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When you are preparing for a long distance move, you need a team that knows exactly what they’re doing. You need professionals that you can count on to move your belongings hundreds of miles without damaging them so that you can worry about all of the other logistics of your big move.

Our team is highly experienced at long distance moves – in fact, it’s all we do. That’s right, we don’t take any customers who are just moving across town. We leave those short moves to the other guys and so that we can focus on the big challenges.

56 Reviews for First National Van Lines

A Good Mover

My younger brother needed a moving company quick. So I opted to help him out to make things easier on him. We searched around for moving companies and found FNVl on google. They were a local company that we decided to get quoted from. The initial quote was affordable, and a price not to exceed. Everything over the phone was great, the quote the honesty, the information. Movers showed up and did an even better job loading all of my brothers furniture. It took a week and a half business time to get my brother delivered and unloaded. Overall I would say a great company.


March 12, 2018 12:00 am

Best Bang for your Buck

I had to hire professional movers to relocate my children and I to Iowa from California. We were quoted by a few places. FNVL held the median spot. Jordan was my over the phone rep, and he was amazing. He handled just about every aspect of the move. I recieved my calls informing me when movers would be there. At pickup half of my balance was due. I was loaded onto a truck within about 5 or 6 hours. THen my truck went into transit for one week. Now i gave them 4 strs for this as I felt my delivery should have been a day or two sooner. Upon delivery I recieved all of my belongings undamaged, and I paid the remaining balance on my bill. I think in total on delivery it took 3-4 hours to uload everything and reassemble it in the proper rooms. I loved the services provided to me, and when or if I ever move again I will be using First National Van Lines.


March 19, 2018 12:00 am

Deposit for move from Las Vegas to Bowling Green, KY

Just wanted to share this experience I’ve recently had with FNVL.

We changed our mind and cancelled before the 72 hours deadline and was told that our deposit will be credited back in our account within a couple of days. It has been almost 3 weeks since they told me that and the credit is still not showing up in my account so I called my CC company and begin the dispute process.

When I contacted and asked them why it takes so long they simply told me that it’s month’s end and they’re very busy. That’s a really poor excuse as they were lightning fast taking my deposit. How long does it take to process a CC credit electronically??

I haven’t used their moving services yet but so far this experience left me real weary of their practice. Hope this helps.


June 6, 2018 12:00 am


Great company, used them to move me from GA to CO. David was exceptional. He quoted me an affordable price, and secured the dates I needed. Movers showed up and loaded me in a day. Transit took 5 days. Unloading lasted a half a day or so. Once my move was completed all my personal items were accounted for.


March 7, 2018 12:00 am

Easiest Move EVER!

My company decided to open a new location in Minnesota that serves as the headquarters while our original office became a “branch”. I hate to move myself so the thought of moving an entire office was overwhelming. First National took care of everything. They came prepared and worked so quickly I expected a mistake. They are professionals so no mistakes were made. I was concerned because we were moving from Maryland to Minnesota not Iowa in which the moving company is based out of but that made no difference, everything went smoothly. I was able to get updates throughout the entire process which really kept my anxiety to minimum. I the end I looked like a rockstar because First National Van Lines is rockstars.


October 17, 2018 12:00 am


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I can’t say enough bad things about them. Their customer service in the beginning was very nice, but don’t let that fool you. Our quote almost doubled and we were not informed about the price increase until our belongings were loaded on the truck. $6k to $11k. They did not keep their schedule and we almost missed our settlement date, but they finally were able to send movers out at 9p.m. then they finished at 3a.m. leaving us a few hours to clean up for the walk through. They are a moving broker so they don’t actually employ any movers. So good luck getting a reliable crew to move your items. Tons of hidden costs too. They charged us $100 to pack an urn, then it arrived in pieces even though the box said “FRAGILE”. Every piece of furniture arrived with some kind of damage. Items packed in bubble wrap were crushed. Boxes appeared to have been smashed into a smaller spaces than the box size. When I emailed them, because no one would answer their phone, I got no response to how to proceed with the insurance for the damaged furniture. Their crews are incompetent and do not treat your belongings with respect. Our carpets and walls were scuffed and marked because they didn’t take the proper precautions when moving our items in. The guy unloading the truck tossed our items around like he was unloading hay bales, throwing things around the truck and dropping them off because they didn’t have a working load gate. They left before all the furniture was unpacked or put in place. I paid extra for a piano move and they didn’t have the equipment to load or unload it so that was damaged. So if you use them and they send Passaic Moving and Storage of NJ….don’t let them in your home. I opened my holiday decor not too long ago and had many items broken in those boxes. The guy unloading the truck treated my items like they were trash just tossing and slamming boxes off the truck. Scratches and smashed items to a leg broken off my buffet from not being unloaded properly.

First National offered me $ to take my reviews down and I refused their offer.


March 3, 2019 12:00 am


I wanted a van line and I thought First national van lines was one but I realized it was a brokerage. However, the person I talked to on the phone did a good job helping me out. The contract negotiation was fine and straightforward. I got exactly what the rep said I was going to get, and I appreciated that. However, the moving coordinator didn’t really contact or look out for me. They didn’t check up on things and I didn’t like that. Things didn’t go exactly as they should have which was okay, but nobody gave me the heads up. But the people who did the move were excellent. Nothing broke and everything was well wrapped and packed up.


July 3, 2019 12:00 am

Excellent movers

I recently moved from Mesa, AZ to Manhattan, KS. I received outstanding service from First National. They took great care of all of my belongings and transported them in a timely fashion. Not a single item arrived damaged or out of place. Staff was very courteous and professional. I highly recommend them.


April 20, 2018 12:00 am

First National Van Lines is really a BROKER and NOT a full fledged moving company

First National Van Lines is really a BROKER and NOT a full fledged moving company. They subcontract the move out other small 3rd party moving companies. These 3rd party moving companies can be nasty.
Also, First National Van Lines quote low prices in the beginning, but then lots of extra charges kick in, such a number of steps walked to the truck, $ 60 for plastic bag for mattress, $ 250 for packing tapes, etc. In the end , customers end paying 2 to 3 time their initial quote. I regret being the unfortunate one. Better to use band name franchised moving companies, in opinion. I learnt my lesson.


July 16, 2019 12:00 am


DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! THEY ARE BROKER, NOT A MOVING COMPANY!!!! When we contacted FNVL a person named Jordan introduced himself to us as representative of “FULL SERVICE MOVING COMPANY”. Later, from negative reviews, we learned that they are just a broker and Jordan is the owner of FNVL. He told us that we will get a truck belonging to HIS company. On the appointed day no one came. All our attempts to contact Jordan had failed. The next day Jordan did not answer either. The Budget truck arrived on the next day. We asked whether they were FNVL and they said yes. They doubled price twice. We were shocked and tried to call Jordan to ask what was going on. He told us that HISS BOSS will handle it and after that we have never heard from him again. When we received statement of payment it turned out that company provided service to us was UNIQUE VAN LINES, 1 star moving company. This company just kept our stuff in storage then subcontracted by two different moving companies. Somebody named Wes contacted us. He did not do nothing besides lips talk. Then stop to answering his phone. They contacted us after i left reviews. They asked that we immediately delete our review and they compensate some money. Also we were told that Unique going to compensate all our loss. BUT IT WAS ANOTHER LIES!!!!. Then they began to threaten us with lawsuit, mentioned that it was Unigue fault. We went through hell. A lot of our stuff were missing and broken. YESTERDAY, AFTER 4 MONTHS OF WAITING,WE GOT RESPONSE FROM MOVING CLAIMS,THAT UNIQUE GOING TO COMPENSATE US $70!!!. SHAME ON YOU FNVL. YOU ARE THE WORST!!!!!!


March 15, 2019 12:00 am

Great experience

This is not my first experience with moving company but for sure the best one, my job requires me to relocate a lot so I decided to give it a shot, had to move my stuff from Texas to Florida. I called multiple companies to get a quote and First national Van lines gave me the best deal I could possible get. Everything was right on time. Customer service was easy to deal with, and the movers were extremely careful with my belongings and they were on time, polite and professional. Also, they arrived at my new place a little bit ahead of scheduled time with no damage to any of my possessions.
If I ever have to move from state to state again, First National Van Lines is for sure going to be a company I go to. Thank you very much!


November 9, 2018 12:00 am

Great Long Distance Movers

First National Van Lines did a really good job! This was for my colleague/ friend who was moving for work reasons. As most of the times, the move for work is immediate and the first thing that comes to mind is…how am I gonna deal with moving my entire household in such a short notice? She was here for quite some years now…so had what not with her…loads and tons! Out of all the providers we approached, First National Van Lines were quick to respond and fix an appointment. They were professional and efficient, got the requirements well and the quote we received was also reasonable. We choose them for quick responses and clarifications (they never hesitate to answer you for anything related and are very friendly) and competitive quote. I am glad we chose them!


October 13, 2018 12:00 am

Great move byFirst National Van Lines!

First National Van Lines, moved me from Newport, TN to Muscle Shoals, AL. The movers were on time, polite, and professional! They took great care when handling and packaging some of my more breakable items. The move went off without a hitch! They arrived at my new home ahead of scheduled with no damage to any of my possessions! The price was exactly as quoted to me! I would use First National Van Lines again in heart beat!


May 4, 2018 12:00 am

Great Movers low cost

I used First National Van Lines to move all of my furniture to Iowa. I chose them because they were local to my delivery address. David quoted me, and got me locked in on the dates i needed. Jordan called me 24 hours before the movers arrived to keep me informed. THe movers showed up, and loaded me up in about a half of a day. Delivery, or transit took 4 days which was rather fast. Unloading my items took a half of a day, and everything was assembled and moved into the correct rooms. I had no damages, and no complaints. If you need good movers First National Van Lines is a solid moving company.


March 2, 2018 12:00 am

Great Moving Services

We used this company to move our personal belongings from Georgia to Iowa. Man, am I glad we did. First National Van Lines stepped in and did a job well done. THey were honest, and upfront. My price did not change, I had no additional fees, and most importantly I had no damages or lost items. Movers did a great job all the way around the board.


February 28, 2018 12:00 am

Great Services

I had to move last minute from Colorado to Kansas. Due to a promotion at work. Initially I spoke with Anthony on the phone whom of which provided me with an accurate binding quote. My total move time was 7 days from start to finish. The movers were very professional, polite, and I had no lost or stolen items.


February 22, 2018 12:00 am

Greatest experience!

Honestly so If you’re being skeptical about this service, don’t be! If you’re going to trust a review, trust and believe mine. They’re amazing! From the website down to the actual service and moving! Just to be honest, I’m very skeptical and very cheap. So I went online and did my research and it turned out that this place really truly was the one. All of the other websites weren’t as reliable, didn’t answer all my questions, and overall looked sketchy. So I called, and they answered all my questions, they had detailed explanations and they reassured me on everything. So then when it came down to the actual moving day, God was it a breeze. They basically took care of everything and it was amazing how fast they did it! Honestly, I recommend this place 100%. Nothing was damaged, nothing had to be replaced. It got to my new home, in a record-setting time. I loved the whole experience, and will always recommend them to people who are moving from state to state. I loved it, and I will definitely go back to them again when I decide to move again!


October 30, 2018 12:00 am

Here are some facts

Ok guys, this is a very long review and you can skip the first paragraph if you are not interested in my background story. Well, if you think moving house is stressful, try to move with a 3-month old baby! I wanted to use a moving company because it drained all my energy to pack up and to entertain my 3 months’ old while my husband was still working full time. I submitted an online quote and received numerous phone calls and emails – particularly from a company called something like 469, they called me several times a day and was really pushy – and I don’t like that! My friend recommended Atlas Van Lines but I didn’t get through to the rep in MD. I left a voice message but never heard back. So I used Google and First National Van Line came the third on search list and I rang them!

I spoke with Jordan and he was really nice on the phone, not aggressive like a lot of other sales reps, I immediately decided to go with them. Below are my comments about my experience.

First of all, I’d like to point out that they try very hard to make the customers happy. They genuinely care about their customers. My move date was on a Sunday, and the office was closed on Sunday, but Jordan was there to help me when there were some issues with the price.

Secondly, they arranged the move for me with short notice. I confirmed moving with them on Thu and was able to book the Saturday, although it actually happened on Sunday. The change of date did stress me a bit but with Jordan’s help, the actual move went smoothly and I have everything delivered to me on Monday, even with the advert weather condition. He’s a star!

Thirdly, make sure that you understand your quote and how the bill eventually calculated. The mover doubled the quote Jordan gave to me with a few more items, but was able to correct it at the end. So it is important to get the quote as accurate as possible, just to save your time on the move day!

Finally, it’s a moving company moving furniture, not crystals, so do not expect that your signs of “this way up” or “fragile” is going to make any differences. But if you well-packed your boxes, then just by normal pick up and put down by the movers would not damage the items. I think overall they take reasonable care of the boxes. At the end, I had a broken spinning chair – one leg was broken and it was nicely placed next to the chair by one of the movers, of course without telling me, a twisted gritter and missing a screw for the baby cot. Considering I had 26 boxes, and two bedrooms’ furniture, this isn’t bad.

Things they could have improved that would earn five stars from me: 1. clean up after they packed everything, rather than leaving a lot of bits of tapes, pieces of cardboard on the floor for me to clean. 2. unwrap everything after delivery, there were some items unwrapped cause they were rushing to leave. The weather was bad though, so it’s understandable. 3. there were a couple of stretches on the wooden floor from the movers dragging the furniture, but it was NOT very noticeable.

Overall, I’m happy with the service provided by First National Van Lines, and especially would like to take this opportunity to thank Jordan for all his help. I think by the end of the day, for most people, it’s one time service, so it’s not going to be a life-time relationship. Do not set up very high expectation bar. I would recommend this Company to family and friends, and use them again at my next move.


March 21, 2018 12:00 am

Highly recommend

Request for quote submitted. Inundated by calls from several major moving companies. Quoted based on Cubic footage/ compared apples to apples. FNVL wasnt the cheapest but was not the most expensive. Moving consultant was extremely knowledgable. Reserved with FNVL and was provided a binding price based on the list I had provided to sales rep. Movers showed up on time. Very efficient and hardworking team. Packing was extremely thorough (A little too thorough), LOVED the way they packed my flat screen (Pic attached) No hidden fees. I was charged exactly what I was quoted. Yesterday I received my items exactly the way they were loaded. Everything was in perfect condition. NO DAMAGES at ALL. FNVL was very professional. I have already recommended them to several co-workers also looking to move this Summer. I decided to write this review to show my gratitude. GREAT company! Highly recommend


February 28, 2018 12:00 am


**DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY**** GO FAR AWAY. 1. The company had their lawyer contact me and tell me they will bring legal charges if my review breached my contract (red flag). 2. The sold me on a smooth transaction, but subcontracted me to a company that showed up to my move with a rental budget truck and 1 mover. 3. It appears they will sell your business to the cheapest company so they can make the biggest return. 4. It has been 4 MONTHS and my lost belongings haven’t been found. 5. Most of my items have been damaged and they take no responsibility (see pictures). 6. Contact me for more information and beware of the fake reviews. PLEASE do yourself a favor and find a better company.


April 19, 2019 12:00 am

5/5 stars

What a great service I received from First National Vanlines. From start to finish I give them 5/5 stars. The movers were very polite and clean. It took 6 days to complete the move from pickup to delivery. Do not waist your time with another company these guys are the movers u want.


April 10, 2019 12:00 am

A Reliable Company

A fantastic moving company. Usually I wouldn’t ask for help with moving, but I had to go from California to Florida on short notice, and I’m glad that I did my research. First National Van Lines was polite and professional when I made my inquiry, and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was together for the big day.

I didn’t have to worry about any of my belongings or furniture. I trusted some of my instruments with the company, and they handled everything with care. It only took me about a week and a half to get everything together.

It’s difficult to find a reliable moving company, but First National Van Lines is professional and courteous. I would recommend their service to anybody.


October 12, 2018 12:00 am

A Stressful Move Made Easy

After I found out about a surprising job relocation, I was not given a lot of time to get everything together. I was pretty stressed out about moving a few states away and being on a short time frame.

Luckily, First National Van Lines made this stressful move extremely easy. Everyone that I spoke with was helpful and friendly. They all understood the urgency of my move and were quick to reassure me that they would be able to handle everything!

As my items arrived at my home, I was definitely surprised that nothing got lost or damaged. My friends have dealt with their items arriving late (from other moving companies), but I had no issues whatsoever. If I ever have to move from state to state again, First National Van Lines is the first company I’ll call!


October 13, 2018 12:00 am

Best decision was to hire First National Van Lines

Normally when I move I do all my own wrapping and packing, rent a truck, convince a couple of friends into heavy lifting and move. However, this last move I was moving across country and I also had a new born baby at the time. Because of this I decided to hire First National Van Lines to not only move my stuff but also wrap and pack all of it as well. The guys who helped me were so kind and patient and did not get irritated with me when I hovered over them and micro managed during the first several hours they were there. However, after I saw how careful they were being with my belongings I was able to back off a little. The move went just as smoothly as the wrapping and packing. My belongings arrived on time and not one thing was broken or damaged. I would recommend this company for any long distance move. Excellent service great price!


October 19, 2018 12:00 am

Delivered my stuff damaged, broken and boxes missing

Joel came out to house from Express Van line and gave me a quote of $2,179 and told me I had 500cf. I had gotten rid of some things and called First National Van line and told them. Asked First National for date and time and told me that they could not give me date until 2 days prior to the move. I questioned that and he said I did not understand the procedure. I have moved several times and never had an experience like this. 5 days prior to the supposed date of move he asked if I had anything to add and I told him an additional 30 boxes and some small items. now my price doubled and they had
my deposit and knew there was no time to get someone else. I had asked First National Van line if they were a broken. His answer was everyone had subcontractors who do deliveries. Which was dishonest from the get-go. Who knows how much cf I really had, how could it double. Charged me for 1000cf even though they said I now had 900cf. Express Van Line delivered my stuff damaged, broken and boxes missing. I even got someone else’s ladder so that tells me they are so careless. The delivery was awful and they didn’t even bother to do an inventory check, they rushed through delivery and could care less of all the damage they did. To this day I am still missing so much stuff. They came here saying you have to pay in cash which is odd .since my deposit was a debit and the first payment to these people was a check and the driver Alex gets here and tells me cash only, i had to go to the bank at night to get as much cash as I could. Told him to come back the next day, as he came at 8:00 pm to deliver, he refused. Ruined furniture broke Waterford and hummels, ruined a dresser, tv on bottom smashed in, tool chest all dented, bent drawers, box of winter boots, Kitchen items, bathroom items, etc. It goes on and on and the boxes are gone. I truly believe that this was a setup to wait until the end and then up the price knowing you cannot do anything else. I am so discussed and upset from this as I cannot afford to replace the lost items.


August 31, 2018 12:00 am

I recommend this moving co

From the first conversation to delivery of my move was a good experience. Professional company that does what they say. Someone was always available to answer my questions and help me through the processe.


May 20, 2018 12:00 am

I would not recommend these people

I went to this company for a move back in March of this year. I was quoted 506 ft.³ of moving space will be needed I was told by two different people not to worry about that because I would only pay for the moving space that I used up in their van lines. I was told this through text and email from them. On the day of my move, the movers forgot things at my house that they were supposed to pack even though I was charged for the full packing service they had broken things like Christmas ornaments that my grandparents had given me. They had overcharged me for the space I’ve used and never even attempted to measure how much space I actually used. I went to their appeals process three different times because that’s the max amount of times you can go to the appeals process. They would not refund me any of the money for the terrible job they did. I would not recommend these people. If you need any more info on them let me know. There is way worse stuff that I don’t have the length to add on here.


June 24, 2019 12:00 am

Interstate moving

We are first time movers so we were very anxious about the moving process. They did an amazing job!! I will definitely recommend this company to all family and friends. Thank you First National!!


March 9, 2018 12:00 am

Last Minute Move

Had to move last minute from GA to CO. I needed affordable reliable movers. One of my Co-workers told be about First National Van Lines so I gave them a call. Jordan quoted me fairly cheap. Reserved the dates I needed wth my deposit, and the move began. Movers showed up and got me loaded in just a few hours. One week was spent on transit. My delivery was quicker than loading me up. Im glad I chose FNVL, a big ty to everyone that helped out in my move process.


March 15, 2018 12:00 am

Moved house

I was moving from Arizona to Los Angeles. I had to pack and move my 2 bedroom apartment in a pretty short time, as I got a job opportunity there; so I was really happy to find a company that could help me take care of all the hassle of moving my apartment!! The lady I spoke to was professional and polite, and after answering my questions, she was able to give me a quote, which seemed reasonable! When they arrived they emptied the truck and got everything into my new place for me, which I was thankful for as I’m sure it would have been a major mission to do it by myself!


October 19, 2018 12:00 am

Moving from State to State

I was moving from California to Arizona and I was really glad I choose First National Van Lines they were quick with my request and also provided me with all the information I needed to know, they were polite and respectful, apart from this they were very efficient and fast on their feet, my move was so easy thanks to these guys that I would definitely use them again and I recommend them to my friends and family. Before making my choice I also searched other companies but I was not able to get an answer as fast as First National Van Lines, I sent and email and also called I got an answer on both methods within no time this was one of the best experiences I have ever had moving.


October 11, 2018 12:00 am

Moving near Mickey’s House!

I recently got a new job teaching in Florida and since it was September, we had to move fast. Not a good idea for a state to state move, but I was going to attempt it. I’ve never done a state to state move (I always used my husband and his brothers for man power!LOL!) so for this job, I automatically hired movers. They were so efficient and quick with our things! My husband was even impressed by how quickly they moved everything out of our house. Once at our new location, everything was there and nothing was broken. I had visions of broken vases and a broken mirror on our dresser, but NOPE! Everything was all together! I’ll definitely be using them again if I have to move to another state!


October 15, 2018 12:00 am

Moving Rockstars

I am a Administrative Assistant to the CEO of a IT company. The company asked him to relocate fo California. I had to make sure and prepare all his traveling and moving arrangements. Without any knowledge of Iowa I relied on reviews to choose the best company I can find. Thanks to first national van Jones everything went so smoothly! I was very grateful that they transported everything jn a timely manner. The quote I got from them was a bit more than the rest, but I’m very satisfied with there service. I was a bit worried at first only because they took a while to answer and didnt confirm that they were in transit. Other than that they are highly recommended you wont be disappointed!


October 16, 2018 12:00 am

Moving Scam

I hired First National Van Lines for my move from North Carolina to California. I worked with Christian and Jordan with First National Van Lines. We went over a detailed list of what I was moving and they provided me with a quote. After this conversation, I was emailed an article list of things that I was moving. I never received a contract for the moving truck and labor itself. They charged my credit card $950 for the move.

In another phone call with Jordan, I explained that I also needed to have my car transported to California as well. I was sent a very limited form via email with a link to e-sign (please see below to see what I was sent). This approved the $750 deposit for the car transport.

I received a phone call a few days before the move because the company wanted to go over the moving list again and we added a few items because the company wanted to be sure that we had enough space for all of our items. They charged an additional $1,105, which I approved over the phone. This is the first time I actually received a formal contract, with terms and conditions, which I never e-signed/signed.

The day of the move, my husband and I were up early and waiting for the movers to arrive. I received a text message from the driver saying he was on his way and should be arriving in 30 minutes. Right after receiving that text message, my wife and I saw a Budget truck driving around the property and we figured this couldn’t be our truck because 1) it was a Budget truck and 2) the driver said he was still 30 minutes away. Forty minutes after first seeing the Budget truck arrive, the driver called me and notified me that he was at the property – in the same Budget truck we initially saw. This seemed really odd to my wife and I considering we were NEVER told our belongings were going to be loaded into a Budget truck and because the driver had been at the property all along and not ’30 minutes out’.

When I met with the driver, he had no crew with him at all. It was him and one other guy. The driver came into our apartment and looked at all of the stuff and said that even with the additional spaced we paid for at $1,105, it was going to cost us even more. He wanted us to sign a new contract (we hadn’t even seen the original contract for the $950) and it was for a subcontracted company, we did not sign this new contract. I had never been told that they were using a subcontracted company to move my items. When my husband had asked to see a company ID or a moving license or even a business card, the driver had nothing to show. This made my husband and I very uncomfortable because we were about to give everything we owned to this guy who cannot even show that he works for a moving company. He also told us that upon delivery of our items, we now needed to pay cash. Why? You had our credit card on file. This was even more reason to be worried that they were going to scam us in some way. We asked him who he had been working with and he would not reveal the name of his supervisor. We asked if he had been in contact with Jordan or Christian and he did not even know who we were talking about.

I finally decided that this situation was extremely sketchy and we were not about to have our stuff stolen or suffer from a moving scam. We decided we would rent a U-haul and drive our stuff across the country ourselves. I asked the driver to leave and that we were cancelling our service with them. When we did that, it also cancelled the car transport as well. The driver told me he would wait around in case we changed our minds. I politely asked him to leave.

Throughout all of my communication with First National Van Lines, I had never been told that they were subcontracting my move. I was never told that I would be asked to pay in cash. I was never told that my cross country move would be done in a Budget truck. I was never told that the drivers would not have to provide any form of identification. I was never told that I needed to sign a new contract with the subcontracted company. I was never sent or even saw a contract for First National Van Lines.

Unfortunately, we lost the dispute for the $1,900 because there was no proof that any of these sketch conversations happened since they were all in person and not via email.


March 5, 2019 12:00 am

My move

I contacted First National Van Lines three weeks ago to help with a move. I had the pleasure of dealing with John Allen as a consultant during my move. I am here to say he is the best. He was very helpful and wasn’t trying to burn my bank account. These are definitely the people to deal with while moving


May 19, 2018 12:00 am

New York to Pennsylvania

I lived in New York. When I sold my condo, I actually had very limited time to be relocated from New York to Pennsylvania, at my new duplex. I phoned First national van lines and asked if they would make a schedule within short time. They agreed and gave a fix date within that week. Overall it was great experience. The guys worked hard with patience and respect for our stuffs. Our previous home had strict move out regulation. They were able to cope up the situation at prompt pace. The total move was safe and sound. No hidden charges were imposed at the end of service. I will certainly recommend them.


April 13, 2019 12:00 am

Nice crew

I was moving from Iowa to FL and it was my second time using First National Van Lines. The crew was very nice and positive. They were very helpful and were on time. They were also very cooperative and were very willing to do the things that I needed them to.


June 24, 2019 12:00 am

Piano Moving

I hired First National Van Lines to move my baby grand piano, my most prized possession as I have played on that piano since I was a little girl but it is still in brand new condition. I was apprehensive about hiring a moving company to do so after I read TONS of horror reviews but I couldn’t move it myself so I had no choice. After all said and done I couldn’t be happier with the service! The movers were so gentle with my piano and when it arrived at my new house in Texas there wasn’t a scratch on it! Thank you First National!!!!!


April 17, 2018 12:00 am


i moved from san diego to ohio last summer. it was bar none the worst experience of my life. i pre-paid for the move as well as packing services. on the day of my scheduled move, no one showed up. i called fnvl to inquire about the delay and they did not respond. i emailed and received no response. i did receive a call a day later from a moving company in texas stating that they would be arriving two days later to move my belongings. i explained that i had given notice to my landlords and needed to be moved out of the house by said date. they told me that they would send someone out the following day and if they didn’t arrive to call their 1-800 number. the following day, no one arrived. and no one was at work over the weekend to return my calls.

over the weekend, i purchased moving supplies and packed myself. the following monday, i received a call from a third company stating they would be arriving late to move my belongings.

they arrived and packaged up my belongings, while trying to charge me extra for the boxes. i refused to pay extra and counted my items alongside the estimate. there was fewer items in my possession than originally estimated, however, my estimate was mot adjusted as promised by fnvl.

it took THREE WEEKS for my items to be delivered. when my items were received, the boxes looked as if they had been through a rock tumbler. and a few items had been damaged.

i contacted fnvl and they explained they were no longer liable for any damages.

i posted a negative review on this website and they called me immediately asking me to take the review down. i explained that i simply wanted reimbursed for the
packing and supplies i had pre-paid and reimbursed for the damages. they agreed.

i naively took down my review and never heard from them again. i sent several emails and left voicemails and never received a response.

a few weeks later, i attempted to write another review on this webpage, however, reviews were
not being accepted because someone was attempting to leave multiple reviews from the same ip address. READ: THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ON THIS WEBPAGE ARE BEING LEFT BY THE COMPANY! i have, almost a year later, not received any reimbursement.

this company should be prevented from doing business. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!


June 5, 2019 12:00 am

Poor Service

The experience I’ve had with this company has been the worst!! My furniture and moving items were picked up on 5/22 in IL and I was told it would be anywhere between 3-5 days for my items to arrive in NM because this was a piggy back move which meant no storing items because they already had a trailer going to the destination. None the less we hurried to get from IL to NM because we wanted to be sure to be there before the truck arrived. I told them the longer the better (meaning take 5 days instead of 3) Well it has now been 14 business days and our stuff has yet to arrive. FNVL will not answer my emails or phone calls at this point but they were mighty quick to take $8K in money and still expect additional $2k when they deliver. Worst customer service experience! I do not recommend this company at all. When I tried to reach the Site Director from FNVL that got me the quote and gave me details 7 days later he responded by saying they were busy because it was end of month and that he would get back to me. Still have yet to hear back him. Then I did get a call from one guy saying my things were going to be loaded over the past weekend which was a lie because I contacted the shipper and they told me they don’t even have a trailer yet to load and my my things are sitting at the warehouse. That was the last time anyone at FNVL answered me and they no longer respond. I am having to deal with the shipper directly and they are telling me no move going from IL to NM takes 3-5 days and that my stuff has been sitting in storage because there is no trailer yet that can bring my items to NM. I have been in an empty house sleeping on an air mattress for 21 days now and no clue when my items will arrive.


June 12, 2018 12:00 am

Pricing Was Spot-On

We were making our very first move to our own place, so naturally we were a bit lost as to where to a start. We did some research and kept finding great things about First National Van Lines. It was very easy to get a quote online, and we were professionally guided through the company’s procedures. We are thrilled to say that the team at First National Van Lines did not disappoint! They made sure we understood everything from scheduling the packing and storing, to calculating the cost per mile for our move across state lines. The team even checked up on us a week after our move to see how we were settling into our new place. The best thing about this company is how straightforward they were with price. The quote we received was actually accurate and there were no surprise charges.


October 16, 2018 12:00 am

Professional movers

Awesome crew! Professional movers, and amazing customer service. I work in the moving industry myself as a customer service rep and the company I work for was unavailable for my move date but I’m glad I decided to go with this company


March 9, 2018 12:00 am

professional movers

These guys are phenomenal, when I asked for quote they followed up on phone, email with an official quote. The contact from the company also followed up in person multiple times to check my interest in their services. They definitely are on the steep side but for peace of mind I think you can rely on these guys to do the job.

After an lousy experience with an mover who confirmed the move date and did a no show these guys came through for me. They have not yet done the move but based on the engagement till now I’d recommend them based on my interaction this for for proactive customer service, professional communication and flexible schedule.


March 30, 2019 12:00 am


This company handled my belongings from Arizona to Iowa. Jordan headed the move, remained in contact throughout the whole process, and handled billing. THe movers did not damage anything, and worked at a good pace. My overall delivery time was a bit longer than I expected, but not by much… Good movers, highly recomended.


February 20, 2018 12:00 am

quickest move ever

My job has relocated me several times, so I feel like I have become an expert on moving. First National answered all my questions, responded quickly to me throughout the entire process. The day off the move they showed up early, were professional and worked quickly while handling my stuff with care. They were able to get me delivered quicker than I initially needed. Now I just need to get settled in my new town. I would highly recommend these guys and will use them again for my next move.


July 11, 2018 12:00 am


Thank goodness for the team at First National Van Lines! I was so stressed about my move, but each team member that represented First National Van Lines provided great reassurance and made me feel at ease during a hectic time. Their work was a blessing to me and my family. My delicates were properly handled and cared for, which is a big plus for me cause I have a lot of those! All of my family’s belongings were moved with great care and efficiency, and I’m so happy I chose this company for our big move!

If you and your family are moving soon, please contact the great team at First National Van Lines, they took amazing care of me and my family!


October 22, 2019 12:00 am

Sc to TX

I had such a great experience with First National Van Lines. Everyone was very respectful from the very beginning. They were very professional and gave very reasonable quote prices. I was moving from Anderson,SC to Dallas,TX. And they quoted me $3,100.

I was told they would be to my house around 8-9AM and they arrived right on time. They were very respectful of my belongings and I. They handled everything with care. They explained everything they were doing every step of the way. Whenever my stuff was being delivered to my new house in Texas, they unwrapped everything very gently. They helped me rearrange my house the way I wanted it without any complaints. They were very neat and ver professional. I would recommend them to anyone!!


May 8, 2018 12:00 am

Scam and lies

WARNING!!!!!!’ Worst moving company ever!!!! Liars and scammers!!!!! Sale man of this company Jordan ( actually he is an owner) . Every his single word was lies!!!!!! Please, don’t trust to this people, they are worst!!!!


July 12, 2018 12:00 am

Second move with FNVL

I had to move to Florida to get out of CA. Standard of living was too high. For the same price I can live on the beach. SO I used FNVL to take care of my move. I was aware of the policies as this is my second move with them. A) Movers were on time. B) Movers honored my quoted price from FNVL. C) I was delivered inless than two weeks. I tipped heavily, but of course my move was flawless. Great company all around. Im glad I got to do business with such a team. No damages lost, or stolen items!!


June 7, 2018 12:00 am

Simply The Best…I’d rate 10 stars if I could!!!

Best movers in the country without question. Jon Jameson made my long distance move go as smooth as butter with impeccable customer service. Jon if you see this tell your manager you deserve a raise!! The entire moving process was explained to me with absolute transparency and all my questions were answered without hesitation. Whatever doubts I may have had about using a moving company for the first time were quickly put to rest and I was at ease, can’t put a price on a piece of mind. I honestly felt like I was their only customer and received my valuables a lot sooner than expected with everything in tacked. I’ll definitely be sending over a few referrals and hats off to the team over there. Keep up the great service and thank you again for such an easy experience!!!


March 4, 2019 12:00 am

Solid Company

Solid company. A company that went above and beyond what I ever expected. Only issue was delivery and my sales consultant also named Christian had them place my family and I in a hotel for 3 days at their expense. That is what I call service. I received my items yesterday and decided to post this review since after all they did a great job all around. I highly recommend.


October 1, 2018 12:00 am

This company Is legit!

I used this company to relocate my household Items to Fort Worth for a new job that God blessed me with. I wanted to write this review to express my thanks, for a job well done! From pickup to delivery I am very pleased with how they handled my move. Customer service was easy to deal with, and the movers were careful with my things. I was especially pleased with the care they took In packing my paintings, and art work. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who Is planning to relocate. Thank you guys so much, for a job well done!


February 28, 2018 12:00 am

Very good moving service

The crew which helped me move were really friendly and promptly answered my queries. I had to opt for an interstate move and throughout the process, the representatives from the company kept calling me. First National Van Lines is one mover whom I would whole heartedly recommend without any second thoughts. They were really cautious about the goods. Being a musician, I had lots of fragile items at home including some instruments. I packed them earlier but they were the ones who loaded them in the truck. I was really restless at the moment but these guys proved me wrong with their service quality.


April 24, 2019 12:00 am

Worst company

We were pressured into giving a deposit of 1,800.00 dollars or the price would go up and we were told we would get our deposit back if the move did not happen. The contract also states that the deposit is good for 1yr. The move did not happen and we have not been refunded the deposit. I started calling the middle of may because we were moving local in June and I wanted to make sure everything was in place. We had to be out by June 1st.. I had been dealing with Mr. Lee Powell (I was told he handles issue) It took me several days to get intouch with him…He was either out of the office or suppose to call me back ( I never got a call back) I had to keep calling several times a day. I finally got him on the phone which probably was by accident he said someone would call me back to retake inventory and give me a quote by the end of the day. .No one called.(That was a Thursday) I call back next day he is out of office so I am told…..I call back Monday and told he will call me back.I finally get intouch with him on that Tuesday and we have to be out that Saturday. He has to create a new account because he can not find us in the system and he takes the inventory and told that someone will be calling to confirm the time on Saturday and a quote. I call everyday several times a day getting the run around. Mr. Powell informs me that he will call me before he leaves on Friday with a time, at 4:30 I have still heard nothing. I call back . We are not on the schedule for Saturday per a Josh that worked in customer service and Mr. Lee Powell is no where to be found he has left for the day.. So We had to call around at 5:30 in the evening on a Friday to try to find a mover luckily we found express movers in Wichita ,ks and they were able to move somethings around on their schedule to move us. So we were not only out 1,800.00 but another 800.00. I still have heard nothing from Mr. Lee Powell and it is July 5th. This is the worst company to do business with unless you just have money to throw away. Debbie in Kansas


July 5, 2019 12:00 am

Worst move ever!!

Worst move ever!!

I hired First National Van Lines, who out-sourced to MAP Movers and Storage company. I was quoted by First National Van Lines $7000 for the move. However because I had more boxes it was suggested to increase the cubic feet to 2000 to be on the safe side. I was given a new price of $10,000. Was told price would be reduced if I did not use all of the cu feet. This was not honored by MAP. And MAP tried to charge me an extra $3000 for packing supplies. $3000 for a box of movers tape, and a plastic bed covering, which at any hardware store costs $8.99. When I called National Van Lines the day of the move little could be done since the movers argued that I had more than 2000 cu ft of furniture + boxes. However they decided not to charge me $3000 for moving supplies. However, after weeks waiting for my belongings to be delivered, the day of delivery MAP refused to deliver my belongings unless I paid more MONEY. $3000 more!!! After agreeing to pay, which I regret, but I wanted my belongings! Well, my belongings and furniture arrived in a 17ft Uhual which only holds 865 cu feet. The movers argued with me that I still had over 2000 cubic feet, and demanded a good yelp review.

Worst is customer service was no help. Many of my belongings were broken, and boxes were missing. Still Missing!! File a claim MAP said. Too bad I did not have proof of purchase for my items or my Great Grandmothers crystal vase.

Do not hire this company!!!!! Especially if they outsource to a worse company.

National Van Lines has not helped when having difficulty with the other company.
I have been trying to reach National Van Lines company for months. Since August to be precise. No one has returned an email or phone call. I found my emails with National Van Lines which stated that I “would be reimbursed for any space not used on the truck.” This was not honored!!! When I spoke with my moving coordinator from National Van Lines about this he said he would speak to upper management and get back to me. I’m still waiting.

I was originally quoted $7238 for my move. I paid $14,563. + extra hotel expenses because they delivered two weeks past the delivery date + paying for new items to replace broken items + heartache.

National Van Lines may be a great company! but unfortunately they failed to coordinate/hire/brooker reputable movers. And I paid the price.


January 1, 2019 12:00 am

WOW! A wonderful moving company

Wow, I have to say, I am very impressed with First National Van Lines. Their rates were so reasonable, and it made my move to a new state so simple. And since I was moving for college, they really took away some of the stress of moving.

Plus, they were very punctual, and they got the job done quickly; I had a family gathering just days before I was supposed to head off to California for school, and I had absolutely no time to pack before then. Plus, since I had graduated high school, I was working full-time. First National made it so simple! For an added fee, they even packed up my belongings for me, and I made it to Cali for move-in day. It was an all-around wonderful experience, and I would do it all over again.


November 16, 2018 12:00 am

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