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Midwestern Van lines is a moving company predicated on the notion of quality service and efficiency in all aspects of the relocation process. Our reputation for excellence is centered by our commitment to provide accessible and reliable service through our trained and proficient staff.

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Just to follow up, as stated previously the furniture was delivered to Fresno, not to the apartment, but left on the sidewalk, my husband had hired another company, but thought it would be picked up from a storage facility, but no it was unloaded on the sidewalk. Desperate times. Oh wait there was a balance due of 722.00 so guess all that was stated in “contract” was as the young people say is BS


February 22, 2018 12:00 am

Don’t use this company, spread the word!

This company gives an underestimate for an initial quote then charged you much more. The movers who don’t speak English then hurry you to sign more papers which state you have $15000 of insurance, but they pay at a rate of $1 for every pound the damaged items weigh. The move took over 30 business days as they said the stuff was being stored at some sure which was neither the move origin or destination. When it arrived, my $1500 tv was smashed, a leg of my entertainment center was ripped off, and every corner of the bedroom set was nicked or dinged to some degree. Filling for insurance was a hassle, and then reading the fine print showed that if they pay or an insurance policy and you move within 12 months, your stuff becomes theirs and they can come check your home whenever. This company already has multiple complaints work the BBB. Do not use this company, and spread the word! Worst experience I’ve ever had with any type of company.


April 19, 2018 12:00 am

Do not use

Truck was supposed to be here 6/23, no show. Lots of phone calls very few answered. Find out on 6/27 they cancelled my job. They did not call me, tell me, nothing! Was supposed to be out of my sold house 6/24. Have had to pay to stay in house, uhaul, storage unit…and still no call. This is the worst company to deal with!


June 27, 2018 12:00 am


This company has the WORST customer service!! Let’s start out at the beginning, I spoke with my sales rep, he was very kind. He said they would price match another quote I had received. However, he did not price match, he simply removed things from my inventory list so my estimate would match the other quote I received, which was $2,800. When I noticed this, I reached out to my sales rep to get a more accurate quote to make sure this was still in my budget. He would not give me another quote, instead he kept insisting I wait and speak with Quality Assurance and they would give me a quote. I asked to speak with them prior to my 7 business days before my scheduled move so that I could get my deposit back if I realized it would be out of my budget. He just kept insisting that I would be called by them soon. They did not call me until 6 business days until my scheduled move, the estimate they gave me was very much so out of my budget, however, I would lose my deposit if I canceled. So I felt stuck with this company. I also, had reached out to my sales rep and QA to try and change my pickup date because my lease had to end sooner than I had planned. I was unable to change the date, they assured me that my pickup would be within my 3 day window which was June 14th-16th. I did not get my stuff picked up until the 17th, I had to pay an additional day of rent. When the moving company arrived the driver was on time, but the movers were 4 hours late and very unprofessional. The driver told me my stuff would be delivered in 3-7 days and I had double checked with him I could pay with cashier’s check at the drop off, he told me yes. Once my stuff was picked up, I received no contact from the company except a link to “Track My Shipment” I received that link twice. Both times I filled out the form and received an email stating my stuff was still waiting to be loaded. I was very confused because my stuff was loaded on June 17th. I reached out to my sales rep and customer service multiple times and no one would get back with me or answer my question of when my stuff would be delivered. I then asked to speak with management I was told my 3 people they would pass along my information, I never received a phone call from management. I then get a phone call from a Michigan number on July 2nd around 5 pm, stating my stuff would be delivered on July 4th. I then had to figure out how to get a cashier’s check on July 3rd when I still do not have a bank in Utah for the movers. The movers arrived about 7pm on July 4th. That is when we found out we could not pay cashiers check and there was no where we could get a money order at that time on a holiday. So they said they would come back the next morning after banks opened so we could get the correct form of payment. Only through this mishap did I receive management’s phone number. I spoke to Jennifer in management on July 5th about 8 am. I was on the phone with her for 1.5 hours, she informed me she did not care what drivers have told me and that I spoke with multiple people and received multiple emails from the company with communications on the timeline for my delivery, which I had not. I asked her to forward me the emails she told me I received because she told me she was looking at them. However, she was unable to forward them to me. I also offered to fax over my phone records to show I did not receive a phone call from this company on the dates she says I did. She also charged my an extra $350 for “refusing delivery” on July 4th. I did not refuse delivery. I also am missing multiple pieces from my goods, and have severe damage on my washing machine, lamps, and dressers rendering them unusable. I would not recommend this company to anyone.


July 9, 2018 12:00 am


I am in Loveland CO and hired them to move my daughter to Virginia. I spent over two hours on the phone with Simon Victorino going over the details of the move, and was crystal clear that our move date had to be within 7/26-7/28th as my daughter is closing on her new house on 7/30 and its a 3 day drive to Virginia. He assured me that by 7/23 we would have our exact move date. I paid him $972 deposit of the $2300 contract. Well, at 4:30pm on the 23rd, I still had not heard from anyone at Midwestern so I called Simon. He had the “quality assurance” rep call me and started going over what we were moving and wanted to go over the packing list again. I told Chris, the quality assurance guy, that we had already done this, and we were very detailed so we just need to know when the moving date is. Chris said “listen, you don’t have to be an a**hole, there’s more people than just your daughter involved here!!” I said to Chris, excuse me? Don’t you dare call me that! I reiterated that we were supposed to have our moving date solidified by end of business the 23rd, and that’s now. So when is our move date? Chris then told me that dispatch would be in touch with me in 24-48 hrs to schedule the move. I told Chris, once again, that the date of the move was supposed to be given to me no later than this very day we were speaking. Chris then said, and I quote, “Listen you F*G*OTT, you will get a call from dispatch when they call!” I told him I am done and hung up. I called Simon and told him what happened and that I want to speak to a manager, and he kept repeating that he will make a note and someone will be in touch and hung up. I immediately emailed Simon that I will not be discriminated against and I am terminating the contract and I want my money back. He called me back only to smugly tell me it is not refundable and hung up. I have since filed a BBB complaint, and filing complaints with DORA, ACLU and am filing a small claims lawsuit. If there are others that have been screwed by this company email me anytime and lets join forces to get our money back and stop them from defrauding others. precision80537@gmail.com


July 30, 2018 12:00 am

Dont Bother

Signed a contract on June 14th, told 10-14 days. We were buying a house and we timed it so we would have the stuff when we moved in.

15 days later tried calling, no answer, left a message. No return phone call, tried customer service no one answers, left another message for our “Personal Rep” Randy and again no return phone call. This is after Randy told us if we needed anything dont hesitate to call him and he will take care of us. We NEVER heard from Randy after at least 15 messages and 50 phone calls. We tried every number we could, and occasionally we got someone but…

If you ever get anyone in the call center they just lie, we were told, “Yup the truck is loaded they are headed your way”, “oh the driver had a family emergency we are getting a new driver”, “oh the truck is still waiting to be loaded”, “oh I don’t understand he should be there within a day” etc etc etc

It is now 8/19 and we FINALLY for our stuff. After over 2 months of waiting, lies, no answers, no return phone calls etc.

Then after everything we got $30 a day for every BUSINESS day after the contract was up (mon – fri) even though they delivered on a SUNDAY.


August 19, 2018 12:00 am

Efficient professionals

Hiring Midwestern van lines was a rational decision without being influenced by the shiny billboards and newspaper adverts of other moving companies. They are not in the billboards but they have been in the business for long enough. Turns out, these guys know how to do their jobs properly and they are not out for your cash. The customer service was prompt enough and the movers were just brilliant. They train their men very well and it’s the job at hand that matters the most to them. They delivered everything perfectly and didn’t give me a lecture about their company ethics. It’s the kind of moving company everyone needs to hire.


October 26, 2018 12:00 am

Experienced men

I’m grateful to Midwestern van lines for making my first move so easy. They gave me an amazing quote and sent over four movers. While they didn’t really understand much English, it wasn’t really too hard to communicate with them. They were experienced enough to know what to do and how to do it. They very efficiently packed up all my belongings and then loaded them on to the truck. I wasn’t sure if all my stuffs would fit into that one truck, but they quite easily managed to do it. Even the delivery was made on time and none of my stuffs were broken or damaged. Their experience with moving really saved my day!


October 10, 2018 12:00 am

Great job

I submitted my information on a moving website and was contacted by several moving companies. This move was for my youngest daughter who is in college so she doesn’t have a ton of stuff but we needed to keep everything. She was cross country and was coming home so doing it myself was out of the question. After shopping around for a bit we decided on midwestern. The price was good and we felt comfortable with them. I had moved a few years ago with a moving broker and it was a rocky experience so I knew that this time around even for a small move we were only going to select a carrier. I made sure to verify that midwestern van lines was in fact a carrier. I normally would not take the time to post a review but I felt that these guy deserved it. The delivery people did a great job. We had recently had our floors polished so they put blankets down to make sure that everything was kept clean.


April 25, 2018 12:00 am

Great job Midwestern!

Our move went very well. We were in a time crunch, we needed to get our furniture delivered within 5 days, and no moving company could do it. Midwestern charged us a nominal delivery fee and delivered everything in 4 days. Great job Midwestern!


May 6, 2018 12:00 am

A+ company

Midwestern moved us to South Carolina last month, their moving crew men are excellent. They took a lot of pride in their work, Tom made is assistant re wrap an time because he is a perfectionist and knows what he is doing, need I say more? I can not recommend this company highly enough, believe me, if you are looking for a moving company hire Midwestern, they are an A+ company.


July 6, 2018 12:00 am

Bad estimate/wrong truck/2.5 days late

Final bill was almost double the estimate. I gave an exact box count and measurements on furniture. I even moved and sold some items. Right in the Email I was told the cost would go down. They showed up 2.5 days late which causes closing on our home to be delayed. They sent the wrong sized truck and only the driver and two loaders and they showed up at 5PM and looked worn out and smelled. They did not move me, but kept my deposit, which is now in dispute with the credit card company. They don’t respond to phone calls, Emails and do not return messages. I’m filing a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. I would not recommend doing business with this company. I post this in hopes of savings others all the headaches associated with them.


July 11, 2018 12:00 am

Beware, Please!!

I do not give this company 1 star but there is not a button for 0 stars! This company will be nice at first just to get your business and your money! Do Not Use This Company, please. They are horrible. The guys who picked up my items were great and wrapped everything snuggly but that is where the niceties ended. My items were picked up on the 18th of July in Wyoming and delivered on the 8th of August to Massachusetts. My belongings switched vehicles 3 times! First off, Mid Western Van Lines quoted me 658 sq ft of space after I gave a detailed inventory. When they came to pick up my belongings (all of which were on the inventory to include verbally giving them dimensions over the phone) all of a sudden my items took up 900 sq ft which increased my price another $1,100! Secondly, they contracted my items to a third party company for delivery. They contracted Boost Express Van Lines who tried to get me to pay an extra $450 for a “delivery fee” which was not in my contract, that I had in hand. Needless to say I called the police because Boost Express would not give me my items until I paid $450 that was not in my contract. The police went over the contract with the drivers and calmed the situation down. I tried calling Mid Western a dozen times and no one answered. I emailed them and left voicemail messages; no response! They finally started to unload my items as I checked them off my inventory sheet and guess what? I AM MISSING 11 ITEMS FROM MY INVENTORY!!! Also my grill is broken, my deep freezer has a huge gash in it, my $600 computer desk is broken and every box is dented and smashed!! Now I have to go to the police station and file reports and try to file claims with Mid Western Van Lines but I doubt I will ever see my missing items or any kind of reimbursement. I am in the military and have been for the last 9 years and have never run into anything like this before. Please do not use this company if you value your money and your personal items! I paid $4,493.26 for a garbage company who told me it was going to cost $3,337.11; Spent 2.5 hours with 5 police officers at my house; and lost some of my personal items just because I did not want to move it all myself this time. Do yourself a favor and move your items yourself! This is a headache and heartache I could have avoided if I had just chosen to do it myself. Oh and I also cancelled my credit card just incase the company tried to take even more money from me and I had to block a phone number from Boost Express Van Lines because their boss Yuri, whom I could not understand because of his accent, kept calling and yelling at me about paying his guys and saying he is going to sue me. I have every contract filled out and every dime that I was contracted to pay, has been paid. Never again will I use a moving company. I will never trust anyone else with my valuable possessions and I suggest you don’t either!


August 8, 2018 12:00 am

bright and early

They showed up bright and early cheerful and ready to work. All Crew members were polite. The rate was reasonable for a small, local move. The movers got to the destination quickly.


November 23, 2018 12:00 am

I will forever keep them in my loyalty circles

Coming from a company like Midwestern Van Lines isn’t something that we get to do every day. As such, I am always keen in appreciating great professionals like that when I get to meet them. The entire team is composed of willing and able employees who will stop at nothing to ensure that the satisfaction of clients is guaranteed. I am so thrilled to have hired them out. I will definitely tell my friends about them so they also get to enjoy the great services. I know I am not that good in giving my opinions as far as many people are concerned. Most individuals take me to be so ungrateful and mean with my appreciations. That is entirely theirs – all I know is that I only give credit where due. I was recently relocated from Georgia to Michigan by Midwestern Van Lines, and I was happy with what I saw. The services were quite above average. They can do better if they can get to improve on their arrival time. That’s all.


April 12, 2018 12:00 am

Impressive moving crew

My family and I were very impressed by the friendly, courteous, professional service provided for my downsizing transition and move by Midwestern van lines. From the very first call, to the move itself (in heavy rain) excellent service was consistently provided. I had a targeted goal of 3 hours for the move, and the crew carefully wrapped, moved, and placed the furniture within way before that. They were careful and professionally accommodating at all times; which both reduced my stress level, and kept me on budget. Thank you for everything, your service is exceptional!


October 14, 2018 12:00 am

Lost my hospital bed remote PLUS

I am very disappointed in this company that they represent there movers. They hire folks that are not interested in protecting your household. They lost half a heavy duty shelf and a dozen boxes. The most disturbing news is that they had no idea what happened to the medical bed remote. Filed a complete claim and never heard a word! Buyer Beware!


July 2, 2019 12:00 am

Over 30 days and still our items/furniture still not received

Read your contract with them – they tell you “yes we can do that in time” and they don’t – don’t believe them. They take your items/furniture and keep it hostage for over 30 days. We have tried calling customers service and nothing changes they tell us our items/furniture will be picked up then three days later it was not and still nothing. They picked up our items/furniture in March then dropped it off in a storage unit somewhere we don’t know..and still nothing from them on when we will get our items/furniture. We have received NOTHING from customers service on when we are going to receive our items/furniture. Don’t use them Don’t trust them – they will over charge you once they get there to pick up your items – famous words – “you have more than what you told us” then it is more money. This has been the WORST experience we have ever gone thru.


April 23, 2018 12:00 am

Please read before you book with them

I am just going to state the facts and let you decide if you want to risk using this moving service.
I worked on a quote with Paul from the Chicago office on my move from Iowa to Massachusetts. I was told that the quote I was given was guaranteed. I was told a van clearly marked with Mid Western Van Lines would pick up my things and deliver them to MA. I was told that Paul would be my go to person for the whole move and would always be available to me for question. I was told I would get 1 to 2 days notice both on pick up and on drop off. I was told my belongs would arrive in the condition they were in when picked up. I was told the price would be just over $3900 dollars. I paid a deposit of just over 2K and was told by balance was $1945, 1/2 due at pick up and 1/2 at drop off.
Now here is what occurred. The crew called on the back up day to say they would arrive in 20 minutes. They arrive an hour later in an unmarked truck. They walked around my apartment and wrote up paper work and told me I actually needed to give them $1500 on pick up and delivery. I called a supervisor since Paul did not return my call, text or email and the supervisor took $150 off the cost and I gave way a bedroom set and got the price down and gave the driver $1190. I asked the foreman if it was common to have the quote be off and he said yes. He said 50% of the time the quote is wrong. At the end of the process I was given a survey to rate the moving team with the statement that it was customary to tip the drives 5 to 10 percent of the cost. I tipped them 5% of the original cost.
On Wednesday I got a call saying it would be 2 to 7 days and I owed $1475. Obviously the $150 was just added back in. Then yesterday at 10 PM I was called and told my belongings would arrive today. I explained to the mover that I was not available between 1 and 4 today. So much for the 24 to 48 hour notice. He left me a message at 11:30 this morning and said he would be there at 12:40. He actually showed up just after 1 pm and I was not thrilled with changing my plans and well I wasn’t my nicest. If I heard “I am just the driver” one more time or “I just got this last night from the other driver… Now the storage building elevator was down so they had to take things in the back door and I got hit with a $75 long haul fee. They start unloading my belongings and I am noticing that legs (chairs, couches, dressers) are no longer covered and all scratched up. Then the boxes come out and they look like they had been thrown around and beat into weird shapes. My belongings had obviously been transferred multiple times. My dining room table is very damaged. My tv box has a HUGE gorge in it, who knows if it’ll work when I get it out of storage. One box was totally open. Who knows if everything packed in it is still in it. My lamp boxes are so messed up I am afraid they are broken. I will spend tomorrow on the phone to file a claim for the damage but I have no hope that that process will be any easier than the move itself.
So no matter what your salesman tells you, his quote is not guaranteed. The final cost is determined by the driver that picks up your belongings. Unless you fill an entire truck your stuff will go to a consolidation unit and will be handled multi times increasing the risk of damage.
Buyer beware is what I would tell you. Unless you can pack everything and measure it all so there is no doubt on the cubic feet do not bother to use this service. 50/50 are really not good odds of getting the price right. And the drivers are trained well to say “I’m just the driver”.


October 1, 2018 12:00 am


Bottom line up front, I was quoted $2400-2500 and billed $4905.58. Also, this company has the WORST customer service of any I have ever encountered and I have been relocating in the military for over 17 years with 11 moves to include overseas deployments. I contacted Midwestern Van Lines and promptly got a return phone call from Mr. Leonard Kennedy (Senior Moving Consultant) on July 17, 2018. I required a long distance move from WA to TX and was quoted approximately $2400-2500 for the move. My household goods (HHG) were in military Non-Temporary Storage and the Navy would not authorize a long-distance release from storage. 10 days later, I was able to get details for a release of my HHG by the Navy and received a new quote from Mr. Kennedy @leonard@midwesternvanlines.com that was also approximately $2400-2500 after my original quote had expired. At that date, I paid my $909.70 deposit.

I received an email with the quote that Mr. Kennedy initially made an error on the paperwork for my moving estimate #3793039 in the amount of $6772.01 (I have the exact amount because my email response was I do not agree to that amount and respectfully request an update). I cannot quote the exact amount of the corrected quote due to the link to my quote being disabled (states… This job is booked! Contact Customer Service.) at this moment and I did not save it to my computer.

My original pick-up date was July 30, 2018 and I received a call from 720-408-1650 @7:13 pm the night before to confirm a pick-up at 1-3 pm. I also received a call from 786-345-7808 on July 30th @9:45 am to ensure me my pickup was today between 1-3 and to expect a call from my driver Carlos Hillan (253-961-9559). The driver arrived for pickup at 4:30 pm on the 30th but the pick-up docks were closed. They rescheduled my pick-up for August 1st and after the driver initially refused to drive to the pick-up docks stating the manager said she would not have the load ready when he arrives. Nine days passed after my HHG were picked up and I received a message from Adriana D (Billing Department Manager, 800-519-1130) stating I have a balance of $3995.88 and must pay 50% of that balance to schedule movement of my shipment.

I have called the following company numbers over 20 times with records and left messages at each number with zero answers of the phone and no call backs since July 30th until August 17th. Also, I have not heard back from my response to Ms. Adriana D regarding my bill amount.



August 17, 2018 12:00 am

Really good deal

I purchased some office equipment online and had to get it brought into our new office. Midwestern Van Lines was one of the companies that reached out to me to give me a quote. My sales rep Mitch gave me a really good deal on the move with a piggy back that he had in the same area. They picked up everything from the warehouse and brought it out to our new office space. Set up everything perfectly. I would definitely use them in the future.


April 26, 2018 12:00 am

Save your money and go elsewhere

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The short story for anyone shopping moving companies is that this company will swindle you (original quote around $4,000 and final payment at $5,600 with multiple large items left off the truck due to cost), treat you horribly, and not return phone calls and emails for weeks while they have your belongings. In fact, they probably won’t contact you at all during the process.

The sales process was very smooth, as any good salesmen (Randy Peterson) can make you feel like the company is trustworthy. We looked at their reviews and decided that we should still move ahead, feeling confident with the rep we dealt with. Once the sale was made, the company went radio silent. I had to reach back out three days before our move to get anyone to discuss our final arrangements. I spoke with someone in QA and we adjusted the final quote (up by over $400) to reflect those changes. On moving day, the driver arrived and said he still believed we’d be at least 300 cubic feet OVER the new quote. We agreed to load to the increased space (at another $1200 above our quoted price) and stop at that point. At that point we still had a full sized couch, 4 burner grill, two end tables, one coffee table and a smattering of smaller items that could not fit. We were unwilling to continue paying for the space. I will add, our revised quote the week of the move INCLUDED all of these things. The company’s contract also says they will break down furniture. WRONG. My husband and I broke everything down to consolidate and save space. After the loaders were done, the driver gave us his phone number and said we can call him if we can’t get in touch with dispatch to discuss how completely wrong their quote was. The next day (move was on a Sunday) we called our rep within the company to discuss. He didn’t answer. My husband called all of the extension lines at home office and there was no answer at any of them. He next called the driver to discover it was a fake phone number. We finally got ahold of our rep, he sounded as shocked as we were (I’m sure he’s scalped other movers many times) and that he would raise it to the owners to help us out and see what he could do. That was the last we heard from him. For three weeks we had no contact with the company. We called, we emailed (all documented and saved) and no one responded to us. For three weeks, we were unsure if our belongings were still our own, or if they had been thrown away, sold on eBay, etc.

Our belongings arrived on time and in full, thank goodness. Unfortunately for us, every large piece of furniture has been damaged in some way. The moving company wrapped all of that furniture. And yes, I do have photo proof of each damaged piece. To top it off, the process to file a damage claim requires original receipts, original price paid, only two photos of each damaged piece, with the threat that the moving company can then come take your furniture if you file the claim that it almost isn’t worth it. Don’t use this company.


August 27, 2018 12:00 am

So far, not so good

Communication is terrible. And when I got my estimate with them and paid 800 dollars I was told the clothes in bags would be fine. I have a feeling I’ll be gouged at the end of it all. I can not get a call back unless I want to cancel the service! I just got quotes for less from other movers and the CRSs are great! I strongly recommend that if you’re reading this and considering this company that you keep shopping.


March 28, 2018 12:00 am

Spoiled all house hold stuff I asked them to move

I had to get relocated and I started exploring moving company. Unfortunately these guys also contacted me, I had almost finalized one vendor when sales person “Sean” from this company called me and convinced me to use their service with tall promises ,and told me that they are the best. Somehow I trusted him and it became the worst nightmare happened to me in recent time. I had taken packers and movers services from them and they told me that they will take care packing of my house hold stuff.At the time of pick up they did not pack my coutches and beds, when i asked them they told me that they would pack these goods in their store
and I dont have to worry at all as they are best in business and somehow I trusted them.
Also they had told me that within 10 days from my request they will deliver my goods.
When i requested them to deliver the goods(after their storage period got over), they tood almost 25 days to deliver my goods and they were very rude when I asked them to deliver or asked expected date. Finally I they deliver my goods and most of them were not packaged only or very minumum packing they had done.
Result is all my couches, bed, other stuff got scratches or spoiled. They even exchange one of my packet with sb ele and that packet was filled with just one old lamp.
When I complained about this they send me one link to claim my losses.
I registerd in that Claim website, and still strggling to get their node that they have received all the docuemnts.
They want their claim document, all the bills and photographs of my spoiled stuff but they dont accept muitiple files, no zip files.I wrote the couple of times to suggest me how should i send the relevant docuemnts they need to process my claim, they just send one standard answer docuemnt of these forms are not accepted.
I really doubt is it real claim system or here also some fake things are set up by these guys.
I am clue less what to do and how to get any claim for my spoiled stuff right now.
My high recommendation is please dont use this moving company. Photo of few items i have uploaded.


July 29, 2018 12:00 am

Stressful Move made easy

My wife family and I had to move rather quickly across the country from Minnesota to San Diego California due to a great job opportunity. The Company gave me 10 days to report and I had no idea how we could do it, at least move our whole home so quickly. My wife put our information out for estimates to see how we can do this. Luckily she was reached out from Jon Jameson with Midwestern Van Lines. He was very professional and showed his concern to our situation. Luckily Midwestern was able to get us picked up with in a week. Now we didn’t have a home yet, so they were able to store our belongings for a month free until we found a home of our own. Luckily once in California my wife, who is great was able to find us a home within a few weeks. We notified Midwestern and luckily they had a truck available to get us delivered. All being said, with the stress, Midwestern made this new venture for our family easy. we had received lower estimates but it came down to the service and how Jon made


February 1, 2018 12:00 am

Terrible Experience – would never use again or recommend

I had a terrible experience with this company. They were extremely unresponsive, only responding to every 3rd or 4th email – if at all. I feel taken advantage of and disrespected. Worst experience with a business in years. I also felt the quote given to me originally was lower than the cost they knew I would have to pay – 75 dollars per flight of stairs, 125 for an elevator, etc.


April 22, 2018 12:00 am

Thank you again, Midwestern!!

Midwestern did a fantastic job on our move. I was very impressed with the office and the crew. They called 30 minutes before arriving the morning of the move and packed everything in our house in 1 day. This was a last minute move and they made it happen with flying colors. All of our anxieties went flying out the door when they loaded everything and said ok, we are done see you in a few days!!!!! The cost was much lower than any of the other moving companies. I am requesting the same crew for our move next year. Thank you again, Midwestern!!


July 4, 2018 12:00 am

Thanks for all the help

Thanks for all the help guys! We couldn’t have done it without this kind of service. If I had to move all by myself, I think I would be in the hospital the next day lol. Anyway, this moving company went above and beyond my expectations. They never tried to waste time and they did not damage a single item. My wife and kids are amazed by the way they dealt with every situation. This company has the best rates and the best team! I highly recommend Midwestern van lines.


April 27, 2018 12:00 am

The worst moving experience I ever had

I moved from Ohio to Connecticut because of my new job. Very unfortunately, I chose Midwestern Van Lines. They picked up my stuff on 1/14/2018, and my requested delivery date was 1/18/18. Until this very date (2/13/18), I still don’t have my belongs, and I’ve been sleeping on the floor and living out of one carry-on suitcase since 1/14/18. The communication was poor and not transparent from the company. I emailed dispatch manager initially, and received no responses. I tried to call the sales person that I talked, no responses. I ended up have to “constantly proactively” call the dispatch department through the 1-800# asking for my delivery status – because none of their associates would pick up the direct lines. Every time I called, I received the answer of “we will let you know once the driver is assigned, just wait for our call, right now we don’t know when your stuff will be delivered” instead of providing a concrete solution of how to solve the issue. I also had to push very hard to speak with the supervisor (and not to mention, she failed to call me at least 4-5 times when her associates promised that she would call). I also found out that a lot of information dispatch department communicated might not actually be correct. In addition, the actual cost is $1,000+ more than what was estimated initially. The experience with Midwestern Van Lines has marked the worst moving experience I ever had, and I had moved numerous time in my life both across the country and oversea. This caused a lot of mental burden on my end, especially starting a new job at a new location. If I could give zero star rating, I would, unfortunately, that is not an option. Please consider carefully when you are choosing a moving company to help your move.


February 13, 2018 12:00 am

They did a stellar job

It was a move that I had ordered Midwestern van lines for my sister. I actually was not here when they did it because I was moving furniture from my house here in my hometown to my sister’s house in the city. I do know that everything was pretty much done accurately. The 3 moving guys were fast and efficient. The price that was given was very reasonable for the quality of service they provided. I highly recommend them to you all.


March 22, 2018 12:00 am

They make relocations fun

I’m not usually one to post reviews, but Midwestern van lines made my move so much easier than I expected that I had to post something. It was my first time using a moving company, and they explained every step along the way. They gave me a great price for the move, actually beating another company’s quote by 10%. They were very attentive to all the details, and my stuff arrived safe and sound, placed exactly where I wanted in my new home. Moving is never fun, but their movers made it a great experience. Take it from a DIY mover- this was worth every penny!


October 23, 2018 12:00 am

They were delightful

First, I couldn’t make up my mind about which company to choose, but after speaking to the manager at Midwestern van lines, he convinced me that these guys know what they are doing. After a small negotiation process I was good to go and everything went really well and gladly easy as pie. Even though I wasn’t home during their pick up, everything was really professionally done according to my wife who was in charge. They made the delivery on time and nothing went missing. Their workmanship is really praiseworthy.


March 13, 2018 12:00 am


Look elsewhere if you are planning on moving they treated our terrible. Lost dining chairs and left items belonging to someone else at our home. They did not care when we requested they find our dining chair that is irreplaceable (guess what they didn’t care and stated they would not be able to track it down) We paid them over $4000.00 to move from Washington to Arizona. They beat up all of our wooden furniture and the boxes looked like they have been thrown around alot. My suggestion is to either rent a truck from u-haul or find another company you can trust with you worldly belonging because they don’t care!!!!


October 5, 2018 12:00 am

Truly great

I have witnessed Midwestern van lines shine! They moved me with so much care and they paid attention to every single detail that made me want to write this review! They were wonderful! Long distance move is not a big deal anymore. All you have to do is hire this moving company! They will take care of you like no other and I am sure that they will give you a damage free move. I loved everything about this moving company! Their team, their service and their professionalism is outstanding! They are all stars! I highly recommend them to all.


May 21, 2018 12:00 am

Veteran Move from Seattle to Orlando

PLEASE DON’T USED THIS COMPANY! Let me start by saying that their customer service is horrible. I’m a service member of the US Army and move many times during my career. I never had such a bad experience as I been dealing with Midwestern Van Lines! I had a quote for less than $5,000.00 dollars and I ended up paying over $13,000.00 dollars. I flew from Orlando, Florida to Seattle, WA to had my household move. They knew that if they change the price I had no other option than to go through with the move. The customer service lines never responded or returned my calls. Jon Jameson the Senior Moving Consultant for Midwestern Van Lines was the one that quote me the $5,000 dollars and never even had the courage to return my call. The movers were horrible and broke and drop so many of my household good. Like I said before, please stay away from this company. They don’t even take care the troops, imagine what they will do to a regular civilian. Stay away from them!!!!!!


June 14, 2018 12:00 am

We are happy

Our move went very well. After getting a couple of estimates, I submitted them to Midwestern Van Lines for a quote. The estimate came in lower by $200, so we decided to go with them. The men that moved us worked hard to make sure all of the furniture was well protected. The delivery took 7 days, we were happy to have everything arrive safely and efficiently. I would recommend Midwestern Van Lines.


May 1, 2018 12:00 am

Worse experience

Please!! Do not contact these movers. They will make it nice and sweet give you a lower quote and make it seem you won’t be paying additional fees. We had a horrible experience. I explained very clearly the size and numbers of rooms, including everything in it. As well with the glass and fragile furniture. The representative made it clear that the amount was a guaranteed and swelled amount. Once the movers came the day of moving. The wanted to add and additional 2,000 dollars. Due to stating that the fragile stuff was not added to the contract and everything I stated in the rooms where not placed on the order. This added so much stress can you imagine. I had to sell my stuff in one day. I wasn’t going to pay 2,000 extra and the contract was selled. I rather get new furniture then have to pay 2,000 more. The movers where very nice. The agency it self horrible. Customer service extremely rude as well. Please don’t add more stress with this movers.


August 10, 2018 12:00 am

Worst Company Ever!

Gouged us for an extra 2,000 dollars on the way out the door after taking 10 hours to move our stuff out. The argument got really ugly and although I don’t have a bad temper, I was absolutely furious with them from day one. After 6 weeks they finally called me one day, I was in California on business at the time and told me the stuff would be there the next day. So much for the 48 hour notice. Had to spend 1200 dollars on a flight to race home only to find 4 guys that looked in worse physical shape than me (I’m 60) moving my stuff in. Broken dishes, some very expensive, a broken mirror, movers were so out of shape one of them vomited. They told me that would assemble my beds and refused to do it after they were moved in. The movers were not employees of the company itself, they looked like homeless people. Terrible experience, will be getting my money back, you can count on that. Have the whole thing on video! A lot of stuff was left in the driveway.


August 15, 2018 12:00 am

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Its a major scam!!!!!!!!

your sales person will lie to you over and over again. the items will not arrive in the time frame stated. Expect that to be weeks later than they quote you. Make sure to record the conversation you have with the sales rep!!!!!!!! The estimated cubic feet will be way lower than what the driver will tell you and they will not load until you agree to his quote. he will basically double the quote and the so called insurance you can forget. They dont offer any insurance other than pay you 6 cents per pound for any damaged items. Yes that is correct 6 cents per pound!!! Really you want to entrust your personal stuff to someone that will destroy your stuff then pay you 6 cents per pound. It has been 12 days since they hauled my stuff away and it has not left my home state yet. The sales person said it would take up to 12 days to deliver so can I expect my stuff today? No cause I just talked to Jennifer the customer service manager and she said a driver was just assigned and would start loading the truck. So my original quote was for $1772.96 but when the driver recalculated it he said the total would be $2905.43. If money is no object and you don’t mind having your stuff held for ransom then go ahead and use this company otherwise get everything in writing and record all conversations. Oh and I forgot to mention the driver did not give me a copy of everything he had me sign and still waiting for a copy that Jennifer (she said she was the customer service manager) from customer service said she would email me. Read all the reviews before making a decision. Its a major scam people!!!!! I have contacted the police and reported my sfuff as stolen and i contacted an attorney to file a lawsuit.
This company should not be in business!!!!!!!!
I will post pictures if and when my stuff arrives.


October 15, 2018 12:00 am

Worst Experience Ever and Missing 30 boxes!

I booked this company to move boxes from Omaha, NE to Yucca Valley, CA. Pick up driver showed up four hours later than stated. One guy was doing all the work and tried to get myself and daughter to do the labels and marking of the boxes. The other mover was having wife issues and was on his phone the whole time. They didn’t leave my house till 9:30pm. Driver asked what date I wanted them to deliver my items and said Monday May 21 that was a Lie! I wasn’t till one week later! I stated when booking house was on a dirt road for delivery.
Delivery driver showed up and said I’m farther than 75 ft to drop off in my contract and had to pay $250 extra. They brought my boxes in upside down and many of them smashed. Driver says ok, I’m done! I said this isn’t all of them. He states my truck is empty go look! So my daughter and I had to get the paperwork out and start logging each number as they did when picked up.
Driver was getting upset that we where doing this. It was Memorial Day and no one in the offices answered. He wanted me just sign that I received all my boxes so he could go onto the next job. He states, “I don’t need your boxes!” I’m missing 30 boxes from the shipment. I had 118 boxes total. I signed stating that I’m missing 30 and paid him the $250.Tuesday after the holiday I called the office and customer service stated hold on let me check dispatch. Was on hold for 20 mins and called from my landline only for another girl to say the girl will call me back. 12 hours later and many calls to only get a recording every time! Beware of this company. You can’t get through to them. I even have called the Michael Gould hasn’t returned any of my messages that took my order. Worst service ever and no one will return your calls.


May 29, 2018 12:00 am

Worst experience ever.

24 hours after getting a quote we wanted to cancel the contract and get my deposit back. They wouldn’t give us the deposit back so we had to go with them against our will. They promised us the load would get here to Florida in 3 to 7 days. After contacting the company, they told us we need to pay even more money. Now it’s been 18 days and we are still waiting for our furniture. If 0 star was an option I would choose that.


May 29, 2018 12:00 am

Worst move ever

Initially, these guys seemed great. The sales representative, Mark Lawrence, was very nice, accomodating, and worked hard to get us a great “deal”.
Fast forward to moving day:
– Our digital camera and a firearm “went missing” while the movers were there. The firearm was separated in a pile of stuff that wasn’t going on the truck, and the movers were clearly instructed that nothing in that pile was going with them, and that they should not touch anything in that pile. (For the record, the firearm was in an unmarked case, not just laying out in the open.) The camera was sitting on a shelf next to a pair of binoculars that didn’t disappear. When I asked the movers about it, they first said they hadn’t seen them, and then said that “maybe we packed them,” even though they had not packed any of the boxes (I had packed and taped all of the boxes previously).
– Our estimated cost more than doubled from around $4,000 to $9,700. The contract said that they should given us a new estimate if we were going to go over the allotted space. The movers had not given us a new estimate verbally or in writing before they loaded, but they did hear my husband say he expected it would be an extra $600 or so, and they did not disagree with that. When they had finished loading the truck and finally told us the new expected cost, it was after 10pm. We asked if we could take out some of the boxes or furniture we didn’t really need, and they said if they unloaded anything it would take until 6am AND we’d be charged an unloading fee.
– I’ve left multiple voicemails and emailed, and on the rare occasion I get to speak to someone, they just keep telling me that a “supervisor” will call me back within 24-48 hours. This has been going on for 3 days already. When I spoke to a customer service agent this morning, she told me that ALL of the supervisors were “at lunch.”
– There are now gouges, scratches, and scuffs all over my walls where they were apparently playing bumper cars with my furniture. I’m worried about how it will all look when (if?) we ever get it delivered.
This is before I even know how long it’s going to take to get my stuff back or what shape it’ll be in by the time it does arrive. At this point, I would honestly rather have sold or donated everything we own than deal with this company ever again. Shoot, I would rather buy a moving van, pack it full of our stuff, push it the 2500 miles to our destination, and then light it on fire than deal with these guys again. If I had a time machine and could only make one trip, I would have to think long and hard to decide between going back to assassinate Hitler, or going back to warn myself not to ever contact this company. If you’re thinking of using them to move, save yourself some stress and money, and go with LITERALLY any other company. This has been an awful experience so far; if they offer ANY redeeming qualities as it goes on, I will absolutely update this review, but I don’t have high hopes.


July 25, 2018 12:00 am


Don’t go with Midwestern Van Lines es. I feel like I was swindled. I was extremlly under quoted. Unable to refund. Expected to pay twice as much to get my stuff back. Customer service representatives were terrible my calls were not returned. The drivers were nice.


April 19, 2018 12:00 am

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