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Quest Movers will handle your treasured items with care throughout any transition. We know that the “smallest thing” is often the most valued and we strive to listen and exceed your expectations. Whether you are moving to another house, apartment, retirement community or assisted living residence, an extra set of hands may be needed…or you may wish to be in the director’s seat and let us handle all of the details.

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All in all this was great.

Well Movings can be super Fun. Jk it’s super stressful. With so much going on I needed a mover I can rely on. Thanks you guys for coming through strong. You guys wrapped up all my belongings so professionally I was stunned. You guys definitely deserve this review. Delivery was great as well. I was delivered in the window I was given and they unwrapped all the packing stuff they used in pick up. Placed all the furniture where I wanted it. All in all this was great.


May 29, 2018 12:00 am

Bad experience

I had a bad experience with this movers . Initially I called the movers and asked to
Move my house hold items. They said de assembling and assembling but they didn’t pack anything except my beds and moved all the stuff to new location. I Packed myself 90% And they didn’t even pack kitchen gave me two
Empty boxes to pack myself. I did all packing. During the transport they broke my wooden bed and mattress got tested.They gave me some movingclaims. Com website to raise the claims .but when I check i could not able to create a claim It takes me Multiple websites . at the time of booking I easily reach out to the movers . But when they are picking my stuff (scheduled day) and after delivery it is very hard to reach out to moving company.


June 12, 2018 12:00 am

Cool guys

If anyone were to arrange a battle amongst moving companies Quest moving would surely be the victor. If you don’t believe me just try them out for yourself. So convenient and easy from start to finish. They even have extended hours which is super dope. I run a small business and threes no way I can leave the shop before 5pm. Jon set it up for his crew to come at 630. They were in and out with no headaches. Cool guys too.


March 15, 2018 12:00 am

Crush my goods don’t you?

Quest moving is a DISHONEST and UNETHICAL company. If you can’t spare the extra hundred dollars or so for the next company then go ahead and get a trailer and do it yourself…. it will be less hassle. Quest will be days late, lie bout almost everything as to when and why, try to hike up the price, and most irritating be completely unavailable to you after you give them your deposit. They even comically have a bit about how customer service

-Are they picking up with your trucks? Yes (lie it was a rental at both pickup and dropoff, a hallmark of a low end moving company, but do I care that much anyway? no just want honesty and they couldn’t provide it.
-We guarantee Saturday or Sunday. Lie picked up Monday afternoon.
-Employee Whitney “look I’ve spoken with the foreman and he’ll be there this afternoon” lie
-Foreman, I’ve never spoken to anybody from the Quest company except for our dispatcher (not Whitney)… also I won’t be there til tomorrow.
Just a few examples outside of the very common “yeah I’ll call you back soon” or the “no they won’t try to jack the price up”
-Over $400 in damages done upon delivery, including two lamps that were completely and carelessly smashed… like smithereens style.
Do your self a favor and avoid this company like the plague.


August 20, 2018 12:00 am

Do not use this fake company, it’s a scam to steal your stuff

I wanted to use this company but Dave and Ana are being screwed over.

We moved on July 1st and provided Quest Moving with our new address on July 20th (that’s when we found our new apartment) and we were being told everytime we asked for an update nothing more than that we would receive our items 3 to 21 business days from that date, July 20th. It has been 31 business days.

Quest Moving refuses to provide a new delivery window or any update whatsoever. They will not tell us even an idea of when we will be receiving or where our belongings are located with an exact address.

This is a violation of the Federal Department of Transportation’s rules. It is illegal to hold someone’s belongings hostage and provide no information. We have been calling and texting on a daily basis without any information being provided other than ‘we are working on getting your items loaded’ and ‘we will put it in a note to transportation’ absolutely nothing else. Asking for more information leads to Whitney, Jim, or Sakina being extremely unprofessional and hostile towards us.

At this point, we are terrified that Quest Moving has scammed us completely and stolen our belongings. Their absolute refusal to communicate about what is happening suggests that they are not merely backed up but are intentionally keeping us in the dark. We simply want our belongings delivered to us and nothing more and can’t understand why this should be so difficult. Unless they aren’t a real moving company.


August 31, 2018 12:00 am

Do not use

The worst company to ever use they will rip you off overcharge you will see your stuff 2 months later if lucky you will be missing items broken items please never use this company


September 29, 2018 12:00 am

Everything went smoothly with Quest Moving

I know from previous job transfers that long distance moving can be a rough experience, but I have to say that this time everything went smoothly with Quest Moving. Their online reviews were good and I felt comfortable while going through all of my furniture and other items to create an inventory list with one of their sales reps, the price seemed fair in terms of the cubic footage that we estimated. I didn’t feel that I was being low balled and set up for a bait and switch.The moving crew came in and did what they were supposed to, put all of my stuff on the truck without a scratch or dent. They were on time, friendly, and did a great job. My belongings were delivered on schedule and as promised the movers put back together my bed frame and a couple of tables that had their legs taken off for the move. I feel good about the move because I wasn’t lied to, the cost estimate was accurate and the move was quality, on time, and it didn’t waste any of my time unnecessarily- I had plenty of other stuff to do as to getting ready for my new job. One heads up- listen to what the moving companies say about preparing for the move, pack enough clothes to keep you going at home and at work until your belongings are delivered. I forgot that last time and it was a big pain for me, this time I packed a good amount of clothes and I was fine until the moving truck arrived. In short, I had a great experience with Quest Moving and I’d definitely use them again.


July 13, 2018 12:00 am

Failure To Deliver

Just to make a long, harrowing story short: Quest has yet to deliver our items and it’s been over two months since our pick-up date (38 business days from the first available delivery date). They have not given any reason for the delay, except for “it’s complicated” and continue to say they will call me when our things are loaded. It is nearly impossible to even get them on the phone as all calls go to an overflow service that is only able to send them messages that almost never get returned. When calls are returned, the Customer Service people are rude and vague and their repeated answers of “I’m checking with transportation” and “we’ll call when you’re loaded” are extremely insulting and dehumanizing.

As far as I can tell, they are simply pocketing the thousands of dollars I have already given them and have sold off my items or will just let them sit in some mysterious warehouse (the location of which they refuse to disclose) because it’s not in their interest to deliver them. I have filed every possible complaint I can on them (DOT, BBB) but nothing has helped thus far. They are, without exaggeration, the most inept and shady company period I have ever had to deal with in any capacity and hiring them was one of the worst decisions I made in my life. If you’re reading this and thinking about working with them because they are the cheapest, PLEASE think again. We’ve essentially lost every single item that we own and hiring them is a gamble that you will regret.


October 5, 2018 12:00 am

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May 7, 2021 12:00 am


My niece and her husband moved from California to Tennessee. After numerous phone calls, they arrived on the 31st business day. When they arrived, the drivers asked for cash, tried to give them items that didn’t belong to them and delivered boxes with stuff falling out of them. Lamps were broken beyond repair and the 60″TV, oriental rug, kitchen table and X-box were no where to be found. They said they would check the warehouse again but that is not going to be helpful since the X-box was sold to user “Scary Arab” that charged them for a game on their pay pay account! This company sold her items and then told her to file a claim report. They are fraudulent and scammers! Do your research, this is not an isolated case. I would love to talk to Gary White, but somehow the website is down and anyone you leave a message for does not return your call. You will regret using this company. BEWARE!! THEY ARE FRAUDS. LET’S SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!


September 20, 2018 12:00 am


They are thieves, scammers, and bullies. I have been paying rent for an empty apartment for over 2 months now. No effort to communicate and amend what they have caused to so many people’s lives. I have reported them to the Florida Attorney General. Please file your complaints with AG Pam Bondi:

Please give us the voice to expose these thieves and make the authorities do something! They have had 23 complaints on BBB and a D rating in the course of 3 months! 56 complaints with the US DOT so far. They were illegally operating between 8/6/18 to 9/11/18. If you were lied to and signed a contract between that period, you can sue them for illegal operations!

If you haven’t, please also file your complaints with the FMCSA, BBB, Broward county police, and your state’s attorney general.

We must do whatever we can, with whatever we have, to get rid of these garbage from our society. They have effectively destroyed many hopes and lives. This must stop!


September 25, 2018 12:00 am

Gary is professional

I was a bit skeptical at first…Nothing worse than moving
The anxiety always gets to me, because a lot of my art & furniture is extremely expensive…. I was moving from Florida to NYC and these guys were legit the BEST. Easy on the phone, no adjustments with the quotes, and they even let me have a couple of extra boxes with no additional charges. . They also communicated dates well, and followed up after the service was completed. Highly recommended


February 15, 2018 12:00 am

Good crew

We don’t do this a whole lot. This was actually our first interstate move. We were pretty nervous that things might not end well but I suppose we’re just naturally nervous about everything. Quest moving but our nerves at ease. They promised us “a complete point a to point b move”. And they sure delivered on that promise. The crew who came to our house was amazing. They stacked everything so precisely. We just arrived our goods 3 days ago and I wanted to wait to finish unpacking before writing a review.


March 18, 2018 12:00 am

Good customer service

I’ve moved around quite a bit in my lifetime. Most moves go with some type of a problem for one reason or another. Having used several different major van lines as well as a few smaller companies I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with how quest moving does their work. These folks are professionals. Everyone involved from customer service to the guys at the house were on top of their game. I’d use them again for sure.


March 8, 2018 12:00 am

Good movers for flat rate move

I was looking for a “flat rate move” after reading different reviews online. I didn’t want any hidden fees. I had a few in home estimates and knew about how much my items weighed and how much cubic feet I have. Gary mentioned he would do it whichever way I felt more comfortable. I choose to have their crew go by cubic feet which to my surprise was extremely accurate. I didn’t tell Gary what the in home estimates showed. I just went over the item list with him. Quest’s was basically the same and much less expensive. I like having the option to text and they responded almost immediately. They were on time and actually delivered my items early which was fine with me. (They did communicate) They under promised and over delivered. A+ experience!


April 1, 2018 12:00 am

Good service provided

I own a lot of breakables. So naturally I was worried for how they were going to travel from Danbury, CT to Raleigh, NC. I specifically asked the movers from Quest moving to take extra care of my glassware. They did exactly that. They were very well equipped and methodically packed everything carefully. They packed everything in the van like Tetris. In the end, when my belongings arrived in North Carolina I checked to make sure everything arrived unscathed. One mug was damaged in transit but other than that nothing was broken. I was so happy with the services provided by this company.


March 14, 2018 12:00 am

Great experience!

So far Quest has exceeded my expectations.
I got a great price and they even compared their estimate to a u-haul for me and provided a discount to get below the u-haul expense (even tho I’d do all the moving & driving myself with a u-haul). I was a little wary providing a down payment and all that to a company over the phone, that I had never met or seen before.
But James was available by cell phone and text, and was very personable and understanding about the stress or long distance moving.
They sent me an itemized bill / invoice to pay online by credit card and we arranged my pick up date. When I decided to move sooner, James coordinated the move swiftly. They were available almost faster than I could pack (literally 2 days). I went slightly over my estimate however i anticipates this because I under estimated the amount of boxes i would use. Had I not moved so quickly, i would have been able to provide them with an updated count when customer service called. But like I said they moved me within 2 days quite literally almost faster than I could pack. All per my request. I was ready to get out of NY and start fresh in Florida. The day before, I asked James if he knew what time frame the movers would arrive. And within an hour Brett from transportation called with the times for me. Brett provided his cell number as well & welcomes any calls with concerns. The movers arrived as promised within the two hour time frame (yes TWO hour time frame. Not the cable guy time frame of all day). They were very very kind, I cannot say enough good things about them!! The two gentlemen swiftly labeled & inventories everything, moved the boxes out and began to disassemble all my furniture. Taking apart IKEA furniture and bunk beds is not fun (trust me I had a few choice words putting it together) but they did it with a smile despite or being a humid day and my place lacking central air or A/C. They even talked and entertained my inquisitive 5 year old daughter who was asking them tons of questions!
I haven’t received my belongings yet, as I don’t have an address to provide them (still looking for my new home in Florida). But I am sure when it arrives it will be in great shape, the movers packed and moved everything carefully.
I even asked James if they could expedite moving my stuff to me from storage once I have an address (typical is 5-7 days which was explained from the beginning) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it happen, they have been really accommodating thus far. Checking to ensure everything is going smoothly etc. I am very pleased & recommend Quest for any of your moving needs.


June 7, 2018 12:00 am

Horrible people, horrible company

I wish there was a way to give them negative stars. Highly ridiculous people. If you don’t want to waste your money and property then do not go with them.

They quote me close to $4000 over the phone and ended up charging me $10000 for moving my stuff.

Which they didn’t even move. They left all my stuff in my apartment garage because the guy who came was too tired to move it to our house and set it up. Then he messaged and said that he will move the stuff to our house the next day and he didn’t turn up and when questioned he started using abusive language and said that he will not come to move our stuff to our house and that his job here is done.

Whenever you try to call the company it goes to voicemail no matter what time of the day you call. They don’t respond to emails once they get your deposit money.

Please don’t fall for the lower price as you will end up paying more for sure.


April 3, 2019 12:00 am


So far, I have been mislead on quoting total cost, and inventory adjustments, not picked up in the time frame promised, in fact told I wasn’t even on the schedule, and now my belongings are being held with no promise of delivery date (over a week past 14 day due date). No one, I mean no one, not local Ca branch, not FL main branch will give me a date or tell me anything. I was forced to file with DOT and BBB, hoping it would spur something. This company has my personal belongings, 75% of the cost and is stone walling me. They will not even tell me where my belongings are being stored??? I am hoping the corporate office sees this and forces some answers out of the Ca branch.


August 3, 2018 12:00 am

continued issues

Well it looks like somehow Quest was able to remove my last review so I am writing another one. Our items were picked up on 6/21 in NJ and we are in CA now and our items still have not been delivered. Today is 8/19 so yes that is almost two months we have been waiting. As you can see from a prior review I wrote, the company put on here that my things were being loaded. This did not happen and in addition to not loading my items they are refusing to tell me where the warehouse is where my belongings are being held.
We have put in complaints with the better business bureau and the department of transportation and yet our delivery still has not come. I don’t know what it’s going to take for us to receive our delivery. All I want is our items to be delivered and we just feel so taken advantage of. If anyone has any advice or help I would greatly appreciate it! Did I mention they already have over 5K of our 6k move.


August 20, 2018 12:00 am

I’d recommend Quest to anybody who would ask for movers

I’d recommend Quest to anybody who would ask for movers. They did a great job and moved me faster than we had anticipated and they charged us accordingly. So, I was pleased with that. Chris Stoop, the moving consultant, did a great job, and the moving crew worked real hard and steady. We did have rain during part of the move which they had to kind of stop for a few minutes because they didn’t wanna move the furniture in the rain but they loaded the trucks pretty quick and didn’t take a lunch break. Delivery was pretty much the same minus the rain. These guys are good.


June 29, 2018 12:00 am

I’d recommend them to anyone looking to move across the country.

My mother became extremely ill and I had to move back home. I filled out a form online and my phone didn’t stop ringing for a week. Fortunately, I spoke to Aaron from Quest. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and it shows. He understood all my requests and gave me a good quote. I listened to a few other companies that were much cheaper. Arron warned me and educated me on how long distance moving works. With all the stress I’m going through with my mom I didn’t need anymore. Arron kept in contact with me through out the move. Yan and his team were fast and courteous. They gave me I’d recommend them to anyone looking to move across the country.


April 19, 2018 12:00 am

Negative Stars If Possible – Avoid This Company

My review of Quest Moving could take several forms. I could list names of every person I have tried to contact and every time I have tried to contact them, providing an exhaustive demonstration of how nonexistent their communication with clients is. I could merely point out the more outrageous and unbelievable interactions from my weeks-long saga with the company. Or I could just say plain and simple that this company is atrocious at interacting with their clients.

I booked a move with Quest Moving that was to take place at the end of June. I interacted with Gary White and he was very responsive and answered all of my exhaustive questions about quotes and cubic feet allotment. I sent him my deposit for the move, received a welcoming call from Shakarra and everything was fine and great. Then the move came. I was relegated to my backup date, Saturday June 30, and received a call from the mover on that day. Instead of informing me when he would arrive that day, he asked if he could come Sunday instead. He provided no reasoning for this question. It sounded like he just didn’t want to do our move that day if he could get away with it. When I told him that would not work for us, he resignedly said he would contact me when he was an hour away. He did not do this and I contacted him when it was approaching the end of our allotted window in order to find out he was about 30-40 minutes away.

When he arrived, he wrote up a new contract with charges for stairs and for packing tape. The contract explicitly states that internal stairs are free-of-charge. I had no external stairs for him to traverse and I had brought down almost every box to the basement so that he did not have to traverse any stairs for those items. I did not find anything about packing tape charges in the contract, so they just use that as a loophole to charge their customers more. The contract only stated that blankets, pads, belts, ties, and straps are included. No mention of tape. Common sense suggests that should also be included, but legally, I believe they can charge for tape. Regardless, the mover attempted to charge us $75 for internal stairs, which is not legally allowed based on the contract I received, and estimated $100 in packaging materials. The mover began to take inventory of our items and break down some furniture. His crew had still not arrived. My wife asked the mover if he could complete our infant son’s room first because we would need to put him to bed soon. He refused until she insisted and he reluctantly agreed. I would later find pieces of our son’s crib and bookcase on the floor in the room. When the mover disassembled the items, he could not be bothered to take care and collect all the loose parts. When I showed him one of the screws I found, he told me it was for the crib so I could just keep it and put it in my pocket or whatever. After about an hour with no crew, I asked him when they would be arriving and he said their truck broke down so they would have to complete the move the following day. I understand this is an unforeseen circumstance and an unfortunate event. However, the lack of communication and resolution after that event is the major issue that I have. More on that in a moment. Without a crew, the mover continued to try and move items himself even though there was no conceivable way that he could move everything himself. I offered to help and he refused, citing liability (apparently not an issue if you hire someone from craigslist – foreshadowing). Then, while trying to move a large queen headboard by himself, he snapped the arm of the headboard off. Instead of taking responsibility or apologizing for the broken part, he said we must have gotten it from Walmart (we didn’t) and we should be able to buy a part to fix it, which should not be our responsibility. He conducted himself with a complete lack of awareness and gross negligence when he attempted to move the item by himself. Once he broke the headboard, he decided his night was done. He left the house, not providing me with an accurate estimate of when he would return the following day. He left the house with items scattered everywhere. I had to move mattresses out of the way of exits for safety concerns. He had taken some of our stuff with him, left everything else scattered across the house, and given no exact estimate of when he would return the following day.

Now, we get to the issue with Quest Moving. One could argue that the company should not be judged by a renegade mover and a broken down truck and I would partially agree with that. However, the company is responsible with effectively communicating a plan of action with their clients when things do not go according to the original plan. If you call Quest Moving, the voice over tells you that customer service is their number 1 priority. They provide no operational definition of what they mean by ‘customer service’ and my experience with this company suggests that they do not use a standard definition that most others would adhere to. When told the movers would have to come tomorrow instead, I reached out to Gary to find out what could be done, what the game plan was, and how we could fix the situation. Gary answered and I told him the situation. He said he was going to call his boss and get back to me. I have yet to hear back from Gary. I texted him and he told me someone named Nick was supposed to call. Nick never called. This all happened on June 30. I am writing this on July 18 and I have yet to hear back from Gary. I have sent him numerous text messages, numerous emails, and called him numerous times, leaving numerous voicemails. He has never responded to me since texting me that the mysterious Nick was supposed to call me. Again, Gary was the one who was extremely responsive when he was soliciting money from me. He became completely unreachable when his client needed help and resolution.

I called and texted the number of the welcome representative, Shakarra, and received no answer. I also sent several emails. She would respond the following Monday saying she would contact the transportation manager and get back to me. I let 3 days lapse before emailing her again to find out what was happening. I would have several more exchanges with her over the next 18 days. However, each exchange required significantly prodding from me and she would blatantly refuse to answer questions or be so completely unaware of the situation that it was hard to believe I had ever talked to her before or she worked at the company. More on that later.

Back on June 30th, house in disarray, I finally received contact from the company from some manager named Kris. I told him the story and rather than give any sort of reassurance or game plan, he grew defensive and said he would reach out to the driver and find out what is going on and get back to me. I asked to make sure that Chris had intentions on calling me back as soon as he found out what was going on. He said he would and I said I would call back in an hour if he didn’t. He didn’t not call back. I called him and the call went to his voicemail box, which was full. I called the main company line and left a voicemail. I emailed the main company email. I called Gary again. I received no replies.

In the morning, I sent a message to the 3 people I had contact information for, Gary, Kris, and the mover. I told them in the message that before the mover could complete the job, I needed a new contract with the charge for stairs removed, for the mover to sign something claiming responsibility for the broken furniture, and to have some sort of discussion about receiving compensation for all of the trouble we had had so far. Only Kris responded and he responded by saying he would just cancel our move. This was unacceptable given that his mover still had some of our items. All other attempts to get an explanation from Kris were futile. My wife and I spent the morning figuring out a plan of action to at least get our stuff back. We contacted lawyers and she contacted another family in Iowa who also had a harrowing experience with Quest Moving LLC. We told them we would join their case if we needed to bring legal charges against the company and we filed a complaint with the district attorney in Florida. Hours went by with no ability to contact anyone from Quest Moving, including the mover. I called the Iowa City Police, wondering if they could do anything about our missing stuff. The police officer said he was not able to do much, but offered to call some of the people to see if he could get them to respond. Once the police officer called Kris, he seemed much more willing to answer my phone call. It would turn out this phone call would be the last interaction I had with Kris. All other attempts at communication with him after this have been met with silence. Thus, my only viable conclusion is that Kris, a manager for Quest Moving, someone who is presumably paid to manage situations like ours, will only respond to clients if those clients have the police call him first. I am not sure if that is a savvy or wise business model, but that is model that Quest Moving currently utilizes. In the phone call with Kris, I was very calm and told him that we were confused and anxious about everything that was going on and the lack of communication from him and his company were alarming to say the least. He said he would cancel the move, return our deposit, and submit a claim for the broken furniture, a claim that would go above and beyond the measly insurance coverage provided. I sent him pictures of the broken furniture and hoped that everything was behind us now.

The mover showed up 3 hours after his pretend estimated time the night before. The crew was still not around. I never found out why. Instead, Quest Moving, a company that does interstate moves across the country, hired one worker off of Craigslist, paying her $15 an hour to help this mover. The mover, who presumably talked with Kris, did not know that he was only dropping off the stuff he had already collected, not putting the rest on the truck.

I then had to scramble to get a U-Haul, hire a worker of my own to help load it, and drive 900 miles to our destination, my wife driving by herself with a 7 month old infant to deal with. The last 18 days have been filled with attempted contacts with the company to make sure I was getting my deposit and to find out if they had submitted a claim for the broken furniture. As stated above, contacting managers Gary and Kris is a futile effort unless law enforcement is involved first. To be fair, I have no evidence that even law enforcement intervention would work to obtain contact with Gary because I have not tried that approach yet.

I have had multiple text message and email exchanges and phone calls with Shakarra in which she either does not know the situation or defers to trying to find out my information about the situation. Every attempt to contact her requires at least one follow up. Our interactions following the canceled move started with her stating that I could not get a refund because I canceled the move. I did not cancel it and I had Kris on record via text message saying he would refund it. I sent her the texts and she asked for a voice recording. Now, just take a second and recognize how outrageous that is. A customer representative for a company whose entire enterprise is based on moving people has failed at 100% of their job description is asking for a client to provide a recording of a phone call they had with a manger from their company to confirm that I can get my deposit back. Rather than rely on the text message proof or, I don’t know, contact the manager in question to find out, she wanted me to provide a recording of a phone call. I flatly refused to provide a recording of a phone call I had with Kris, assuming I had a recording at all. How many people record their phone calls? She was finally placated by some piece of information because she began the process of sending me the refunded deposit. However, I had to ask her multiple times for proof that my deposit was being returned. She finally sent pictures of the check and envelope, which had the wrong address on it. Mind you, this is an address they would have on file (it was my final destination for the move), she had asked for the address in email, text, and via phone call, and yet the address was written wrong on the envelope. I did, however, receive the deposit and Quest Moving should be given credit for following through on that, even if it took multiple weeks to get to that point.

However, I still had no resolution about the broken furniture. Every attempt to ask about that with Shakarra was met by either blatantly obtuse or cryptic responses. I would ask simple questions like “have you contacted Kris yet about the broken furniture?” (sic) She would respond “Yes I have” So I would ask, “so what is happening with the claim?” She responded “Good morning, no nothing yet.” When I asked for clarification, she told me to contact Kris. As I have said previously, contacting Kris is not possible in this version of reality. And furthermore, if she has talked with Kris, presumably she knows what is going on so why do I need to talk to him to also find that out? The whole thing makes no sense. Shakarra would eventually get fed up with me asking such awful questions like “Any update on my furniture claim?” that she would call to explain she has not ignored me and ask for me to tell her how she has ignored me only to hang up on me mid-sentence.

During one of our text message exchanges, I was able to extract another person to contact from Shakarra. This person’s name was Whitney Wade. She called me back after I left a message and asked for all the files for the furniture claim I wanted to be made. Of course, this was information I had already sent the company to their generic email, Gary, and Shakarra as well as to Kris via text message right after my final conversation with him over the phone. I emailed her all of the information. That occurred Wednesday, July 11. I have emailed her multiple times since and left a voicemail and finally received a response. That response simply stated that she would let me know when she had resolution on the issue. I then attempted to explain that I was not sure how gaining resolution on a question of ‘have you submitted a claim ’ has already taken 18 days or how more time was required for this to occur, but I still have yet to receive any information about the status of the claim.

As this review hopefully highlights, I have no actual experience with Quest Moving as a full moving company. My experience with them entails only some personal belongings entering a truck and broken furniture strewn across my bedroom. What I do have experience with is Quest Moving, the customer service company. Their complete lack of response to a client in distress is atrocious and appalling. I doubt any of the guilty parties listed here will read this review and I doubt that even if they did read it, it would have any impact because I do not know that they have the capacity to feel shame or guilt for how they have treated other human beings.

I will end by saying my family and I got off relatively lucky. Most people do not get their deposits back or their items are held hostage until they pay exorbitant fees or other horror stories inflicted on people by moving companies. All we lost was time, money, furniture, and trust in companies doing what they say they will do and treating people with common decency. I was also relatively lucky in that I did not need to be out of one apartment at a certain time or start my job on a certain date. If I had, we would have been in an inescapable mess that would almost certainly not have been reimbursed by Quest Moving. Most moving companies have the label of being shady and people are generally wary of them. Quest Moving is the perfect example of why. Despite possibly receiving a very nice estimate from them, ask yourself if using Quest Moving is worth the stress and time when things inevitably go wrong and you have no way to solicit communication with anyone from the company in any meaningful way. Quest Moving has tainted the entire moving company industry for us and that is a shame because I am sure there are many competent companies that know how to treat their clients with respect and deal with problems as they arise in a well thought out manner. Avoid Quest Moving for your move. Get a U-Haul and do it yourself. You will save yourself in the end.


July 18, 2018 12:00 am

No damages

I moved from Fort Lauderdale, FL to LA with the help of Quest Moving and they made everything so easy! They were extremely professional and had all moving supplies readily available. Nothing was scratched, or broken during the move either which is extremely rare!


September 24, 2018 12:00 am

phenomenal job

I was moving from Miami to Los Angeles for a job. I had very strict time constraints with this move that I needed my items before I started my job. I told them I needed it on the 20th so they set the date to pick me up on the 10th. I was stressed to say the least because my position depended on me getting my items. My rep Lauren assured me it would not be a problem but I was skeptical like I think anyone would be. The movers came to pack up my house and did a phenomenal job. I was so impressed! I get to my new home on the 15th and got a call that day saying everything was on track for the 20th. The 20th came and so did my delivery. I was very pleased with how this move went I had to leave them a review! Everything they said they would do they did it flawlessly!


May 23, 2018 12:00 am

Professional Work!

Quest moving provided me a professional service. They were prompt to respond to my inquiry, responsive, and very friendly and professional during the entire move. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. Also none of my stuff was broken or misplaced. After the guys took my stuff I got another call from customer service to make sure everything went well and to answer any questions.


May 12, 2019 12:00 am

Quest is best

We choose Quest Moving because they own their own trucks and don’t pay their moving crews by the hour. Our crew was nothing short of amazing. Ian brought all the materials. We didn’t have T.V boxes but Ian had them reading. They laid mat’s down throughout my house and were extra careful not to damage anything. Everything got to our new home in Dallas in less then a week. Quest is the best.


May 6, 2018 12:00 am

Stay away from this company

Original estimate $3,600. 2 days before move did a more thorough phone estimate where my wife wasted 2 hours on phone, estimate bumped up to $4,900. Day of pickup, estimate adjusted up to $8,400. We’ve given this company over $5,000 thus far and our stuff is gone. They don’t return calls, emails, respond to threats of legal action, they’ve fallen off the face of the earth. We’ve lost everything. Do yourself a favor and learn from our mistake, pay a little bit extra and find a reputable company. You’ll thank me.


August 23, 2018 12:00 am

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

This company is complete fraud and deception! I learned from their personal employee on pick up that they intertionally miscalculate cubic space thus charging clients more money like1000 plus!!! I was told thats why they entice by offering a Managers discount! They lost a box of mine and nobody including 4 managers can tell me where my belongings had been from pick up point until delivered weeks later! Oh and given a 1 hour delivery time window can you imagine?!!! Calling to check on my delivery weeks earlier when promised a specific date I was repeatedly told read your contract we have until 21 business days nothing more! They also clearly OPENED MY FILING CABINET and RUMMAGED COMPLETELY THROUGH IT!!! Gee what were they looking for?! This shows true character of this company!!! They have HORRIBLE Customer service, are extremely rude, obnoxious and I believe they work off of cell phones (they give their personal number to you) vs an actual office. Managers change weekly too! The driver who showed up spoke only Russian and had to type into his phone to translate into English what he needed to say and me type too so he understood me can you imagine?!!! Visas? BBB most deffinately!


July 15, 2018 12:00 am

Stay Far, Far away from Quest

Long distance move from MN to CO. We were told that the truck would have a 90% chance of picking up on the date we were scheduled for 7/30. Quest missed this and was a day late 8/1. At the same time we were told that the delivery would be 1-10 days. Not 1-10 days after our arrival date in CO(which is arbitrary any way). When we called in 2 days after arriving in CO 8/6 we were told #1 they didn’t have our destination, which we gave to them on 7/29 and gave to the driver of the truck #2 that our 1-10 business days would start from then. This was unacceptable, but finally after numerous calls and even talking directly to the driver we were told that our furniture would arrive at the end of the week (8/16 or 8/17). After calling in today we were told our belongings would not arrive until 8/19 or 8/20. Every time I have called in I have been given the run around and no definite date and always had to get called back by a second person, who gives us absolutely no answer besides the stock 1-10 days. I believe they made a mistake and when we told them the address and didn’t save it so they sent our belongings to storage. Everything since then has been trying to cover for their incompetence


August 15, 2018 12:00 am

The Cadillac of moving companies!

I was definitely pretty nervous at first but had a great experience with quest moving that I wanted to share. I’m not the type of customer to ask for unreasonable things, and I don’t think the things I asked of Quest moving were unrealistic. I just wanted the job to get done quickly, safely, and affordably. From the very beginning Sammy assured me this would be done. I take anything a sales person tells me with a grain of salt. But Sammy’s guys delivered on every promise he made. I was happy with how everything went and just wanted to share that these guys are upfront and honest from the very beginning. The Cadillac of moving companies!


March 8, 2018 12:00 am

The move was much less then I thought it was going to be and everyone

I got referred to Quest from a friend that had just used them and told me how seamless their move was. I spoke to Danielle who was amazing. She took her time and answered all my questions. Yan oversaw the crew that showed up. He was very professional. I could tell his team had worked together before. It took 2 hours to move my 3-bedroom house. He gave me free TV boxes and made sure my grandmothers piano was taken care of. They delivered all my belongings on time. The move was much less then I thought it was going to be and everyone from Quest was great.


April 10, 2018 12:00 am

The owner Kris is a fraudulent scum

Everything went downhill right after we paid our deposit (which no respectable mover asks for I leaned; red flag #1)

Moving crew showed up a day late so we missed our flights to Seattle. Next day they showed but were 3 hours late again.

After they packed up all of our stuff (3 hrs before the next flights I booked) they made me sign their shyster constract – pretty much at gunpoint at that point – that was as I later came to find out full of terms that walked back all the promises made at point of sale.

Then they finally delivered our stuff 2 weeks and two days late with many things broken/damaged/missing.

Just rent the UHaul or Penske truck. It’s worth it. But whatever you do, don’t hire these dirtbags.


May 21, 2018 12:00 am

The worst company of any kind I have ever worked with, ever.

Customer service is A+ before you commit to using them for your move. Once you sign the contract, you are dead to them.
One mover arrived at 9pm on the second (aka. the last) day I had allocated for pick up of my belongings after being told earlier in the day the pick up time would be 10am-2pm. After about 1.5-2 hours, his buddy arrived to help him actually move my things out of my house. They did not finish collecting my things and going through the paperwork until ~2:30am.
Delivery of my belongings was soon after my first available day for deliver, but I was told by the driver that they had left the top of my dining table in the warehouse because they had been told that that did not belong with the rest of my things. In other words, the movers were told that the top of my dining table did not belong with the matching legs and 2 chairs finished in the exact same wood stain. So, I now have 2 dining chairs, and 4 legs to a table I can’t use because the top never arrived. I have been calling the company almost daily for the last 3 weeks and after being initially told that the table top would be located and delivered to my house at some point on another run to my area, I have heard nothing. They also lost another item of mine, which I have not been able to talk to them about because they will not return my phone calls or emails.
Calling them is a essentially a waste of time. They never answer the phone, and you can only leave a message if their voicemail box isn’t full, which it seems to be regularly.
I have never been treated so poorly by any company, ever, in my life. They appear to have zero regard for peoples belongings (almost all of my furniture was damaged to some degree during the move), and zero interest in providing baseline customer service.


November 16, 2018 12:00 am

They have now customer for life

I spoke to 4 different companies and got quotes from 3. I choose Quest because of my moving consultant Aaron. From the time I put down my deposit to the time the delivery truck left Aaron was with me the whole way. He answered all of my questions and explained everything in detail. I don’t like the feeling of being “sold”. Aaron told me “we probably aren’t going to be the cheapest but like most things in life you get what you pay for”. He followed up when I asked him to. He wasn’t pushy. It was worth every penny. Quest has gained a customer for life.


March 31, 2018 12:00 am


Where to start. Basically out $1360 for a deposit that I was supposed to get back as services were never rendered. They refunded money the money through paypal long enough for a receipt to come through then reversed the money. Way more to story than this. I have reached out to local news companies within the last few days and filed a complaint with transportation department. I urge others to do the same. Let’s not let them do this to us or anyone else. FRAUD!!!


October 2, 2018 12:00 am

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