do not. Please sincerely do not use this company. When i signed up they were so nice and sounded so perfect. They promised me my furniture to be delivered in 30 days. However when that time came. They continued making false promises, telling me the furniture was going on the truck .lies after lies after more and more lies. My furniture came 3 months later. I was missing boxes and the furniture was scratched horribly. I was guaranteed a refund for being so late and more, but never ever did the refund department answer my calls or emails. If you want a lying false company to move your furniture then this is the one. They are not a true moving company they out sources the movers. The movers who delivered our furniture told us this and told us how horrible they are. Please be very aware.

WebDomain Station



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Michaela Abel


Absolute worst moving service ever!!

This has truly been the worst service we have ever had! We had emailed about a move in date on the 4th of January and we’re told that should be no problem! ( I knew there was a chance for it to be later than that but never expected over a month!!). We have now been in our empty apartment across the country for a month and our stuff still has not even been loaded onto a truck to be shipped out. We have called so many times and we’re once told it shipped. We were so relieved, but then later in the week we called to track it and found out that it never did ship out. We have moved across the country before and this is truly the worst service we could have ever imagined. Customer service has been mixed. Some people have been understand and kind and some have been completely rude. Will be sure to tell everyone I know to never use this company. At this point I just hope our stuff arrives at some point and is not damaged.

Priscilla Bagley


Do Not Use this company

Always Moving was unbelievably bad, irresponsible and unprofessional. These are scam artists, have no doubt.
Charged me 3K+ more than quote upon loading. I paid an additional $400 handling fee for my baby grand piano (I am a professor of music). When our delivery came, they had lost crucial parts of my piano, rendering it inoperable. They never found the pieces. They damages so much of out furniture. We received items that were not ours, and a number of our boxes are still missing. That was in August. They will not return my phone calls, emails, or respond to my claim. I have called in excess of 20 times now.
US Dept of Transportation states in all red that their insurance is pending cancellation as of today 1/25/2021.




I was looking for moving company to move from NY to CA. When I reached this company, the sale person is very welcome, but I should be alerted when he requested me put deposit right away. They have estimated $4500 for packing and moving totally at the point I put deposit. Everything seemed fine at that time.

On the moving day, a crew of 4 people come to my apartment and they started packing. However, the end price for moving is $7000 because he said I took over more than the estimation. The original estimation was half truck, butI I took full truck. I went downstairs to see the truck, and it is definitely NOT FULL but he insisted to charge me the full truck otherwise he won't continue. The truck doesn't have any note on the capacity, so I actually don't know how much I loaded. I accepted anyway and hope they can ship my stuff safely to CA.
The WORST part came!!!!
I have lost multiple boxes and a rug in the shipment and no one knows why! The moving person said my stuff took the full truck and one storage unit, so it shouldn't be missing. HOWEVER they still missed it!!!
Before they unload my stuff, they insisted me to pay them first! But when they missed some boxes, they said nothing.
I am trying to call the sale person and the moving person for my boxes all the time, but they refused to answer my phone or return any msg. First time, they said they found my rug, but no plan after that! They never told me when they will ship my rug.
The sale person is Jason, and the moving guy is Enrique. DO NOT USE THEM. They are irresponsible and worst.

Malik Obeidin


Completely terrible service, borderline scam company

Absolutely, 100% awful. Every single step of working with them was horrible. I paid for a full service move, and the movers they sent were slow, lied repeatedly about how long they had left ("one more hour") until eventually I was kept up until 3 am waiting for them to slowly finish loading the truck. No warning whatsoever that it was going to take so long. On top of that, one of the movers waltzed in to my apartment with no mask on, and they left the place covered with trash. Then they upcharged me a huge amount.

Then, I got jerked around by customer service (who almost never picks up), who refused to give me any updates about how long it was going to take to get moving. It sat in my origin city for weeks. Then, out of nowhere, they call on a Sunday morning and tell me the truck is there, and when I'm not available, they upcharge me even more, based on extremely misleading language in their contract. Basically, they scammed me for thousands of dollars. Do not use them for any reason.

Jan Contreras


Moving from California to Texas

It's been the worse moving experience possible:
a) Jacked up the price last minute. The person picking up my stuff was very aggressive and disrespectful.
b) Poor information in follow up the status of my goods.
c) late delivery.
d) When able to get in touch with them, very rude responses. Hanging up on me.
e) They charged excess cubic feet that I could confirm at delivery. Filed a claim, followed up on the results, Had a phone call where the person was very disrespectful and hanged up on me.
f) Several items broken (not yet claimed)

This company plays with the timing of your moving, jacking up the price last minute when you have no other real choice, then they take as long as they want to deliver, with poor feedback, and then they demand last payment in cash ( for tax purposes I suppose), and ask you to sign final documents, before delivery so you become hands tied to argue anything. It might be the industry practice, but you are hopelessly at their mercy. And if you complain, you're treated as a piece of garbage.
They are not a good choice for your moving.



Worst Experience Ever

You could not choose a worse moving company if you tried. My moving experience was hands down the worst experience of my life and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. In a word, they are absolute crooks!
-Consultants are 100% dishonest
-You will NOT get your delivery for 3-4 weeks, despite what you’re told
-They ARE a broker. A random company will pickup and deliver your things and you will owe them additional money than what you were quoted
-When you’re given a delivery date time frame, add 8 hours to what you were given

Word to the wise-Choose ANY OTHER company than Always Moving or just do it yourself.

Carol Tricoche


Non responsive once your moved and file a claim

I filed a claim for 8 missing boxes and multiple damaged goods in Dec. 2019, it is Dec. 2020 and NO RESPONSE even after multiple calls, voicemails, emails. NOBODY is in Customer Service after your goods are delivered I guess.

It has been over a year since I used Always Moving Inc to move my goods from California to Portland Oregon. I will start that in the beginning when they picked up they were so good, cautious and I could see how they loaded the truck. Come to find out, they reload the truck to another truck, three times at least. During that time they took some of my furniture apart because they wanted it to fit, and delivered it unassembled with parts in a bags.

Then there was the the issue of missing boxes, and worse some of my boxes were delivered all smashed and lots of cherished broken items.

The delivery guy was the worst, I told them I was moving in an apartment building, when he called me he said I cannot park the truck there, I need to move all your stuff (AGAIN) to a u-haul and I had to pay for the u-haul truck. Even after I told the person that scheduled exactly the address, the building and shipping and loading area.

Then he comes and sees the loading elevator is the opposite side of the building to my unit. So he decides to stack the loading elevator with my furniture to the max full, things were all on top of each other, my desk had all kinds of nicks in it, and boxes smashed. They couldn't figure out how to get my sofa into the apartment, after I told them that it comes apart and showed them where, needless to say the left without getting it inside. I had to do it alone.

Now 1 year later, I have been holding out in writing this, in hopes that they would respond with claim and pay me what is due for my lost items, broken and damaged items.

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. They are not one single owned company that does all the work from start to finish as the sales person told me they do. There was so many different parties involved, the guy that delivered even told me he is contracted.

End of story...if I ever get my money or response will update you.

Unhappy mover.

Mohamed Makhloufi



They do not even deserve a star. My first quote was saying a 100% refund but after a minor modification, the refund policy changed for "no deposit refund". Of course, I didn't think that minor modification would have an impact so I didn't read the contract again and the agent on the phone never warn me about it. I have just lost $1500 and my time.

Max Altschuler


40 days and still nothing

They've had our stuff in storage for 40 days past our move-in date. No updates. Nothing. We have no idea when it's going to come. We are about to get a lawyer involved. Will cost us more money but less than what we're paying to stay in Airbnbs. Terrible business practices.

Sharon Hathaway


Worst Company we've ever experienced

I don’t ever write reviews but feel it necessary as this has been the worst company I have ever experienced. We have regretted our decision to go with AlwaysMoving (moved from NY to FL) since the day we put down our deposit.
Our customer sales rep, Heather, was very nice and friendly when we first spoke. She was quick to reply and had the right answer to every question. While the quote for this company came in higher than others, we decided to go with AlwaysMoving because of all the assurances Heather made and how responsive she was. That all changed immediately after we put down the deposit. Every assurance Heather made turned out to be a lie from the time of pick up, delivery process and date, and price expectations. Although she assured us that she would be our representative throughout the move, she stopped answering our calls and text messages immediately and we dealt with different people in customer service for the weeks this process took.

From the date our stuff got picked up, the nightmare just got worse and worse. The movers took 9 hours total (we moved out of a 1-bedroom apt), and there was a huge miscommunication between the movers and our building management since 2 of the 3 movers didn’t speak English. So move out took insanely long and we got in trouble with our building in the process since they didn’t follow instructions. We paid (a lot) extra for expedited shipping which “guaranteed” our delivery in 3.5-7 days. Delivery took 13 days and we were told every lie under the sun during the process by customer service. Furthermore, we were told we’d be refunded our expedited shipping cost since they missed the window but when the truck arrived (6 days late and outside the delivery time window) they held our belongings hostage. The driver would not open the truck and begin unloading until we paid the full amount, including expedited shipping which they did not achieve. During the move in process, movers broke a light fixture in the new building (which they assured us they’d pay for and have not), broke several pieces of our furniture and were missing 4 large boxes. We have attempted to file claims with AlwaysMoving and they have not responded to our many requests.

In short, this company tells you everything you want to hear until you sign the contract and put down $$$, only to horribly mismanage the entire move experience, break/lose your things, steal your money and then doesn’t answer your complaints. Steer clear, it’s not worth the inevitable lawsuit (which we now have to pursue in addition to filing with the BBB). Moving is stressful to begin with, don’t make it worse for yourself by choosing AlwaysMoving.

Leonides Perez


Crooks--you have less than a 1 star?

I want to start off by first apologizing to all the people that did not have the opportunity to read these comments. I finally had time to sit down and review this company. DO NOT USE (ALWAYS MOVING) these people. The only way I can describe them are "crooks".
First, do not trust any company that gives you over the phone quotes. They do not see what you are taking and they take advantage of that. Basically, it is your fault for not telling them about every single piece of material that you are taking. Granted this is their escape goat their hook. However, they clearly are the professionals and as they clearly state "we take that into consideration when we are quoting as we know that all items cannot be accounted for." Again, my mistake for not fully understanding their methodology. These people without seeing what they would move quoted 3K less than the company that came out to see the material. Funny, the second company warned me about what was going to happen.
Needless to say when it was time for the move the packers came and the lead person said that the quote was wrong and from what he saw the move was going to be more than double what was quoted.. (this move went from 10K to 23K in less than 10 mins). I had to be out of the house in two days.. It did not give me enough time to get the other company. I only agreed because the expense to stay would have been much higher.
Driver Unprofessionalism:
Secondly, I was told that I could transfer money electronically. I did not know that there was a certain limitation. I called the driver to let him know that my bank opened at 10 AM and that I would have the rest of money when the bank opened. To my surprise, the driver said that his appointment was at 9 am and that he would not start unloading until he received the entire sum and that the waiting time was $350.00 per hour. I was furious as I had just dropped an extra 13K for the move. I had to borrow money and go jump through hoops to get the 7K that I still needed to pay the driver who ended up showing up at 10:30 AM … Are you kidding me, extremely unprofessional.
So they start to unload and well as you know you pack your tools and who knows where they are at this point. I want to attach the icemaker water hose and I ask the driver if I could borrow a pair of pliers. He said he had some but he could not lend it to me. After what I spent on this company he could not have the courtesy to lend to me for 10 mins? seriously? So I then had to go purchase a pair a pliers. As I am attaching the hose, the pipe broke and I had water all over the kitchen and hallways. So I turned off the main water valve. This guy knew that there was no water. So what did this person do? He went and took a fat dump in the restroom. One without our permission, ( which I probably would have denied him after his extremely poor customer service) and two he clogged the bathroom with no water. He did not clean after himself and did not even excuse himself of the mess. Extremely disgusting and outrageous. We did not find out until after he left or I would have had choice words for him.
I have moved five times over the past 20 years from state to state and I have never had a worse experience than this one. This company should be audited, as I mention they treat their customers as a hostages and have no regard towards them. They have customer satisfaction department that in all honestly, is just as useful as what the diver did in our bathroom. I work for a large corporation that constantly moves our employees all over the states. No one in my company will ever use this Always Moving because they are ridiculously unprofessional at all levels, liars, thieves and just plain awful.

Jacob Miner


one line names

Guys dont believe the 5 stars.. Notice that all the 5 starts are one name people. This company self rates.



hard sell

I contacted Always Moving for a quote to move from Brooklyn to PA. I spoke with David on the phone and he gave me a quote. I told him I was still collecting quotes and not ready to make a decision. He asked me who else I was considering and went on for five minutes to tell me why those movers were garbage.

After we get off the phone, a week passes and I decide to go with another mover. David calls me back and starts attacking me when I tell him I won't be going with Always Moving. Super rude. The hard sell does you no favors.

Alex P


This company is a total scam!

This company showed up at my apartment and then told me it was going to cost almost triple the estimate! They said they are not a broker but then hired another company to do the move and told me to work it out with them! They hit me with so many hidden fees my head was spinning. A word of advice - DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!

Tom Renois



This company is an absolute disaster, we were promised our delivery would be in a 5-14 day range by Jason our so called rep, day 17 and still no ETA, they stated that they have up to 30 days to deliver, not what they told us when they asked for the deposit, also were charged extra due to volume and not wait, stay clear of this company, hire someone reputable , they keep stating that covid is the reason , don't over book and manage responsibly

Brenda L Sandford


Never trust this company!

I needed a company to do a complete move (packing, everything) both my husband and I are disabled and unable to do. We were planning to move to Texas from Maryland, but didn't have a solid time frame. Which this company rep said that's fine you have a year. Well after selling everything and borrowing from family I got the deposit together and paid $2202,20 for a reservation. Well tragedy struck my husband health turned downward and doctors said absolutely no traveling I contact AlwaysMoving Rep. which happened to be the next day after paying this large deposit and was told( instead of stopping payment, they would work with me on getting my deposit back), NEVER Happened got emails stating they would refund a 1/3 of it due to my situation, but guess what Never Happened either. This scam . company put in writing they would return $750 of my deposit but never has this has been since August 2020. Being a senior citizen and disabled this is a large amount of money to just throw away. I have written, called and no response. Please don't use this company they are only out for your money I thought they were a trustworthy company..BIG MISTAKE!

Katty Rosa



This company is great! Everything from packing to moving was done to the tea. I would recommend to use this company without any worries

Valerie DeDona


Two weeks after delivery date and our property is still in original location

Our original delivery date is 2 weeks past due and the company dispatch line has told us different and conflicting stories when we call for updates. At this point our property is still in California and we have been told first that the truck left last saturday and then later that the truck is due for repairs and has not left yet. Now when I call, no one can give me an estimate of when the truck repairs will be complete and when our delivery will start moving across the country. The customer representative, Peter, who told us when we initially booked that he would be there to help us throughout the process has not answered or responded to a single call or message I have left him, Do NOT use this company. I am extremely worried about my property.

Kerri Klein



Received a quote from them and decided to hire. Moving day comes and now the move is almost double the cost. They change by volume not by weight. At this point I’m stuck and have no choice but to continue with them. They pack boxes load up the truck and ask me to give a 7% tip. That’s $630! Besides that they upped the cost by over $4k. I tried to call my moving Rep, never got a response to emails, phone calls or text messages. Customer service, though friendly and polite couldn’t do anything. Delivery day arrives and I am told truck will arrive between 12 and 2. Driver calls and says they’ve hit traffic and will be late. They finally show up close to 6 and then threaten to change $600 because it’s a late move. I’m sorry but that is not my problem! Your dispatch is the responsible party there. Now when unpacking boxes the next day I am finding boxes that are half full or less. This is my 4th full service move and I have never seen such an unprofessional cluster f-k. No wonder my quote was doubled. Your packers tried to get squeeze every dollar out of us by half packing boxes in order to take up more room on the truck.

I will never use this company again and will advise everyone I meet to do the same. I will be contacting the Dept of Transportation to file a report as well.



Worst customer service. Items still not delivered.

I have had a terrible experience with this moving company and I am still awaiting my belongings. They won’t even answer the phone when I call from my phone number to check on the status of my things. I have to call from a different number. When I tried to hire a new moving company they wouldn’t disclose to me where my items were even being stored. I have been in my home for almost a month and two small children & no furniture. They have the worst customer service and do not stand by their companies mission statement. I would not recommend them or do business any more. I pray that when my items finally arrive they’re all in tact. Never again will I trust this company with my belongings or money.

brigette Thomas


an unpleasant experience to say the least

BUYER BEWARE!! I urge you to spend whatever extra it costs and go elsewhere. This has been the most stressful and disgusting experience I have ever had. I am a first responder relocating to another hospital. These people were so nice and responsive initially and then once they got my money their whole energy shifted. First red flag, the movers were a DAY LATE to pick up my things but I was reassured that it would not interfere with my delivery date LIE #1. Then the movers told me they would have another pick up and go straight to my new location with my things LIE #2! I called the driver only to find out that my things were put on a new route LIE # 3!! I got the run around for a ENTIRE WEEK only to find out my things where in a warehouse. No one ever told me my things would end up in a warehouse. If that was the case, I would’ve went elsewhere. Then I finally got a hold of someone who told me my things were being loaded unto a truck and now no one is answering my calls. This is unacceptable, to treat a customer this way is absolutely irresponsible. If you don’t want to end up sleeping on an air mattress or in a hotel for an extended amount of time don’t waist your money here. I still have yet to receive my things, do yourself a favor, spend the extra and go elsewhere. Im writing this review specifically so that no one has to deal with the inconvenience that myself and my mother have had to endure these last few weeks. Good luck!



Highly Recommend them

We moved from Hollywood Florida to Pearl Mississippi all that we can say is WOW!!!! What a great Experience we had. They were very professional. Louis was very patient and informative and answered all of our questions and concerns. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because we thought we would be delivered in 4 or 5 days like Louis said he was projecting and were delivered in 6 days overall Great Service Great price Just one day off on the delivery.

Nicholas Long


Great local move

Always moving inc was super professional. My move was local, so I was going to move everything myself. However, I had hurt my back a week before the move, and I did not want to put any more strain on it. I was stressed out and running out of time. I went with Always moving inc based on a recommendation from a family member and couldn't have been more pleased. They used extreme care with all my belongings, and moved me very quickly. Would definitely use them again.

Jamie Robbins


A great day

So excited to start our new life in North Carolina. We were very skeptical on using a mover, but when we spoke to Alex at Always moving inc, he put our stress at ease. The entire process went smooth from start to finish. Very pleased with the quick turn around as well. Thank you Alex and the crew from Always moving inc.

Jorge Torres


Thank you guys

Very pleased that we made the choice to move our entire life and kids life's to California. We were skeptics at first but, Alex made us feel safe and secure. The movers did a great job. Nothing was lost, broken, or damaged. Thank you Always moving inc.

Todd Hutch


Excellent Move

I am very pleased that my sister and i decided to get out of New York and make the move south to Georgia. We spoke with many movers and Steve was the most honest and polite man. Always moving inc sent the best guys to do our move. Everything was protexted and there was no damage. We really appreciate the assistance and we will recommend you all to everyone. Keep up the great work guys. You will last a long time in this industry.

Cody Sowers


Great move

Always moving inc made my move simple and hassle free. It was worth every penny spent over other moving services. The crew was friendly, they worked with my schedule, and I felt completely at ease that my belongings would be well taken care of. I will definitely be keeping them in mind for future moves.

Sherriff Delvalmanash


Stress free move

There are very few times that I feel that it is necessary to go online and share my experience with the internet. This is definitely one of the times that I feel everyone who is looking to move knows about Always moving inc. When I spoke to Keith, he was very thorough and upfront, which I found to be very rare after speaking to numerous movers. When move day came, the movers seemed like they were listening to the conversation that Keith and I had. Everything went perfect, NO damage, nothing lost, and very fair on the pricing. Thank you Keith and Always moving inc. You all were wonderful to work with.

Sue Pack


Highly recommended

Always moving inc came very highly recommended to my husband and I for a reliable very good costing professional moving company. When we spoke on the phone I had no issues no problems and no worries. On move day I had no issues no problems and no worries. Then when everything was being transported and a delivery we also had no issues no problems and no worries. Everything was delivered on time with no damage. I am very happy that we listen to our friends that highly recommended Always moving inc to handle our move to a new state or my kids have to start a new school and get new friends. Thank you very much for looking after all of us and making sure that we get off to a new start.

Steve Rush



The process was smooth and went great. I was skeptical to use a mover and when I put my information out there I was contacted by numerous companies. Andrew from Always moving inc was so smart and honest. All that he said would happen did. The move day went great and the delivery was only 4 days after. Delivery was great and there was no broken items. 5 stars all the way around. Thank you Always moving inc, Andrew and the 3 men that completed my move.

Shannon Austin



We were moving to be closer to family and we went through the whole quote process and the only company that explained everything in detail and was polite was Always moving inc. The move went very well and the price was very fair. We definitely recommend Always moving inc to any and everyone

Carlos Trews


Great job

I am pleased that they did such an amazing job. My first call was great and very informative. I didn't feel like i was being pressured or forced into a mover that I wasn't comfortable with. My wife was thrilled that the job went so smooth and there was no damage or delivery delay. Thank you all for a great job.

Mary Elizabeth


Would use them again

My husband was deployed and I had to relocate for work and get my 2 kids into a new school, find a new home, and get a moving company that was reputable. I found what I was looking for when I was contacted by Always moving inc. They assisted in the entire process, from packing, wrapping, and loading, to unpacking, unwrapping, and unloading. I am very pleased to have chosen Always moving inc and I highly recommend any and everyone to use them to move you. They are very big supporters of the Military (big plus in my book)!

Cary Ferge


Amazing workers

There was never a time that I was ever in doubt we capability that Always moving inc movers had with all of my furniture and all of my belongings. My 1st phone call with Nick was very pleasing and every follow call after that made sure that my wife and I were OK and that we believed in and understood exactly what was to happen and move day. On move day they were on time the process when very smooth and very quick then there is no delivery waning sitting around or anything that made us I'm happy I couldn't be any happier with the entire process. Thank you very much presidential for sending 3 amazing workers and always having somebody they're wearable to speak wrong no matter the day of the time based on our own worries.



Great Move

It was a local move and it was Great!!!! fast and very professional!!! I paid for additional packing, but it really worth 5 stars !

Adam Frazer


Very professional

My move was great!! It was a local move, but my crew was very professional, fast and efficient. I paid $1400 for my 3 bedroom apartment and I thought that was very reasonable. Definitely 5 star service. Thanks!



Excellent service

I would say my best experience so far with moving companies. Always moving inc made it easy stress free. I hate moving but these guys are magicians. You can tell moving is an art for them . They handled everything super easy and quick. They have special techniques and approach. You can tell they get good training I'm going to attach picture so you can see. Ladies in the office polite,very good support .Dispatch department was great. Thank you Always moving inc.

Bob Bogges


Thank you guys

I want to thank you very much for the excellent services. It was my first experience in my whole life. I was so stressed but you guys made my week :)
For the management: your movers did a really nice job. they worked hard. They didn’t try to hide the extra fees that’s why I gave them good tips. So I will recommend your company to my friends . I wish you a good luck and thank you so much.

Louis Dawson


Great Job guys

Always moving inc did such an amazing job during our last move. Their performance was much better than average. I have seen the not-so-efficient movers but these men were nothing like them. They maintained the appointment time and worked very efficiently throughout. They were extra careful while handling my glassware. Unforeseen bumps in the road always make things difficult to relocate. But with these guys, nothing as such happened and it was an effortless move for us.



Good job

My move wasn't perfect, but this guys did a good job. I was impressed with packing skills of the workers. My price went up a little bit because I ordered additional packing from them. My only issue was delivery because it was a few days delayed. I thought I had a guaranteed delivery date but they explained the window. Once they explained that to me I understood. All in all the move went really well and I would use them again. Next time though I will make sure to read the contract a bit better so I don't misunderstand anything.



Price was fair

I was relocating for a new position at my company in Alabama. After being called by half a dozen people who begged for my credit card, I spoke with Amber who made me feel comfortable and like I mattered. She walked me through the entire process and when move day came the picture she painted came to life. The price was very fair and the move went very smooth. Thank you Always moving inc, I will highly recommend you all.




DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO MOVE YOUR BELONGINGS! every 5 star review they have IM SURE is from the company itself pretending to be customers, there is no way anybody could have a pleasant experience with such unprofessional SCAM ARTISTS! They lie about your initial quote to get you business and then when the day comes for them to move you belongings AFTER they have your things packed up they give you a bill 5 TIMES HIGHER than what you were quoted for with all the fees they add. I really don’t know how the company is still in business but they will receive their karma for all the people they have SCAMMED! They don’t have drivers they pick homeless people up off the streets to come into your home and move you PERSONAL BELONGINGS and the drivers they do have should be ASHAMED to work for a company as such. I WOULD NEVER BE OKAY WITH CHARGING PEOPLE UNNECESSARY FEES TOTALING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR NO REASON!!! EVERY PERSON WHO WORKS FOR THIS COMPANY IS A POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING. It sucks that there are scam artists out there taking thousands of dollars from people and there is nothing anybody can do because they have their belongings!!!! I hope people read these reviews and take the best advice and NOT MOVE WITH THIS COMPANY I HOPE THEY NEVER GET ANOTHER BUSINESS CONTRACT AGAIN.....

Lynette Johnson


Moving Service

I will advise you right now DO NOT use this company. Always Moving terrible service. A nightmare from beginning to end. First of all they were late picking up my belongings. After loading the truck, they charged me an additional 817.17 because they said I used an additional 240 cubic feet. They never showed me the additional footage. Also I wanted to make it easier for them so I advised them to use the elevator. They then charged me 140.00 for long carry fees. They said the first 100 feet were free and after that it was 70.00 each additional 50 feet. Well if I would of known that they could have used the door right next to my apartment and went down the stairs. Of coarse they didn’t explain that until after the truck was loaded. They also added on a 300 and something gas charge which I thought was already included in the quote. They picked my belongings up 2/25/2020. I was told it would take no longer then a week to deliver. I called the company on 2/29/2020 to see if they were in route. The lady I spoke too argued with me and told me I wouldn’t be receiving my belongings until 3/25/2020. Very unprofessional behavior. She even threatened to hang up on me and wouldn’t let me get a word in. I then received a call from dispatch who informed me that they would attempt to have my stuff delivered within the next 14 to 21 days. I called the office several times a week or two later and was told that they did find a driver to deliver my belongings but it would still be another week or so. On 3/19/20 I received a call from the driver stating that he would be at my house between 1-6 pm. No driver then he called at approx 5:45 and said he would be here at 7pm. No driver I called him at approx 7:30pm and he said he would be here in approx 15 minutes. Finally he arrived at approx 7:45 pm. I had money orders ready for the total amount. I wanted to have proof that I paid them. The driver did not want to accept the money orders. He called his boss and asked if it was ok to accept the money order. The boss said yes only if I gave him the receipts along with the money orders. Well that made no sense to me. So we went back and forth for a while finally I said ok. The driver then wanted to charge me a long carry fee again 70.00. Not showing me any proof that the truck was parked more then a hundred feet from my door. I told him he could go through the garage. He argued the door wasn’t big enough. I then said at this point I’m calling the police. He was making excuses not to move my belongings. I did call the police, however because it’s a civil matter they could not make the driver move my furniture. His boss told him to leave at that point after talking to the police. The next day his boss called and asked me if I wanted my belongings delivered that day, or did I want to reschedule. NO I wanted my belongings now. I waited for almost a whole month spending money on unnecessary things. So he said the driver would be there within an hour and a half but they had to charge me an overnight fee which is normally 650.00 but he would cut that in half since the driver arrived late. I asked why am I being charged I never told him to leave you did. He said because with all the commotion he would of ran over his time for driving. I said that’s not my problem he keeps driving logs and should know how long he has available to drive and move someone’s belongings. Didn’t matter he still charged me the 325.00 and long carry fee 70.00. So that was another 395.00 I had to pay. The driver didn’t arrive until almost 3 hrs later after I was told he would be here in a hour and a half, Also bringing a total stranger off the street to help him move in my belongings. So dangerous and unprofessional. The driver was alone the first day he arrived at my house. The next day he found someone to help him. Never once did they offer to take off money due to waiting at home for hours for the movers to get here. Charged me for overnight fee because their driver didn’t want to do his job that night alone. When I mentioned the fact that I had to wait for their unprofessional drivers for hours I was told we can’t control traffic. Worst company ever. I learned my lesson to go with a well known company and spend the extra cash. It will be well worth it.

Courtney Rackley


Worst company ever!!!!!!

If I could give this company a negative review, I would!!!! First they said my stuff would be delivered Wednesday, then they said Thursday, then Friday, then it switched to Saturday, then they said Sunday. And then Sunday they said oh it will 100 percent be there Monday between 8-12. Called them Monday at 12 and asked when my stuff was coming and they said it’s not and it’ll be after the holidays but yet THEY FELT THE NEED NOT TO TELL ME THAT!! This is the worst company and worst human beings ever. Sorry your life sucks and you work for a fucking moving company. They also lied and said my stuff was in Indiana when it’s actually in Illinois. Can’t wait to actually get everything and see if they broke anything because I WOULDN'T DOUBT IT. Not worth paying 12k. Should’ve just actually moved everything myself and saved myself from you piece of shits. And I’m sure customer service is going to write back saying I have the wrong company, when I actually don’t.



large move

Moved from East to West coast - have done so several times and this was a nightmare from start to finish.. I wouldn't recommend this company. When they arrived my price increased $5K, the person that signed me up said he'd be available anytime after he took my deposit he never returned calls. furniture was delayed - from date of pick up to delivery was almost 5 weeks and when I tried to call and get information they had no answers and didn't return phone calls. $12K move and the worst service ever experienced. I was starting to think things wouldn't arrive- still digging our way out of boxes but some larger furniture had bit of damage. Also, ive never had a moving company have me pay 70% before you receive furniture and not accept credit cards only wire transfer, cash, money order. read the fine print - I would not recommend




Probably one of the worst moving companies I have ever dealt with. The lady who I talked to first, said she has been doing this for 15+ years and never underestimates anything. She quoted us at 4480 dollars. After the movers came, and everything was basically on the truck, they then tell me I was under quoted by 8,000 dollars!!! Half our stuff was on the truck so I couldn’t just say no as we were leaving that night. They then ask me when I will be there for delivery so I tell them that following Saturday will work the best. They never mentioned that a driver was going to be assigned that Saturday and then it could be ANOTHER MONTH until our stuff arrives. Overall, they are shady AF and I advise anyone to find another company!! All they want is money and nothing else. Basically out of 10k and still have nothing delivered.




I highly recommend Always moving inc. I used them them for a recent move. They are reasonably priced and responded right away to my request. The movers were timely, efficient, professional and friendly. Thanks to Andrew and Anthony for helping move my mom!



What a nightmare!

Let me begin by saying the moving consultant that I initially dealt with was wonderful. After that everything was terrible absolutely terrible. The day of our move was awful, the day before two people from this company called and said they would be there between 9 AM and 12 PM at 11 AM they called and said they wouldn’t be there until four And then didn’t show up until nearly 5.We had already packed everything and had everything ready to go Including boxes stacked by size mattresses wrapped etc. all they had to do was load the truck.Once they got there they scratched up the hardwood floors in the house that we were leaving and acted like they did not care. they also stated that we went over our cubic feet on the truck keep in mind this was a single truck and we were the only ones to be moved with this truck so they charge me another $1200. After all of this I was told by their dispatchers that they would be able to get our furniture here Monday evening or Tuesday when that rolled around again it did not happen. The people that we talked to were nasty and did not care about the situation that we were in. At the end of all of this I am paying nearly $7000 for a 258 mile move which is absolutely ridiculous and this should not be allowed to happen I feel like they are dishonest and have poor customer service.I have called the corporate office and left a voicemail and no one has called back. If you need to move find someone else do not pick these people they are horrible. I will never ever use them again.



Highly recommend

After spending 2 days on the phone speaking with various moving companies that were too pushy or borderline obnoxious, I decided to reach out to the real estate agent. I am truly thankful he recommended Always moving inc as my experience with them was great. They arrived on time. They handled my furniture with care. They were courteous and respectful. Plus, I did not have to break the bank to pay for this move. I highly recommend Always moving inc and, yes, I would definitely use their service again.

Joe Hargreaves


One star

Only reason for one star is you have to tap one to continue,they did not estimate the cu ft of this move right, even after being told several times the size of unit, was told estimate was based on unit being completly filled to ceiling which it was not, this was done to make sure we wouldt have the problem we have now, i paid the deposit of 1715.00 with another payment due at pickup and final payment at delivery,4 days before pickup which was on labor day qaulity assurance called to go over everything again, i have already relocated to Florida,and person meeting them in ohio did not have access to my bank, and their wasnt time to send him a check to cash i agreed to overnight a check to always florida office, as they needed paid at time of pickup,this payment was 2645.00,truck and crew came to storage unit and decided the price of move would be double the estimate because they say cu ft was more than estimate,to be fair they offered to load what they believed would be size of estimate,being on a fixed income and believing the estimate was based on unit being completly full, so we wouldnnt have this problem, i cancelled, and they did not load,the foreman indicated i would get the pickup money back but lose the initial deposit, in the days since its nothing but a runaround with these people they dont return calls half of the time they are unavailible or voicemail, so im out 4360.00 and my stuff is still in ohio,



Great Team!

Great guys!
Job done with an extra care and effort.
All the items were wrapped and protected.
Even three flights of stairs were not a challenge for them.
I had some unusual sound equipment what they really took care of.
Very grateful and definitely will recommend them to everybody!



I would probably not use them again

We only needed a new refrigerator and dishwasher moved up 2 flights of stairs, and a small one moved down to the garage. Lady on the phone quoted us $70 an hour with a 2 hour minimum and mentioned that we would need no more than two people. The day of the move, three people show up and start moving the stuff though one wasn't doing much. At the end, they DEMANDED $$ for three people plus heavily emphasized a tip. Hmm...they moved the furniture properly alright ..but I don't like getting hassled at the end for something that isn't right! I would probably not use them again.




These guys were amazing - Brian was great - full points - highly recommended...

Guys arrived right on time - finished the job as planned - no hassels or last minute surprises

Very professional



Great quality and no damage at all

They are super efficient and wonderfully kind and personable. Always moving inc was recommended to me by a friend and I would unreservedly pass on the recommendation. You can't find better than these guys, they're fantastic.




I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a lot from the start, when I got ahold of this moving company. I didn't have a whole lot of furniture to move, I was moving in with my girlfriend from my small apartment, likely a good 20-30 miles away, definitely a hassle to have done it alone, would I have chosen that. It was a decent price, and the movers worked efficiently to my liking. I definitely would have their services again!



Wonderful experience

Our move from Oklahoma to Key West, Florida with Always moving inc was very good, accurate, and timely. The only special request we had was for them to also arrange for our vehicles to be transported. Everyone through the whole aspect of it, including the guy that did the moving, was very nice and friendly, and nothing was a surprise, which was a good thing. The services and expectations set by the moving coordinator were very accurate. We had a wonderful experience with our account manager and he always called to check on me to see how things were going.



Top Notch Company

This was the best decision that I have ever made in regards to a move, and possibly anything (sorry honey, our engagement was great too)! Save us a whole bunch of hassle and most importantly, it got rid of all the stress that had in the past dominated my mind during every sine other move. Thank you guys and all the behind the scenes people for all of the amazing help, it was great.



Sensible movers

Easiest 1 bedroom move I have ever done. The company was very helpful and made the process extremely simple. I will definitely use them again in the future.



Moving giants

This moving company has been amazing for me. For the great prices I have used them to move and they not only delivered all my stuff, but they were timely, well priced and very friendly. I would highly recommended them to anyone as they were outstanding and very reliable unlike many movers who tend to lose stuff and not arrive on time. For the price this company exceeds expectations and I would use them again upon moving. 10/10



They were good and quick

After getting the run around from one moving company and an outrageous price from another, I came across Always moving inc. The price was more than fair, and all of my items arrived on time and in perfect condition. The movers were friendly and easy to work with. I am very pleased with my choice to use Always moving inc and would recommend them for a move of any size. If I move again, they will be my first choice for sure.



Absolutely Amazing

I have moved a handful of times in my life, but it was always in-state. Having to relocate my family and I out of state for a job, well, it was time to hire some help. I searched around companies for quotes, and was getting ridiculous prices. Finally I found Always moving inc, and they were a huge help! The movers were very profession, and got my belongings in and out on time. Nothing was broken, and nothing was out of place. And it didn't break the bank! I would seriously recommend these guys to anyone who has got a big move planned.



Efficient, nice and extremely hard ...

I recently had to move from Tupelo, Mississippi to Huston, Texas. I came across Always moving inc and a few others. Always moving inc was the best option I had seen and the prices were extremely within my budget. Moving was hassle free as these guys took care of everything. Everyone with Always moving inc were very friendly and I look forward to working with them again if I ever decide to move.




Professional employees at my company. The guys showed up on time and were both courteous and quick moving my stuff. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.



It was fabulous, no problems at all

I wanted to move to Texas due to family issues, and these guys helped me move my items to not just one, but two rooms. They were gentle and respectful to me and my stuff. They were fair and trustworthy enough that I could leave my home to go to work nothing would be missing. The price was completely affordable and I would definitely recommend Always moving inc to friends and family. Thanks to these people, I can have quality time with my family instead of spending all my time moving the items. They were also fast and efficient. I love Always moving inc.



Reasonable and quick

Called Always moving inc in order to be closer to family. The movers were super professional and surprisingly fast, helping us move everything from our home without a hassle. Id definitely use them again for our moving needs.



Affordable price

I had to relocate due to work from my studio apartment in Miami, FL to Albany NY, It was a very reasonable price. Everyone was on time and they had a very professional presence while working quickly. Overall, the service was great and if I need to move again I will be using them in a heartbeat!



They did an outstanding job

Recently I was forced to move to a smaller house after a bit of financial trouble. Always moving inc gave me with a very fair quote, as well as showing up on time to move my belongings and not giving me any hassle with my move. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and eager. All my furniture was wrapped and loaded in a timely manner, no scratches or damage. I cant imagine moving without them. I have no complaints at all, and I will certainly contact them first if I need a reliable moving service. Great service overall. I greatly recommend them.



Absolutely fantastic

Interstate relocations are always difficult. After much research online I decided to hire Always moving inc. When I called the company, they fixed me a slot on the moving day and gave me a quote that was more than reasonable. Their movers arrived on time to my apartment and they were all very well equipped. They efficiently packed all my stuffs. They delivered on the promised date. All my things traveled without suffering any damage. They ended up charging me the exact amount they quoted. I’m totally impressed.



No troubles!

I worked with many moving companies over the years, but Always moving inc was the only one who moved me without any trouble. Their sales rep is a very nice guy. He offered me a very good deal and made sure I got what I needed. On the moving day, their moving team came 15 minutes early and packed all of my belongings with care. Every single item was nicely packed and moved. In the end, everything was delivered damaged free! And also, they even helped me set up the new place! They were simply wonderful! I will use this moving company again!



Great job

There are some service providers who ought to be hired out over and over again because your satisfaction as a client is always guaranteed. A relocation company like Always moving inc seem never to disappoint anyone. Personally, I have contacted them to relocate me twice. Two of my close friends have also been relocated by these same people. All of them were successful. There was no single point that we were disappointed. In fact, they keep on getting better with each growing day and I am so happy because of that.



Very satisfied

Thanks to Always moving inc, I am now happily settled in Orlando. Thanks to this relocation company that I am living in my dream house. I had taken much time before moving to this lovely home because I thought the whole thing was going to cost me so dearly. Even after setting aside some substantial amount of cash for the same, I was still in doubts. When I approached Always moving inc Movers and asked for the quotes, I was in for a very big surprise. The rates were so favourable to me! I did not even think twice about hiring them. I gave them the job and they proved in every single way that they were worth my time and money.



Very nice and personable

I had to relocate due to school from my apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Alachua, Fl. It was a very reasonable price. Everyone was on time and they had a very professional presence while working quickly. Overall, the service was great and if I need to move again I will be using them in a heartbeat!



The best moving company, seriously

We called Always Moving Inc to pack up my mother's household because she was no longer able to live by herself. They stored most of her stuff for three years while we figured things out and then when we were ready for her things to be moved into our new home, they helped us with that. We moved to Jefferson which was a five hour drive and when we got to the house, they moved everything in just like we asked. If we wanted them to move things around, they did it for us with no problem. They were very careful with her things and put down floor coverings to protect the floors, they couldn't have done a better job. I would recommend Always Moving Inc because they're the best and made our lives ten times easier.




They helped my parents pack their stuff and move them from the old house to the new house, which was out of state. They always showed up a little bit earlier and ready to work. We loved that because it showed the professionalism this company has. The team was polite and worked effectively!



Great Service!

Recently decided to move closer to my son who is attending the University of Florida. Did a little bit of research and came across Always moving inc. Got a quick quote and was already on the move by the next week! Everything arrived just as it left and the movers were very friendly. Would reccomend to friends and family.



Cheap moving

Always moving inc was not the cheapest moving from Jacksonville to Boca but was affordable and within my budget. My moving has coordinator did a good job helping me out with the entire moving process. The movers were professional unlike the last time I moved with another company. Would recommended using again.



Very good

My experience with Always moving inc was good . The reps was upfront with me about my inventory to make sure I didn't get any surprise during my pick up as he explained to me some customer tend to leave of things and after packing than realizing they have way more than anticipated and failed to let us know which could be costly at pick up which was important to me because my employer gave me a budget . I like the moving tip link my moving coordinator sent me during this moving process because it help you save money by teaching you how to properly pack and what to take and not to take of course it hard when your moving you want to take everything after reading the link and talking to my moving coordinator . I realize there were some things I didn't necessarily need to take with me decided to have a yard sales as the link advise to reduce my cost. I appreciate the knowledge and customer service was friendly and accommodating.




You will forever be part of my memory. The kind of relocation services I received is not something I can take for granted. It took your dedication, commitment, and hard work to be able to achieve that level of diligence. I have absolutely no regrets associating with you. Wow. I am so much proud of you. You are the best relocation company that has ever served me. With your worthy services, I was able to move from South Carolina to Illinois without struggling in any way. It was possible for me to use very little cash and still get admirable relocation services. I am looking forward to even better relocations services.



It was pretty quick

I have realized something - moving is more than the physical moving activity. It requires professionalism and dedication. It requires experience. When I sought the services of Always moving inc, I got the best of relocation services. They were careful enough to ensure everything was relocated in a perfect way. There are no doubts, you are the best team ever to relocate me. I am optimistic about them. That is why I am recommending them to anyone who needs a different feel of moving. I am certain they will not disappoint you when you go to them. You will always have a reason to smile after their services.




That was amazing. It was something beyond my expectations. The best I expected from them were average moving services. When they came over to discharge their duties, therefore, I was surprised. They facilitate the whole relocation in such an organized way. They started by packing the smaller belongings before putting together and loading the larger ones. The entire experience was satisfactory and anything like that in the future will be highly appreciated. The least I can say is that I am grateful. Otherwise, I am still perplexed at the nature of moving services I was able to receive. It was so good and lovely. Being able to relocate in such a perfect way was something I did not expect. I now believe in your services more than ever before.



Excellent experience

I am looking forward to future moving with them. I am sure there will be no disappointments. Instead, the relocations will be perfect. They were able to move me so smoothly and inspiringly from Utah to Oklahoma. Why would they fail in subsequent moving? I believe in you. That was just too much. I had anticipation but whatever came through wasnt part of that. I expected them to make mistakes and maybe cause some losses in the course of the relocations. When they came over, however, I received something completely different. The moving services were so smooth. I was able to relocate without the slightest worry of inconvenience or inefficiency. Their services were undoubtedly inspirational and I do appreciate that.



Perfect movers

I chose the right course. I hired out the perfect team, and it paid off. I was able to relocate in such an easy and adorable way. It would be my greatest joy going through such relocation services again. You didnt fail me, and I am grateful for that. I had so much faith in your crew and no disappointment crossed my way. I thank them for this. No moving company is comparable to Always moving inc and Relocation Group. They belong to a class of their own. Their moving services are indeed great. Moving from North Carolina to Texas was smooth and peaceful because of their crew. I am so much thankful to them.



The move went smoothly!

I did not have an idea of the possibility of easy moving until I met Always moving inc crew. It was only after their amazing relocations that I discovered how easy movements can be. You only need to engage the right movers, and you will have everything done. I believe in the power of Always moving inc movers. These people are worth trusting. When I sought their services, thoughts of massive disappointments crossed my mind. I thought I was going to be let down like in previous cases. What I received during the moving was the complete opposite. It was a great surprise for me because I was not expecting that level of diligence, commitment, and prowess. I was happy to the end of the moving services, I still am.



They did a great job!

That was manageable for me. I was not aware that the relocations could be that awesome. Through the diligent services of Always moving inc and Relocation Group crew, it was possible for me to relocate to Colorado in the easiest of ways. It was super enjoyable. If you are in need of unwavering moving services, try Always moving inc and Relocation Group. They will not disappoint you. I sought their services of this crew, and they ensured perfection. I am happy you did it! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Always moving inc. You did me proud when I sought your services. I got more value for my money and that delights me. You should keep up that spirit.



The process was incredibly smooth

I moved in the best of ways. I moved in a smooth way. Everything was okay because of Always moving inc and Relocation Group crew. I did the right thing seek their services. I will do it again given another chance. I had other options, but I decided to seek the services of Always moving inc. I must admit that it was one of my best decisions. I cant remember being happier than I was after the relocations. Moving from Iowa to Illinois turned out amazing. They ensured the services were smooth without any damage being experienced. I am so happy that they were able to do that for me. I am encouraging anyone in need of relocation services to try them out. You will not be disappointed.



Smooth move

It was my cousin who first introduced me to a driver from Always moving inc. He was such a gentle and humble man. When I asked him about their services, he replied diligently and was willing to share anything about them. He informed me more about their services and by the time I was calling the head office, I was quite sure they were the best movers for me. I was not wrong at all because when the services finally came, it was just the way I had expected. The only thing that didn't turn out to be so was the time I had estimated for the operation. They took considerably lesser, and that is a big plus on their side.




I dont have any reason not to hire them out. I will seek their services again. The kind of diligence they were able to display in the last move is something worth mentioning. Your capable team did it and I am grateful for that. Just like before, Always moving inc crew did it again. This time round, it was more spectacular and more amazing. The entire move was full of wonder and perfection. Everyone involve played his role so diligently. At the end of it, everyone was very happy. You give me reasons to keep smiling every time I come for your services. I have never failed upon hiring you out. For that simple reason, I will keep you as my number one moving company.




It was simply fantastic, thats the least I can say. The services were amazing. From the start to the end, the services were great. I was not let down and that make me proud. On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Always moving inc and Relocation Group team. You were able to offer me ideal services in such an amazing way. I am much grateful to you. I couldnt have wanted something any better than I what got. No other company would have done it in a better way than I did. The moving services were peaceful and timely. As a family, we enjoyed the services.



Truly Grateful

I am truly grateful. You helped me move from Arkansas at such affordable costs. Your services were also very great and peaceful. I am in love with their services. You should keep up that spirit of perfection. You are the best. I feel different. Having hired out some of the best people in the moving company, I feel like I have been given real value for my money. I went for the top team in the moving industry and I obtained real value for my money. I found the entire relocation so easy and enjoyable. It has never happened to me before. Sincerely, I have never thought moving could be that awesome. There was nothing hectic or regrettable in that move. There was so much professionalism involved and that got me delighted.



Reliable movers

I am not taking anything for granted, not a single thing. The fact that you were able to move all my properties from New York to Missouri in a flawless way is something I cannot assume. I found your services enjoyable. Thank you so much for your perfection. I was not aware that such lovely relocations exist. The possibility of moving without any issues has never occurred to me. The entire family was happy at the end of everything. You were able to fulfil all your promises. You are indeed so much reliable and I am grateful for that.

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