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5405 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78238 USA

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About Jackson Movers

5405 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, Texas

Jackson Movers is a locally owned and operated moving and storage company in Dallas,TX. We move and relocate residential and commercial property. we deliver consistent, dependable, trustworthy, and timely moving and shipping services. Our team of movers is thoroughly trained in commercial and residential moves. From local to long-distance moves, we know how to get your items to their destination in pristine condition. Make us your preferred mover, whether you need to move down the street or across the country. If you would like assistance in moving your home or business, call Jackson Movers today for a free quote and get moved!

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Winston Guerrero


Thanks guys; you did it

Due to the fact that we had so much stock, it was actually vital that we discovered an actual professional company to carry out the job. Jackson Movers truly made it seem easy. The team of 6 guys really took out the time to pack every little thing carefully and effectively, and also when they provided, it was all in mint condition, thanks to Jackson Movers.

Rogelio Mcbride


They are spectacular

I recommend Jackson Movers. I have had them work for me a couple of times and I can proudly say that they are the best so far. With them comes no disappointment or heartache. Giving them an opportunity to serve you is a swell as recording success on your side because they will always do it to perfection. I just hope they will continue offering their diligent services over and over again. If I am to relocate any time in the near future, I will have it done by Jackson Movers. I wouldn’t want any relocation company to help out because I am in doubts if they will accord me what I was granted by Jackson Movers. What this company gave me was spectacular. I did not even think it was possible at the onset. The timely services, the amazing discounts and the diligent service men were all too good to be true. I sincerely recommend them.

Fred Smith


Result oriented movers

Their seriousness on the job was clearly visible. They came in early, packed and wrapped my belongings with care and got me ready to go in 3 hours. I really did think that they would mess things up because it was a long distance move. But they proved me wrong. The movers protected every single item. No scratches on anything. They were so kind and helpful. I highly recommend Jackson Movers for all moving purposes.

Ernest Snyder


I highly recommend them to all

I loved working with Jackson Movers. The way they disassembled the beds, the china cabinets and the chandelier was just amazing! No doubt that they are professional. They even fixed my garage door for me! They are very decent and kind. I felt very safe. Usually it feels weird when they are in your home. But they were so nice that it did not feel like that. It was a great experience. I highly recommend them to all.

Timothy Brock


Good Workers

I am so pleased that I utilized Jackson movers where the team had those men that a supreme exceptional task I looked after my furnishings from covering it to unwrapping it and taking it up and down the actions I could not be any better with their service thank you a lot men. I likewise like that we had consistent contact with the business in the motorists that makes whatever a lot simpler that you understand what's going on every minute of the method.

Terence Griffith


Experienced and skilled professionals

Jackson movers looked good on paper given how many years they have been in the business. So I hired them to handle my move. Their customer service was so friendly and resourceful and gave me a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived 10 minutes early! They were so efficient and organized. Their packing skills were so practiced and creative. Everything went very smoothly and they set off quickly. I received the delivery right on the date they promised. Everything traveled very well and I was very relieved to see that. I just don’t have words to say how grateful I am to these men.

Andres Duncan


Thanks a lot folks

Their relocation services are undoubtedly great. The crew had a sense of humor that made the entire process appear like a get together of old friends. Someone who watched us from a distance would be forgiven for thinking that we were old friends helping out one of us. They handled my properties as if they were their own. They were so careful in ensuring that not a single property got damaged in the process. I love them.

Nicolas Tran


Perfection achieved

I was astonished by how easy they made my move. The movers from Jackson Movers were just unbelievable. They showed up early on the moving day and got to work immediately. Their packing skills were seriously out of this world. Every single piece was packed so delicately. The moving process went without any issues. The delivery was made right on time. I really have come to expect perfection from Jackson Movers. If they deliver anything less than that, I would be quite disappointed.



crappy crappy crappy

Holy cow, the damage to our belongings is incredible. We used brand new Home Depot boxes, half were their "heavy duty" and, well, it looks like I can only upload one pic here. Everything is crushed. It is so bad, it looks like someone did it on purpose. I've only looked at half of the boxes so far, but I can't believe what I'm seeing.

I tried to contact Jackson Movers (Mike and Chad were managing my move), neither called back or emailed. Moreover, Mike lied to me about their being a "full-service" moving company. The people that delivered our property told me they didn't work for Jackson Movers at all.

The person in charge of delivery, JR, also tried to convince us that he couldn't get the truck into our neighborhood so they'd need to charge us an extra $750. When we told him other moving vans had been in there, it became $600, then $500, then I showed him a picture of another van parked in front of our property and he finally relented and drove the truck in. He still insisted on another $150, and everything had to be in cash. (Mike told me we could pay by credit card in advance, or with a money order on the day of delivery, but delivery guy would only take cash.)

I had to ask this guy for a receipt for the additional $150, and he wrote that that charge was from the people picking up our stuff, not him. JR must have told me 50 times that nothing was his fault and that he was super amazing. He also reminded me several times that there was no need to check if all the boxes were there. He'd already checked. B.S.

I've done 3 transcontinental moves in the last 10 years, and 7 long distance moves before that. I have never seen anything like this.

It sucks when they have all your stuff hostage.




After all the great work they have done, I will give them a 5 star review because they REALLY deserve it! I guess I am another happy and satisfied costumer. I love this company's professionalism also. They knew what they were doing right from the beginning. They also have great deals while I was moving. For example, they had specials for office moving and I saved a lot! I moved without all the headaches because of this company. I was so lost before moving and I thought it was impossible for me to move all the office supplies. But of course, after these guys arrived I knew that I would be in good hands from the start.

When they arrived in the office, they first placed everything in a box or wrapped the items and then proceeded to move things. It didn't take as much as I had imagined. They even wrapped the computer monitors in order to not break or scratch them as they carried it so carefully. That was honestly my biggest worry. They sure got my trust now and will be calling them for all my moving needs. These guys were A+ on everything!

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